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The simple path to becoming a highly-paid expert (new podcast with Tim Ferriss)
Last Updated November 19th, 2012

Before you become a highly-paid expert, you must first BE an expert.


That means you can’t “fake it til you make it,” but instead, you’ve got to be a REAL expert.


Ever since Malcolm Gladwell released Outliers, the world believes it takes 10,000 Hours or 10 years to become an expert.

But what if I said “FORGET years!”

In the latest Social Triggers Insider master class, Tim Ferriss shares a simple framework for becoming an expert in weeks… or even DAYS.

How to Become World-Class At Anything In Days (Not Years)

In the below discussion, the New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris and I talk about:

  • A simple but POWERFUL method for learning anything in weeks instead of years
  • How the fear of public failure can drive you to do anything
  • How to make a monumental task idiot-proof by using Warren Buffett’s “Margin of Safety”
  • DS3: The secret behind the 4-part framework for mastering anything
  • And much, much more.

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Mark Eichenlaub

Fantastic Derek. You’ve REALLY helped a lot of people. Nice work!


1. I NEARLY LOST THIS PAGE because of the SOCIALTRIGGERS newsletter signup on top – maybe post a line on top about “your podcast awaits … take a valuable moment .. to let us thank you with…” stream kind of thing.

I have to admit, dude, you are one of the best I have ever seen at eliciting comments. Something to learn there – but it MAY JUST BE YOUR SHOWTIME PERSONALITY!! DO you find the live voice to be a big help? I like voice because a lot of people don’t look all that great on video and WHAT’S THE POINT? Though it’s somewhat harder to deal with for some reason – maybe missing a webcam capture or two…. just saying.

Also thanks for making the podcast download easy. I know it will pay off for the time I spend.


Is it possible that you can make the audios a bit louder? They are really quiet on my laptop and I don’t want to try to load them up on my phone. They are pretty hard to here.

If not, no worries.


P.S. So far this is one of my favorite podcasts that you’ve done.

Andy Nathan

Timothy Ferris is the best! 4 Hour Workweek changed my view of the internet. Loved listening to him go through how to learn (and teach) faster.

Tisa Yonts

This was such a great interview I may listen to it again!

Mariann Aalda

I’m in. Just posted the podcast link & a comment on Twitter & Fb…on my way to Amazon! Great insights!!!

Demetrius DaSilva

Yawn… I AM IN!!!


I’m in… make way in the boat.. ima jumpin’

I follow you already and I’ve sent an email to key members of my tribe with the link.. they’ve been teetering on the edge of buying in to your posts and Tim’s new book.

Thanks.. and here’s to a great 2013 for all of us, healthier, happier and wealthier.

Ewa Gersin

I am in.
I am re-posting this since I didn’t get a reply.

Hi Derek,
I truly enjoyed your interview with Tim Ferris. Thank you for all your teaching. I made tons of notes even though I am going to buy the book
Since I live in Canada, I had to go through amazon.ca; otherwise I wouldn’t have qualify for the free shipping.
Will Tim accept proof of purchase from Canadian site? And will I be able to get the bonus?
Thanks and best regards,


I’m In – thanks



Gemma D Lou

As always, I thoroughly enjoy your insights Derek, and there’s always something more to learn from Tim Ferris. It’s twice now I’ve listened to the podcast, and it’s even more poignant the second time as I undertake my nemesis, pure OOP php, which for a wordpresser like me, I’ve happily avoided. So breaking it down into those stages, like selection, finding the minimum effective dose.

And it’s not just about learning, but about having skills, it can be applied to all aspects of life. I watched the trailer for Tim’s book, and it showed really cool things that are also practical, like folding a towel in less than 5 seconds. Simple but practical ways of getting more out life by doing things faster, learning things faster.

Great article. And the ODD THING out tip was awesome too.


Hi Derek,
I truly enjoyed your interview with Tim Ferris. Thank you for all your teaching. I made tons of notes even though I am going to buy the book 🙂
Since I live in Canada, I have to go through amazon.ca; otherwise I don’t qualify for the free shipping. Is there a link on your site that I can use to by 3 books? Will Tim accept proof of purchase from Canadian site? And will I be able to get the bonus?
Thanks and best regards,


I’m in.


I’m in.



Kimanzi Constable

This interview was amazing, I’m going to have to listen to it again. After listening I’m definitely buying the book. Tim’s system for learning just blows my mind and gets me excited to learn better and be a better teacher!



Andrew Hryni

I’m in. Is there a deadline?


I’m In!
Twitter Followed.
Buying the book on Amazon

Mark Thomas

Hey Derek,

I found another hill for my morning run.

A bigger one, and one that I have yet to conquer.

I’ve been at it for the past 3 weeks and I cannot scale it with out my legs wobbling like a plate of runny panna cotta.

But as luck would have it I was listening to this Podcast on the way in to work and it made re-frame my attitude to my new nemesis.

Instead of trying to run up this hill in one go, I will now “Chunk it down” ( a phrase which I will borrow from you if you’re ok with that), and attempt to reach certain checkpoints along the incline.

Thanks for bringing us another great interview.



Hey Derek,

I’m in… Also… cool name man!

Lasse Jellum

I’m in Derek! Additionally, ordering this book got me going through my amazon wishlist and ordering 16 other books I’ve been dying to read 🙂

Lasse Jellum

I’m in Derrick! Additionally, ordering this book got me going through my amazon wishlist and ordering 16 other books I’ve been dying to read 🙂

Rebecca Rosman

In and loving the new book! Thanks for all the interviews you do. They have been so excellent. Every single interview has been top notch…people, topics and you of course! Thanks again.

Michael Lee

I’m in….


I’m in!

The 4-Hour Chef Launch — Summary of Week One

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I’m in. Receipt sent separately.

Rahul Kuntala


I’m also in!

Brianna Lamberson

Hey Derek!

I was kind of on the fence about getting the book but then I saw Tim on CBS This Morning and totally ran to my computer to buy The 4-Hour Chef. I got it and I’m in! Just tweeted you and now I’m going to email Nicole.

Happy Holidays,
Brianna Lamberson

kerch mcconlogue

I’m in for the whole bit. AND my husband hopes to learn how to cook, too!

Marcus Grip

Best frikkin’ podcast I’ve heard in a long time! So awesome for my future plans of courses and so on 🙂

Thanks man!


I’m in!

Unbelievable interview with Tim! The wheels started turning immediately in terms of learning new things but also using these ideas to market the things I’ve already learned. I run a site on guitar and teaching guitar to very specific guitarists, so using the DSSS framework is unbelievable, but even better is marketing the idea to my audience. Awesome work, and I’m really excited to see where creating products based on the idea will take thing.

Brooks Briz

I’m in. Your new video series is on point (in terms of its focus and presentation) and I want to steal all of your secrets. Haha talk to you in a few!


I’m In!!

Kent Sanders

Derek, I followed the steps outlined in the post to receive the bonuses and emailed my receipt – should we expect to hear something back soon?

    Richard White

    Hey Derek, I too am wondering when I should expect to hear back with the “How I Built Social Triggers TV” Bonus? I emailed the receipt on Monday. Should I send it to Nicole again?


I’m in!

David cdp

I’m IN.


I’m in! Great offer as allways. But I can not conclude one of the steps, since I am from Europe, more suitable for me would be amazon.de (can u make aff. link for them). Thank you.


Good stuff derek. If tim’s time is $80-100k them this 1hourafternoon podcast means you got some setups pull now. 🙂

Phyllis Zusman

I’m in!


Derek, I’m in!


    I’m definitely in! I already followed you on Twitter, sent to my friend about this, AND purchased products from amazon including 4hour chef by Tim. Also, I forwarded my amzon receipt to Nicole.

    And now just waiting for the good stuff, Derek! 🙂


I’m in!!

I'm in!

I’m in!

Followed you on Twitter: Done!
Tweeted out this promo TWICE on Twitter to over 7300 followers: Done!
Grabbed a copy of “The 4 Hour Chef”: Done!
Sent my receipt to Nicole: Done!

And just like Jason, Nicole, Mohammed, Spyros, Alba, Michele, and Ryan, I also bought the Kindle version because I travel a lot. I have over 700 books in digital format, and there is no way in hell I could be as mobile and in-the-know as I am if I had to lug around all of those books in their physical form. So hopefully you will also cater to those who are helping Tim get on the Amazon Best Seller list as well.

Btw, Derek, your content AND design is killer! Keep doing what you’re doing!

P.S. Please make the transcript available soon. I want to throw it into my Kindle app on my iPhone. Thanks!


When can we expect to hear from Nicole??


I’m in! Already purchased 4 hardcover copies, and the kindle version (because that book is huge)!


I’m in!


I’m in.


I’m in!

Just discovered Social Triggers and loving it 🙂

Dan Green

I’m in. Great podcast and can’t wait for the training. Bought 3 copies so holiday shopping also partially done. Many birds, one stone. Good timing!


I’m in!


I’m in!


I’m in, too!


I’m IN!! Wouldn’t miss anything from you Derek or Tim.
Thank you for doing and sharing your knowledge!

Ingrid Heinrich

I’m in.


The method does not matter! (if you believe in it)

Great podcast Derek. It sounded like you guys were having legitimate fun. 🙂


I’m in!


I’m in.

Kent Sanders

I’m in – thanks!


I’m also (maybe) in. I’m downsizing and getting rid of most all of my physical books in exchange for Kindle editions. I’m heading back to the West Coast and then embarking on a year-long road trip in January. Can’t have my truck full of books… Kindle is so much more convenient to bring along my entire library.

Michele Quinn

Derek, can we please get the Kindle version instead? I much prefer reading on there, plus love the instant delivery. No waiting for shipping. 🙂

Kevin Rogers


I’m in, Derek!

– Ace Man


I’m in


Hey, can you still do this? I noticed that you said if you purchased on Monday but I missed the deadline! 🙁


I’m in

Lana Waller

I’m in.
Already follow you on Twitter. Ordered from Amazon.ca, receipt sent to Nicole.
Love the idea of breaking down to most important items to learn first. This could really help me with marketing and building our business.


Does it have to be the hardcover version? I personally ready everything on Kindle.


I’m in!


I’m (maybe) in.

Question Derek: Does it have to be the hardcover version?

I prefer my books on my kindle, and don’t really want to buy a hardcover.

Peter Renton

I’m in. I have been following Tim Ferris for years now and I notice he is everywhere this week. But I loved your interview so I bought the book through your aff link. And shared it on FB. Good work.


I’m in!
I follow you on twitter (will share) and I’m going to buy the book now.

Mohammed Hajjar

Just got the book… but the kindle version.. i’m live in the Middle East and it usually cost to ship more than the cost of the book itself…

but i appreciate if you can still send me the offer… 🙂


I’m in… but if I buy the book a day late because I didn’t see this email on the 19th >.< do I still get your helpful videos??


I’m in.

Joep van Os

I’m In,
followed you on Twitter.
Did the Amazon order.


I’m in!

C Lang

Hi Derek,

After listening to the podcast and realizing you, along with Tim are genuinely trying to help…I’m in, I’m in, I’m in.

Love all your stuff and can tell there is huge quality in it. I plan to do the same with my new site (fitness niche) as well.

Thanks bro.

Gary Pinsky

I’m in.

Jane Dolan

I am in! And a belated Thank-You for all the great content with a twist!


I’m in


I’m in


I’m in!


I’m in!


I am in to grin.

Just out of curiosity.

Cynthia LaLuna

I’m in. But I followed the instructions out of order. Do I still get my prize?

    Derek Halpern

    Ha ha, yes.

Joe Peck

Derek! Great content as usual! Big thanks to Tim for this great insight and to you for bringing it to your readers. I learned a ton from the podcast but I’ll say that the memory recall procedure (serial position effect) had a huge impact. I love the idea of breaking things down so you remember more of each list, then choose something unusual to remember another item. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks guys!


I’m in

Raj Kotecha

I’m In!


I am in.

Alla Petcheniouk

Hey Derek!
Love to see you guys supporting each other! I already heard so much from Nisha 🙂 Im in! ordered the book!
Lots of love and Im looking forward to your video training!!

Robbie Schlosser

I’m in, too. Retweeted, ordered, emailed, and looking forward to your training.


I cannot believe that all of these people are falling for this shameless bribe just to get some more of Derek’s bloopers and such!

There’s no way I’m gonna shout out that I’m in, buying the book and looking forward to the ethical bribe. No way.

So, I’ll whisper …

I’m in!

Mr. G

I’ll pass today Derek. Thanks a bunch but I don’t believe in magic potions.

May be next time.

    Derek Halpern

    Interesting that you think I’d EVER push a “magic potion.”

    This is hardly a magic potion… It’s just a deconstruction of how you can learn faster, and more efficiently.

Yolanda Enoch

I’m in.


I am in and I am looking forward to the commute to work tomorrow to listen to your most recent master class. I already follow you on twitter but will send out a tweet. Always enjoy your great content.

Joe High

I’m in!


Tim and Derek always deliver the most information in the shortest amount of time, thanks a lot! Ordered the 3 books right when the post on Tim’s blog showed up, wonder if they got the receipt.

sheila mccann

I’m in!



I’m in–emailed promo to friend & emailed receipt

I found more info on his book; he has sample chapters to preview.


Derek, You slay me! I’m in!

Jessica Johnson

I’m in.


I’m in!

You must be really good at what you do because you made me complete the three steps in one fell swoop.

Congratulations from Barcelona.


I am IN !!!

Luis R Silva

I’m IN!
email sent.



I’m in!


Richard White

I’m IN


I’m in. At 50, technology wasn’t part of my early experience. Thanks for cutting to the chase and giving us such valuable and useful info we can implement now. Love your site.


I’m in!


I’m in
emailed receipt

Greg Hickman

I’m In buddy!


Wow, amazing interview…. my biggest takeaway, which is something I have been thinking about a lot recently so it’s not new info, but a good affirmation, is the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote…

Tim gave a Cliff’s Notes version of it… here it is in it’s entirety:

“The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss. As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”

I am excited to get the book… my wife will be excited that I might step into the kitchen and try to make something other than a PB&J or EasyMac.

Tegan @ Happy Healthy Whole

Im IN.
Following already
Tweeted about promo
Emailed reciept
Cant wait to check out your bonus!
Thanks Derek

Deepa Ram

I’m in

Emily Cressey

I’m in – all Tim’s stuff is great, but Derek – I bought foryour bonus! Hope the slow-carb recipes can also go no-carb!



Great podcast. I even downloaded it to listen to it again!
I’m not interesting in learning how to cook…but would like to know if the information from the podcast is in the book, specifically the DSSS & CAFE?

    Derek Halpern

    Yes, DSSS, and CAFE are both in the book, under the Meta Learning section.


Both of you guys are amazing marketers! Thank you so much.

Listening to your conversation – I learn so much by paying attention to the subtleties.

Andrew Acker

I’m ready to play! Aka, I’m in

Cheri Bennett

In the middle of listening to your interview and LOVIN it. Can’t wait to
get Tim’s book! 🙂


I’m in!
I’m a long time fan of Tim
Just had it confirmed that my books are being shipped.

Thanks Derek


Hi Derek,
I’m in. Who doesn’t want to learn faster. Can’t wait to get the book. I’m going to learn some new cooking skills too.


Great podcast Derek and Tim – thank you! The biggest insight I got from this is how unimportant the method/efficiency is in the whole learning process. I’m very curious to know how to get better at selection and sequencing. I also wonder how big a role you think our attitude and beliefs plays in determining how quickly we can learning something….


    I had the same question as you with sequencing. How do I get better at sequencing? Part of me thinks, use DSSS dumby! But of course if you want to learn a component of DSSS, it’s a tough approach. Any ideas?


I’m in!

Kenneth Vogt

I note that you say “Social Triggers Insider” is available on iTunes. But when I click the link it shows it hasn’t been updated in 4 months and the recording above is not there. Will there me any new episodes?


    This was the latest episode in about 3-4 months…

    It usually takes iTunes sometime to get it all uploaded.

      Derek Halpern

      You’re right.

      I had slowed down on production, as I’m currently rethinking how I want Social Triggers Insider to fit into my overall strategy for ST 🙂

Jordan Godbey

I’m in


I’m in

Patrick Wagner

I’m in too! Hopefully it’s not too late to still get the bonus. Thank you.


Thank you and thank you to Timothy Ferris, another great turn of insight and valuable real-time help. I took away “adherence” as a key to learning. I’ve read thousands of books, attended hundreds of conferences and workshops, and hopped online for webinars. Many were conducted by truly brilliant leaders, however, after their expert layout of how to make it happen, I new in my gut, I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t put a finger on it, but I new I wouldn’t do it. It didn’t fit my life, there were too many things I’d have to buy just to get started, or too many things to fit in my already overcrowded 24 hours. Convenience is what gets me started and further convenience and success is what keeps me in the game. Thanks guys!


I’m In!

Patti Langell

Wow! I need to listen again to make sure I caught it all. I love how the universe puts just what you need in your path. I am making a new training and will incorporate some of this into it. Thank you so much for always giving such great content. Have a great day!

Ranjan Ray

I’m in!

Bob Reed

I’m in.

Chris Hutchings

Great podcast as always Derek, huge fan of both yours and Tim’s and incorporated a lot of what you both have offered in personal and business life.

Am I the only one who paused the podcast to watch the axis of awesome though??

Michael- Somebody Lied

I am in. Ordered from amazon UK. Looking forward to the great content.

Katie Owens

So, Tim, “4 Hour English” is on deck? Please?
Desperate English teacher 🙂

PS – Thanks Derek, for consistently hitting them out of the park.

Nicole Ortega


I’ve been trying for years to get into blogging. I’ve had so many great ideas but either failed to execute on them or I quit shortly after beginning. I’m on your list, but the email you sent today really caught my interest so I clicked on the link. I’m so glad I did because this podcast was one of the best I’ve ever heard!

I suffer from trying to do some of the things backwards that Tim was talking about in his interview, namely the ordering of “adherence, effectiveness, efficiency.” I always try to be efficient first when it’s obviously more important to just stick to the thing you’re trying to do rather than be good at it right away.

I definitely learned some new things and heard some old ones rehashed in a different way. It’s like I heard Brian Clark say once before: you hear the same things over and over but one day you hear it a different way and it really resonates with you and sticks. That’s what this podcast was for me, so thanks for securing that interview. It was epic.

I also ordered the kindle edition of The Four Hour Chef, even though I already cook very well and had no intentions on buying it, ha! I own The Four Hour Workweek as well and haven’t read it but I have to say after listening to that interview, I’m really impressed with Tim and can’t wait to read his new book as well as go back and read The Four Hour Workweek.

So again, thanks for this and hopefully you’ll be hearing my name around the blogosphere this coming year 🙂


Oh heck yeah I’m in!

David Paul Krug

As a minimalist I don’t buy hardcover books. However I’m going to make an offer. I will buy 2 hardcover books as gifts to give away + 1 kindle edition (for myself) Send me your paypal and you can order them. In exchange I’d love access 🙂


I’m in Derek

Wendy Merron

I’m in!
Gotta comment on Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours or 10 years to be an expert.
There is NO scientific research that backs this up as far as I can tell (though if anyone can find it, I know you can). His comments belong with this one: “It takes 21 days to create a new habit”.
Neither of these statements are fixed in granite. They are simply opinions and beliefs of others. We can choose to ignore them and improve our lives faster, or live by them.
Either way, it’s our choice.
Getting down from my soapbox now.

    Derek Halpern

    I echo what Jay said. While Gladwell got the credit, it was K Anders Ericsson that did the research. Also, other writes mentioned this rule in their work too (Geoff Colvin in Talent is Overrated, Dubner in a NYT article I believe, and many others).

    Jay Warner

    RE: science of 10,000 hours. It’s rather unfair that Malcolm Gladwell gets linked to the 10,000 hour principle, considering he wasn’t actually involved in any of the research, or developing the theories behind it. He did however make it known in the mainstream far more effectively than anyone else.

    The theory behind it, as examined by K. Anders Ericsson amongst others, is that ‘deliberate practice’ is key to mastering any skill. Deliberate practice involves total mental engagement and a ruthless focus on perfecting a technique, not just ‘practising’ without specific goals in mind.

    The 10,000 hours refers to a rough average of the amount of time professionals have dedicated to deliberate practice during their rise to the top of their profession. Study subjects have included violinists, chess players, authors and athletes. It also has become a handy soundbite which unfortunately is frequently misused. I.e. you’re no good until you’ve done 10,000 hours of work.

    In essence, if you want to be good at anything, you need to 1. dedicate time to it and 2. ensure that your practice hours are hard darn work :-).

    PS. My background is a sports/performance psychologist so I can talk about this stuff all day long!

Jamie Shiers

I’m in!


I’m in.


I’m IN


I’m in!

I don’t want to learn how to cook but I want to learn to master other things, so I am excited about this opportunity.

About to listen to the podcast now!

James Kerti

I’m in!


I’m in!

Joe Peck

I’m in, Yo! I’ll email Nicole shortly. Thanks as always, Derek!

Eric M. Ruiz

I’m in


I’m in!!

Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

I’d already pre-ordered all the copies I plan on getting, or I’d be in, too!

I loved hearing though about the Deconstruction / Selection / Sequence / Stakes stuff. Although I’ve heard it before, that “money to a charity you hate, *in your name*” thing is magnificent!

A great reminder on the information gap, too, which I’ll be sure to integrate in our regular email / social media updates.

What was *really* fascinating though, was learning how to become a better teacher, and making sure that we can better distill the most effective strategies from the experts we interview, so they can help our readers / listeners / viewers even more.

Overall, a packed episode, Derek / Tim. Thanks for sharing!

Cheri Bennett

I’m in because I love your content Derek!

I read some of Tim Ferris’ stuff before, and
I enjoyed it. I’d be happy to wait a while on
the book though – but I want your offer! 🙂

I’m really looking forward to your insight
into your videos. I teach people how to
meditate using videos – looking forward to
getting better. The world could use some
more centered, happy people, don’t you think?

Thanks for all you do! I appreciate you!


I’m IN!!

Amy Hall

I’m in!
Already follow you!
Grabbed the book. (early xmas gift for my hubbie!)
Emailed Nicole!
Ready for my free training! 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    We’ll send out more about that real soon — as soon as this thing is done.

michelle martello

Derek –

I’m in – love your offer (and had the book in my cart already, so I’m glad I saw this!) Receipt is on its way…

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to say hi at RHH this year – your talk last year was a one of the highlights for me.

Be well – Michelle

    Derek Halpern

    Glad you enjoyed the talk at RHH!

    And I’m sorry I didn’t meet you either.

    But glad you’re getting the book!

Anthony Carrillo

I am most definitely in!!!

Jason Kruger

Hi Derek

I am in!

Will the Paperback UK edition still be valid? It’s the only version besides the Kindle version I can get in the UK.

Loving your work!

    Derek Halpern

    If thats the only thing available, yes. Just email Nicole, and we’ll make sure you get hooked up.


I’m in! Excited to see how Tim’s launch strategy works out.

    Derek Halpern

    I’m sure its going to work out just fine

Bill Romer

I’m IN

Bernhard Bildstein

“I’m IN”


I’m in!!!

    Derek Halpern


Wesley Walker

I’m in, thanks for the interesting content so far. Looking forward to the book and your training guide.


    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Wesley.

    Make sure you email my assistant.

Mariam Turay

I’m in.

    Derek Halpern

    Great! Thank you Mariam. Make sure to email Nicole.

      Mariam Turay

      When will we receive the pre-recorded training. I sent an email to Nicole a couple of days ago and haven’t received anything back.

Chris Parker

To Annie Sisk,

Your missing the point of the “4 Hour” books. Good luck.

    Annie Sisk

    No, I’m really not. I can disagree with the message without “missing the point,” you know.

      Derek Halpern

      No, you really are missing the point. There’s nothing to disagree with, as this is data, and you’re just disagreeing based on a single sentence.

      I’d tell you to listen to the podcast, but your mind is already made up. It’s already closed. So you’ll listen to it with the intent of finding the “one gotcha, I knew I was right,” and you’d walk away feeling as if you were right.

      I don’t promote being close minded on Social Triggers, and I know you know better. You’ve always been open minded in the past.

        Paul Slade

        An open mind is a terrible thing to close.

Chris Parker

I’m In!
Twitter Followed.
Buying the book on Amazon.

    Derek Halpern

    Sweet — just make sure to send an email to Nicole.

Annie Sisk

And I’m out.

If this isn’t just a one-off, an experiment, a mistake, even … if this really is your message, your story? Then I’m not your target audience, and I’m going to save us both some heartache and unsubscribe.

The world needs no more “four-hour” anythings (not that it’s really “4-hour anything” in the first place).

    Derek Halpern

    Annie, 4 hour is the Tim Ferriss brand. He doesn’t claim you can become an expert in 4 hours :-P. If you read my article, you’ll notice that I don’t even say you can become an expert in 4 hours.

    I say you can speed up the process when you learn about Tim Ferriss’s simple framework known as DSSS.

    But to really nail this home, here’s a quick personal story:

    Back when I was a kid, I wanted to learn how to play chess. Instead of trying to memorize thousands of chess openings, I decided to focus on 3 specific openings. Then, I studied specific types of chess attacks (known as discovery, skewer, pin, and fork).

    Once I learned the openings, those 4 chess attacks, I studied specific end game strategies as well.

    All in all, I learned maybe 10 different things, and my chess playing skill went up 100 fold.

    Now, I didn’t know this back when I was a kid, but looking back, I used Tim Ferriss’s DSSS framework for learning. And that’s why I was able to excel fast.

    Was I grandmaster?


    But I was able to beat my dad and 99% of my friends.

    And when I started playing online, my ELO score ended up being around 1700-1750 for lightning and blitz chess. (2,000 is considered a master).

    Was I long ways away from becoming a master?


    But to this day, I know I can still go to the park in NYC, and give some of the Chess hustlers a run for their money.

      Ben Goodyear

      Perfect response, sounded even better reading it in my Derek voice!


        hahaha…as soon I read that I reread hearing Dereks voice!


        Derek Halpern

        You have a Derek voice? Ha ha.

          Ben Goodyear

          Yup, a good thing, if I remember a persons voice I’m much more likely to remember the things they are saying to me. So, in a way it’s a compliment!



      Love your chess story! I used to play a ton of chess when I was a bit younger too.

      I still enjoy a game now and again.

      Like you, I memorized a few different openings and so long as I didn’t play the same people too often, 99% of the time, I would win.

      Anyway, I can relate to this story a lot.

      Thanks for sharing.

      A note to Annie Sisk: Come on, really? Derek is the master when it comes to actionable strategies that work. I had the privilege of meeting him and even talking with him one-on-one for an hour or so at Ryan Lee’s recent live event in Connecticut.

      I’d be careful before you unsubscribe from someone as knowledgeable, creative, and honest as they come.

      There’s not a better blog to follow on the web if you’re looking to grow your traffic, write articles that get read, and learn the psychology of how we, as humans, behave.

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Love this opportunity! I’m going to get my book tonight. I already follow you on twitter and tell everyone about you, but I’ll do it again since you asked so nicely, and I’m happy to do it. Looking forward to this as I look forward to all of your posts!

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Derek just got your email about this….all i can say is i’m so happy to be on your list to get wonderful content from you.
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