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How to Stay Focused: A 5-Step Routine to Get Into the Zone

I’m 99% useless. But that 1% when I’m not…

I’m dangerous.

What’s the difference?


When ...

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How to Take Your Own Advice

A friend asked me for advice:

"Hey, Derek. I'm launching my first online course. But I can't decide on a name. What should I call it?"

The answer was clear in my mind. So I told him.

"Don't obsess over it. Choose a name that describes the outcome of the course for your students. Oh, and make ...

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How I Made $500,000 From One Blog Post

I just published a video where I show you how I made $500,000 from one single blog post.


From ONE blog post.

It's a long video. 84 minutes. It's from a presentation I gave at a mastermind where many of the people in the room were advanced business owners. So, I know you'll dig it.

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