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The 7 Fatal Mistakes People Make Selling Stuff Online

When an entrepreneur asked Mark Cuban about the secret to success in business, he fired back: “Sales cure all.” And he’s 100% right. More sales means more revenue. And more revenue means you can do what you love and make a great living doing it. You no longer need to count the pennies in the […]

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The biggest lie you tell yourself (and it keeps you broke, unhappy, and miserable)

When you want to pursue something, there’s a good chance you’re already doing something else. Maybe you have a full-time job. Maybe have a pack of kids screaming for more candy. Maybe you have a job, kids, AND a sick relative. Time is TIGHT. And you’re tired. So, you tell yourself, “I can’t do it […]

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The Right Way To Review 2016 (And no. I won’t ask you to describe your year in one word)

When someone says describe 2016 in one word, the only right response is: “Lol. Shut up.” I mean… Think about it… what good comes from this? “New Beginnings!” “Surprising! “Comfortable!” That’s deep! Maybe you should tattoo it on your forehead or something? No, it’s a big waste of time. And if you see someone telling […]