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How Suzanne Heyn Grew Her Audience To 7,366 Email Subscribers (And Made $14,000 Selling Online Courses)
Last Updated March 8th, 2017

Suzanne Heyn is a spirituality and meditation teacher. She had a gift to share with the world, and she knew she could turn it into an online business.

The problem?

She knew she wanted to turn this skill and knowledge into an online course and sell it…

…But she was struggling:

“I’ve seen people become really successful and live their dream of a location-independent lifestyle, and I wanted that, too … but I still had nagging questions like: How much [content] do I have to include to make my course effective and worth the money? How do I launch a course and inspire people to buy it?”

This isn’t an uncommon scenario. People have passion. People have expertise. And they are GREAT at what they do, but when it comes to the “business” side of it… they get stuck… and Suzanne was stuck. She was inundated by questions she couldn’t find answers to, and unsure of how to make her dream a reality.

Then everything changed.

She doubled down on creating and selling online courses last year. She now has three flagship courses, a short course, and a free mini course that she uses as a lead magnet to grow her list. And she earned $14,000 just from selling these courses last year. She also built her email list to 7,366 people and expects to triple her revenue in 2017!

How did she do it?

Suzanne enrolled in my online course, Seven Figure Courses. She learned how to hone in on what her audience was struggling with and how she could help them. Then, she followed the easy, step-by-step framework for creating and launching courses to help her audience.

Creating An Online Course Doesn’t
Have To Be So Complicated!

Most people who want to create and sell online courses give up before they even get started because the whole process just seems impossible.

They don’t know how to get started. They don’t have an idea for a course. They think, “I’m not an expert. Why would anyone care about what I have to say?”

Well, Suzanne overcame all of these obstacles in Module 1 of Seven Figure Courses.

Before enrolling, she made things more complicated than they had to be. She was comparing herself to established businesses creating polished, 8-week, in-depth online courses. She was looking at complex, multi-week, multimedia launches.

But guess what?

Creating and selling online courses doesn’t have to be so complicated! Especially if you’re just getting started. And Seven Figure Courses breaks down this process step-by-step to keep you on the right track and make this as simple as possible.

“Seven Figure Courses helped me simplify things and realize a course didn’t have to be complicated. The POP Map showed me you can have smaller courses that can help people overcome obstacles.”

The POP Map is a strategy I teach inside Seven Figure Courses that helps you plan your entire course business. It helps you map out the pain your audience is experiencing, the pleasure they’re trying to achieve, and all of the obstacles in the way.

This was a huge a-ha moment for Suzanne.

From the POP Map exercise, she learned that you don’t have to spend months creating an online course and planning the perfect launch right off the bat. Instead, you can create smaller courses that solve only one or two obstacles your audience is experiencing. This allows you create and start selling an “Entry-Level Course” in no time at all.

So, how did she come up with the idea for her Entry-Level Course?

Inside Seven Figure Courses, Suzanne learned how to survey her audience the right way and uncover all of the obstacles that were holding them back.

“In surveying my audience and asking what they were interested in, I realized they wanted to learn more about meditation, which is something I hadn’t thought about. I didn’t realize people were struggling with it. I probably wouldn’t have created a meditation course if it wasn’t for Seven Figure Courses.”

Now, she sells that meditation course for $97. And she currently has 87 students enrolled, so it’s doing real well.

But, of course it’s not as easy as “build it and they will come.” You can’t just create a course and expect customers to fall from the sky at your feet.

So, how did Suzanne get customers for her online courses?

First, she needed to grow her audience. Then, she needed to sell to them.

From 600 to 7,366 Subscribers! (And Growing)

When Suzanne enrolled in Seven Figure Courses, she had 600 subscribers. That’s not bad, but she knew she needed to grow her audience if she wanted her online course business to really take off.

Well, in Module 2 of Seven Figure Courses, she learned exactly what she needed to grow her audience.

“With Derek’s encouragement, I recorded a guided meditation, which ended up being my lead magnet. That has brought in A LOT of email subscribers … When I started Seven Figure Courses, I had 600 subscribers, maybe. I had a guest article published on a big wellness site, and I pretty much doubled my list overnight from the traffic from that article being sent to my lead magnet.”

So, Suzanne used the list-building strategies she learned in Seven Figure Courses to create her lead magnet on meditation and write a guest post to get more traffic and subscribers.

And as you can see from the screenshot below, her traffic exploded.

After the success of her guest post and lead magnet, she created more “content upgrades.” And, as you can see below, these content upgrades have raised her site-wide opt-in rate to over 5%.

And it gets better…

“At the end of 2015, I had 600 subscribers. Today, I crossed the 7,000 mark.”

Since enrolling in Seven Figure Courses, Suzanne’s list has grown by a factor of 12!

The lead magnet she created during Seven Figure Courses converted 3,397 subscribers alone. And her amazing audience growth led to her biggest single day of revenue at the end of 2016. Amazing!

Taking the Mystery Out of
Online Course Launches

Now, of course growing your email list is only one part of having a successful online course business. You also have to actually sell your courses. And like most people, Suzanne struggled with this.

“I had no idea how to launch. Derek is a master launcher. I always want his programs even before the sales page goes live. And I really wanted to learn how to replicate that in my own business.”

Again, Seven Figure Courses taught Suzanne how to keep things simple.

She learned that you can’t just “reverse engineer” someone else’s sales page. Instead, you have to really understand your audience and the psychology behind what makes a successful course launch. And Seven Figure Courses shows you how to do just that.

Because the truth is that you don’t need a complex, multi-week, multimedia launch to sell your course successfully. Seven Figure Courses makes launching a breeze. There’s an entire module dedicated to course launches (including a day-by-day breakdown of 3 different types of launches: The $10K Launch, The $100K Launch, and The Seven Figure Launch). And I show you how to figure out which launch is right for you and how to execute it the right way.

This completely changed Suzanne’s mindset when it came to launching her courses…

“Seven Figure Courses really helped me with launching because I felt like it was really complicated and Derek just made it really simple in a way that was very helpful. Seeing that you can have a more complicated launch, but that’s for later in your business, and instead, looking at your business in stages was really helpful.”

Since implementing these launch strategies, Suzanne has launched a course every 3 or 4 months and has converted more than 150 new paying customers. In 2016, she earned $14,000 just from selling her courses. That’s more than $1,000 per month in passive income. And she now has a clear path forward for growing her online course business.

“You can’t just Google a transformative experience.”

With a steady source of new email subscribers and money to reinvest in her business, Suzanne is now in a position to scale.

“I’m gearing up for my signature program in March. There’s a lot of excitement behind it because there’s not really anything like it out there. I have over 700 people in the course right now and my goal is 1,000.”

With the help of Seven Figure Courses, I believe she’ll reach that goal.

But success is about more than just the money. Success for Suzanne is about living the life she always dreamed of. It’s about the freedom that comes with running a successful online course business.

“My husband has a great job, but he’d like to do other things. So, I’d like to give him the same freedom he’s given me.”

And now she can.

Before Suzanne enrolled in Seven Figure Courses, she was lost. She had experienced some success with her business, but couldn’t figure out how to replicate it over and over again for long-term growth. She knew she needed help, but like most people, she was worried about investing the money when she wasn’t 100% sure it would pay off.

“Seven Figure Courses came out at a really interesting time because I had just made money from my first launch, but I was doubting whether I wanted to spend the money. I always valued Derek’s expertise and how he runs his business as a real business. It’s not just internet marketing, it’s so much more.”

She enrolled in Seven Figure Courses and never looked back.

“People get so caught up in their fear and wondering what could go wrong. Whether you want to start a business or take a course, it’s always that same internal story that you have to overcome. Something I’ve learned in my life is the greatest fear is not making a decision and failing, the greatest fear is not trying.

Putting my gifts out into the world has been so transformative. It’s not only transformed other people’s lives but it’s transformed my own.”

And she couldn’t be more right. Seven Figure Courses has the potential to truly change your business and your life. It takes letting go of that fear of failure and trusting the process. And Seven Figure Courses gives you a proven process you can trust.

So, are you ready to become the next Seven Figure Courses success story?

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