Career Opportunity:
Product Developer for Online Courses
Last Updated September 27th, 2013

If you love to research new topics, know how to distill your findings into actionable strategies, and take pleasure in becoming a domain expert in a variety of fields…

…then I want you as my online training course product developer.

This is a full-time, virtual position, meaning you can work from your home, the coffee shop, or wherever it is you work best.

(This is not for people looking for part-time positions or consulting contracts).

Details About This Position…

At Social Triggers, we create online content (both free and paid) and cover a lot of different topic areas (like negotiation, persuasion, salesmanship, social skills, marketing, and productivity)…

…And I’m looking for someone who can help research new domain areas and curate the information they find into usable frameworks for entrepreneurs and executives.

These frameworks will then be turned into in-depth online courses, webinar presentations, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and other formats that help us share our knowledge and expertise with the world.

If you’ve never created online courses before, that’s no matter. I can teach you how to do that. What I can’t teach you is to love research, love reading, and love working in a situation where it’s both qualitative and quantitative.

Here Are Your Required Responsibilities

* Conduct research (both internal and competitive) to come up with new product recommendations – and see these recommendations through from start to finish.

* Review current products, videos, and content, and see what else we can cover (or create) to help out millions of entrepreneurs and executives.

* Be comfortable knowing that you’re working with a lean organization – and may have to work on other projects that may fall outside the scope of training course development.

* Come up with a training course idea, flesh out the entire curriculum (knowing what to include… and what NOT to include is vital), and see the course from idea to completion.

* Be comfortable turning conversations into content. If you come up with a product idea, you may be required to interview people — people like me, other experts, and the like. It’s up to you to turn those conversations into possible video ideas or training material for entrepreneurs and executives.

This position is PERFECT for you if:

* You’re the type of person who reads one or two books about business, self growth, or biographies each week.

* You’re GREAT at finding the 20% that yields 80% of results in a variety of domain areas (This means, if you read a book about productivity, you can flesh out the 2 big ideas that people can implement to get maximum results fast).

* You’re familiar with product positioning – and how to ensure we create products that stand out (not blend in) in the market place.

* You’re comfortable reading through blog comments, online surveys, and other forms of data to figure out what it is people want (What they say they want is different then what they really want. It’s up to you to find the difference).

* You can go through existing Social Triggers training courses (and content) and make strategic recommendations on how to make it better (You’ll have to back up your suggestions with data and possibly comments from existing customers). Also, you’ll be able to recommend how to package up existing content into new forms (like ebooks) that can be given away for free.

* You’re happy working with ambiguity. This is a creative role that’s inspired by data and research.

* You’re a GREAT communicator. There are different methods of communication (writing, creating presentations, writing video scripts, and etc) and you should be comfortable with all of them.

* You’re savvy when it comes to researching competitors and finding product development opportunities for Social Triggers.

This position is NOT for you if:

* If the last time you read a non-fiction book about business, marketing, or self growth was a 3 months (or more) ago, then this position is NOT for you. This position requires a lot of reading and research.

* If you’re looking for a “side job” while you’re growing your own business, then this isn’t to for you. This is a contract position for 30 days. And if it works out during this 30 day trial period, we’ll move you over to full-time employee status.

* If you’re not willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, then this is not for you.

* If you’re looking to be a front-facing content creator, this position is not for you. This is a behind the scenes role.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Working for Social Triggers…

This position has high expectations, but here’s the deal:

1. You’ll be paid to do what you already love… learning new things.

2. You’ll get to work in a fast growing online training and software company. And there are loads of growth opportunities now (and in the future).

3. You’ll learn the ins and outs of online marketing, product development, and the psychology behind persuasion, salesmanship, self-help, and more.

4. You’ll be part of a company that’s has one main goal: Helping people get more of what they want (whether it’s in business or life). We change lives – and we’re proud of it.

Plus, there are other cool perks like…

You’ll get paid vacation.

We cover your health insurance 100% (for individuals), and have a great family plan option as well.

You can work from anywhere.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Thing #1

If you think you’re a fit for this position, fill out this short survey.

We’ll be reviewing applications over the following weeks, and we’ll be sure to get back to you after we review your application.

Thing #2

Email your resume to Please note, use this exact subject line: “Resume for Product Developer.”

If you do not use that exact subject line, your application won’t be considered.

The deadline for this application is April 12th.

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