How to Create An Online Course

YOU have skills, knowledge, and passion that can help others. And when you turn them into an online course, you're building an asset: Something you’ll get paid for over and over again...

Let's turn your life and work experience into a profitable course.

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How Benjamin Houy Wrote a Sales Page that Increased His Revenue By 21% – In A Market Dominated By Big Companies

The language-learning industry is fierce. It’s dominated by multi-million dollar corporations. These are companies with huge advertising budgets. They have books and software on every e-commerce platform and in every bookstore on the planet. It’s the sort of market that seems IMPOSSIBLE to penetrate. Benjamin sells an online course that teaches people how to speak […]

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Need an idea for an online course? HERE YOU GO!

The online course market hit $187.5 billion just a year ago… and it looks like it’s going to grow to $244 billion by 2022. And that’s why you see so many people creating – and selling – online courses about all sorts of weird topics. People sell courses that show people how to use excel […]

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