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How to Become Famous
Last Updated November 8th, 2012

The benefits of fame are clear.

Not celebrity fame, but business fame.

1. Landing clients becomes a cinch

2. Befriending influential people becomes easier than ever

3. And, the more people that know you, the more people YOU can help.

The question is how can you become “business famous?”

It turns out that there’s new psychological research that suggests you can become famous… without doing anything.

The Secret to Becoming Famous

As you’ll soon see, this video is about more than just becoming famous. I also share a simple idea I call the “Rub off effect.”

And when you leverage it, you can build credibility and expertise in the eyes of your ideal customer INSTANTLY.

So, make sure you leave a comment letting me know how you plan to leverage this new insight.

If nothing else, we can use these comments to hold you accountable :-).

But now I want you to do things:

1. Do you know someone who will benefit from this new video about becoming famous? Maybe a friend or colleague? Send them a quick email with a link to this video.

2. Make sure you do #1!

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I love how you do those cool little reachy things Derek πŸ™‚ And the content is great too!! Very Engaging. Guess it’s time to take advantage of your other video on how to email influential people. LOL! Gotta do that one first.


Am I the only immature reader here? I thought you were going in a totally different direction with the ‘rub off’ effect….

Weird things will be remembered, right Derek?

Thanks for lols,



I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Brene Brown when she was here in Minneapolis. After a lively conversation I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I had a photo taken of us. Since I utilize the principles of her research in my work I will post that photo (regardless of how unflattering of me it is) on my site along with a story of our encounter, thanks to your words of wisdom. Thanks so much Derek, you are an incredible gift.


Great post,I think you are a special breed of blogger.Thanks for posting

John Corcoran

I have real mixed feelings about sharing these types of photos. For a long time I didn’t include any photos of me with VIPs on my site until Chris Ducker actually gave me some feedback.

He strongly suggested including 2 pictures of me with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. So I moved those two pictures up on my about page. Previously, they were down at the bottom of the page. I guess if it works for Marie (& others), I shouldn’t be worried about doing it as well.

Dayne Shuda

Derek –

I just read a section in the George Jones autobiography.

In the early part of his career his manager would make sure that every chance they had that George would be photographed with other, more accomplished artists of the period.

Not only would George pose for photos with these artists, he would always stand on the photographer’s left so the the name George Jones would appear first wherever the photo was printed.


Rub Off effect is remarkable to become famous. Love this video and should’ve known this earlier. Rub off!

David Landen

The rub off effect does make sense. If you are seen with successful people then people assume you are successful. I guess this can work the opposite way as well!


I just watched the blooper at the end four times. Hysterical!! πŸ™‚ Oh- and good marketing advice, too! πŸ™‚


Makes sense, seems like one of those common sense things that are so obvious you don’t notice it.

This has been happening since highschool–if you’re seen a few times with the popular kids, people think you’re some kinda cool too.

marjena Moll

Thank you so much for this video Derek. My sister happens to be famous, but to me ‘using’ her has always felt like using her. So I never mention that we are sisters in professional situations. But now I see this in a different light. The more success I have as a coach, the more people I will be able to help. And there is nothing wrong with helping people to trust me by involving my sister. I am 100% sincere in what I do and I have excellent quality to offer that I have worked really hard for to attain. So thank you for shedding a light on fame! I am learning a lot from you, many thanks for that.

Alex B. (@DreamJobGuy)


Great tips here Derek! I love your idea and I certainly look forward to implementing it.. It totally makes sense!

All the best,


Hello Derek,
I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Brene Brown when she was here in Minneapolis. After a lively conversation I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I had a photo taken of us. Since I utilize the principles of her research in my work I will post that photo (regardless of how unflattering of me it is) on my site along with a story of our encounter, thanks to your words of wisdom. Thanks so much Derek, you are an incredible gift.

James Dreesen

Awesome video Derek! I just sent the link to this post to a couple friends…

I love the idea of this rub off effect… My mind is racing!

Callie Durbrow

Thanks for the content Derek. I see how this tactic has worked for myself from a buyer’s perpesective so I’ll definitely start implementing this as a marketer. Great videos!


perfect timing… launching my new site with a free all content call (no pitches) and want to have 3 guests that will help me boost my street cred.

will let you know how it goes. thanks again!

Latif Ramadan

Nice videos, Derek. Bottom line in this case I think all about self confidence and convert it into informative idea. right?


Thanks so much for this – I am just starting to get to know influential people in the geek journalism and writing industries, as well as interviewing several of them for my personal blog (not the one I listed above). I will definitely implement this technique for all future blog posts that involve anyone of fame status!


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and the benefits of being seen with the ‘who you knows’ have been known about since Adam was a lad.

Hope they did’nt get paid a shed load for that ground breaking research πŸ™‚


Hey Derek, thanks for this insight. The benefits of becoming “business famous” are clear. And whether or not you prefer to be behind-the-scenes, it’s difficult to ignore the pros of this approach. I’m interested in testing it out.
Thanks again.

Vicki Aubin

Derek, love all your videos, vibe and content. Very no-nonsense, easy to implement and fun. You ROCK πŸ™‚


The rub-off affect is very interesting and i see where Jayne (above) is coming from. I would assume the best way to get in with the people you want to interview is to pay to go to one of their events or seminars and ask there. they know that you are at least willing to cough up X amount of dollars to hear them speak and therefore are interested and invested in the same industry as them. The must help, yes?

Ben Hebert

With my music blog I have the opportunity to meet and talk to a lot of the biggest artists in electronic dance music. I haven’t really been interested in taking photos with them, but will definitely include this in my future strategy.


Jeremiah Claybrooks

Hi Derek, I really enjoyed the “Celebrity Rub Off” video. I’m starting a new business and have photos with myself and industry specific celebrities. I wasn’t going to put them on the site for fear it would be “Douchey” but after the video, I’m definitely posting them now. Also, this is just an overall “thanks” for the content you provide. I’ve bee applying your techniques to my projects and have seen solid results because of them. Thanks again – J

Jayne Georgette

Hi Derek,

You know I love and appreciate everything you do, write, teach, preach, etc. But this one is a bit misleading. It is like, which one is first: “The chicken or the egg?”

It is great idea to be seen with a well-known blogger, or online entrepreneur; the question is why would they want to be seen with me? Who am I? What’s in it for them?

I will interview them? OK. I have a huge crowd of 83 subscribers.

I will not even receive a response for invitation to interview this famous person.

I could see “stealing a picture”; like attending in a conference and standing next to this famous person I would like to be seen together and my friend will click on the camera.

Unfortunately, that is not me. I have more pride than that.

So, then what?


Didn’t think of it that way as I’m not a fan of celebrities
but i guess you’re right, otherwise why would brands spend fortunes to get a star in their advertising campains?
Trying to think of someone famous in my field…
So far I have only a garfield’s picture πŸ™‚

Sheila Bergquist

I plan to use your advice and gain fame by “alluding” to the fact that you and I are super close friends…haha….seriously, I love all the fascinating information you share. It’s so unique and so true!

Rachel Luna - Best Selling Author of Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P.

As usual you hit a homerun and are fast becoming my favorite man to watch! Thank you for the valuable content. Keep it coming! xoxox

Rachel Luna

Muhammad Talha

Truly awesome i have found many ideas after reading this.
Now i m trying to apply and become famous.

The Get In Shape Girl

I have photos of myself with several folks in the fitness industry, as well as peeps like Gary V too. I’m going to work on getting them onto my website now!!

Awesome idea. I never realized it, but I definitely have found that I’ve had that effect me, subconsciously, about others.

Timothy Carter

Epic video Derek and it’s funny that I just stumbled across the video as I had used the credibility of a famous friend in one of my recent posts on my site where not only does it show Gary Vaynerchuk and I together in a picture, there’s a tweet where he says he “luvs” me and a video where he is talking about me.


I look forward to the next video and learning more from you Derek.


Thanks for the insight. I don’t have a website nor a blog….I will see how the rub-off effect can be applied in my presentations. Maybe, i could cite the latest economic forecasts from known organizations and the effects on my potential audience to lend more “authority” to my presentation. Will see if that will trigger a rub-off effect.

Mitch Mitchell

Good job with this post, and loved the video. I’ve known some famous people and even got to help Guy Kawasaki edit one of his books.

However, the best thing that’s ever happened in my life that highlights your point is when I was younger and used to go out to the dance club. There was this guy named Felipe who was, well, a very pretty man; just gotta call it out that way. The ladies used to literally run to him when they found out he was in the club. When he came in he used to greet a few people first before deciding to walk around; I was one of those people. So, I often either had lots of ladies standing around me before he came in or after he started walking, as I guess they thought he just might came back. He gave me props and some credibility.

I never used that to my benefit because I thought it would be wrong; heck, sometimes having ethics is a terrible thing. lol

Kumar Gauraw


O wow! This is the video I needed to watch. The “Rub-Off Effect” works and it most definitely and positively works – I know it has worked for me on many occasions! But somehow I was unknowingly slipping off it.

Thank you for bringing this video in the right time! Absolutely one of the best thing I did today by watching your video! Wow!!!


Ryan Hache

The choice to hire your film crew and the funny edits take your videos to the next level. love it, keep it up.

Divine Yoganista

OMG the face you make at the end LMAO
What was that?

Angela Todd

Nige, check out Derek’s ideas on inviting someone to be interviewed by you! They were in ref to a podcast, I think, but seems like they’d work great for a blog, too…
Derek, is that blog podcast still up somewhere? It rocked.
old lady librarian fan

Rochelle | The Single Status

I love how you do those cool little reachy things Derek πŸ™‚ And the content is great too!! Very Engaging. Guess it’s time to take advantage of your other video on how to email influential people. LOL! Gotta do that one first.


Hi Derek, the rub off effect is really interesting. I’ve a music blog were I teach how to arrange songs. On one post I’m discussing to what kind of music to listen if you’d like to become a successful improviser. May be a pic of one of those famous instrumental artists will do to switch on the “rub off effect”. Good post, cheers.


I suffer from insecurity about “becoming famous” to the point it stymies me from even developing content I know people want…somebody slap me!

Conny Loonstra

Awesome video. I’ve added the rub off effect to my resource pages in my sidebar. It features an interview with a ‘famous’ person. However, I hadn’t realized it was the rub off effect, but from now on I’ll start using it more often (whenever possible).


My last entry had a typo which takes away from my message.

First, let me say your on-screen delivery is getting better and better, you’ve got a power and energy coming through that is just incredible. It’s also contagious!

I subscribe to the theory that people want to do business with someone they know, or, because someone has recommended them. They want to buy something they are familiar with, or something others say is good/worthwhile/high quality. Your thoughts on associating a celebrity or other well-respected person’s image with our own is not much different and makes a whole lot of sense. People are more apt to take action when they have a sense of β€œfamiliarity” and if that has to come from a TV/Motion Picture/Political/Corporate personality, so be it!

I’ve been interviewing prominent personalities within my industry each quarter for one of the publications I represent. I’m going to ask permission to reprint the interviews on my business website and the photos that go along with it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thank you as always for sharing brilliant ideas with us, hopefully we can give back.


Last one had a typo

First, let me say your on-screen delivery is getting better and better, you’ve got a power and energy coming through that is just incredible. It’s also contagious!

I subscribe to the theory that people want to do business with someone they know, or, because someone has recommended them. They want to buy something they are familiar with, or something others say is good/worthwhile/high quality. Your thoughts on associating a celebrity or other well-respected person’s image with our own is not much different and makes a whole lot of sense. People are more apt to take action when they have a sense of β€œfamiliarity” and if that has to come from a TV/Motion Picture/Political/Corporate personality, so be it!

I’ve been interviewing prominent personalities within my industry each quarter for one of the publications I represent. I’m going to ask permission to reprint the interviews on my business website and the photos that go along with it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thank you as always for sharing brilliant ideas with us, hopefully we can give back.


First, let me say your on-screen delivery is getting better and better, you’ve got a power and energy coming through that is just incredible. It’s also contagious!

I subscribe to the theory that want to do business with someone they know, or, because someone has recommended them. They want to buy something they are familiar with, or something others say is good/worthwhile/high quality. Your thoughts on associating a celebrity or other well-respected person’s image with our own is not much different and makes a whole lot of sense. People are more apt to take action when they have a sense of “familiarity” and if that has to come from a TV/Motion Picture/Political/Corporate personality, so be it!

I’ve been interviewing prominent personalities within my industry each quarter for one of the publications I represent. I’m going to ask permission to reprint the interviews on my business website and the photos that go along with it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thank you as always for sharing brilliant ideas with us, hopefully we can give back.


You keep outdoing yourself! Every week is better than the previous. Loved this one.


Great info! Thanks Derek! Does this work the same if you review their content or use examples from a famous person’s website like you did in your video?

Greg Hickman

Hey Derek, great video. I’ve been interviewing mobile marketers from brands like CNN and Jetblue and haven’t leveraged that much at allllllll. Totally going to make an update to my site to highlight the types of brands that are on my show.

Good stuff and the look when whatever that was that fell was priceless!



This post was so FREAKIN awesome! Its exactly what I needed! I’m in the middle of building my South Beach website from a locals perspective and I have met and know a few people that my future readers would recognize since I’m in the music industry “kinda sorta”. This will help me a lot on my site.
Thanks Guy!

I’m glad you were on Marie Forleo’s shows, that’s how I found you! She is the WOMAN!

Erin Giles

Hey Derek,

Loved this. Although I may have a few pics of me with people I admire + are semi internet famous ex: Danielle La Porte, I have interviewed many of whom I consider top notch entrepreneurs. How have you or how do you suggest reflecting these interviews? Do you have on your site somewhere pics of you next to pics of the people you interviewed on your podcast?

Great ideas, thanks! And I loved chatting with you at RHH, you are a brave man:)

Cathy Sykora

I love your your videos! Great idea. The “rub off effect”…just what I need for my new business. It used to bother me to see people do this to get ahead socially…I don’t think it will bother me in this case…especially since the famous person can be someone you admire and has the same values. Thanks!

Brett McQueen

Great video, Derek. I appreciate the production, your light-hearted tone, and cheesy jokes πŸ™‚ It translates really well.

The idea that’s rolling around in my brain after watching your video is that seeing yourself with someone who is recognizable by your customer is a great way to make that person feel personally connected to you. It’s as if you share a mutual friend. You have something in common that your customer can relate to and make them feel like they know something about you, simply because they might have heard or know something about the person you are associating with.

For me, I need to continue to reach out and build relationships with other people in my niche (ukulele instructors, performers, and website owners). If I’m going to do this, I need to be aware and supportive of the content and the value that they are offering to my market and niche.

Daryle Dickens

I guess I need to finally write that blog post about meeting the President. (And include the photo of course.) Thanks of the idea!

Louise @ Foxy and Fabulous

Timely video Derek! I’ve been at some events recently and have great shots with high profile people that I wasn’t clear on how to use for maximum effect – yet! Now I’m ON it!

Agree that the look of terror is golden!


Bravo Derek! I am a long time fan of yours and have learned so much from you, many thanks for this new teaching. Sound and other imperfections don’t disturb me – on the contrary, they make the message be more personal and genuine. A multi-million Dollar Hollywood production directed by Steven Spielberg would for sure be something ethically appealing – but would it look authentic?

Anyways, again you made me think and learn, thanks a bunch!

Cheers, Carmen

Catherine Just


Patti Langell

Hi Derek! As always a great video. I have some pictures I could use but always felt it would be cheesy! I will go ahead and see if it works!

Susan Bailey

So simple, it’s a duh thing! I’ve already got a host of pictures of famous people for my little niche of Louisa May Alcott fandom (including Annie Leibovitz) – what a perfect idea featuring them on a sidebar. Time to send out those emails asking for permission. πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great video! Hope you’re doing okay after all these storms!

Stanley Lee

Funniest video yet to come. Btw, how’s the snowstorm right after Sandy?


Just got it! I meet and talk to well-known people in my local industry all of the time, and I’m a natural interviewer always wanting to know every detail and awesome aspect of their lives and business. I never thought to translate those conversations into posts on a website, promoting them as well as connecting myself and my business to that professional and expert information. Thanks for your style and insight!

Mark T

The Terror face is halarious! was that pre planed or by total accident?


Great idea; now I just need to get brave! I have a recent picture of myself with Debbie Gibson. I could put it on my company website for rhyming readers’ theatre to establish a famous connection with musical intelligence/lyrics in the classroom. How does a small company ask a big celeb for permission like this?

Bob Tolbert

Great video, I going to rub off some famous people C U

Helga Bluestone

Your marketing and self sell videos are powerful. Better than your well polished presentations are the clearly elucidated “Nuggets o’
Knowledge”. As someone self launching after working in the healthcare setting for years and NEVER needing to do any formal or carefully considered self marketing, your podcasts are right on target.
You make it sound so simple and obvious, even when it’s not!
Many thanks,



Great stuff here, other than the look of terror at the end, my favorite was 3:33 – Narcissist with the huge smile! I love that you use your sense of humor to make your point.

I’m really going to focus on identifying which “celebrities” I want to be associated with my brand and get started on this angle of marketing.

I loved this video and look forward to more!



Great video Derek, after shooting over 300 white screens in the past two months, I know an iPhone 4s shoot when I see one. Nice job πŸ™‚

=> Bryan

Michael Cheney

Wow, I’ve been blown away. I kind of felt that making myself famous involves other famous people, but I didn’t know it worked that well. This video is such a helper. Thank you so much Derek! I am seriously looking forward to more videos.

I have just started my site a month ago and I’m trying to improve it.


Amy Miyamoto

Your content continues to be stellar AND your humorous and engaging video delivery continues to skyrocket as well – Loved the Narcissist bit! πŸ˜‰
I plan to launch The New Groove Show in January, a weekly web show which will feature Cutting-Edge Wisdom From Today’s Game-Changing Web Leaders – so I imagine the rub-off effect will be “in effect” as that rolls out.
Thanks again for being such a Go-Giver!

Niveen Salem

Great video, Derek and a great reminder too!! I’ve been wanting to do a testimonial page on my blog for some “famous” people as well as regular people. For example (high end business partners that I actually have some pictures with at conventions and conferences, one top marketing guru that I’m mentoring with as well as other “regular” business partners and customers). This will give more credibility to me in general. Another idea your video gave me is to write a blog post about my top marketer guru with his picture in it!

Thanks again and I look forward to your future videos.


Ryan Mendenhall

Hey Derek, thanks much for this post/vid. I’ve been thinking lots about this concept recently and I have to say that I tried it in the past and it worked. I was turned down for an interview with one star in a niche, but once endorsed by another was quickly given the interview. Funny. Anyhow, I am going to make a list of 20 famous people in my space and pitch them for a simple interview. I’m also going to put up a pic I have with Jack Canfield on my site. Thanks again. Your stuff always rocks!

Asya Esk

What surprises me is that this is all so evident, so simple and still works. I liked very much your video really. I like your way of talking and making the video in a funny way. There is nothing new to discover and that is the funniest thing. It works with you but it won’t work with others. Why? What’s the thing that have successful people and don’t have others? What makes some people successful just because of one simple idea and unsuccessful others in spite of lot ideas, hard work and even the law of attraction?


Hi Derek! Thank’s for the advice, it sounds so obvious but didn’t think about it before. I have a question….Should you feauture people in your same field, even if they could be “your competition”? I guess Marie certainly does that (I’m HUGE fan of hers, let me tell you I’m here because of her and your Marie TV espisode)
I sell jewelry for example, should I seek for realtively famous jewelry designers or should I feauture people in the fashion industry but not jewelry designers??

Julie-Ann Blackmore

Hi, I had a press release written about me that compared me to two famous people Edgar Casey and Tony Robbins then I put it on my site. Thanks for the info it backs up why I did what I did and shows me i’m on the right track, as I have known that I would have business fame one day since the age of 10. It helps that I can see the future years in advance of it happening but its always nice to get the logical side of something as well so thank you.

Emily Webber

Awesome training Derek! I know lots of celebs in my field and have lots of pics of me w/them, but haven’t been leveraging them on my site. Thanks so much for the tips. I was thinking about doing interviews w/them. I like the idea of posting photos of us together or of course, if possible, videos. Thanks again!


This is perfect advice! I’m so excited to start doing interviews now and pump up my game. If I link myself with famous people, does it matter if they are in the same industry? Do random famous people have the same effect?


Jennifer Shea

Awesome Derek! This totally makes sense. I was on Martha Stewart a few years ago and have a great photo of myself with her. Although I use the photo occasionally on our web site and in our stores, I’ve always felt a bit cheesy about it. Now, I’m just going to “own” it. Thank you!
Jennifer – Founder, Baker, Party-Maker- Trophy Cupcakes


Ola, Derek. I ADORE what you’re doing with Social Triggers, btw. Long-term fan here (I like to do my part to contribute to the narcissistic atmosphere! JK)

I’ve just started a series on my website called “The Extraordinary Women Interviews” (feel like donning a dress and wig and appearing?) and I’m now gonna have my graphic designer create me a button to feature these in my sidebar.

Thanks for the hot tip!

Paul Haarman

I just have to think about another great video of yours where you explained that ANY picture will confirm a message in words. So I wonder, if you put your picture next to a picture of someone unknown will this too have some positive effect in credibility?

David Siteman Garland

I’ve heard interviewing is good πŸ˜‰

And I definitely did not giggle at “Rub off effect” at all. That would be child-ish. Oh…wait…

Dawn DiLorenzo

So, posting your headshot on my site is okay? πŸ™‚

Thanks for the info…Dawn

Marriage Coach Debbie Kessler

I love your funny, smart teachings! The “rob-off” effect is the perfect term when describing methods for credibility. Keep it coming Derek! Awesome videos. I am going to look into the famous people in my line of coaching and contact them today!

Kelly Garrett

Thanks for the insight, Derek. I plan to use the rub-off effect through a promotion I’m sponsoring with your friend, Katrina Padron. We recently launched A Giving Chance – http://agivingchance.com, which includes 18 top Entrepreneurs who are giving back by raising funds for Compassion International. I’m beyond thrilled to have my photo next to people like Lewis Howes, Laura Roeder, Jonathan Fields and we were even able to offer something from Seth Godin. Now, I’ll sit back and see if they rub off on me!!

Love your videos! Keep them coming.

Suzen Pettit

ok, 1 more comment and 1 question which you may or may not answer, telling me rather to take a hike rather than giving away some of your trade secrets, and that’s ok:
a) i cannot believe how many good comments you get. remarkable- i shouldnt have subscribed to the thread because now i’m not getting any work done ;
b) question: LOVE your blogsite. i know that it’s wordpress but would you mind sharing what theme you use. also love the “recommended for you” plugin. brilliant


Amazing Tips great ….your trigger is awesome man…..Great Social Experiments good tips

Brian from Green Building Materials Guide

Derek –

My side business is a website/blog that could totally benefit from promoting the co-authoring of an article, interview, etc.

In watching your video & trying to relate it to my day job (consulting service business … traditional brick & mortar type company), I was thinking that co-authoring or co-hosting papers, presentations, etc. with industry leaders would be a way to gain some credibility.

Michael Hyatt

I love your videos, Derek. They are enlighteningβ€”and fun!

In watching this, I realized that I have done video interviews with Seth Godin, John Maxwell, Marcus Buckingham, Dave Ramsey, and a bunch of others. However, they have slipped into my archives are are no longer visible on my site. Thanks to you, I now have a plan to remedy that.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Lindsay Shack

Hi Derek!
Great video, thank you. I love your site and all your tangible advice. I’m definitely going to start reaching out to “famous” influential people in my industry and ask if I can interview them on my website. Thanks so much!

Michaela Kennedy

I so love your wisdom and humor mix, Derek. Keep it coming!

Mike Mancini

This is a great technique and should work great in conjunction with the drafting technique that you discuss in an earlier post. As you said before, the people you interview want to see their name in print and their images on websites, so this should work hand in hand.

Deana Ward

Hi Derek:)
I almost didn’t watch this video because I thought, “I don’t want fame…I just want the right clients.” Ha! But then I thought, “Well, it IS Derek…so I had better watch (fame alert!).” Glad I did…obviously business “fame” is a powerful stepping stone to my goal of finding the right clients. Thanks so much!

Sergio Felix

Very interesting technique indeed.

I first heard this from Alex Jeffreys (an Internet Marketer from the UK) and he called this strategy “success by association”.

The fact that I’m reading and listening about it here, proves that it works.


Coach Comeback

This is sheer brilliance! Especially since I have done interviews with amazing minds like Jon Morrow, Danny Iny, Johnny B Truant, Srinivas Rao, Brad Yates, Kat Dawes, Dave Arena, Mary Jaksch, Farnoosh Brock, any many others like Derek Halpern?

I have never thought about putting their picture on my main website. They are all in one place called “The 30 Day Comeback”. Now I will probably spend the next few days trying to figure out how to put a floating picture display on my site. How do you expect me to get anything done now!?!?!?! lol

Nicole Moore

Great tip Derek! I am starting to interview more prominent people on my blog and will definitely ask them to include the picture on my sidebar. Thanks!

Dave Hilton

I’ve used this technique for a long time- in my Radio career and now with a couple video shows I started (thanks to the inspiration of people like you and David Siteman Garland).

One of these shows only has 4 episodes online so far but, because of the quality of those guests, I’m already getting mentions in social media and on blogs as being in the top echelon in that niche.

Again- thanks for the inspiration! Have FUN!


Hi Derek!

I KNEW I should have had my picture made with you at RHH Live and then I could have my picture with my first FAMOUS person on my website- oh well, maybe there will be another opportunity! Thanks for another great video- always learning something from YOU!

Lisa Allen

This really does work, though I am probably guilty of not taking advantage of this psychological principal as much as I should. Great video and thank you for the reminder, Derek!

David Foster

Hey Derek,

I have interviewed some pretty big names on my site in the marketing world and never even thought to add them to the sidebar. I am going to do that now! Thanks for the advice, and here’s to fame! LOL


Derek. First of all… You look amazing!

My plan is this:

My website is going to connect body and mind, and will be heavily backed by science. I have a doctor on board who is willing to write a monthly post that will support my advice and techniques.

I also have a 10 year education plan that will earn me the doctor title. My hope is that there will be a lot of rub a dub dubbin’ over the next 5 to 10 years!

Until next time, thanks again!

Eugene Farber

Yep, works like gangbusters.

That’s how I launched my blog – a group interview with some industry experts. Can’t say it hurt my reputation :).

Then I decided to do a round two (which you participated in – so thank you).

By the way, how are you doing after the storm?


Great ideas Derek, and very timely. I have an info product featuring interviews with successful Internet business people, so I can position myself with them for the “rub off effect”.



Denise Rhonda
We are already using the tip, as you can see on our site. But hey, Derek, you can ALWAYS help people, if only to make them smile. Thanks.

    Derek Halpern



We’re exposed to images like you talk about so much that we never really think about it, but you’re absolutely right about the rub off effect. Thanks Derek.

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome Hugh — make sure you use it too.

Suzen Pettit

this is great Derek, and so are your video’s by the way. LOVE them. i just wrapped up a telesummit in which i interviewed 5 pretty well known people in the biz and never once thought to do anything with their photo’s. am going to get on it ! the other important thing that folks forget, myself included- is to get video or at the very least a photo of your self giving a talk, and post that in your website or blog. i was a guest speaker a few weeks back at a networking event and i totally forgot to have anyone do either. ugh!!! next time..

    Derek Halpern

    DO IT.

    Glad you’re liking the videos Suzen — if you can share it with anyone you may know, that would be awesome πŸ˜€

      Suzen Pettit

      Done. a few times over πŸ™‚


I wouldn’t want Tony Robbins to rub anything off on me.

    Derek Halpern

    I knew at least one person would go there.


Thank you Derek.

Every video you publish makes me think. Today I’m going to do some research and maybe send some emails. I don’t have any famous people from my niche in my contacts and that’s probably a big mistake.

Also, as someone already mentioned above, with every video the quality goes up.

Big plus is that it’s short and funny. Thanks

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Serge.

    This is the first time I held a video shoot in a video studio that cost more than $1,300 for a day to rent.

    The sound is a bit off, but the studio was in downtown Manhattan. And there were loud generators running outside because of Hurricane Sandy.

    I had booked this before the hurricane, we had no idea that generators were going to be there heh.


What I love about you Derek is that you bring to light and give a name to behavior influencers I’ve experienced but have not given much thought to.

Personally, the rub-off effect has influenced my behavior many times, and I will definitely be mindful to use it to my advantage. (I’ll be launching my blog very soon .. once the aftermath of Sandy and the snowstorm passes.)

Something else that influences me greatly is when (not so ‘famous’) people whose message resonates with me, recommend and ask me to consider another’s message. This is how I found you .. and so glad I did!

As always, thanks for the great info. I always know that clicking on your links will be a valuable use of my time!

P.S. Please tell me there are really two of you! πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    I don’t think this world could handle two of me. Windows would shatter. Buildings would crumble. And I’d probably hate the other version of myself. πŸ˜€

spence cater

Good tip, shared with passion.
Victoria. Have you read ‘The four hour work week’ by Tim Ferris?
It explains in there step by step how to elevate yourself to ‘expert’ level and also how and even exactly what to say to speak to A-List celebs on the phone. Fascinating read.
All you need is the confidence to do it!

BTW A lot celebs make an healthy income from doing ‘Grip & Grins’ and personal appearances, some even just showing up for 30 mins!

Being famous is connecting us to our deepest want: to be recognised and wanted, so that’s why our obsession with celebrity is so widespread. All this is saying is use that to leverage your profile and business. It’s all a game so you may as well play to win!

    Derek Halpern

    You’re absolutely right — one of our deepest wants is to be recognized and wanted.

Clare J Fitzgerald

I like the concept of business fame – I had never thought of fame in that context before, but of course the examples you gave made perfect sense.

I want to do interviews on my site in the future and maybe podcasts one day but I like the idea of the association with clever researchers and other successful people ‘rubbing off on me’, particularly in relation to creating more credibility with media.

Love your work Derek. When are you going to put up your celebrity pic?

    Derek Halpern

    I don’t take pictures with celebrities or business people. I don’t take many pictures at all, actually.


Hi Derek,

So true! Not surprising really, as it’s part of our unconscious understanding that “like attracts like” (or “birds of a feather…”).

I’ll certainly pay more attention to it and leverage it for my business.

Best regards.


    Derek Halpern

    Great to hear it Fatai


Wow! πŸ˜€ Quite a shock. πŸ˜‰

Alan | Life's Too Good

Hey Derek,

this authority by association is powerful stuff – I think you could also put ‘the rub off effect’ down to referent power/authority which I wrote a little about on Ana Hofman’s blog here: Why You Need To Lead in case that helps / is of interest.

I also recall hearing a very young blogger (I think it might have been Michael Dunlop?) somewhere talking about this – about basically how he interviewed lots and lots of business famous people (who turned out to be more accessible than he’d expected) and that helped his own credibility and success a great deal by association.

I do think we have to tread carefully though – personally I don’t ‘name drop’ because that’s basically what it is or pose with famous people unless I have a genuine and good reason to mention them – it’s one thing to understand the psychology, and perhaps even take advantage of it a little more when you’re using it in a genuine way rather than being unaware, it’s quite another thing to step over the line and abuse it… like you say… cheesy.

take care & best wishes,

    Derek Halpern

    I’m not sure who said it, but one of the best ways to meet people who are “out of your league” is by interviewing them.

      Alan | Life's Too Good

      Very true, though to be honest, I’m really glad you put that bit in quotes because half the battle, as proven by Mr Dunlop (if I got the right name there) is to stop thinking of anyone as ‘out of your league’ in the first place.

      In my book if you stick to having integrity and being genuine then you won’t go far wrong – which means if you try and interview someone famous just because they’re famous you probably won’t get the interview.

      Plus if you don’t get over seeing them as out of your league you’re probably not going to conduct a very good interview either πŸ˜‰


What do you think of people paying for pictures with celebrities? I know that at a lot of business conferences you can pay for a photo with a famous person- do you consider that to be ethical? Is it worth paying for?

Also you didn’t touch upon how to get permission from famous people. If you’re using them in your marketing surely you need their consent.

    Derek Halpern

    That’s an interesting question, but I don’t see why it would be unethical.


    Hi Victoria,
    I didn’t realise people pay for photos with celebrieties to gain credibilty or fame… The world amazes me all the time. πŸ™‚

      Derek Halpern

      I wouldn’t personally pay, but I’m way into myself… not other people. Ha ha.


        Haha, Derek you have every right to be! You’re famous after all πŸ™‚

        Thanks for the awesome insights, I learn so much from your blog


      I found that out a few months back. I couldn’t believe it. These are big name celebs as well, I’m talking former USA presidents!

Karen Kennaby

what great tips Derek, thank you! I had some great people/ “names” on my tele-summit inc Julia Cameron, Samantha Brown, Drs Eades… now I can see how I can benefit from that on an ongoing basis, months after the tele-summit itself. Very cool! Karen

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Karen — just what I wanted to hear. Let me know how it works for you, too.

Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

It’s interesting to see more subtle versions of this, for example if you look near the top of this page, you see the image of Derek, and then just to the right of him there’s a quote (not an image) from Chris Brogan.

I’m sure the association wouldn’t be as strong as using two images, but given that Derek’s image *always* appears in the same place (right next to Chris’ name), I’m sure it would have to have some effect.

    James M.

    This does not even need an image inasmuch as Brogan is actually saying he loves Social Triggers himself. It’s more than a rub off because it’s actually an endorsement. πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    Never thought about it like that before.


Hi Derek,
Just watching your video’s makes my day beautiful!!

It just happens that I asked an awesome Photoshop artist yesterday if I could use her as an example in my new blog!!
Stupid me didn’t think of asking her if I could also publish one of her pictures (to rub off her expertise on me πŸ˜‰ or her face.
But lucky me didn’t publish the newsletter yet, so I can still ask her!

Your advice is right on time!

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Else.

    Perfect timing, for sure!

Leonardo Wood

Hey Derek,

Great video thanks, it’s reminded me I have had a professional picture taken with Sir Bob Geldof, I need to did it out and write a post on that, he’s achieved some incredible things in his life and I am sure it will rub off on me, what do you think?

Also, do you know when your Theme will be available for Thesis 2?

Appreciate all your hard work πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern


Imani Lateef

Does the “rub off effect” work with local “celebrities”? I do business with a lot of local businesses that have some name recognition. Would photographing myself with them establish my credibility just as being pictured with a REAL A-List person would?

    Derek Halpern

    I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t.


Hi Derek.
I think these are very smart advices! However I doubt I could use it in my situation and industry (handmade jewelry). I simply don’t know any famous person and I don’t make interviews with people on my blog. Even if I knew – who would like to spend their time on interviewing with someone like me – a small town girl from central Europe? πŸ™‚
However, what comes to my mind is Twitter. This is the only example I think I could use at the moment in my situation. Do you think that following and interacting with famous people on Twitter count into these advices?

Can’t wait for the video with another solutions of becoming famous. πŸ™‚


    Amy C

    There’s also a jewelry designer from little ol’ Bend, Oregon who has become famous. Not sure of her name, but she sponsors one family a year with jewelry named after them.

    Derek Halpern

    I’m not sure that would work, but you could try strategically gifting a specific person your handmade jewelry.


      Thanks, that is what Victoria advised to me few replies above yours. I’ve been thinking about that myself, but it is a risky thing, I guess the possibility it will work is very little. But maybe I will dare to try one day. πŸ™‚

    Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

    Hey Grace, remember, this technique doesn’t rely on you physically being anywhere near the famous person, or even talking to them. If you can find a legitimate reason they won’t object to for having their photo on your site somewhere, and you can put an image of yourself somewhere nearby, then you have *exactly what Derek was describing. Heck, you could even do this in a blog section of your site, where you could talk about some piece of jewelry that some celeb was seen wearing. Right there you have a justification to show a photo of them, then you just have yourself nearby.

    Just make sure any photo’s you show are legal obviously!


      Hi Piers.
      This is idea that is worth considering, planning and adjusting to my way of blogging. So far my blog was rather “intimate” if you know what I mean : I’ve been talking about my work, inspiration, life and plans, like I was talking to a friend. Lately I’m considering a change to more professional blog and maybe starting writing some posts about fashion trends etc.
      Thank you so much, Piers! πŸ™‚


        Hi Victoria,

        Sorry for being a bit late but you hopefully are still reading the comments. Your jewelry is absolutely fabulous and I believe that there is no reason why celebs shouldn’t want to wear it – there are only these stoppers in your own head which make you make their decisions before they even had the chance to think about it themselves. There is nobody else but you who said that famous people wouldn’t be absolutely happy being approached by you πŸ™‚ Let *them* say NO, don’t do it *for them* before even having told them about it!

        Derek nowhere said that *every* famous person will agree and be happy being approached by you. Make a list of … 30 or 50 celebs which you really would love to be associated with and simply give them a call. Make a scoring system: whom you would die for, down to, ok would be nice but isn’t too exciting. Start in the middle field to gain some experience and the day when you feel really brave, call Ms Superstar on your score list.

        Have a good story why it would be absolutely breathtaking and wonderful for THEM to wear your jewelry, believe it yourself and I guaranty you, there will be at least one who agrees. Make them proud wearing this particular piece, be it for charity, for environmental or sustainability reasons, for supporting a super creative woman, whatever would work… you know the specialties of your product much better. Always put yourself in their shoes: they want to be famous and admired too!! So, when you can give them a reason that supports *their* interests, they will for very, very sure NOT give that good chance to appear more positively in public away and hand it to their assistant.

        That is exactly what Derek is teaching us in this video: The rub-off effect. They will rub off the good cause/special something/uniqueness/what.ever.makes.your.pieces.special and you will rub off them. Win-win.

        Just do it, you have nothing to lose: it can’t end worse than zero, as it is now.

        Good luck (and let us know about your progress),



          Hi Carmen.
          Thank you so much for so nice and encouraging words about my work! It was wonderful to read it. πŸ™‚
          Yes, you are right – it is all in my head. I have a feeling that I don’t fit to the big world of fashion and celebs. πŸ™‚ If my dreams could come true, I would be the happiest person if I could just rich more “real women” (hope you know what I mean). It would be great to see a celeb wearing my jewelry, but the thing I want the most is to make real women feel more feminine, beautiful and self-confident. I’ve been thinking about this all day and I guess this is how I’ve been feeling so far about this case. But this is probably not the best marketing strategy. πŸ˜‰ Need to rethink my vision, I guess.
          It is the time, when I think a lot about marketing and learn a lot from Derek, Marie Forleo, Laura Roeder and their amazing communities. Sometimes I feel like my brains is about to explode, but lately I found out that learning new things is so exiting and … it quite addicting. πŸ™‚ I’m working very hard and trying to find “aurea mediocritas” between time spent on learning and marketing and creating. πŸ˜‰ You will definitely hear about my progress here. πŸ™‚ Hope they will be any. πŸ™‚

          Anyway – thank you so much Carmen for complements and advices!

          Best wishes,

        Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

        Happy to help. πŸ™‚


    Hi Grace, you’re actually in a great position as a jewelry maker because jewelry can be seen on celebrities. I’d definitely recommend gifting celebs. For instance, Beyonce wore Obama earrings recently and they sold out within minutes. You should read LaunchGrowJoy.com and the Entreprenette for more advice.


      Hi Victoria.
      Thank you so much for your advice!
      Yes, I have been thinking about such a solution, but I also read that celebrities receive tons of free gifts and most of them are gave away to their assistants etc. Also, finding the right celebrity for your brand can be difficult (at lest for me). I was thinking to start first with famous fashion bloggers. Do you think it is a better idea?
      Thank you for the links. I will definitely check them out! πŸ™‚

        Liv Campbell

        Grace – your jewelry is so lovely!

        Could you get some of the effect by featuring celebrities who wear statement jewelry and then put it side-by-side a piece of your own that would create a similar or parallel statement? (Ie, big flower ring next to big flower ring, etc)?

        For example, you might find several pictures of, say, Faith Hill. Find a few that feature a similar jewelry ‘look’, then write about the look: is it tiny details? Bold Gold? Feminine Flowers? Find a theme, then showcase YOUR pieces that fall into the same theme (without them needing to be copycat styles, just the same theme).

        Also, are there any other ‘celebrities’ who aren’t big that might appeal to your readers? Editors, fashion bloggers… I’m not terribly familiar with your market but I would cast a wider net and get creative with the ‘celebrities’ you find!


          Hi Liv!
          Thank you for complimenting my work and for giving me these great advices!
          Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


Was waiting for the video, so its all about credibility. Though I don’t want to be famous, want just to be successful blogger. And your video quality is going up with every video you make.

    Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

    Hey Rishi,

    What could be more useful in becoming a successful blogger than having people genuinely look up to you and trust your advice and the content you create? I’d say that this is what the video is all about, and so it would be highly relevant to becoming a successful blogger, even if Derek pitches it as fame and fortune.


      Successful because I haven’t tasted the success yet, and not famous because I know it isn’t as easy as everybody thinks. I mean becoming famous is out of my control, just like rankings in the Search Engines. πŸ˜‰


        And Derek, is there any specific trick you would like to give to a student whos colleging, like me.

      Derek Halpern



      I understand the word “famous” in this particular case as being a person who is credible, worth to follow, who’s opinion is important and worth spreading around and of course who’s products or services are “trendy”, worth buying, because it is something you can boast of. πŸ™‚ Something like that. If that means being famous, then I definitely want to become one. πŸ™‚

        Derek Halpern

        You’ve got that right Grace.

Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

Great insight Derek. It reminds me somewhat of the halo effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halo_effect). We use this already in our interviews with Kickstarter’s leading project founders. I’ll definitely be making a more conscious effort to use it outside the video interview itself now that you’ve reminded me (eg on the page we embed the video in). Our next interview is with one of only 10 Kickstarter projects ever to pull over 2million, so I could see the ruboff effect working well here.

Anyway, thanks for another great video!


    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome Piers. It’s definitely similar to the Halo effect.

Dean Phillips

Awesome video man.

Love the vibe in the videos, informative and funny. The perfect mix.

Can’t wait for more and more.

    Derek Halpern

    Glad you’re digging em Dean!


Celebrity endorsement or association can mean the difference between obscurity vs success of a product. Funny thing is that it doesn’t even need to be positive association. Take for example when the Australian Prime Minister lost her shoe during an incident earlier this year – sales of that make of shoe skyrocketed!


Hey Derek,

I love your vids. They crack me up!

You have definitely got me thinking about the ‘rub off effect’. I’m a kick ass personal trainer who helps people overcome the blocks that get in the way of them achieving their natural potential. So, today, I’m going to email somebody famous – like Wayne Dyer or Louise Hay and invite them to guest post on my site. Aiming high is most definitely the way forward me thinks.

Thanks for the top tip,

Laters taters,


    Derek Halpern

    Asking people to guest post on your site might be tough, as you’re asking them to write an article for you for free.


Great stuff Derek, as always! I will use it for building both my personal brand (facebook) and more biz related (twitter, linkedin, blog etc).

Got 2 questions for you man:
You doing any new podcast soon?
You got great rhetoric skills, body language on cam. Where to look to improve mine?

    Derek Halpern

    I have plenty of podcasts done, just haven’t released ’em. May release one soon.


      Looking forward to that. You got some reeeeeally great guests on your shows, excellent topics and right type of questions you hit them with. Keep on doing what you doing.

David Bridger

Thanks, Derek. I love this. I’m about to start hosting a Name guest blogger from my industry once per month. First one will be a bestselling author on Friday next week, and I have an editor and two publishers lined up. Your video today makes me think I should focus more on the bestselling authors, because while the industry professionals will interest other authors, the people I really want to know me are readers. So my aim will be association with big name authors. πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    Boom. Remember, you want to feature big name authors, but you also want to introduce interesting people your readers may not have heard of, too.

      David Bridger

      Absolutely. Thanks again, maestro.

Mike From Maine


Love it. See you next week for your interview…if you finally get hot water πŸ˜‰

Love the look of terror at the end.


    Derek Halpern

    I’m not so sure if I agree that it’s terror. I thought it was anger from the noise, ha ha.


    Love your videos Derek and will certainly use some of the ideas in this one (embedding images of famous people next to mine on the website for the rub off effect)

    Yes the heat / hot water issue it is a real headache for many people these days. My parents live not to far from Derek and luckily they got the electricity back on so now people are coming to them now to spend the time.

    Can’t believe a place like NY was effected to the way it was.

    I use to live there and thought that NY was ready and could stand up to anything.

    Hope everyone in NY is well.

      Derek Halpern

      All is well now. Thought 2 more trees nearby fell, and might take power out again — the Noreaster got us.

Michael Chibuzor

The video is amazing Derek. Being famous is what every entrepreneur seeks after. From the video, the Rob off effect is truly remarkable. Thanks for the insight.


    Why do you assume every entrepreneur wants to be famous? I am not critical, just curious. Because I think there are loads of really wealthy individuals (think about forbes list people who don’t want a photo on there) that don’t want to be visible to the mainstream public.

    Derek Halpern

    Rob off? πŸ˜€

      Myke Macapinlac

      Derek, just so you know, I’ve been following you for over a year now and your website, content and videos have HELPED me tremendously in more ways you can ever imagine. So THANK YOU for doing what you do!

      I have shared your link, videos and websites to other people in my industry because you’re my go-to guy for marketing and driving traffic.


        Derek, Interesting concept. I have a couple of pics of myself with some famous people. I going to put this idea to the test.

      Michael Chibuzor

      Rub off – Lol!

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