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How to Get More People to Read Your Emails: 10 Top-Performing Email Subject-Lines of 2017

The headline says it all. With inboxes getting more and more crowded, it’s crucial your emails stand out – now more than ever. So let me share what worked for me this year… and why. Ready? Let’s jump right in…

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What Converts Better: $1,499 or $1499? Or in other words, COMMA or NO COMMA? Science says…

So, you want to know what converts better? $1,499 or $1499? Or in other words, you want to know if a comma impacts the way people perceive your price? Well… Here’s how selling works: First, you make an offer. Then, potential buyers look at the VALUE and the PRICE of your offer. And they compare […]

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How to Negotiate: “When I negotiate, should I make the first offer?” Science says…

So, I remember when I tried to sell someone one of my older, high quality domain names. At the start of the negotiation process, we were at a standoff… Should I make the first offer? Or should he?