The psychological reason why you should sell what you know

Before I got started packaging up my skills and expertise as online courses, I had a HUGE mental block standing between me and my success. I kept telling myself, “Why would anyone buy this? If they just buy these books, read these sites, and start testing things on their own, they’ll be able to figure […]

Tim Ferriss On Suicide, Fear of Failure, And The Secret to Success

Tim Ferriss thought about killing himself… …Now he’s a best-selling author, wildly successful investor, and entrepreneur. On this new podcast, for the first time ever, Tim Ferriss talks about his troubled beginnings — and how he became the Tim Ferriss we know today. And you can listen to the whole thing for free.

There are three types of people – who are you?

According to Adam Grant, the New York Times best-selling author of “Give and Take,” there are three types of people in the world. Givers. Takers. And Matchers. Which one are you? And does it matter? As you’ll soon see, the answer is YES. The most successful people in the world are Givers. But some of […]

You can’t make everyone happy – stop trying

This past weekend, the day before I was set to give the closing keynote at the financial bloggers conference, a woman walks up to me, interrupts my conversation, and says, “I won’t be at your talk tomorrow, but don’t be a douche.” “Oh?” I said. And she went on. “I don’t subscribe to your site, […]

Crazy magician shares GREAT marketing and psychology tactics

A few weeks ago, I was browsing a book store – yes, I still do that – and I stumbled on this book called “Fooling Houdini” by Alex Stone. The title grabbed me by throat and said, “Take me home.” So I did. As I started reading the book, I realized something: I needed to […]

How to Make Better Decisions In Life And Work

A few weeks ago, this guy asked me “Should I quit my job to start my own business?” This guy, and many other people who read Social Triggers, need help making tough decisions just like this. Decisions like: “Should I quit my job?” “Should I start a business?” “Should I invest in my education?” “Should […]

Viral marketing secrets revealed by Ivy League professor Jonah Berger

What’s the secret to successful viral marketing? An Ivy League professor, Jonah Berger, released a new book this week called Contagious: Why Things Catch On< And in this book, he reveals a simple framework that you can use to make your content and products go viral. (That means you'll be able to entice your readers […]

To Sell is Human by Dan Pink (Free Audio Download)

This guy spits in the face of “old school sales tactics,” and I’m happy that he did it. Here’s the deal: We live in a world where we’re all in sales. You. Me. Everyone. Whether we’re trying to convince our bosses to give us a raise, persuade our children to do their homework, enticing investors […]

The science of making—and breaking—habits (with Charles Duhigg)

With the new year fast approaching, I’m setting some new goals for myself, and I’m sure you are, too. My New Year’s resolutions include breaking some of my annoying habits and making some useful ones. How will you keep your New Year’s resolutions this year? Well, that’s why I invited the New York Times best-selling […]

Why We Buy What We Can Get For Free

Today I’m super excited to introduce the latest edition of Social Triggers Insider. You’ll learn: Why people buy what they can get for free Why you should design your website for the “Homer Simpsons” of the world Why people overvalue their work (better known as the Ikea Effect) And much, much, more In addition to […]

The #1 Sales Killer On Your Site—And How to Get Rid Of It For Good

How would you enjoy suddenly having an influx of people, “chomping at the bit,” ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling? It would be insanely great! But what holds those people back… preventing you from experiencing the surge that you deserve… is something that I believe 95% of people (and businesses) suffer from. I […]

Why People Bought The White iPhone… When They Wanted The Black One

Back when the iPhone 3G first came out, people had two options: They could buy the black iPhone or the white iPhone. You may think people made their decision based on their color preference, but as you’ll soon find out, it’s not that simple. When people buy products, the reason why they buy is mysterious […]

How These 3 Small Tweaks Lead to Lasting Results (with Timothy Wilson)

No matter what you do, you’re in the business of changing behavior. If you’re looking to sell products and services, you’ve got to get your target customers to switch from their trusted brands to your brand. And if you’re looking to improve yourself on a personal level, you’ve got to change your own behavior. Question […]

How People Make Decisions (and How it Helps You Grow Your Business)

What makes people buy one product over another? Why is discounting HORRIBLE for your business? Or, more broadly speaking, how do people make ANY decision? The answer lies inside your brain… …and to help you understand how it works, I’ve got the New York Times best-selling author Jonah Lehrer on the latest edition of Social […]

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