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Facebook CHANGES! They plan to ruin your reach AGAIN (but I have 3 ways to fix it)

So, the New York Times just reported that Facebook intends to change their algorithm… AGAIN. This time Facebook plans to emphasize updates from friends and family over other things like “business pages.”

And I have a HUGE smile on my face.


Over the next few days people will complain about their decision. Especially when they see their traffic and reach disappear over night. And if you rely heavily on your Facebook page, I would be PETRIFIED.

But me? I didn’t even break a sweat. You know why? I put all my effort into building my blog and email list. And that’s it.

Yes, I have a Facebook page. A pretty popular one at that. So, will the change hurt?

Sure, maybe a little. But I don’t rely on my Facebook page.

You see, when I think about growing my business online, I believe people should focus on building assets they own… assets like their blog… their email list… their real-life connections… their business partnerships… and things like that…

…because no one can ever take that from you.

If you use one email provider to deliver your email, and they piss you off, you can export your email list and go to a new provider. If you you create content day in and day out for a platform like Facebook, and Facebook changes their algorithm, you’re screwed. But if you create it on your own blog and turn your blog into a destination for people… no one can take that from you either.

The question is, how can you build a popular blog and email list WITHOUT something like Facebook?

Tip #1: Yes, design is king in the first few seconds, but content will become even more important than ever.

I’ll explain why, too.

As the New York Times explains, these changes “”will have less of an impact, however, if most of a publisher’s traffic comes from individual users sharing and commenting on their stories and videos.”

Meaning, if you already have an audience of people who love your content, and WANT TO SHARE IT, your traffic will do just fine.

So, if you create a great piece of content, email your email list, and they like it enough to share it, you’ll still get plenty of social traffic.

And that’s good news.

However, you’ll still need that initial bump in traffic to “generate” the shares. If you’re relying on your Facebook page to create that “initial” bump, you likely won’t get that as much anymore. However, if you have an email list, you’ll be JUST FINE.

Tip #2: You’ll need to DOUBLE DOWN on building your email list

Look, I’ve said this for years, but I’ll say it again: if you’re not building your email list, you’re an idiot. I even filmed a video all about it right here:

This email list will become more important than ever. Especially if you want to distribute your content with hopes of that content gaining shares. Facebook won’t send you the traffic, but if you can get your existing people to share, they can. So you’re set.

Now you might think, “Well, I’ll just rely on some other social media platform.” But don’t do that. How many times do people need to learn their lesson the hard way? BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST.

Tip #3: The best way to build your email list doesn’t even involve social media…

Now that you know the importance of the email list, you’re likely thinking: Okay, how do I build it if I can’t rely on Facebook for traffic?


I’ve got great news. The best way to grow your email list doesn’t even require you to use social media. And I show you how to do it inside this FREE EBOOK called: “How to Get 5,000 Subscribers.”

And yes, of course, you need to opt in to download it. Because I practice what I preach. So go download the ebook now.

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deena jose

Hi Derek, thanks for sharing this valuable article looking forward for more such posts.

Nicolas Puegher

I don’t mind changes if they are for the good but lately, Facebook and other platforms are fucking everything up because since it’s a business they want to make even more money. For example, a big YouTuber with more than 3 million subs has a Facebook Page with almost 900k likes but the funny thing is that each post he makes reaches only less than 5k.

How is that even possible? The reason? “Reach more people paying $X” Just a few more, not even all of them.

Thanks for sharing your experience with Facebook 🙂

Nidheesh Chandran

i think its time to stop considering Facebook as an organic marketing space (fb pages) they are constantly changing and the organic reach is going down. Only way to reach people who liked our page is thorough paid advertisement. As far as i understood Google Plus haven’t well developed to replace this space. but i like your way of creating our own assets rather than depending on social media.


Facebook is constantly changing. I already gave it up long ago. I can not rely on a platform that is always changing. time is money. (sorry my english, i`m portuguese) =)


Hey Derek,

Thanks for the post. I figured a little while back that Facebook wasn’t going to be the main channel for me to promote my business for a few different reasons, but this was definitely one of them. Facebook can (and will) do whatever they want with their algorithm and paid ad options, but that doesn’t mean businesses should take a hit each time. Your tips are always helpful when it comes to owning and being in control of traffic!

Ravi Roshan Jaiswal

Glad to see informative post, Derek.

Great tip to make a blog popular. Often, we disturbed to increase a blog traffic but reading you tip, I’m sure it is easy to increase traffic. You are definitely right that site’s well design help to impress audience and increases the traffic. Your tip is amazing to create a email list. I must apply this tip. Content of our site should be valuable for audience. And it force to visit them forever.

As I think, it is necessary to involve in social media to create a collection of email list. You have suggested very well book to get more subscriber and I sincerely appreciate you for sharing this in front of us.

For internet marketing creating a list of email, plays important role. And here you have instructed very well with your tip to get a email list easily.

Sandra Pawula

Can’t connect to your server. 🙁

Christopher Johnson

Yes. I would estimate that Simplifilm – my company – left 8 MILLION in revenue (3-4mm in profit) by ignoring email. It created a unnecessary risk and had we spent…3 hours a week over 6 yearS (900 hours) we’d have made that money.

Biggest. Single. Mistake.

Drew Griffin

I’ve been reluctant to add an opt-in form to my sites….whether its the Imposter Syndrome of not…. the only way to get started building the list is to start building the list! So I’m adding a form…today! And with that form, I’ll add some value to those that subscribe.

Tom und Jerry 2016

interesting thanks for this.


I agree. More and more I believe that building a list and having a blog gaining in authority and becoming a brand is the best way to go with this. And I wish I had understood this earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time and vain efforts.

Matt Maglodi

Its definitely going to change things on Facebook. That is why clients pay us to figure this things out, and can be a selling point to pick up potentially new clients. Ha.


I think this is actually great news. Anything Facebook can do to make its users happier is awesome. The best way for Facebook to be a viable marketing tool is to have the traffic in the first place. And it’s just like Derek says, getting real human being to share and promote your content is where it’s at. It’s better than posting something to Facebook and praying.

People like Frank Kern aren’t scared either. He promotes Facebook’s ad services and it’s not like they’re getting rid of that anytime soon.

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