How to Connect Multiple GMail Accounts to One Google Plus Account
Last Updated July 15th, 2011

Do you use multiple GMail accounts?

Here’s how you can “connect” them all to your one Google Plus account:

Step 1: Export All Of Your Google Contacts

First, load up one of your other GMail accounts (the one that doesn’t have Google Plus). Click on “Contacts.” Export all Contacts into a CSV.

GMail Contacts Export

Step 2: Create a Dummy Yahoo Account, and Import The Google Contacts Into That Account

Then, create a dummy Yahoo account. Upload all your connects into that Yahoo account.

Import Contacts Into Yahoo

Step 3: Fire Up Your Google Plus profile, and Import Your Contacts from Yahoo Into Google Plus

Finally, go back to your main Google Plus profile, and import your contacts into your Google Plus account. Pretty cool, right?

Import Contacts into Google Plus

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Ahmad Wali

Quite surprised by the misleading title! I wanted to link my account to Google+ instead of importing exporting.. You are just trying to get in search results???!!!

Olivier Compagne

The title of this page is misleading. These instructions achieve to “migrate your contacts”, which is a very different thing than “connecting your accounts”.

There is no ongoing sync-ing here, it’s just a simple one-time copy of data from one account to another.


Same thing can be done to export all your FB emails and create a database using Yahoo email. FYI

Shawn Collins

I want my Apps account to be the one in G+, too, so I don’t have to run this all through a different account.

By the way, the same process can be used with Facebook contacts if you wanted to bring them in, too.

Shawn Collins

I did this the first day of Google+ and it worked fine, but I’ve sen lots of people saying they couldn’t get the Yahoo list into G+ recently. Maybe user error.

I want Google to open it to Google Apps accounts – what an ass backwards thing that they provide less services to their paying customers.

    Derek Halpern

    And, I did this the other day, and I had no problems either.

    Derek Halpern

    That’s what I did. I had to export all my contacts from my Google apps account, and then import them into my GMail account. Was relatively annoying, heh.

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