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Need an idea for an online course? HERE YOU GO!
Last Updated February 23rd, 2017

The online course market hit $187.5 billion just a year ago… and it looks like it’s going to grow to $244 billion by 2022.

And that’s why you see so many people creating – and selling – online courses about all sorts of weird topics.

  • People sell courses that show people how to use excel for small business. They show people how to create remarkable reports that help business owners run their business better – and they do well doing it.
  • People sell courses about how to take better pictures of your newborn baby. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer for pictures, so might as well teach people how to do it themselves.
  • People sell courses that show landlord owners how to properly screen their tenants. It’s important too. There are a lot of people who own property and rent it out. This course helps anyone who’s ever had a problem collecting the rent.

And the examples go on. And on. And on.

Now, I know you probably have questions. Questions like:

“What if I don’t have an idea for an online course? What can I do?”

“What if I never created an online course before?”

“What if I’m not expert enough?”

I have good news…

I’m going to help you find an idea right now…

So, keep reading.

#1 If you want to create and sell online courses, you’ll need a good idea.

That much is true.

I already showed you why you need to start small, but let’s take it a step further. Let me show yo how to come up with a concrete online course idea in 15 minutes or less.

I have 3 strategies for you.

Strategy #1: How do you help people right now?

How do you help people right now in your life?

What do people already ask you for advice about?

Do they ask you for relationship advice? Tech help? Do they bounce ideas off you? What do your friends see you as?

Let me show you an example…

Camille Holden and Taylor Croonquist teach people how to create remarkable powerpoint presentations. How did they start doing it?

Here’s the full story…

Camille and Taylor worked for a company, and they quickly noticed that people would always ask them questions about Powerpoint.

Even people who weren’t their boss would come to them for advice about powerpoint.

And then one day, they realized something, “We have a skill that we can teach other people. And we do it already when people ask us questions about powerpoint.”

So, they decided to create a course about it. And they went on to become successful.

And that’s the first strategy.

The key?

They already had a skill that people wanted to learn. And when they thought about their life, they saw first hand that people were already asking them how to do what they did.

So, instead of trying to pull an idea out of thin air, if you want to create a profitable online course, you should think about the people who currently ask you questions in your life.

Maybe people aren’t asking you for advice about powerpoint. But maybe friends always ask you for relationship advice. Or maybe colleagues ask you for advice about fitness.

Whatever it is people ask you about, if you want to find a course idea, one of the BEST ways to do it is to figure out what people already ask you about…

…and then create a course about JUST THAT.

Now maybe you’re having trouble coming up with an idea.

And that’s okay.

Because here’s ANOTHER strategy you can use to find a good idea for an online course.

Strategy #2: What questions do people ask you over and over again?

Maybe you’re a freelancer, a coach, or a consultant. Or maybe you’re a blogger, an author, or a professional speaker. Well, many people who read Social Triggers are just like that.

Well, do you ever find that people come to you with the same problems? Over and over again? Maybe they ask the same questions. Maybe they just have the same issue countless other people have had too?

Probably, right?

Well… you could create a course that solves those problems.

And that’s exactly what David Cooper did.

You see, David Cooper was an accountant for small businesses, and he noticed that small businesses kept asking the same questions over and over again.

So, he created an online course that answered those questions and offered it to his clients. And before you knew it, people started to view him in a much more positive light.

Plus, they started to turn to him for all sorts of business advice… not just accounting… because he proved to them that he had their back.

Now, of course, a course won’t be able to solve these problems for people as good as you would be able to solve them one on one…

…but not everyone can afford to hire one on one help.

And when you create a course, that gives you the opportunity to help people in a way that they can afford you… and also in a way that doesn’t require you to trade your time for money.

Now think about it.

Do you find people often have the same problems that other people have? And these are problems that you believe you can solve?

That could ALSO be an online course idea.

And finally, let’s say people don’t ask you for advice. And let’s say you’re not a consultant (or maybe you are) but you can’t come up with an idea.

Well, that’s where this last strategy comes into play.

Strategy #3: ‘Find The Pain – And Eliminate It.”

You see, you may not have skills like Taylor and Camille did with Powerpoint. And maybe you’re not a consultant like David Cooper.

Maybe you just want to start an online business selling online courses, and you want to make money doing it.

What can you do?

That’s why you should “Find the Pain – and Then Eliminate It.”

Here’s how it works…

Just because people don’t ask you questions or bring you problems doesn’t mean problems don’t exist. So at this point, that’s when you can go out into the REAL world and RESEARCH problems.

And that’s the “Find the pain” portion of the technique.”

How do you find the pain?

Well, my favorite strategy is this:

Step 1: Find 3 or 4 best-selling books on the topic.

Step 2: Read the 5-star reviews and the 1-star reviews and look for “trigger phrases.”

A trigger phrase is an example of someone describing a problem in their life

A trigger phrase is also an example of someone bragging about a success in their life.

(If you’re confused, don’t worry. I’ve got an example).

Step 3: Start to compile a list of “Pain points” and “Solutions.”

That’s it.

Now let me show you this in action…

The topic is relationship advice for women.

When I searched that out on Amazon, I found 4 books. You could pick any books that have a decent number of reviews. I just happen to choose these 4 randomly…

“Ignore the guy, Get the guy”

“Why men love bitches”

“The soulmate experience”

“the 5 love languages”


And while doing it, I found these examples of people describing problems in their life:

“I just went through a pretty rough patch with a man I thought cared about me where I was easily set aside when anything else interesting came up. ”

“I wish I would have read this for the ex before the last. I did everything wrong!! He must think I’m a total wimp and he’s now got an even bigger ego.”

“My relationship unexpectedly fell apart, and I found myself very distraught and alone…”

If you’re looking to help people with relationship problems, finding these problems helps you understand where your ideal customer is coming from. It helps you see the pain they’re going through so you can hopefully solve it.

Now that you’ve found the pain people experience… your goal is to figure out what a potential solution might “look” like.

So, I want you to imagine a friend came to you with this exact problem. What would you tell them?

If a friend told you, “My man always sets me aside,” you’d tell your friend, “Well, don’t let him do that. Make him put you first.”

If a friend told you, “I’m distraught and I’m alone,” what would you say? “You just got out of a relationship. You should be single and happy about it!”


Do that for each pain.

Just like this…

And as you can see…

“I just went through a pretty rough patch with a man I thought cared about me where I was easily set aside when anything else interesting came up. ”

The solution?

Never be second choice. How to make a man put you first.

“I wish I would have read this for the ex before the last. I did everything wrong!! He must think I’m a total wimp and he’s now got an even bigger ego.”

The solution?

Never be second choice: How to stand up for yourself and win respect in your relationship.

“My relationship unexpectedly fell apart, and I found myself very distraught and alone…”

The solution?

Why I’m happily single (for now): How to Get Past A broken relationship

You start with pain. You know the solution. And that’s where your course comes in. You can help people go from pain to solution.

And bam.

You’ve got your first online course idea.

If you’re at a loss for what to do to solve the problem, it’s time to start researching. Look for people who had the problem and solved that problem – and SEE WHAT THEY DID. Synthesizing good ideas is just as important as creating good ideas.

And that’s it.

Those are the three strategies to find an online course idea in 15 minutes or less.

Now, of course, this is something I show you how to do, in-depth, inside my new course Seven Figure Courses. Including how to find the idea, how to turn that idea into a profitable idea, and most important, how to VALIDATE the idea…

…but this should get you started.

So, for now…

If you’re thinking about finally creating an online course, I want you to use each of these 3 strategies, and leave a comment with what you come up with.

Do it right now.

Don’t delay.

If you don’t use all 3 strategies, just use one. And leave a comment sharing. I’ll pop in to provide feedback throughout the day…

…but make sure you leave your comment before tonight.

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52 comments Leave a comment

Love your content Derek!! Thank you so much for your help. Starting up a writing service website for entrepreneurs in business or e-commerce who has no time to create good content (which is so important!) and, I’m looking to empower people to learn how to create great content on their own in my courses as well!

You inspire so many, including me. Keep on hustling!


Hi Derek,

Thanks for all your advice and insights. What I have come up with is Low self esteem. The problem is people do not know they have low self esteem and it’s stopping them from achieving great things. Is this a sellable idea?


You offer amazing great value advice. I’ve been a professional speaker in South Africa for 20 years on impression management from 6 months ago I moved to the US and finding it nearly impossible to break into corporate America. I’ve been wanting to design an online course * have gone through extensive training to do this) but my business coaches say I should not waste time at this point on this project instead I should focus on sales for now. 2 questions 1. On average when does the money start coming in if you have a solid course selling between 299-599. 2. Do you think a webinar or anot online programme is better to start off with? Many thanks


Hi, Thank you for the common sense advice. It was great to read about the examples in your content.


Hey Derek,
Thanks for new food for thought!
My two “main” niches where I’m a bit of a pioneer and people ask me for advice often are really small:
1. Vanlife – My family and I have been living and travelling in an expedition truck for four years. I’ve told the story about the how and how exactly a hundred times for sure, but is that an online course niche?
2. Unschooling and homeschooling are against the law in Germany, the fines are hefty. People are more and more rebelling against that. I solved that problem by leaving the country and partially withdrawing from the system. It takes knowledge, experience, and a bit of anarchist courage – but is that not a too specific market?
Thanks so much for your input!


    Katharina, same here, no advice, but someone in a similar position as far as “legalities” go. I think it’s fantasic that you live life accordin to your values. I don’t have children myself, but would also do anything to home school if I had them. You have to live the change you wish to see. My own situation is living off-grid in the woods in the UK (grew up in Germany, btw.), and what I know is mostly doing things not by the book. I feel that I can’t give people that kind of advice “officially” or “professionally”. Or could I? Maybe that concept is something Derek could address – rule and, ahem, possibly regulation breakers.


    Hi Katharina, Sorry, I don’t have an answer to your question. It’s just that your comment made me think of how we lived in our 63 Thunderbird for a while when I was a child. Of course I was too young to really experience the type of pressure an adult would. I remember spending the days in the parks and the nights in the rest areas; where my siblings would sleep in the back seat and I would be above them on the rear window shelf, falling asleep listening to the sound of the trucks on the highway, surrounded by my family. To me it was just a cool adventure; one I will not forget. Anyway. . What I meant to say before I started typing was that I Just appreciate your family’s conviction and spirit, Hope someone in your family writes about it. Take Care!


I appreciate your ideas, and will change my mind set. However, how do you create a course when selling yourself. I am an intuitive reader. Lots of people doing this now days.

Thank you.


I am an artist trying to focus on selling my art online. My art appeals to interior designers, for their clients’ homes. (Specifically, I want to target local New York interior designers.) How can I turn this into a course? I don’t know if I can create anything that would appeal to my potential clients or art collectors.
But in my research or how to sell art online, I’ve come across artists that are selling their knowledge in one way or another, and that has intrigued me, and made me realize that maybe I could work smarter and monetize in other ways than sales of my art. Could I possibly have an online painting course, or a subscription Facebook page? (I’ve spent waaaaaay too much time hoarding information, but never really implementing anything; I might even have enough information to help other artists getting started with treating their art as a business.)

I would LOVE your insight into how I can make this happen. I am fascinated by those who have become successful by selling information online. I am beginning to believe there are enough people in the world willing to buy something.

Thank you!

Debbie Viola


I work in the Public School system as a Medical Secretary. I have been around longer than a few of the School Nurses so they often ask me about how to do the School Nurse job since none of them have ever done school nursing prior to being hired by the Public School system.

I have also been asked about how to perform various tasks such as formatting a document, performing searches on the electronic system we use called PowerSchool, and using various Google apps.

I also perform various clerical duties for which people have credited me for being very knowledgeable and efficient in completing.

Is there a topic of an online course anywhere in what I already do on a daily basis? I am concerned that there is no profitable idea in my current area of work. I am also concerned about whether I can truly call myself an “expert.”

Thanks for your time and consideration.

– Dani B

    Derek Halpern

    When you think about a course, you have to also think about: Would people actually pay for this?

    With regard to the school nurse job, I think you’re going to struggle to sell that to other school nurses. However, I could see you creating a training for school nurses that schools would buy… to help get their school nurses trained up. This may be a harder sell, but it could ultimately be a great option. Especially since there are so many nurses who enter the school system without knowing how anything works.

    You’d have to talk to your manager at the school and see if this is something they’d even be interested in. It sounds like they would though.

      Dani B

      It does sound like a hard sale.

      I was also thinking at one point of perhaps making a training type course for my position. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of training for that as well.


Hi Dereck

I was living separately from my husband for 7 years and there was always an agreement we would get our stuff sorted and then come back together. Imagine my surprise when I found a text on my husband’s phone from a woman wishing my husband “goodnight” with all these other endearments.

I found myself having to fight for this marriage and fight, I did. And I won. It didnt happen overnight, but it did happen. But, the steps I took were very unconventional and I learnt so much. I have helped a few woman along the line and I have one I am currently mentoring now.

    Derek Halpern

    This is a great way to leverage your personal experience into a business. Especially because you learned a few things on the way. So i do think you’re on the right track.

Geoffrey Saign

I just published a stress reduction book–stress is a big issue for health, relationships, happiness…

Geoffrey Saign

I wrote a stress reduction book, and teach a self-awareness class that focuses on happiness, stress reduction, and self-awareness. Stress reduction I think is huge for everyone….

    Derek Halpern

    That’s a big niche, and has the opportunity to do very well. What’s it called?


Sound, straightforward advice – thanks Derek.
Well, I’ve been working in the area of ‘behaviour change’ for years – in a corporate setting (leadership / strategic development etc). But ‘informally’ – for friends – I’ve applied the same principles to help change unwanted eating and exercise habits with great success. I don’t focus on nutrition or exercise (not qualified) but on the psychological gap between what they say they want to do and what they actually do – very practical tools along with a high-level understanding of the psychology of eating – a powerful combination that really works. However, Derek, is this market totally saturated?? Is there room for yet another ‘solution’ to weight loss etc – even if it is the missing link???!!!
Warmest regards, Edel

    Derek Halpern

    When you see competition, view that as an oppotunity. Why? Because it means people are spending money there. So, no. It’s not over saturated.


Disenchantment with the world as it is – I would like to offer a self-sufficiency type course that can be done in several courses – recipes that are cooked from the vegetables you grow – healthy and in season – for instance. I feel there are lots of courses related to this idea.
Another avenue (as I write children’s books) is a course to help home-schooling adults to get more ideas to educate their children.

    Derek Halpern

    You’re on the right track and now you have to pick one and go after it.


I own and operate an eyelash extension school. I’m in the process of putting together an online course. This will be a big ticket l/fairly high priced course that will have an extremely specific audience. I’d like to do something that is a bit broader that could be open to a more general audience. I’m tossing around the idea of a shorter, lower priced course about how to go about starting your business, how to promote yourself on social media, working with others in the industry to build a clientele, not low balling yourself when everyone else seems to be, business etiquette, etc. For sure similar things have been done but I feel that if I price this right and promote it right, I could make a buck or two. Maybe not. 😬

John doe

I have a question whether its w good idea to sell an online course showing fathers how to cut their own hair or cut other peoples hair like friends and family?


Thanks for this. I am in the network security strategy field, and have been doing trial topics for some new courses for medical office managers who are concerned about HIPAA compliance. It is a tough area to master, and these folks need a friend in the security business, so they don’t get shucked by less-than-honorable people selling a solution that doesn’t solve the problems they actually have.

    Derek Halpern

    But how exactly will you help them solve it? It’s a good market. And a good problem. But how can you help?


Hi Derek,

I launched a blog about 8 months ago on PR and I sometimes write about crisis communications. I have 1,400 subscribers and about 15,000 page views every month. Around 80 subscribers signed up through a lead magnet specifically on crisis communications- is that enough to justify a course? I’m worried that the rest of my subscribers are interested in PR more generally, and I don’t want to invest a ton of money on a course that doesn’t sell.

Many thanks,


    Derek Halpern

    Crisis communication is a general course topic. Something you’d expect to see at a college. But instead, focus on specific issues: like getting press or “dealing with bad press” or something even more specific.

    Focus on a real end goal for people and that will set you apart.

    That said…

    It sounds like you need to validate your idea. Thinking about whether or not its a good idea is the worst way to validate it. The best way is to talk to your prospects and see for yourself. This is actually something we cover a lot inside our course, including scripts on how to do it.

    But it starts with finding a real pain from people. Not a pain you think people have. But a real pain that people genuinely can’t sleep over. Crystalize that into clear language – and solve that pain.


Hi Derek,
Thanks for this great article! I have been thinking a lot about creating an online course for busy moms. Your idea about checking out book comments is spot on! I actually did that to get some ideas about pain points for busy, overwhelmed moms I have ideas about creating courses to help other moms find more time in their lives; help with stress relief; find more work-life balance. I just need to focus in on what would be most helpful to them. Thanks again for the wonderful ideas!

    Derek Halpern

    Glad you’re digging it!


Hey Derek, thanks for such a great article.

I’m a Spanish freelancer doing SEO, writing and translations jobs and I can speak English fluid and write it as a native – I think that 🙂

I have a couple of ideas I can turn into an online course, they are:

– How to get jobs on Upwork without any experience. (For example, I get my first job as an SEO specialist just thanks to my knowledge of football soccer, I didn’t know anything about SEO and still, I ended up working for a startup for over a year and learn all in the ongoing)
– SEO step by step course for Spanish speakers that want to work in this field as a freelancer.
– How to become a freelance writer using your passions and knowledges you can have as a tool to start with the right foot (This is similar to the 1st idea, It’s a lot of easier to learn how to write when you write about something you love like cars, food, animals, sports, etc.)

What’s my biggest problem?

– I don’t know if target one of these courses in the Spanish market or the English market, maybe the Spanish market isn’t as profitable as the English one but I can be definetly more natural talking in Spanish than English (for now)

– I have taken some courses about freelancing and SEO that help me grow, so I feel if I use the strategies in my online courses it can be looked as I’m stealing their information and I really don’t want to do that. They are experts in the field so how can I teach the same to others? I really don’t know how to differentiate myself from them.

Let me know how can I unstuck on this problems! I’d love your advice to start my path and keep grinding in the fishing holes and researching the potential market around one of these online business ideas.


    Jorge M. Garcia

    I have similar problem regarding the language. I’m Mexican and can speak and write very good English. I’ve started a couple of blogs in Spanish but they haven’t been that successful. I have one blog that gets around 15k unique visitors a month but I have no idea what to sell to these people. I have a 6 usd ebook but I have only sold 1 copy.

    I would like to start a blog in English but I don’t can’t think of a topic that I’d like to spend time and effort on.

    Any advice would be great! Thanks.

    Derek Halpern

    These are all great ideas for courses. My question: are these real problems people are facing or not? Let’s talk about upwork specifically. Are there a lot of people on upwork who simply don’t get jobs? And do they want them?

    If yes, that could be a good market.


      Thanks for your reply Derek, according to my research there are lots of people that can’t get any jobs on Upwork and sent a lots of proposal without getting anything, the problem is that they are approaching Upwork in the wrong way.

      Now do they want to get a job on Upwork? I assume yes but I have to dig in and go and ask people about it to see if they really want to get a job on Upwork and start a freelance business.

      There is a course already about that that I took and is just an awesome online course: Secrets of a six figure upworker.

      Now I don’t know if follow this path and how to differentiate myself from thus course and target to the Spanish audience or go with another different idea.

      What would you do?

      Thanks again man


        Secrets of a six figure upworker- I’m in the course and it’s a great course. So I’d differentiate a bit, maybe do yours in Spanish. He’s killing it. I think he too Ramit Sethi’s coiurse about business, not sure which one at this moment.


          Hey Kala, yes it’s an awesome course, I scale my freelance business thanks to Danny advice and strategies! He’s the wizard of Upwork really so I don’t even think to compete with him lol.

          Maybe I can focus in my others ideas, I’ll start researching for pain points in the Spanish market!


Hi, Derek,
I am developing an online course, and love your Strategy #3 – that has been a challenge for me for the email to generate interest.
Thanks for the 3 Strategies!

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome.


I’m interested in creating a course for photographers on how to break out of a creative rut. Worthwhile?

And thanks for the emails and great, continued content.

    Derek Halpern

    What’s their end game though? Creative rut for what?


That’s given me some food for thought! A couple of ideas came up. People sometimes ask me for advice on how to design a workshop or event – I don’t need to be an expert on the content, that’s up to them, but I’m good at helping them to get clear about the outcomes they want from the event and then to think about the structures that might help them to get there. People also ask me for help (and indeed pay me well for it) to write funding bids and business cases. I wonder if these might work well as short online courses – what do you think?

    Derek Halpern

    These are all great ideas, and highly specific. It sounds like, yes, you are on the right track. The next thing is to see what’s a bigger potential market: writing funding bids or designing workshop / events.

Derek Halpern

Hi Ellie,

The more specific the course the better. Almost always. Especially when it solves a specific pain point. Do people need copywriting help? OR do they need launch emails? Try to keep thinking about why someone needs something and focus on that.


QUESTION: What if you feel like your topic is one that people are giving away for free? You can find info on it for free on pinterest, google, etc. What is going to make people buy your course? That is my current struggle.


    Heather…that’s my question too!

    As a photographer, I look for my problems and find the solutions in articles or tutorials all online.
    I’m totally up for an online business but this makes me wonder!

    Derek Halpern

    Is it your current struggle? Or is it that you just keep googling and finding examples of what you want to do for free?


    The truth is, if people had the time to search out the information, they would. But they don’t. They want it hand delivered, in an easy to follow manner – and a course can do it for them.

    I wrote about this here:


Hamz Suren

Are you stalking me by any chance? LOL 😀

Your email came in when I was reading another post about creating courses…like whaa?

And this is not the first time you’ve done this.
Ramit Sethi also does this trick…I have no idea how, but both your emails come at the right time, covering the right topics.

People come to me in real life/online for beauty tips and SEO advice too. These are my most favorite things. I will never get bored of learning/trying beauty tips and SEO strategies to get traffic.
But I’m not sure why anyone would want to buy a course on beauty tips or SEO advice they can easily find all over the internet.

My second fear is, I’m an introvert, so this whole webinar/creating videos fuzz stresses me out.

Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement.

    Derek Halpern

    Nobody wants to buy a course on “beauty tips.”

    You’re right.

    But what they do want to buy is something that helps them get something they want.

    So, think about your customer. WHY do they want beauty tips? What’s the reason they are trying to look so great? Are they trying to look great on camera? Are they trying to look great on a first date? Are they trying to look great for a job interview?

    Beauty tips is not enough. Beauty tips for specific situations, on the other hand, is enough.

      Hamz Suren

      Thank you for replying, Derek.
      So you’re saying someone would actually buy a course on tips to solve a beauty problem they might have.

      For e.g. Hair growth tips or anti-ageing? I seem to have the confidence to write about it online/ talk about it in real life, but just can’t help wonder why they would buy a course on this topic.
      Especially since there’s a flippin Youtube video to cover every single beauty topic there ever is.


I’m looking into the reviews from a book in my niche that my customers refer to. Most people say the same thing ‘This book is great but is written for those living in the US, it doesn’t apply to UK residents. And i’m building a course around the solution of their pain points. My UK clients ask me how to buy food without the plastic packaging; how to stop wasting food, and how to preserve their food for ultimate freshness. So my course outline is helping Zero Waste beginners buy food without the plastic packaging and reduce their food waste.

    Derek Halpern

    This seems like a legit course, with a specific audience in mind. The question is this: are people ready and willing to pay for something like this? I’m not sure – and you’ll have to test this with customers.

    Keeping that in mind:

    What other benefits can you focus on? Yes, zero waste food is a benefit to the environment. But what specific benefit can you deliver to your customer? The more specific the better.


      Thank you Derek! That’s given my something to think about 😀 I’m going to start with a free 5 day mini course and then talk about a paid course and the benefits they would get in the 5 day free course. I’ll ask my clients what they expect to see inside the paid course, set up a landing sign up page for my paid course- and see if it gets any hype. All the best to you 😀


Hey Derek,
Thank you for the super post on creating an online course. I am actually going down in confuselane right now. I am a Personal Transformation Coach and Copywriter, for sassy women, looking to spread their powerful, sexy and captivating brand online. Most of the people around me come for copy advice. How to say something, how to write something and also how to be authentic in their brand. I started putting down a course on creating a brand from the inside out, teaching people how to infuse their brand with their own personality, to be courageous being visible, to share their story and build a movement. But is this “needed” enough? Creating a course on copywriting might be better probably. Though I am struggling with defining what to include exactly. Sorry to blast my brainomania in here. Thanks for your feedback. Warm regards, Ellie

Leave a comment