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2016: Go All In
Last Updated January 6th, 2016

The other day I asked you to tell me about the projects you have planned for this year…

…and as I expected, one of the BIG things people want to focus on this year is starting – and growing – their online online business.

But as I kept reading response after response, I noticed something interesting…


Some people had three projects. Other people had as many as EIGHT projects.

No wonder people always feel overwhelmed, busy, and stressed out all the time.

The problem?

Well, I actually hinted at it in my last email. But the PROBLEM is this:


It should be clear.

When you work on 3, 4, or 8 new things at once, you NEVER finish anything.

And if you NEVER finish anything, you start feeling like you’re not working hard enough. And then you start to feel overwhelmed about how little time you have. And then you start getting stressed out.

Can you relate?

What’s the solution?


I used to play poker. No limit Texas Holdem to be exact. And my favorite thing about that game was going All In.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with “going all in,” it’s when you push all of your chips into the center and show the entire table: “I’m willing to risk everything on this hand. You can either match my bet, or you can fold and let me win the pot.”

It’s a little dramatic, I know. But I always loved it because right after I pushed my chips in, I always felt a sense of freedom.


Because I made a decision. And there was no turning back.

And when I look at my life, I’ve always had a lot of things on my plate. In 2015 alone, I wanted to launch 3 new products, relaunch my podcast, and more. But when I look at what I actually accomplished each year, I realized something…

I often push all my chips in on one new project – I go all in on one project. And I table everything else for a future date.

See for yourself…

Here’s a rough breakdown of my last few years:

2011: I focused on starting my business (Social Triggers).

2012: I focused on finding a proven monetization strategy (in my case, I chose to create and sell online courses).

2013: I focused on getting MORE customers for Social Triggers by selling the same product over and over again (and my revenue almost tripled from 2012)

2014: I focused on turning my business from a one product company into a four product company (I went from just Blog that Converts in 2013, to Blog that Converts, Start Your Blog Right, Yes Engines, and Zippy Courses).

2015: I focused on hiring a strong team to help me continue to grow Social Triggers (in 2014, I had just 2 full-time employees and a handful of contractors I worked with regularly. By the end of 2015, Social Triggers had worked with about 17 full-time employees and contractors).

Notice how I didn’t launch 3 products in 2015. And I didn’t relaunch my podcast. I plan to do that, but last year, I tabled it for a future date.

And what happened over the last 5 years?


I don’t share this to brag, because in reality, I know you don’t really care about my life and success.

You care about YOUR projects and YOUR goals.

But look at my results when I pushed all in on one big new thing:


As you can see, with your own two eyes, I went all in each year on something new, and revenue took off.

It’s pretty interesting, right?

Going all in can work, and it can work real well.

And that’s why, this year, I’m making it THE YEAR TO GO ALL IN.

This doesn’t mean you quit your job. Or ignore everything else in your life. It means maintain your life as it currently is…

Go to work.

Continue serving clients.

Do the things you’ve always done.

But also pick ONE NEW THING, and go all in on it.

“But Derek! I can’t just GIVE UP on ALL of my projects!”

And I get it.

When I asked you to share your main thing and side thing, many of you shared 3, 4, 5, and as many as 8 things that you’re working on.

But I can tell you this:

If you keep that much on your plate, you’ll never get anything done. So, it’s time to go all in on just one of those things.

And don’t worry! I’m not asking you to give up everything else. Instead, I’m asking you to table them for now…

…And go all in on just one project.

If it’s not working, don’t be ashamed with adjusting course.

In poker, after you push all in, you can’t get your chips back.

However, in life, after you push all in, if you don’t like where things are going, you can always take your chips back and push all in somewhere else.

So, are you with me?

Do you want to go all in this year?

If the answer is yes, leave a comment and say “I’m In!”

Also, PLEASE, share what you plan on going all in on.

If you’re having trouble deciding, I always like to think about what will have the most meaningful impact on my life… assuming everything goes PERFECT…

And I like to get irrational about it.

If you’re thinking about starting a new business, imagine if that business managed to pull in seven figures in the first year?

Sure, it probably won’t happen. But imagine if it did. Will that have the most meaningful impact on your life?

If you’re thinking about getting fit this year, imagine if you one day realized all your fitness goals – you did the 4 minute mile, you have the perfect amount of body fat, or whatever your goal is.

Sure, it probably won’t happen in a year, but what if it did? Will that have the most meaningful impact on your life?

The point is this…

Go through the things I had you think about the other day, and imagine what could have the most meaningful impact on your life.

Then let me know what you plan on making your #1 priority this year.

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Derek, earlier this year I read your post about going all-in and decided to take up the challenge. I went all-in studying to become a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) so I could change careers. I’m here to tell you that i achieved that goal. I eliminated all other side projects from my schedule and studied for multiple hours several days a week until I knew the material inside out and could pass all four exams required for the certification. That mission was accomplished last month! I’m now going all-in to achieve the next goal on my list. Thanks for the motivating blog post.


Derek, I enjoyed your post. It’s true what you’re saying.
I’ve been distracted for years. Wanted to do everything and watching that I don’t achieve what I wanted.
In the beginning of this year, I set up a simple goal. Opt-out from several email lists and focus on just one task at the time.
It seems like a fantastic strategy because I’m no longer distracted, I have time for myself and my loved ones. Even if I work less, I have better results.
So, if anybody is reading this comment, I highly recommend you to focus on one thing at the time. You’ll be surprised how many things you can finish.
Then move to the another one if you like it.


Thanks a million Derek, this article kept me thinking, many plans, many projects yet nothing is working.
I plan on creating online courses and grow a list while I make good sales from it…

I’ll be needing as much help as possible, I’m open to your info and advice.


I’m all in.

Thanks Derek. I’ve been STUCK with too many things I could do, analysis over all experience, resources, oppprtunities and probabilities. Studying, researching and opening up presentations that went half way through. I want to now establish Virtual Assistance (I have to seriously pick something online to be working from home, not a possible option of a daily office job) and Corporate Training (I am certified and have done successful sessions as a freelance. It can go on the side for 2 days each program and makes a healthy cheque). I need to get the tie-up as a consistent contract for a minimum of 2-3 programs per month.

Wishing everyone the best of luck in here.


I’m all in.

I will develop and market an online course, based on Zippy Courses theme, plugin.


This is exactly what I’m experiencing at this very moment. Spreading myself too thin and not focussing on what I need to focus. Thank You, I needed to read this.


For years after college my “all in” were my two book blogs, where I talked about what I loved reading, connecting with authors and other readers. I changed focus in 2014 when I wrote my first book. I still dabbled in my blogs, but I can tell my heart isn’t in it the same way. 2015 was exciting! In 2015 I launched book one in my new fantasy trilogy, finished writing the second book in the trilogy, published the second book, and started writing the third book. It takes me about 4 to 6 months to write the book and edit it. I set a goal to publish a new book every 8 months or so and by writing ahead of the schedule and building in lead-time this has been a very easy goal to meet. So far, this year in 2016 I’ve finished writing the third book, edits are nearly done, and it’ll publish soon on the first Friday in July. I’m also hard at work at a follow-up trilogy and I can’t wait. My biggest focus is growing my author platform.


I’m in!

Calligraphy πŸ™‚

Time to start the business.


Hello Derek!! This article was AWESOME!!! I wish I could know that last year.. But this year I’m set to do a lot of things differentry.

My goal is to finish the launch of my business and start monetizing him.

Love your work man and let’s make 2016 a great year!

Brent Dunn

Derek, I must admit that I myself have had to much on my plate…

Already this year I limited my list down to one thing at a time and have already got a lot accomplished.

So far my business is mostly service-based, which I moving to a more product mindset.


Thanks for another inspiring post, Derek.

I’m in!

When pondering what I wanted to go “all-in” on, a big consideration was if what I chose would have the potential to impact others in a really positive way and myself too!

In 2016 I will go all-in on my main website http://www.BethSawickie.com with the goal of:
Inspiring others who have been challenged by depression to be proactive in their self-care, re-discover what brings them joy and create self-bliss.

Sharing what I’ve been through and things that have worked for me will inspire others and also help me to keep on track with being healthy – that’s a win-win πŸ™‚

I’m going to start with sharing a tool I used that helped me re-discover joy after depression and that was what I call “Grati-Feeling” (it’s Gratitude taken to another level).

Focus – it’s a good thing πŸ™‚

James Hughes

I’m in!

This post has really hit home with me and mirrors my thinking.

The graphic you have of the incomplete project has been me for the last year
and it has created a lot of overwhelm and anxiety.

So no f***** more πŸ™‚

I have a baby on the way, due May and I can’t even think about 8 to 10
different projects.

My plan for 2016 is simply this.
1. Keep fit and healthy by ramping up my fitness efforts each day.
2. Take care of my family in the best way possible.
3. Continue to help as many clients in my internet business as possible creating
passive income streams from one main hub which is http://www.jameshughesonline.com

Great post, this has totally reinforced my idea and confidence in executing it.

Feel good.

Many Thanks
James Hughes


My main things is teaching meditation and workshops on subjects such as LOA and body image, self-love and self-care etc. I also and assess sports qualifications on a part time basis.
My side project is breathing life into my personal brand, The Feel Good Girl.
All about helping woman to self -love and feel empowered via meditation and workshops.
I am developing a physical centre to deliver workshops and classes but my aim this year is to launch an online membership site and sell online courses.
I have completed a deep dive survey to highlight where people’s pain is so that I can write targeted content.
What do you think?


Why couldn’t you tell me this 4 year ago when I was absolutely convinced I could build 3 businesses at once!! Oh how naive I was.
But… there is no failure only feedback… and now I set myself 1 big goal every 3 month and thats what I concentrate on 80% of the time. It works for me and I don’t beat myself up that Im not 100% focused on a goal all week because I have consciously added “wiggle room” that keeps the rebelious side of me happy πŸ™‚


Thanks for the very pertinent post! I have spent the past 3 years dedicating myself primarily to my new website, course, and book and finally launched it this month….I wanted to wait til everything was perfect…it still isn’t perfect but I “threw in all my chips” nonetheless, now I am terrified…:) I expected immediate reaction and sales to friends & family and those that had been supporting me in the seebedo project over the past few years (I think Shakespeare had it right on expectations)….it’s still early days, but I find myself wanting to hedge my bets-I am not giving up but thank goodness for guidance like yours.

Imran Soudagar

I really think your approach of taking one thing at a time will work for most of the people. And to be honest, I have been doing the same for the last few years while my friends take up too much on their plates but I try to take up only one or two projects at a time.

The good old story of the Tortoise and the rabbit teaches us the same.

Jeffrey M

I’m going to sell 100,000 online courses this year to help people start and grow online business empires. I helped many small business owners grow their revenues in the past. This year I’ll focus on creative entrepreneurs who want 6 to 7 figure incomes.


I’m in! I’m focusing on actually launching my site, building my list and figuring out what product will sell.


I’m in! Focusing on creating a mini-course for my site to grow my email list. Boom.


    Ditto. First, get the site up (it’s amazing how a little setback can prevent you from even creating a website… for a year.) Then, get a mini-course up to grow email list. Blog regularly. Boom.


I’m all in to share the Lifevantage opportunity and our life changing products. Thanks for your emails. Blessings over your year!


Im all iN to create and sell online courses. Thanks Derek for your great post and emails !

Mary Jo

I AM ALL IN on creating a blog with
On line classes.


My top priority in 2016 is to launch my online business and graduate from my MA program.




Derek. I really want to be all in. i really do. Everything you say makes perfect sense. I just have to be honest, I need help learning how to do that. Cause my top three things are all super important. I can say i’m all in – but i don’t wanna just say that. I’ll be following you close to keep learning and growing. I know i need to choose to grow my audience at http://www.setapartheart.com I need to be all in, and i wanna be. Thanks for doing what you do.


Hello, awesome article you wrote! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging.


For 2016 I’m going ALL IN on developing my online classroom for independent musicians “Smart Online Musicpreneur”

I opened with just one class (Twitter Mastery for Musicians) on Jan 6. And I’m getting great feedback! So I want to spend the year developing and adding more classes;)

P.S. I’m using the Zippy Courses theme!


Derek – I’m all in and my first order of business is setting and prioritizing my goals for 2016.

Mhairi Simpson

I’M ALL IN!!!!!

For me, it’s getting my storytelling card game out into the world. I’ve been developing it slowly over the last couple of years and finally did a small, kind of soft launch with a hand cut deck a couple of months ago, which got a really good response. This year I want to get it out into the world with professionally cut cards and boxes so that I can really get the world accessing its innate creativity.

I’M IN!!!!! YAY!!!!!


Easy πŸ™‚ Focus on #2 on my list, the blog/website to empower American’s in face of the threat of terrorism.


Oh crap! Seriously? Derek – that’s not what I wanted to hear!!!! I know you are right but still, I thought you’d give us some kind of magic trick how to do it all. Of the four things I mentioned, my creativity is wanting the “all in!” right now. I feel the urgent need to get somewhere as a creative. Making art, offering classes, healing through creative expression. *whew*. As for my main gig, healing work, I am going to hold the right to re-launch the training & personal growth program as soon as I have more of a solid committed audience built up πŸ™‚ This adds a peculiar twist to what I’m focussing on… through your course I’ve been focussing on the healing work to write about since that is already 14 years of experience talking… maybe I need to switch gears?


Thank you for this. The timing is so perfect. I have realized that I can only focus on one thing at a time and this has validated that recent realization. I have been dragging my feet on completing a project that will give me some new options in my business — including a bigger online presence — while also having a half dozen other things vying for my attention at the same time. And I have gotten NONE of them done! I feel empowered to prioritize and then finish them — one at a time! Now I just need to decide which one to be all in on first.


I’m all in and plan to reach 5000 subscribers on my golf website.



I am all in. My #1 goal is to grow my coaching business, serve clients passionately, help folks create their career second acts, move people to live a more fully alive life and help folks stop being overwhelmed and take back control of what is important to them. #2 is my own personal development. #3 is my immediate family. Frankly, after those 3, I am not interested.


I’m all in! My project is to finally write my awesome, amazing, game changing, authentic customer service program for IT and medical professionals. It’s the idea I founded my company on, but once I was up and running, clients asked for specific classes and I wasn’t focused on my vision. I was more worried about paying my bills.

BUT THIS YEAR will be different!

Love this blog, but then again most of your blogs are mini treasures to build an amazing life.



I just need to decide what I am all in for ha ha. This weekend I will decide. Promise.


biomechanical Alignment training and incorporation in to services offered. 2016 alignment.


I’m all IN!!!
Creating an online platform for the world of Tantra with the worlds top tantra teachers writing for us…livetantra.com


    i love your project πŸ˜‰ Keep go on !

Khai Lin

I am all charged up and ALL IN!


I AM ALL IN. New year, new beginnings and time to focus on creating.


This spoke to me as im living in a renovation project, learning eccommerce, and just took on a sales/installation job with a local flooring company….


I’m all in! I am focusing on my nutrition plans and getting group detoxes online!

Carmen Amato

I’m IN! As a mystery author with 5 published books and a film deal in the works, in 2016 I will focus on my author brand and stop getting distracted by shiny objects. Who else is actively making a plan for going all in and writing it down?


    CArmen, I am all in! Writing away, as fast as my fingers and the inspiration can go!


Derek, I’m all in! This was a great reminder of the value of staying focused. Like Winston Churchill said, “You will never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks.” I will be focusing my time outside of my main job on completing my book (tentatively titled “Quit Asking Your Mom: The Young Adult’s Guide to Self-Sufficiency”).


    Hi Taylor — I’m currently writing a self defense course for young models & their parents. Would you be willing to give an interview? I like featuring “tips and strategies” in my newsletter that speak to ways young people (particularly female) can find their confidence & power when dealing in adult industries (such as fashion). I also think my audience might really dig what you’re writing about!! Reach out to me at victoria@ FightingForwardSelfDefense.com if you’re interested. MANY thanks!! v.


    That is a great book title. Sounds like an awesome project.


I’m ALL IN for sure!
Everything you wrote is my reality so far.
Will try to focus on 1 or 2 major lines about my business.


Definitely great post! I’m one of those that probably listed 8 things.
What a great awakening. It totally makes sense. The rest can come.
I’m all in….switching from freelance writer TO freelance copywriter.
First up, a website that says so.
Watch for it at http://www.paulineclark.com!


I’m In! Derek, thanks for a great post. Sometimes it takes someone else to point out the fact that you’re concentrating on too much. I tell clients this all of the time (but haven’t heeded my own advice). Thanks for helping me realize the obvious. I’m going all in on my full time business to double sales and put together some income to launch my next business. Next year I will work on my side project and go all in on that. I appreciate it!


HI! I am all in with my book whose main character name is ALLIN! Thank you.


HELLLO thank you for this article – email !! I definitely have too much on my plate, I want to achieve a lot but as you said we cannot do everything at one.

I will do my best to prioritize. I am in IN !
Have a great day πŸ™‚


Happy New Year Derek! I am going all in on creating a series of books for Kindle.


I’m In!

In 2016, I am focusing on Freelance Writing. I want to have recurring monthly income to replace and/or double what I am making at my current job (about $41k).

I am going to enroll in a copywriting course to strengthen my writing skills and be more assertive with the rates I charge and clients I take on.


    Derek, Your emails/postings are among the best I’ve seen recently… and I see a lot of these. Keep up the great work. With three full time jobs, two ministries, and other church-related duties, I continually need to re-prioritize. So I’m in!

    To Dominique, if you are going to sign up for a copyrighting course, the best, by far, is by The American Writers and Artists Inc., or AWAI. Don’t overpay; the often run specials.


I’m all in 2016…focusing on attracting new builders with my oily business


I`M IN!!!!


Yes I am in. I want to grow my online business creating more online valuable videos and connect with many more people.


I am IN πŸ™‚


Good post!! I always like them!! Two thumbs up for you and your team!

Dave McAuley

Great article. The growth you have had is great and while I largely agree with what you are saying, how do you know your growth would not have been as strong, if not stronger if you had focused on splitting your chips across two tables and won both games?

I mean, there is no way to know for sure that you would have had such strong growth, could have been worse but it ‘may’ have been better or at least as good and saved you more time on another ‘thing’. So, although I agree in principal that multi-tasking is inefficient for someone with an interest in multiple ‘things’ who can get bored and de-motivated focusing on going ‘all in’ on just one thing, I think I will be focusing on 2 things. #1 Growing my Main business at formbet.co.uk and #2 building a new business based around what I am truly passionate about. That way I can switch between the two and go all-in depending on what is motivating me at that point in time.


All in with my new website!


all in going for the post,podcast,and instagram


Im in! This just confirms what I decided to do in December for 2016.

I dropped that which didn’t make me exited. Tabled the side project and I am concetrating on my life mission. Coaching and consulting with ADHD women and families with adhd kids. I’ve been doing it for free too long!!time to pay some bills with what I’m doing constantly for free.

Just overhauled my website and am working on my ” brand” statement so when people think of ADHD coach..they think of SuperADDmom. Thanks to the sign up email lead in article i just got from you. I’m on it!


    I’m in. Just unsubscribed to 12 daily emails….. I feel lighter.
    Thanks Derek

Peter Marsella

This year I’m going all in with my site at http://www.mindfulsharetrader.com. I already have a fairly decent start with my email list and have accumulated 500 solid subscribers in about 9 months, but this year I aim to hit 5000 over the next 12 months. I’m going to have a product that will help those people and have it ready to sell by that time too with a launch in the early part of 2017.


Hi Derek,
I’m going all in on my site contentigniters.com



I am SO IN!!

My project this year is to help more people to improve their intimate relationship and fire their passion in the bedroom.

I am unstoppable.

Storm Cestavani

OMG… I can’t wait. I know this is series is going to lead to something BIG and something new from you.

I’M ALL IN! — I am transitioning from a traditional astrologer to an astrological lifecoach in 2016, so this is right on time.


I am In, Derek πŸ™‚

This year I will be focusing on Blogging on my blog, http://goblog.club

Naomi Teeter

My buzzword for 2016 happens to be FOCUS. In 2015, I learned to go “all in” with the program I created for my health coaching/weight loss biz. I’m glad I focused on that instead of all of the little things I wanted to do. The big projects are worth so much more. I’m doing the same for 2016. Big focus. Thanks for the reminder, Derek.


    Mine too. ” do less, with more focus” in fact.


Firstly, love the way you steered everyone’s mind in one direction and made us chorus ‘I’m all in’ πŸ™‚
Though I must say my focus would be to split the year and goals/ projects into 4 quarters so we have that 1 main goal every quarter and also end up with more work getting accomplished.


We’re always all in πŸ™‚



I’m IN.
Focus even more on building and improving my eCommerce site as mentioned and developing social media- especially Pinterest to drive traffic.

Thank you for all your fantastic articles and ideas.


I made a decision to only focus on 3 major goals this year.

1. Acquire a full-time position as a Production Artist
2. Lose 20lbs to be at 8% bodyfat
3. Build an email list of 10K subscribers with my site.

What’s even more fun is if you take your “one goal” and you attach even more cool stuff that aligns with your objective. Such as…

Objective: Lose 20lbs
Attachment: Do a photo-shoot, physical competition, and/or get fit with friends and family during the process.

It requires little extra effort on your part since the other activities are in align with your objective. With my goals above, I’m pursuing them one at a time with just focusing on one for the next few months and then the next.

In 2015, I had 17 GOALS which ended myself being completely overwhelmed and barely accomplishing anything of significance. Therefore I’m beginning to find and understand this approach maybe the solution.


2015 I was working in so many projects, launch website, write first blog post, writing and publishing my book, create my online course, but I had nothing done. This year I’m focusing in finish writing my book until is ready to publish then I will move to my next project.


I think you are adorable! If I was 30 years younger and a foot shorter, I would nab you!
Thank you for the advice. It takes so much clutter out of my brain. I am focusing on writing a workshop/seminar that will evolve into a book. It’s on teaching others how to be more evolved humans. It’s something I have always wanted to do. Now is the time. Thank you for your inspiration my friend.

PS can I set you up with one of my many nieces? They come in all sizes, but all intelligent, gorgeous with great senses of humor! We’ll talk!


I’m in! I need to focus on developing another product (a course) and JUST THAT.


I’m all in!!


All. In. Baby.
Double fitness coaching turnover by focusing RELENTLESSLY on marketing & sales ONLY


Derek, this article came at such a perfect time. Thank you, thank you for sharing your experience and your results to reinforce the need for me to “Go All In” and concentrate on the one project that will increase my contribution, value and impact in the lives of those I feel called to serve. I feel as if a load has been lifted off my shoulders! Keep doing what you do because it is certainly helping me and others increase our level of success towards our intended goals. Peace and Blessings my friend.


My 2016 is going to be like your 2011. Starting a new business. And I’m shelving a few other projects to focus on the one thing, too. Great article, you are spot on. Cheers!


I’m In!


I’m In!


I’m all in on creating a niche online marketing tool-suite (interactive and social) that is win win for service providers and their customers. If I provide the right amount of value and get clear on conveying its benefits, it should have me earning a liveable wage that could then be sufficiently scaled up and fully automated with the help of online systems and outsourcing. Eventually the business could be generating me a somewhat passive stream of income that could enable me to add another side order to my plate. Thanks for inspiring me to force upon myself some clarity.

To 2016!


Awesome post!! It answers a question that’s been swirling in my head too long. I’m going ALL IN on applying for a local blogging/social media job, because financial security will be most meaningful in my life right now. I can table my business ideas for a few years from now when my kids are done with college.


I’m IN!
Focusing on building my email list while generating sales.

Thank you


Great article Derek. I so relate to the first part of the story. I’ve been starting so many different projects and getting nothings completed. Very frustrating.


Yes, I’m in!


I’m in! My plan is to focus on my business


Heart of the Flower – the book of yonis – here we come!
Thank You Derek – so timely…


I’m in!

I was actually THINKING about doing it that way this year BUT you have just triggered my decision.

Thanks Derek


I’m all in πŸ™‚ Going to focus on running the four Self-Actualisation psychology workshops. It all fits with my Big Hairy Audacious Goal of making the world a better place by empowering people and companies.

And just wanted to say, Happy New Year Derek, may you have a wonderful 2016


Im in


Yeah, that little guy with 5 projects at 45%… that’s me.

I’ve had a local business in Los Angles teaching and coaching Voice Over acting for 20 years. In 2008 I began to create a series of online courses teaching the same concepts. Honestly, I feel like the idea was ahead of its time. So the whole project has languished at about 50% for all this time. I KNOW that with about 2 weeks of concerted effort I could finish all the presentations and bundle the course and sell it as one unit. I also know that the market for the course is 10 times larger than the Southern California world I sell to now. And it IS relevant in today’s market.

I’ve also built a strong mailing list of possible customers from all over the country (and world) using Blog That Converts techniques. And ongoing blogging efforts in that area have increased my reputation and notoriety as an “expert” in this field. So the knowledge and logistics are in place. I just need that final push to move into the online arena. Soooo… I’m going ALL IN on finishing the Online Voice Over Course and the launch and promotion strategies to make that successful. Thanks for the help choosing my 2016 focus.


Hey Derek,

I have this kind of problem and I’d really like your opinion. Here’s the thing:
I go to college and I freelance. January is usually a busy month as there are exams. However, this is really preventing me from freelancing so I’m also running low on money.
On top of that, I’m looking to start my own web design/development business for a specific niche, so I could give up freelancing and do this only.

My primary work(freelancing) is not really optional, it’s my livelihood. I also don’t want to quit college.
I’m afraid if I commit to one thing(e.g. work), other things will suffer(e.g. college). I’m pretty sure you’ve dealt with this at some point so I’d like to know: how did you handle it?

Helen V

i’M ALL IN. Full push to finishing my second novel set in WWII England to draw on the readership of the first: “The Domino Deaths.” The first was a murder mystery, this one will lean towards literary thriller to follow in the footsteps of that great master John Le Carre. I wish! Still, shoot for the stars, why not?


I’m IN!

Launching my new online meditation course this week to start in Feb, this year the focus is this blog. Building readership, finding out how I can help them and providing that through online courses and helpful articles.

This theme has been coming up a lot this week, your email today was the final push I needed, so thank you!


I am IN.
I had two projects, but after reading your article, I decided to focus on one.
ideasU.com – I provide one “Startup idea for boot-strappers” every Tuesday and I am going to focus on providing excellent Startup ideas this year and growing my email list.


You’re a great copywriter (or at least you hired one)….

I’m in… building an ad network, and growing it to $1mil in monthly sales…


I’m All IN!


I’m all in, mini course, paid course and enrolling, completing and taking action on ‘blog that converts’


I’m all in!
Oh… does it count if I went down from 8 projects to 2?
That was hard enough! I’m totally with you Derek, FOCUS is the most important thing.
But in my niche– books– you’re always supposed to have 1 book being published, one at the editors desk, and one in your back pocket.


I am all in!


Actually, I have been putting more time on my main biz more than anything else. So I’m kinda answering this already with where my focus in. So GERONIMO! I’M ALL IN! So back on it… And thanks


I’m in. My focus is the development of products that will generate income!


I am all in. My focus is building my list of women real estate investors for my mastermind group and magazine.


I want to focus on one project — a membership site that gives all the courses for one membership fee. But that will mean working on many more different courses. So is that considered many projects or 1 project?

LJ Aviles

I’m in! My main focus this year is building my email list and sales funnels. I want to be able to provide valuable content so that people will then opt in for a free gift and join my email list. Then I can provide more value and offer something helpful.


I could be in! Show me your cards!


I’m in! I am going to grow my email list:)


Good timing on your article. I have identified 11 projects I want to work on this year. After reading your article and having the idea and content for an online class ‘handed’ *to me by Spirit this Sunday, I am putting all my effort into completing that first. It’s called, The Unbound Me : How to realize your infinite potential in life by knowing Who You Are.


I’m in.


1/ launch my first product on Facebook (loss leader)
2/ implement the guest posting strategy you have shared with me to launch my new technique
3/ launch my group coaching

My Pinterest strategy is on and live and pretty much on autopilot with the people I have hired….

My one focus is the income I want to reach by the end of the year.
I know exactly the number of clients, I need the prices…

All doable and most of it has been prepared the year before, contact, blog lists, product, …

My business is in one niche and growing it is the only thing I do.

Let’s see how it goes…


I’m all in!


I’m all in! My focus this year will be on my own nonprofit that I started with a friend two years ago. We gained nationwide attention last year and have created nationwide support. This is the year to let the other projects simmer (those projects that I am helping someone else complete) and go ALL IN with my own!


I am in. My 2016 project is to launch an online eCommerce course for everyone interested in having an online business.

Jen Riday

Hi again. Now you’ve really got me thinking. You said in 2011 that you focused on “Starting Your Business.” I’m doing the exact same thing now as I start my life coaching business. And my head swims.

I want somebody to hand me a tidy checklist of items I need to do, in order. And if somebody made a course on this topic, and gave step-by-step instructions with exact recommendations on where to buy each necessary service (i.e. “I personally recommend GoDaddy, Bluehost, LeadPages, etc.”) I would easily pay $1000+ for it. Your next product maybe? Go for it, Derek!

Some of the stuff I’ve wasted hours figuring out:
-where/how to buy domain name & hosting
-website/blog platform
-figuring out my niche & target audience
-where to get a good logo & brand my company
-actually building the website
-finding 1on1 clients while building the online presence
-platforms for list building (which, and how to use)
-learning how to write a decent blog post
-figure out how to easily connect with influencers
-the major social media platforms + new craziness like periscope
-wondering how I can do all this and make good YouTube videos
-learning how to use Facebook Ads
-create some Freebies to entice people to sign up for my email list
-conversion pixels (I hadn’t even heard of this until last week)
-work with a lawyer for my terms
-etc etc etc

I want some hand holding. “A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Start a Consulting/Coaching business.” Sure, it’s a gigantic can of worms, and it would certainly create a lot of controversy over what everyone thinks those steps should be, but if someone I trusted [*cough* Derek Halpern]… I don’t want videos. Just a nice, plain paper list. Beautiful.

My two cents on how I as an entrepreneur could more easily focus in 2016.


    LJ Aviles

    Hey Jen! I don’t have a course, and if Derek offered something like that I would be interested in it as well. What I do have is a checklist of the tools I use for my online life coaching business. I think it could be helpful for you. The free download is at http://LifeCoachLJ.com/freebiztools. Not just trying to spam my link or anything, but I thought it could be helpful for you. It has information such as email marketing tools, landing pages tools, social media automation tools, etc. Hope it helps!

      Jen Riday

      Thanks LJ. I appreciate that!

Qiana M Davis

I’m in. I haven’t decided on what project yet outside of my goal of being a working actress. It’s either going to be produce a show or my independent fashion magazine/blog


Ok. I’m goin’ in! (sounding a lot like George Castanza). I’m doing it!

I’m writing a book. Can’t tell you what it’s about or it won’t get done (I’ve got that jinx thing). Then my website and everything will center around the book. That is all.


I’m all in …. My project is to build my photography business


I am all in! I am focusing on selling “Tray Play” kits for seniors online, marketing to Activity Coordinators and Caregivers. This will take my Tray Play business to the next level.


Couldn’t agree more! i continue to discover how crucial focus is in getting to success. Get in lane / stay in lane.
I started my company july 2014, started with focussing on who my target audience was, and my general promise. End of 2014 I piloted my first product: a masterclass.
It was very successful. Sold a few times to larger companies.

After that I made the error of wanting to make follow up products directly. It didn’t work. I tried to figure out wether I wanted open programs or in-company programs. Do I target descicion makers or the people who need it and are end users.

I got my shit together during the summer. piloted a successful followup program. Not a masterclass, but a full blown program. But I didn’t have a good way to sell it.

So now my focus is on making money with the first product, which is a smaller and therefore more affordable product. And i’m learning how to sell the bigger program (with yes engines).

My first focus every month is to sell a number of number one products, and then have a big launch when everything is finished for launching the second bigger product.

Step by step….

Though focus is hard, because I making baby steps for a book ,video course etc… have to keep focus and postpone these other things…


Hey Derek loving your stuff,
#1 – building a big enough email list
#2 – actually being able to make money from my site

Finding it difficult to get the ball rolling, plus not making that much on my side job means there is added pressure


I’m all in too! My web site is almost 20 years old and I used to make a lot of money off of advertising, but not so much anymore. I have needed to find something to sell to my loyal followers, and it is going to be online courses. I’m really excited about it but feel VERY overwhelmed because of all the work I need to do. But I HAVE picked one course to work on and need to not get distracted by other projects! Thanks for the encouragement. πŸ™‚


I’m in. Developing and launching one product this year. Cutting back on another blog to focus on the one I want to make me money.

Jacob McMillen

I know this, but it was a good reminder and a needed one.

I started a 3rd blog in October, and we’re at 1,400 email subscribers & 30,000 readers in just 3 months and 6 blog posts. I’m going to put the other two on hold with only some occasional posts and go all in on this new blog in 2016.


I’M ALL IN! This year, I will launch MY online course instead of focusing on launching courses for 4 or 5 clients. I’m also stepping back from other smaller projects that really aren’t helping anyone. I will be using FB ads to find potential clients and webinars to learn more from them and to ultimately sell to them.


I’m IN!

I’m in on launching my online business so I can passively replace my current income and quit my job to pursue additional ventures!

L E T ‘ S G E T I T ! ! !


    *Quit my job by the end of 2016 that is*

Debs @ Wilde Orchard

I’m all in. Big Time. My all in project is my food blog and food photography, and increasing readership and monetisation. Goal: full time blogger and food photographer in 1 year.
“He who chases two rabbits catches none.” ~ Confucius


I’m in! Ok commitments are full college lecturer & self employed online tutor. I am classing both of these as work.

Also I am starting an online MA in online & distance learning in February. I have to go all in for this.

The rest of my plate ( other than family & life in general) was going to be Udemy based video courses. But I may shift this onto a back burner and treat it as a hobby whilst I am all in doing my MA.

Monica Galvan

I’m all in! This year I’m focusing on audience growth and connection by mastering email marketing.


I’m all in …

Learn and develop an online monetization strategy. It’s time to diversify my income stream.


And (since you asked, lol) my project is growing the readership of my site, GuyVsMan.com.

The goal is to parlay this into speaking gigs with video segments or podcasts or a book or whatever… but the first goal is to grow the readership. And that can only happen with consistent, quality blogging and better site mechanics.

Other concerns… well, i have more time on my hands now. No distractions more than any other person. So it’s time to make it happen.


Gosh, if I could teach my clients this one thing; go “all in,” it’s critical to perceiving your own progress. Mine has gone something like this:

2016 – learn how to build revenue streams from products (sales funnel)
2015 – do live events / create mp3s & videos from Source Talks
2016 – learn how to create events/do live expos, speaking engagements
2014 – book release / do radio interviews
2013 – finish manuscript / learn about book marketing / refine website
2012 – finish book proposal / submissions / secure a publisher
2011 – learn how to then write book proposal

These incremental steps have been focused, but simultaneous to combined making a living. By being focused, the extemporaneous opportunities did not take me off the path and instead enhanced it.

Jen Riday

In all in! As a recovering ADHD-type with 6 ADHD-type kids, focus is the #1 priority. I’m gonna lock my kids in a closet and get started. Thanks Derek! You rock.


    Also the mom of kids with adhd. If only the closet were an option. That line really made me laugh out loud. Have fun going all in.


      Glad you understand. And maybe I wasn’t kidding about the closet… πŸ˜‰
      OK, I was kidding, but a girl can dream.


Im all in. I want to build a strong foundation for my tshirt printing business which is 2 months old but I don’t know how…. Please advice


I’m in!


Love your post and the idea to do what will have the most impact on my life. I’m all in for growing my training courses. I have two courses that I created a couple of years ago that I need to update and then grow their audience. Thanks for the post, Derek!


I’m in. Focus on writing my book.


I’m all in


Derek, I loved it…

And I can see that you are so right.
And I find it so damn difficult….

BUT: I am IN πŸ™‚

And my ALL IN PROJECT is – getting my finances in order

Thank you!


I’m definitely ALL IN. My one new thing will be getting my SaaS launched. I’m in the process of making adjustments to my primary business to get more of it automated so free up as much time as possible for the SaaS.

The past several years have been pretty tough. This is going to be my year.

Thanks for the push Derek – the timing is perfect.


I’m all in to get the right advertising on my website so it’s starts paying it’s way


Yes. I’m completely in. I’ve not decided about that one project. I’ll let you know it later. Thanks for the post.


Excellent post. I’ve followed you for a while. It’s been fun to watch you grow, so I wouldn’t say I TOTALLY don’t care about your life and success. πŸ˜›
I’m going to try to apply this mindset for 2016.
Thank you!!

MiklΓ³s Mayer

I’m in.
I’ve already bought Zippy Courses to make online courses in photography. Didn’t start creating one yet though…
So now: I’m going all in creating a course on making timelapse videos.

Sarah Edgar Kelly

Oh Derek you’re just like an angel with your posts.

Doing the “do one thing, own it, then do the next thing’ thing. this year. So I’ve given up Milk Chocolate to start with on the personal front, and concentrating on a sector of my business for the first quarter. Kisses!

Jay Broyer

I’m all in Derek!

I want to start a Facebook advertising consulting company. Get 5 clients that pay me around $500- $1000 a month and help them grown their business.

I am going to start marketing using webinars (never done that before but seems to work for others)

I have also realized I suck at blog consistency so I think with my ability to ramble about stuff I know and my 16 years of face to face sales experience, I am going to use video (live and recorded), plus audio (podcasts), as my “platform”.

here we go 2016, game time!

-Jay Broyer


I’m in!
My ALL IN project is positioning and audience growth. I have been studying and researching about visual strategy for a while, and now it’s time to share and grow!


I’m All In!!
Perfect timing. Lots of side projects but going all in on my nutrition business for 2016.


Derek, I love the perspective that you used at the end of the post. My two businesses are great projects! But my health is the most important one. That’s what will have the most meaning to my life.

So my ALL IN project is restoring my health – addressing some of the concerns I have, figuring out what foods make me feel the best, doing activities every day that make me feel good, but also listening to music every single day, because it brings me JOY, and that’s probably more important to my health than anything.

Let’s do this!

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