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Truvani: I Co-Founded A New Company Called Truvani
Last Updated September 29th, 2018

So, people keep asking me, “Derek, are you alive?”


I’m alive.

But I’ve been missing in action.


I co-founded a company called Truvani. We create high quality supplements made from real food products.

So far we launched 4 products.

1. Daily Turmeric Supplement
2. Organic Chicken Bone Broth Powder
3. Chocolate Plant-Based Protein Powder
4. Marine Collagen Powder (with Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 Collagen).

Check out the Truvani Store here.

What makes us different?

I had a conversation with our head of manufacturing, and he said, “I’ve been in this industry for a while. No one tests their ingredients for safety as much as Truvani.”

It’s expensive. It’s tedious. And it’s 100% worth it.

I mean, just look at the reviews. Our plant-based protein powder, for example, has 828 reviews with an average review rating of 5 stars (it’s a little lower than 5, but it rounds up :-D).

What do other people think about Truvani? Well…

Living Maxwell – Truvani Review

Anne Marie Gianni – Truvani Review

And you can see Truvani on Amazon.

This may seem “out of left field.”

But, it’s not.

Ever since I wrote about my personal health journey last year, I’ve been interested in health.

And then, the stars aligned.

For years my friend Vani Hari and I have talked about getting into health products. But the timing wasn’t right. Not for me. Not for her.

Then you might remember I wrote about “being burned out” earlier this year.

So, I made the internal decision to stop creating new online courses.

And man – things are going great.

On the health front…

We shipped our first product back in March.

We launched our second product in May.

We launched our third product in July.

We launched our fourth product in September.

It’s all pretty crazy.

I ran an online teaching business. A software business. And now, I’m running a health-based business.

When you focus on learning how to make yourself (and your products), the skills can transcend any industry.

I could share more about this, but I know you’re here for business advice.

Now, you might be wondering why I chose this market, and I wanted to take you inside my thought process… Because I think it can help you come up with your own ideas.

1. I wanted to do something I actually cared about…

Now, I don’t know about you, but I cared about a lot of things, but when faced with the question, “What do you care about?” I was coming up blank.

So, I followed the money trail.

I took a look at how I spent money, and I realized that I spent a lot on organic, clean products. I clearly cared about it enough to spend on it.

Action step: If you are looking for something you’re passionate about, look at how you spend your money.

2. I wanted to do something that could be a HUGE opportunity…

Once I saw what I cared about, I did some research. And I saw that the clean, organic, health and wellness industry was growing fast.

This was important. I prefer to enter into a business vertical that’s growing vs shrinking. It’s easier to grow, and it’s also easier to disrupt.

Action Step: Find something that has a proven market that’s GROWING. “Unique” ideas that have no competition are the WORST business ideas.

And that’s when self doubt creeped in.

“I never did this before”

“I have no experience”

But I said screw it. Let me see what happens.

And man.

I took some lumps early on: Manufacturing delays, Missed launch dates, Ingredient sourcing problems, and the list goes on.

“But what about your online courses!”


I already created an online course that solves all the key problems of starting and growing an online business.

I could rename things, and make it sound new, but that would be a “scammy” thing to do. Repackaging the same ideas under new names just to land a sale never felt right to me. I won’t do it.

These courses are already remarkable. And they solve the problems that they are supposed to solve. And it can work in most industries.

And now, I get to practice what I preach.

P.S. I’m a dad now.

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John Hopper

Congratulations Derek!

Nia Jax

Congratulations 🙂 for a new company

It’s really good to see a new achievement I live 🙂


Congrats on being a dad. That is really cool.


Congratz on being a dad. That is really cool. I wish you and you’re family all the best. 🙂

Dave Dayanan

Congratulations Derek! Blessings coming your way.


Congratulations on being a dad 🙂 and I’m glad you’re still alive.


Congratulations on your new addition and your new company. I have to admit, Truvani seems like a really cool company! Once I figure out how to get a decent following I’d love to become an affiliate – I’m a big fan of organic, natural, ingredients myself and love what I’m seeing on the site so far.

Thanks for all your very insightful information. I’m glad to see you found a new focus for your passions!


Congrats Derek,
Glad to see you back. Being a dad is 100x more important than any of your business issues. Happy for you¡¡¡


Hiya Derek! I’m sure glad that you’re alive! I wish you total success with this new phase in your life and that you can at least keep your online business programs available so that we can buy them. The ones that I have are great and I want to taste the others. I am checking out Truvani products as I am also interested in natural health products. It would be awesome if you could document your daily life in this more traditional venture at least with a weekly video (daily videos must be a lot of work). Cheers man! So glad that you’re back!

P.S.: Congratulations Dad!

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