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Starting a blog can be intimidating, especially if you have zero writing experience. Luckily, it’s not as complicated as you think...

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2016: Go All In

The other day I asked you to tell me about the projects you have planned for this year… …and as I expected, one of the BIG things people want to focus on this year is starting – and growing – their online online business. But as I kept reading response after response, I noticed something […]

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Here’s Why You Need To Build An Audience TODAY

I couldn’t believe it. When I launched my first online product, I pulled in $46,398 in 10 days. It felt strange. Social Triggers was just a blog. When a friend asked me less than a year earlier, “What do you have planned for your blog,” I had responded, “Not sure. All I’m focusing on right […]

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Writing used to be hard. Then I tried this…

Eugene Schwartz was a leading Contemporary American Art collector. His stunning Manhattan penthouse — overlooking Park Avenue — was filled with important works from artists like Frank Stella, Morris Louis, and David Smith. And if you’re not familiar with these artists, some of their work fetched well into the 7 figures. How could Schwartz afford […]

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New PDF: 7 Things That Make Content Go Viral

Business owners want to know how to attract the right people, and blogging is the best way to do it. But is it as easy as publishing a few blog posts every week? Is it as easy as those other people say, “Just write good content, and…” Absolutely not. Especially not now. You see, the […]

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How to find your voice – and own it

Back when I started creating content, I had an identity crisis. When you met me in “real life,” I’d be a loud, quirky, arrogant, and sometimes even border-line obnoxious, and larger than life personality. I’d say funny things like, “it’s not FREE today?” to random clerks. I’d walk into a restaurant and bellow, “What’s up!” […]

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