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The Only Real “Non-Negotiables” In My Life

So, I got questioned by an newly minted entrepreneur. “Derek, I’m having a problem juggling all my different responsbilities. What are some of your “Non-negotiables” in your life?” I answered him.

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Want to meet new people? Use these 3 words to introduce yourself to anyone.

So, I’m at an event, and someone came up to introduce themselves to me. Random guy: “Hi, my name is…” And then he shoved his business card in my mouth. Yes. IN MY MOUTH.

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Newsflash: You Don’t Have A “Conversion Problem… You Have an “Eyeballs” Problem

So, someone wrote to me with a huge problem. I’ll call them Sam. Sam: “Derek, I just launched my new thing and no one is buying it.” Me: “Okay, let me ask you a question. How many people visited your offer page?” Sam: “Oh, i don’t know. Like 47 people! And still. NO buyers. 47 […]