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How to Stop Procrastinating
Last Updated June 20th, 2013

If you ever felt like you struggle with procrastination, you MUST watch this new Social Triggers TV video.

You’ll see how I beat procrastination by using a simple behavior hack…

…and then I’ll share how you can use the same hack too.

The Secret to Overcoming Procrastination

First, you’ve got to admit you’ve got a problem.

Picture this: you need to hit the gym, but it’s been a long day at work and you’re tired, so you skip it.

Or this: you want to empty your email inbox, but while you’re sitting on your couch with your laptop ready to get started, your favorite TV show comes on and you tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow.

How about this: you know you should invest in improving yourself, but you think “maybe now isn’t the right time. So you put it off until… never.

Sound familiar?

You’re procrastinating.

Once you admit that, watch this video to see how to beat it.

Watch this video to beat procrastination.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The real reason behind why we procrastinate.
  • How I was able to shed the pounds I gain in college.
  • A simple trick to help you beat all types of procrastination.

Now I’ve got two things for you to do:

Thing #1: In the video, I told you to set a small goal for yourself. Something that you’ve procrastinated doing. And then I want you to share that goal publicly in the comment section. Why? When you make a goal public, you’re likely to hold yourself accountable.

Thing #2: Do you have a friend that complains about procrastination? Send them a link to this video. You’ll help me and them out. Two birds. One stone.

Note: I first learned about that cool little website I mentioned in the video from an audio podcast I did with Tim Ferriss.

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I’m going to start off my day every weekday by going down to coffee shop in my building and getting started on my workday at 6:30. If I get out of the apartment early after I wake up, I’m much more likely not to fall back asleep (even if the previous night was a late one) and more productive in general. This also helps get to the gym by 9 on a consistent basis.


    Try procrastination bulldozer method to beat procrastination.


What a great video Derek!
I will set small goals and will try to work on it every day. I will finish my study this year and save some money for my travels for the next years. πŸ™‚


Great video derek, I find one of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to start… just make small steps and don’t be overwhelmed by the big thing…


Derek, you rock!! This is exactly what I needed today. Been procrastinating all week *sigh* So what’s my goal? I will write 3 blog posts before Sunday, August 8th.


Wrote my book, got it formatted, prepared most of the website and now getting ready to launch. Expected Launch Date January 31, 2015.

Thanks for this Derek! Just what I needed!


Thank you Derek!
With everything I’ve been reading this past two weeks or so, then I watch your video and (yes! Uhum! Baby! The weight loss is noticeable! Nice job Derek! ) Wow! You hit it right. The procrastinating has been just killing everything I “want” to do.
I believe you said this in another video-one of my fall back sayings has always been-“I’m doing the best I can”
Now I see where are this has just been holding me back! Even as I thought I really was trying to do my best! It’s kind of sad to know now. But at least I know now!! Which actually is awesome! Because now I really can move forward!
What I will do to move forward-I will fill out the enrollment paperwork for the GIA! No more excuses! Fill out the paperwork for grant funding!!
Also, get 3 items photographed, described, measured, detailed, and listed in my etsy. Com store and in my Facebook store.
Thank you for opening my eyes.

Carl @ Kids Magician

Great video derek, I find one of the best ways to overcome procrastination is to ask yourself “If I do XYZ, how will it make me feel?” or “How will it improve things for me”…The answer I come up with usually motivates me to take action and to just do it!!!


Sounds great but I think I’ll give it a proper read tomorrow


I love the idea how to defeat procrastination… goal for the next week is to finish rewriting/editing 3 blog posts for a Christian blog, add another blog entry for my main blog, and be able to meet my assignment for an online organization.

I just need to finish it and hopefully get back into the habit of finishing three articles per day again…


I’m going to get on top of my studies and get a B grade in my A-Level Boilogy mock exam πŸ˜€


I only have three more scenes to write to finish my book. Going to write one every week!

Deb Lee

I plan to finish my webinar notes by the end of the week. Webinar is scheduled for next week, btw.

And, to drink more water daily.


I’ll watch this video later…


Hey Derek
Great video
Im having a website built for me at the moment. I have blogs ready to go for it, products and descriptions etc, about page written..
what can i be doing in the meantime as i feel like my hands are tied waiting for the site


Terry Matlen

This video is dear to my heart because I am the Queen of Distractions (which often causes procrastination). I specialize in working with women with ADHD (and there are many in this field!).

What I suggest is that people who are prone to procrastinating need to find someone to help hold them accountable. Yes, writing a check to a despised charity can work, but there are other solutions. I run groups where each member states a goal/task/project they want to work on and as a GROUP, we get things done. If you have ADD (like me), it’s important to find strategies like Derek’s (or mine) to help you get on and stay on track.
: )


    I’m having a severe problem with panic attacks, anxiety, depression, feeling worthless, my relationship with partner of 8 years, crying ALOT and I don’t know why, grieving parents deaths (miss them soooooo much).
    Writing this just made tears roll down my face. Needing help from someone in my area. I lost my job March 2016, I don’t have a lot of money, no insurance, so I definitely can not waste any expense.
    I’ve been trying to self help, but have not been successful, obviously. I’m from Missouri, (1.5 hrs. South of St. Louis )

Sue Adams

I like your take on procrastination. I get it, but I actually think procrastination is a stall tactic to avoid something your afraid of (that you won’t be able to get in shape or build a successful blog). My goal – to create a video in the next 3 weeks that explains my take on procrastination. Then you can tell me what you think about my angle. Deal? Thanks for the motivation to make it happen!

Paula Cameranesi

I will write at least 3 blog posts this week, and walk the dogs 5 times this week.


Looking brawny! A proof that you’re beating that procrastination. πŸ˜€

Another reason why people procrastinate is the fact that they feel so much entitlement in life to the point that they don’t appreciate what they really have. Thus, people procrastinate. I’m from a developing country and if we are reared like every day is always the last chance to do what we have to. The word “Procrastination” is almost non-existent to us especially to the lesser fortunate.

Fan From Philippines.


I’m planning to write 3 blog post, and I’ll do it!

Steph G

I plan to create at least 3 more posts on my site before next Friday. This video really was great. I started paying for a gym membership so that I would be motivated to go to the gym. Sadly, that didn’t work very well! But your words may have inspired me!


Damn, i thought it was the usual always the same comment, but this time there’s money involved. Makes all the sense to me

Tim Kyles

Wow! What he says just reaches out and grabs me. I’m also thinking of getting and accountability partner. I’m definitely going to sign-up for they’re channel .

Stacie Walker

Hello Derek,

I love content on procrastination because we all suffer from this behavior. Procrastination kills productivity. It’s time to condition our brains for productivity and stop procrastinating. I appreciate the excellent advice and video for us to watch over and over again. You ROCK!

To Your Success,

Stacie Walker
Woman in Leadership

Ken Tan

Great info, video and idea, Derek πŸ™‚


I’ve been procrastinating on getting my blog for my site up and running. I did do the first posting today and I am telling myself so that I can have useful content, that I need to stop procrastinating and do one post a day for the next two weeks.

Let’s see how I do?!

Thanks for this!



Great idea. I’m one of them who keeps procrastinating..and i can’t help this out but thanks for this video to stop doing procrastination.


Draft chapter 2 today
Edit chapter 1 tonight
Go to gym… I have a personal trainer booked at 5.30

go me… still, there ain’t no accountability here. You are a no risk environment.


Hi Derek,

Love your stuff! It is a credit to you!

I plan to write all 8 auto responders to my email list today! Aaaaagggghh!


I loved this video. I plan to accomplish becoming a volunteer for NYFW Winter 2013 by reaching out to the venues that host the fashion shows.


Hi Derek,
My name is ms Procrastination and i have so many missions i keep putting off that i don’t really know where to start. I have my own business all my life and am surviving but not thriving. I did stop smoking again all by myself since one week and that feels great. Now i see your video, what small goal i could set for myself? It all feels big πŸ™‚ Ok so my goal is to finish my business plan for my new production by next week. I am in Bali now and have a limited budget and max 2 months to finish my production and it will be done. Thank you for your inspiration! We’ll be in touch..

Alex South

Great idea!

Michael - OutMaturity

I left you a comment on your YouTube channel today, but thought I would post here too!

Great post and I even shared it on my site OutMaturity.com. I think that it will resonate with many of my readers as it did with me!

Procrastination has sucked the success out of me so many times in my past, but not any more!

Thanks again for sharing!

Michael – OutMaturity.com


By August 1st I will have my new website up and running. It is so needed. How am I going to make it happen? 1.) I just called and scheduled an appointment with a product photographer; 2.) I blocked out time with an alarm on my calendar for time to write the text; 3.) And I’m going to post that launch date on my Facebook page. You’re right, Derek. My reputation is on the line. Talk about motivating.



I love the what you shared on beating procrastination. I remember hearing Zig Ziglar say; “Share your give up goals with everybody,” losing weight, stop smoking, and so forth. Also with your “Go up goals” you only share with those who you know that want you to succeed. Thanks so much for what you do Derek. I have subscribe to your blog only for a short time but have found what you share to be very valuable and easy to apply.

Thanks again,


I am going to do insanity for the next 60 days and lose 20 lbs in that time. I will get up every morning at 6am to accomplish this. I will donate my next photography session proceeds to a needy family if I don’t complete the goal.


Nice Derek!! Good idea to put your money on the line. You’re a beaut!!


I just put my beard on the line. I have 14 days to take off 3 lbs of body fat or I must save my beard, and I’m tired of looking like a kid when I am clean shaven.


Great points you put across in all your videos. Thanks for sharing. But I have a suggestion. How about a pdf or html transcript to go with the video. At times, I prefer reading to watching videos (especially when my ISP is acting up and download speeds go down. Anyways, great work! Cheers πŸ™‚

Janice Bowles

Hi Derek, Thanks for the motivation… boy do I need it this morning! Right, here’s my goal: I will finish my sales video (part of a sales funnel I am creating) by 12 noon 30th June.
Ah! that feels good πŸ™‚

Lewis LaLanne

Pressure is good. Contrary to what they believe, entrepreneurs don’t work well under pressure. It’s just that under pressure from deadlines and commitments, they actually work instead of dick around.

So with this being the case, I’m taking the plunge.

My goal is to do a 30 day challenge of doing the 7 Minute Workout everyday.

And the one thing I know I need to focus on to accomplish this is what I’m doing when I’m not supposed to be doing it . . . what I’m getting from that . . . and what I can do to proactively get that consciously so that I don’t sabotage and derail my success.

Thank you for the nudge of inspiration Derek!

Jon Poland

Derek — I absolutely love the message in your video. It has made me rethink the issue of procrastination. I have been of the belief that if you want to beat procrastination, you need to attach a deadline to what you want to accomplish. You are right — it’s all about putting something at stake. A deadline has very little power if there is nothing at stake.

Thank you for recommending Stickk.com. What a fabulous idea — “take action or a cause you hate is going to get your money” now that’s brilliant!

My commitment: “A minimum of five posts to my blog every week for the next 8 weeks — or a cause that I despise gets $100 from me.”

Bernadette Ignacio

Alright, first and foremost thanks Derek. I’ve been following your blog just shy of a year, and of all the times you’ve given us homework, THIS is the first time I’m doing it.

So you’ve hacked my brain, congratulations (though I know you know it was going to work on some level) …and guess what? I liked it! Because as you said, “I’m forced to do SOMETHING” …rather than nothing.

And my something is to write a post for a blog that write for:


The post is a review for an event that I went to last week, and still have not posted an article about how cool it was. I’m actually procrastinating on writing a story about how much fun I had, and how awesome the event was (which is completely lame).

So please Derek and Social Triggers community, by all means, if you see that it’s not posted by the end of this week, feel free to wreak havoc on how I’m the president of the procrasti- Nation.



I have an idea for a niche blogg/website. I will research other blogs and websites that are similar so I can figure out how to be different than them. I will make a decision in on week whether it is worth moving forward with this idea or letting it go.

Robbie Schlosser

I WAS about to procrastinate, but I decided to put it off until tomorrow.

No, actually I will get back on track with progressing through “Blog That Converts”. Every afternoon, starting NOW, I’ll finish the step where I left off, and I’ll begin the next one. Sorry, but your telling me I’ll have lifetime access uncoupled my train of thought. Now I’m derailed!

Thanks for this kick in the pants!

Jennifer Kennedy

Whoa! You just took it to a whole new level! The largest goals I’ve accomplished in the last year have been because I’ve put something at stake — I paid money to run a half marathon and I set a deadline for a product to come out!

So, next up –> My goal is to finally finish my opt-in offer! Been procrastinating on that for a good 2 months!! I’ll finish it and have it added to my site by July 1st.
Taking it up a notch –> Giving the boyfriend $50 to buy junk food for our house! That’s gonna be total motivation for me!

Kitaria Chen

Derek, I procrastinate alot, I know what happen if i don’t make it in time but I just cant get up and do my stuff. However, I will try to follow your method and get myself to finish up my clients website within a month.

Karl Staib

Hi Derek! I love the idea of putting your skin in the game. Too often we take our time because we think we have all the time in the world. When we put some pressure on ourselves (real pressure) that’s when we start living up to our full potential.


Confession… I procrastinated on watching this video lol. My goal is to get my beach body back within 6 months, which is important because I live in Hawaii and my husband is in prime shape as always because he is a successful amateur athlete outside of his regular job. I do have some crazy good health excuses that got me here that I won’t bore you with, but there is NOTHING preventing me from working out again now before surgery other than procrastination. I already eat right, so my promise is to work out every day for at least 30 minutes per day this week and then 60 minutes a day, aside from an upcoming surgery and doctor’s orders; but the day I am okayed, to get right back to my one hour a day. I have business goals too but you can’t do your best unless you feel your best, so one focused promise at a time. (And by the way, found out stik.com is interesting too…a referral/reputation based website for what it’s worth lol…stumbled on it by accident after your video.)

Josh Brancek

Derek, thanks a lot for these tips!!! I hope they will help me beat procrastination!!!


Just found out about your blog via twitter… Very interesting stuff Derek!

Carly Clark

Great video… although I just watched it today :/ It is time to stop procrastinating and I love the advice. My goal is to watch one WordPress tutorial and one imovie tutorial by weeks end.
Thanks for the motivation!


Hi Derek,

Thanks for the great insight. I choose to put 3 hours every week for the next three weeks in preparing for my job interview.


Very true about putting something at stake. Once upon a time, paying for the gym was enough motivation for me to go. Then I started slipping from my schedule. Since the gym was relatively cheap, I didn’t FEEL the pain of not going. I got tired of that, so I started competing with co-workers to see who could go to the gym the most times each month. We each put in $5. But that $5 and the competition has been such a huge motivating factor for all of us because nobody wants to be a loser. Let’s turn everything into a competition and watch the results!

Maggie Mae

My promise: to get back on track with Weight Watchers (lost 32/gained 4 back during two week sabbatical) and journal EVERYTHING I put in my mouth this week; AND to use my new Mother’s Day gym membership at least 2x this week!


I will launch my computer building business by September 1st!


Hi Derek, I didn’t even know that you were going to mention your workouts when I saw the email with the image of the video, but I saw your biceps. Good work!
My challenge to myself is to complete my video application for Zumba Jammer by the due date of 7/1. This requires shooting 24 short videos. I will give my check to my friend Gina. She will keep me honest.

Patrick B

Your content rocks. Very engaging!

I procrastinated on reading this post. I’m going to set aside time every morning to do 15-30 minutes of reading.

See ya!

Nitin Aggarwal

Hi Derek,

You are so good to watch and listen. Great advise about putting something at stack to get the things done. My target is to complete the training in next 15 days at my work place which i am targeting quite sometime and never put that on Priority.

Nitin Aggarwal

Hi Derek,

You are you good to watch and listen. Great advise about putting something at stack to get the things done. My target is to complete the training in next 15 days at my work place which i am targeting quite sometime and never put that on Priority.

Louis Foussard

Superb stuff.

And perfect timing. I was talking earlier today how I had put off a personal project for over a YEAR now. Man, talk about self-defeating, procrastination!!

Thanks much, Derek!

~ Louie



Hello there! Really enjoy your posts and videos and this one really hit home for me. So much so that I am going to take your advice and try it myself. I will let you know how it goes.

I even shared on my site, or rather it will be shared in the next few days! I think you video may help others too, because like you said, its something that many of us do!

Thanks for everything you do!


Mridu Parikh

Smart idea Derek! thanks!


Heck I simply cannot finish a single chapter in my book.

My wallet’s in a big risk now ! πŸ˜›

Thanks Derek!

Cindy Budyn Schaefer

Great video!! Very helpful and great timing!! I am going to finish my script for my #fringe13 @indyfringe show “Bursting the Abscess” by Tuesday!


I’m going to update my band website with a newsletter signup form.


Thanks Derek, one of the best tips I’ve heard on this topic! I used it today and it helped me complete all the work I needed to do for a workshop I’m holding next week.

I tweaked it a bit though and gave my partner a money deposit to spend on ‘something useless’ if I didn’t reach my goal.. the risk of it going to waste was a greater incentive for me to get work done than it actually going to a good purpose like charity, as I’d be very happy to support that.

On to the next goal now πŸ™‚

Troy Vayanos

I’m going to update my blog with the recommendations given to me from my blog critique.

I know they’ll benefit my readers and will help move my blog forward in the right direction.

I’m going to get this done within the next 7 days!

Dan Black

Great video and idea!

John McMahon

Clean garage for son’s grad party next Sat. No check to write, just VERY angry wife.


I haven’t seen your vid but I will commit to plan my week on Monday even when I am on holiday or my son is not in school. Otherwise I will have to donate 100€ to a political party I hate. Btw I’ll post this on my Facebook site.

Mike Martel

Great video. It is the same risk/reward method that I teach people with the focus on the risk. I do find that taking a risk is much more effective for people.

My commitment is to have another guest post submitted by the middle (Wednesday) next week.

Dyna Laursen

Derek you’re great, I loved this video! I found you from Amy Porterfield. My goal is define my business model in the next two weeks. Stikk.com is hilarious, thanks for the reference to that – totally sharing this great video with friends.


Outline my real estate book next week!


See-through shirt. Umm hmm… See-through.


Totally true, IΒ΄m a massage therapist, and I was having so much work, that I was just watching the days go by without going to the gym and my yoga classes. Then what happened is that one day I woke up with a terrible back pain!! So now I either go to gym or do some workout at home. Problem solved! The thing is that I had to go over a back pain to solve my procrastination!


Great video, Derek, as always. My goal is to get my website and blog up and running with 15 videos posted by the end of July. As you can see when you click my link, the website is broken. I just relaunched my dance career after a 4 year hiatus and have been working with a web guy but I’m so bad at procrastinating sending him the stuff he needs to get my website going. (I am totally website illiterate and can’t fix any of this stuff myself…) also, I want to make a video blog of the types of things I teach but haven’t done one video yet… Actually don’t even know where to start. So, that is my big goal and challenge to myself. In fact, I am calling the web guy as soon as I finish typing this. Thanks. I will run an obstacle race in August if i dont make my goal- one of those military ones through the mud- I soooo do not want to do that. My sister agrees tobold me accountable. There, it’s out there and I am committed.


Going to put Stikk to the test. Such a simple idea and service that can really change everything πŸ™‚

Thanks for the great video.


Great video derek, thanks! And I loved the bit in the email that said “do it now, don’t procrastinate”… It totally worked on me!

I am going to actually make the changes I’ve had planned for my blog for aaaages, by the end of June, so it’s more targeted and clear what I do and who I help.

Then on 1st July I will publish the link on all my profiles… I’ve been putting this off for over a year *shame*

Sean Vosler

Warren Buffett said the #1 contribution to his success was
Focus. This is such an important subject that most people know they
need to work on, but choose not to… thanks for the epic

John Shea

Great advice Derek, I am working on various goals such as cleaning up and unpacking from a recent move. For blog tasks I’m working on getting more interviews, adding some new content and further developing my first niche site.


Thanks Derek! Great info!! And here is my small goal: 2 background content pieces for my website in 2 weeks.


I’ve decided to finish up my revision for exam by this weekends and ensure all topic covered. Then, I’m going to do my exam and then concentrate back on my internet marketing journey.

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Todd Charron

I organize an event around something similar. Follow Your Fear Day ( http://followyourfearday.com/ ) encourages people to pick something they’ve always wanted to do and commit to getting it done by August 24th. On that day, everyone gets together and shares their stories.

Not everyone sets themselves negative consequences, but last year, one person committed to his friend that he’d get his done or he’d eat a can of dog food.

This is what I’m doing for it this year, http://fringetoronto.com/fringe-festival/shows/follow-your-fear/ and it has obvious built in consequences…

Thanks for the video!


At Stake- $100 and bragging rights
My Goal – 147
His Goal – 263
Time Begin July 1-31

“Procrastination Elimination”

I made a monetary bet with my boss that I will weigh 147 (3 pounds I’ve been struggling with for 6 months) and not only will I weigh 147 but I will weigh 147 for the entire month of July. His goal is 263 (6 pounds). We have to reach the goal by July 1.
We will weigh everyday at work. If you don’t hit your target weight or fall above your target weight, you have to pay the other $100.
A hundie is pretty good motivation! Not to mention everyone loves a little friendly competition!


I’m choosing to make a huge website (I know you said it shouldn’t be a huge goal but I really need to stop procrastinating w/it) Now I just need to figure out how to make a free template standout and get attention!


I tried something like this many years ago. I told my now ex-husband to get treatment so that he could control his excessive hand-washing (he would take 30 to 40 minutes each time) and other obsessive and compulsive behaviour or I would take our daughter and move in with my parents. It wasn’t my idea though it was the family doctor’s advice.

After 2 days discussing the situation he agreed to give me a break and get some in-patient treatment. Problem was he could not cope with the treatment and asked to be released. Legally doc could not hold him so he rang me and gave me 2 hours to pack and move out. My ex was left sitting in the doc’s office for 2 hours on some pretense to give me that window of opportunity to escape.

If you have ever been given 2 hours to pack for 2 people to travel by train without knowing if or when you would return you will understand how stressful it is.

Some people cannot even seek help to change their behaviour no matter how high the stakes are.


Great video.

I’m working on press release but not sure where best to send it to. I will be getting onto that in next few days.

Your videos are always embedded on my site! Great motivation!

Geoffrey Gordon

Hi Derek

You drive a hard, but honest bargain.

Here is my commitment:

Re -vamp my current website in 3 weeks.

I guess you gonna check up on us. πŸ™‚

David Mikosz

I am writing a comment because Derek made me feel obligated
in the description of the video.


I will not connect to the Internet (meaning check Facebook, email, WhatsApp, etc like it’s crack) through my phone, unless some work related emergency comes up.


    Forgot to say this will go down for the next 3 days.


I just signed up to a 12 month mentoring program for $4,000
mainly because I know in order for me to be able to afford the
mentoring program I have to get my butt into gear and beat my fear
of rejection when prospecting clients for my business to book
consultations. I procrastinate because of my fear of rejection :-/
But having a $4,000 Burdon I know that the pressure of the $4,000
beats my fear of rejection!

David Chevalier

Derek, you are right. It really helps to have something at stake. When I was 28, I realized 30 was just around the corner and I got serious about getting in shape. Now I’m 34 and I have my own business. The stakes are just as high if not higher for our business and I get more committed to my goals each day. I always wish I could have avoided procrastination when the stakes were lower. I like the artificial raising of the stakes you suggested by giving to charities you don’t like. I’ll remember that. Thanks, David

Thai Wood

Hi Derek, It seems very common to encourage public goals
for the same reason you mention in your post. How do you feel about
research that indicates that goals should be private
(http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19389130). This analysis
indicates that “identity related” goals should be kept private, or
else you’ll feel a premature sense of accomplishment when others
recognize you set the goal. I wonder if things such as sports and
gym habits would fall in to these categories as “identity

James O'Shea

Work on a character sculpture this week and finish it, for
my sculpture portfolio. If I don’t finish it by next Thursday, I
will give $50 to my roommate. I have other things that I have been
putting off, but need to start somewhere in order to gain momentum.
Thanks for the video, Derek!

John F. Merola

Didn’t quite finish watching the video. I’ll get to it


I’m going to finally choose my topic and buy a domain for a
niche site by the end of this month.



Sounds very familiar….


Shanika Journey

Good advice. I have one personal goal I would like to
accomplish: Have some character model sheets complete (full color)
for children’s book and at least two pages full, complete
illustrations – not sketches, fully inked before color. I feel like
my rep depends on it, so I gotta make it happen.

Alexandra Ostrow

I will build out the services section of my

Tammy Moses

This is an awesome idea! I will complete my free opt in gift in the next week.


Another great video Derek – I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one!
Thanks – Rob


how do I stop these follow up comments from emailing me? I fucking hate this shit!


    It’s really easy. When you get the email, there is a link at the bottom to manage your subscription to the comments. Click it. Then you can unsubscribe.

    It’s even less effort to do that than it was to whine about getting the emails.

      Bill Reiker

      Perfect, done. Thanks Jessica. Although the ‘whining’ bit was a little uncalled for. Thanks anyway, butch.


Dude, this is the first time I finally watched a video of
yours. Excellent. I’ll be back. If I don’t procrastinate.


I don’t have a cheque book, so I’m going to give my sister
all the profits I’ve made from selling clothes I can’t fit in the
past week. My goal is to finish 2 assignments by the end of the day
today. They have both been started but are incomplete πŸ™‚

Lincoln Parks

Now that’s putting your money where action needs to take
place. I like it..

Rebecca Tracey

Yesssss. Before I started my business, I hired a copywriter and forked over $1000 for our one-day session. I didn’t even have my business idea totally refined yet, but I was dragging my ass and i KNEW I needed a deadline. Just by paying her I go my ass in gear, started my business, got my website up and got my first few clients, before I even had my session with her. And you know what? Those first few clients totally paid for her services before I even worked with her. Awesome right!?

Now when I want to stop procrastinating, I just fork over some money to someone. Works like a charm!


Absolutely true! nothing on the line, no sense of urgency!
Thanks for the tip for one of my clients!!!


Hay Derek Great video and straight to the point, I like it
when there’s no fluff around these things. It’s funny, my real two
goals are around fitness & blogging just like the video. A
few months ago my creative juices were flowing & I wrote
out the whole idea behind my blog, I wrote out 50 blog titles,
purchased the URL, hosting & a $70 woo theme. Since then
the blog has sat there with nothing on it. I guess my
procrastination is around believing I can do it. So as with the
video, I’m gonna commit to three blog posts in three weeks
& to run one morning a week too. See you on the other side

David Caffey

I’ve had a massive stack of sales and marketing books sitting on my nightstand for six weeks now. I’m going to read for at least one hour tonight.

Carolyn Almendarez

I will submit an article to MindBodyGreen.com before the
end of the month. Watch for me people. πŸ™‚


I got 2 things.

1. Tomorrow, I’m gonna get the kids together and get to the gym.
2. In 1 week I’m going to finish the first draft of the rules to my board game.

Christine Davis

Awesome idea Derek! I’m going to create a Facebook page for my business before July 1. I know, long overdue…THANKS!

Polly Dugdale

Looking good, Derek! *wolf whistle…*

Michael Rich

SMART strategy, Derek. Great story to tie it altogether.

Your video’s have really improved. I am HOOKED.

I recently got into Video Marketing. Seeing your improvements motivates me to continue pushing myself to the NEXT level. No procrastination.

T M Copeland

Three by July 1:
1) Start on Back yard, huge project
2) Lose ten pounds
3)Finish edit of The Road to Timnaha Island (novel)

Wilton Blake

I hate watching videos. I’m a reader. But I watched the whole thing because you used excellent storytelling to get your point across.

Within the next 30 days I’m going to get my first white paper client!

Julie Stubblefield

Hey, Derek!

This is the kick in the seat I needed. I will have the content for my Lean Fitness Studio System done by 6/26….or I will be giving away a substantial chunk of change (check has been written and is out of my hands).

I love this approach, and I love all the great content you put out. Thanks for being a great force in this community!



I like all the non-committal replies on this video so far. πŸ™‚

To avoid being another, here’s my goal:
Re-write my blog’s pages, emails, and tagline with my ideal reader in mind.

My blogging mentor has already given me lots of homework to do to figure out my goals for blogging, my ideal reader, and blog posts she’d want to read (which I did already!). Now my next step is to adjust my static pages.

Goal set firmly in the ground. Let’s see if I can score a point.


I smiled when I saw the subject line in this email. Perfectly timed. Great stuff, Derek.

In the next 3 weeks, I am going to file my trademark and get a proof of my book printed, and circulate the PDF to the experts who said they would review it. There!

Marie Ambrosia

Thanks, Derek
Just what I needed to hear, today, I will declare my Independence and launch my website, http://www.GreenwiseDirectory.com on July 4th
Marie Ambrosia


This video has come at the most perfect time for me. Derek I love you and social triggers. I have been following you since I first laid eyes on you on MarieTV. I always look forward to seeing Socail Triggers in my inbox.

I am going to complete a workshop I have been slowly (very slowly) putting together for the last several months and set a date in 3 weeks. Wow! thats kinda scary and thrilling all at the same time! Love it!

Nathalie Lussier

I’ve set myself a big-ass goal to double my email list in the month of july… and I’m documenting the process here: http://30DayListBuildingChallenge.com

But that’s my big goal. My smaller goal will be to write one guest post tomorrow morning and submit it by the end of the day. πŸ™‚


    I signed up for this list building project…I think? It starts soon right?

Joanne de la Rama

Thanks for this fun and helpful video Derek! Very timely since I’ve been procrastinating for weeks now! I’ve been wanting to finish an episode on my blog but was bitten by the procrastination bug. My goal is to finish 3 blog entries for next week, so help me God.

Thanks again for sharing some practical tips. We’re expecting more muscles on your upcoming videos! Keep it up!

Elise Daly Parker

Hmmmm…I’ll get back to you. Jk!

I will write two blog posts each week for the next two weeks. Been guesting so losing steam on the things I want to write most.
Great video and awesome that you’re meeting your fitness goals!

Nikki Assalone

Day-um… if that ain’t the TRUTH!!
I come across this in my own life and am ALWAYS asked to help clients end their own battle with procrastination. It truly can be THE THING standing between where we are and where we want to be.
I’m going to finish my Environmental Medicine Certification by Tuesday if it kills me… or costs me $50. Thanks again.
(PS – lookin good πŸ˜‰


Loved the video Derek! I can relate I offered a video series when all I had was a rough draft on paper. Talk about motivation. What happened next was awesome, the more videos I made the easier they were to edit and they became more precise . Thanks for the reminder I need to do this more.

Kumar Gauraw

This is incredible Derek! Thank you for this video. Loved it!

Mr. Miagi

You’re kinda shouting!

Joe Cassandra

I’m working on a business idea and need to test it, so I’m going to stop “planning the testing” and actually do the testing in the next week. I have the strategy, but have been dragging draggin…

Thanks Derek!


You know, I think you hit the nail on the head. Nothing at risk equals no motivation to act. It’s been said that men are more likely to act in order to avoid a loss than they will to achieve a desired gain. It’s all about pain avoidance and this strategy falls right into that. This is an excellent, excellent video. Many thanks. God, can you imagine donating to a charity you hate? LOL!

Sarah Jordan

Way to go, Derek. I thought you looked like you lost a bunch of weight. Thanks for the great video.


What I currently struggle with is that once one goal is accomplished I reset back into procrastination mode almost immediately when the next step or goal needs to be done.

How do you, my fellow socialtriggers lovers, go into the maintenance step of the latest accomplishment and into the action process of the next?


I am procrastinating by watching a video on procrastination!

haha — Excellent video.



    Just what i was thinking! And now back to work πŸ™‚


I’m putting my stake down with you right now. I will complete the principle writing of my doctoral thesis by July 31 or I will donate $50 to a “Tea Party” wing nut. (I wretched a bit event thinking about it).

The Get In Shape Girl

As an online personal trainer I’m all over my clients with sticking to their goals. I practice what I preach and if I feel like I may slack, I tell a friend or post something publicly so I can’t get out of it!

One of the greatest ways people have weight loss success is when they create their own transformation page or blog and show what they’re eating, doing for exercise, etc bc when you are public, you have to do it!

    Carolyn Almendarez

    I do the same with my clients. I really love nutrition and
    fitness trackers because they help to keep you accountable to your
    goals. Plus you get that daily “great job!” feeling at the end of
    tracking your efforts. Daily tracking is a great way to stay
    motivated for any long-term goal.

Andrea Saunder - LifeAfterBread Health Coaching

Thanks Derek, this is exactly what I needed today!

You reminded me that even though I help my clients to pick a ‘stake’ to give their goal accountability, I have been leaving myself out of that practise (BAD coach!)

My pledge is that I will finish my EBook – Cooking With Your Juicer (Yes, Really)
AND I’ve just given my cheque to my accountability buddy… deep breath!


Hi Derek,

Great video on procrastination!

Spending Money on (Fill in the Blank)

I think the value you pay for (fill in the blank) and what you expect to get out (fill in the blank) can lead to procrastination.

Here’s an example.

I recently purchased a course, but I haven’t made time to review the material. Why? Because in the back of my mind I keep thinking, “How valuable is this? I paid under $50.00 for this course. Will it help me?”

On the flip side, I paid $500.00 for a course membership and you better believe I make time to absorb and re-absorb the information. I’m also an active member (lifetime membership).

Finally, I paid some serious cash for several business coaching sessions. You better believe I showed for my sessions and did the homework my coach assigned to me. In fact, I decided to continue with my monthly coaching sessions because they’re that VALUABLE to me. πŸ™‚


Thanks for sharing your weight loss story. I noticed the difference. πŸ˜‰


Best explanation of procrastination I have heard! Delivered
in an entertaining way with a positive call to action…Thank you,


Thanks Derek, for always creating such amazing content!

My goal is:

I will create my first webinar to launch my online training course


I like that video set up with the white background. It’s
like you are right here on my desktop yelling at me. A live,
miniature Derek coaching me through my worst fears!


Great advice Derek, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head
as to why we procrastinate. The key to being successful is to be
able to take action whilst others wait for motivation, putting
something at stake certainly shakes things up. In the long run
though this ‘hack’ can’t replace clarity and certainty.


I loved this video! Such a good topic to tackle and your
suggestions rock! I kept laughing every time you said “a charity
you hate” lol. Who hates charities? I’d have to think on that.
You’re right though, if the money goes to one you like you’d say,
“If I don’t work out at least the Humane Society gets 50 bucks..”
When I get in super ambitious mode my workout routine is the first
to slip, so I would say that my goal is to run the lake at least 3x
a week for the next 3 weeks. Now I’m going to go post this on my FB
Page so my community can benefit from this message too.


HA – You crack me up! I LOVE these ideas!! In the next 3 weeks I want to complete the sales page to my Web training program. πŸ˜€


“Yo, Make me SOLID! Bro!” ^_^ I’m currently working on a
cute little book of Cat Illustrations that I’m planning to
self-publish on Amazon. I hope to have it done & available
by the end of the month.


Great idea. I am a total procrastinator until my a** is on
the line. I am going to practice for 4 hours between today and
Sunday. Bring it!

Nida Sea

Great video! I will write 3,000 words daily no matter what
it is I’m writing. Thanks!


Guilty as charged!!! Thanks for that… info was spot on! Although I would add that I think procrastination also comes from a place of fear… of self doubt, especially when it has to do with something personal.

I’m making the commitment to complete the “free giveaway” for my website in the next couple of weeks. Giveaway or BUST!


EXCELLENT, This advice really put me in action, I have been
procrastinating for 2 year now a project I have to help people to
built their first blog. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Derek πŸ™‚


Great vid. I’m going to finish my first Fitness E-book in
the next 10 days. -D

    Derek Halpern


Jody Berkey

I did the put-your-reputation-on-the-line strategy a few
months ago when I committed to FINALLY meeting a goal to run a half
marathon (maybe full sometime, but I wanted it to be reasonable for
a beginner runner and experience a quick success). I hired an
injury prevention running coach for group and literally invited the
entire world (or whoever saw my posts and site) to join me in a
13-in-13 Half Marathon Training Challenge. For 13 weeks 40 people
from around the world virtually trained together and formed amazing
friendships. On May 19, my husband, two other challenge member
friends, and I crossed the finish line of the Historic Marine Corps
Marathon while others crossed the finish line of their respective
races! VICTORY. Then I fell off the running wagon, so I decided to
start up another group and turn it into a paid service. We’re on
day #4 today (and accepting registration until Sunday. πŸ™‚ BOOM! I
DID IT!!! http://90revolutions.com/13-in-13-challenge/

Adam Hunter Peck

As always, great takeaway Derek.

Just wanted to clarify: people might be confused when you talk about giving to a “charity you hate”; generally, charities are unmistakably good causes. I remember Tim Ferriss talking about giving to causes or organizations that are more polarizing, like a political party you don’t support.

    Brigid Cappello

    Love the ‘political party you hate’ idea Adam!
    That would be much more motivating here as I agree that even charities you don’t love are generally doing good work. It may not be easy to find a charity you hate. A political party, on the other hand… Not so hard!!

      Derek Halpern

      Tim Ferriss talked about this in the podcast I did with him. That’s where I first discovered “Stickk”


Nice idea.

I did a 30-day challenge last year. You choose one thing to do and do it for thirty days. If you didn’t complete, you paid a pre-announced penalty. I chose to take a 30 minute walk everyday. Result? I got some exercise and thirty minutes of valuable ‘thinking’ time.


    Derek Halpern

    Now make it a habit!


I’ve been procrastinating about turning my business plan writing program into a proper online course. So I’m on it!

Sergio Felix

I have to submit my first product ever to a well known marketplace (been procrastinating on it for months now…) but I’m DEFINITELY going to do it in less than two weeks.

PS. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t procrastinates so I’m guessing I’ll share this with the entire world…

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome, thanks Sergio.

Iviana Bynum

Loved this video! Ahhhh, ok I’m going to do this. I’m going to write the copy for my About page and my sales page of my new website by Monday.

Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    Copy for an about page AND a sales page by monday? Good luck. If you finish the about page, that’s a good start though!

Eric Ullman

Good one. Mt declaration: I will use my calendar daily to block out time for tasks other than just meetings (like writing, performing research, working out, shopping, etc.) to better structure my schedule.

    Derek Halpern

    That’s an awesome plan. I’ve been doing this myself, and its been working for me. Let me know how it works for you.


My Kick starter campaign for Gramma Be kids books that speak to core values will be up and running by Friday June 21….2013 πŸ™‚ Renee Beese


I was talking with my coach about this and we decided on something similar to beat procrastination: to tell my husband about the weekly goals and if I didn’t make them then I have to pay him cash. It’s working!

    Derek Halpern

    How much cash?


Hey Derek!

It’s Jason here. You know that guy. The one you don’t quite know yet because I’m new to well… actually taking time to comment on the blogs I read. New to your site as well. Must say that I’m Loving it though. So Procrastination we say. Funny I was just working on this with my coach and a recent talk with Kimanzi Constable about writing my posts and filling up my site with content.
Since you said dont make the goal big that’s not hard to do. However I would like some accountability to finish and publish ONE post a week for the next 5 weeks. That’s right. I will lose $75 if you and the rest of the world do not SEE FIVE NEW POSTS on livetogivecoaching.com on July 26th. Don’t worry that’s a Friday, I am sure plenty of people will be able to help blast me if I don’t come through. In fact I welcome the accountability. I really don’t want to lose my money. πŸ™‚

Long post short. I appreciate the video and I’m looking forward to being a contribution to the community. If you need me let me know how I can help. Any of you. Seriously just email me. πŸ™‚ Thanks

Nancy Marshall

You make me laugh, Derek. And I must say that you look a lot more buff than when I saw you last September in Portland, Maine!

I will get the business plan for my new blog and consulting services done within one month.


I said it.

I will report back.


    Rachel Z Cornell

    GO NANCY! What will you do first to make that happen? That’s a big goal.

    Darlene with BlogBoldly

    Haha Nancy.. I was just thinking the same thing.

    Hey Derek! Don’t let it go to your head but you are lookin’ pretty dang good. Good for you.

    Ahem.. Oh yeah, procrastination.. and what I’ll commit to.

    I commit to scheduling 8-10, Mon-Wed to writing. No distractions. Pure writing.

    ~ darlene πŸ™‚

      Derek Halpern

      That’s a great commitment. I do something similar for my writing.


    Hi Nancy – a business plan in a month! That’s a great goal.

    I know it’s a bit “selly sell sell” to do this, but I teach people how to write great business plans in less than a month – and we give lots of that advice away for free, so click through my name if you want to find out more.

    Who is your blog targeted to? Is it related to your PR company? I’d love to learn more about your business.

      Derek Halpern

      Did you really just use the words “selly sell?”


        I sure did. I stole it from Chris Brogan though (shhh)


          Jessica, I love that line of Brogan’s! It really helps me decide if I want to open his emails or not.


      Sounds like perfect assistance Jessica πŸ™‚


        Yeah, it just sort of jumped out at me πŸ™‚ Now, it’s time to stop procrastinating…!


One of my best friends is doing something like this except he put a HUGE stake on himself. His goal was to raise his deadlift by 100lbs (or something like that,) put on 10lbs of muscle, and something else related to fitness. If he fails to do this within the next few months (3 or 4,) he has to do an undie run at UC Berkeley and give his friend money.

Holy crap. That’s determination right there. He’s been slacking off and procrastinating when it came to fitness, so this is his and your way of kicking it into high gear.

    Derek Halpern

    What are you doing to stop your procrastination though? πŸ™‚


      I adopted the 5-second rule where I count from 1 to 5. The moment it hits 5, I have to do what I told myself to do. Haven’t failed so far!


        Great advice! You just made me stop procrastinate my walk. I decided to get my ass from the chair and stop reading posts at socialtriggers, counted to five, and now I’m writing this standing up, time to go.

        Bonnie Andrews (@HobbytoHOT)

        Vincent, I love this – genius! I do this for my 6yo, it never occurred to me to reverse it…


Love the video Derek, your videos are getting much better! Keep it up

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Peter. I appreciate it!


I will walk with my dog every day this weekend! πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    That’s a great goal. I try to take my dog to the dog park daily.


      Thanks for the encouragement! πŸ™‚


    Go Diego!


      Thks, Renee! πŸ™‚

Johan Irwan

Hi Derek,
Awesome! This is a good one. I got some idea on what I should do next!


Excellent idea! “Away from” motivation. That will be a very interesting experiment.


    so what are you comitting to?

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