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How to Live A Remarkable Life (The Secret? Be The Exception)

Things look pretty bleak…

  • 17 out of 18 women make less than $100,000 per year. 1
  • In 114 countries, more than half of the adult population is overweight. In America it’s closer to two-thirds. 2
  • “Poor at 20, Poor for life.” A new study indicates that from the 1980s to 2000s, people are less likely to move up the income ladder… even with an education. 3
  • Loneliness is becoming the next public health epidemic. And even though we are more connected than ever, people are feeling MORE lonely. 4

The odds are stacked against us…

…but I believe we all have the opportunity to, as I call it, Be The Exception.

And while we must continue to fight for what’s right, we must also strive to become one of the people who BEATS the odds.

We must look these statistics in the face and scream “NOT ME!”

We must strive to Be The Exception.

  • “17 out of 18 women make less than $100,000 per year? We need to change this. But I will be the 1 out of 18 who makes more. #BeTheException”
  • “Two-thirds of people are obese? We need to fight against bad food. But I will be the 1 out of 3 people who lives at a healthy weight. #BeTheException”
  • “Born poor? Stay poor? We need to fix our education system. We need to make things fair for everyone. But I will get rich. #BeTheException.”
  • “People are lonely? We need to figure out what’s happening. But I will pursue healthy relationships that make me feel fulfilled. #BeTheException.”

I’m Derek Halpern, and I’m the founder of Social Triggers. I’ve always said that I created Social Triggers to help business owners and entrepreneurs get ahead in business and life.

Or, in other words, I created Social Triggers to help people Be The Exception.

You may have seen my short motivational video about just that…

And you may also know that we’ve helped people start their business. We’ve helped people attract remarkable customers. We’ve helped people launch their blog and build highly engaged audiences. We also helped people be more confident.

And we will continue to do that.

But I noticed something interesting…

When I talk to my successful entrepreneur friends, people who live the #BeTheException Life, I noticed that we all focus on several areas of personal growth and development.

As a matter of fact…

I noticed that people who truly #BeTheException focus on 3 Core Pillars of Growth and Development.

#BeTheException Pillar #1: Business (and Career)

People focus on their business and career. After all, more money means more options. Also people like knowing they’re working towards building something bigger than themselves.

#BeTheException Pillar #2: Health (and Fitness)

People focus on their health and fitness. Especially now. We want to make money, pursue our passion, do something amazing, but we need to be healthy. No one wants to be the most successful person who got sent to the cemetery earlier than anticipated.

#BeTheException Pillar #3: Happiness (and Fulfillment)

People find happiness through different ways. We focus on our friendships. We focus on our relationships. We focus on our children. We focus on self-development. And this is equally as important as everything else. Sometimes even more important.

These are the 3 pillars of the #BeTheException life and mindset.

And they are all important.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I understand how hard it is to focus on these other areas of your life when you’re building your business, but ignoring them can have detrimental effects.

For example, I found out I had a heart condition, got a heart procedure that cured it, and still didn’t take my health seriously.

Fast forward a couple years later and I had high blood pressure and was 30 pounds overweight. Then, last year I made a lifestyle change. I focused on my business (and I launched 3 new products, 2 courses and a software product). I also focused on my health (and lost all that weight I gained).

No matter how bleak the odds…

…we all have the opportunity to #BeTheException.

And I want to help you do it.


What I want to hear from you is this:

How are you focusing on each of these 3 key pillars of the #BeTheException life right now?

How are you working on:

#BeTheException Pillar #1: Business (and Career)

Are you launching a new product? Are you starting a new business? Are you trying to grow your email list?

#BeTheException Pillar #2: Health (and Fitness)

Are you working on your diet? Are you going to the gym? Are you walking more? Are you trying to stand more often?

#BeTheException Pillar #3: Happiness (and Fulfillment)

Are you investing in your relationships? Are you building a family? Are you making new friends? Are you investing in yourself?

If you’re only focusing on one pillar right now, that’s okay. Share that too. But I’m curious to hear what you are currently working on and how you’re working on it.

Leave a comment.

And share this with someone who needs to hear this message.

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1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/10/06/AR2010100607229.html
2. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2016-global-obesity/
3. https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/07/social-mobility-america/491240/
4. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/the-loneliness-epidemic-more-connected-than-ever-but-feeling-more-alone-10143206.html

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How did you overcome the imposter syndrome

grant wilson

Good post..
Thank you 🙂

Jaye Williams

Thank you, Derek – You have no idea how much I needed this post today.

Johnathan Weberg

If you aren’t the exception you’ll be the exemption!
Without becoming unique and developing either a team, a schedule you’ll commit too,
and some kind of process to follow that is proven a produces results, you won’t make it!
It takes a whole lot to be successful!

Jay Rowden

I so needed to hear this today!! Fantastic. Very motivational. Thank you Derek, I love your energy. Keep on, keepin’ on buddy!

Beth Hayden

Thank you, Derek – you have no idea how much I needed this post today. I appreciate everything you do.


Awesome post Derek. Definitely a fan of your work man.

Been working on Pillar #1 for the past seven months creating Entrepreneur Fitness Academy that will help those I serve (entrepreneurs) with Pillar #2 ultimately satiating Pillar #3 for me.

Along with being the exception, I’ll continue to be the best version of me I can be every single day.

You’re awesome man… Cheers!


This reminds me a lot of Jonathan Fields’ Bucket Theory (he breaks it down into “contribution, connection, and vitality”), which is also very similar to the 5 Phases of Chinese medicine (a more complicated theory, but essentially Earth has to do with the home, center, and digestion, Water is about relaxation, flow, and self-cultivation, Wood is about planning, creativity, growth, and pushing power, Fire is about connection, love, and relationship, Metal is about reflection, boundaries, and letting go of what is no longer needed to make room for new things). In order to be fulfilled in any area you have to be fulfilled in all areas, so I try to keep my life balanced in all of these realms. Using your breakdown, right now I’m struggling most with learning how to make my business viable, as I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful family, good friends, and a good intuitive grasp of what my body needs in order to thrive. Spring is here, which is associated with Wood in Chinese medicine, so I’m using the natural energy of the season to propel me forward in my business endeavors, putting the finishing touches on an online course, but all the while making sure I still spend lots of quality time with my loved ones and eat good food, move my body, and find a few moments of precious “me time” to provide a solid foundation for all my work. Thanks for bringing people’s awareness to all this Derek. Entrepreneurship is so much more than business. It’s about life design, and that goes beyond making money. I think it’s super cool that you’re branching out in this direction!


I’m working on Pillar #1, but dabbling with Pillar #2. Pillar #3 is always evolving and I’m going through a much needed quiet time after some growing pains.
I’m launching my Recovering Simplicity coaching business that’s been a side project for the past 3 years. I started it to help myself with my own need to recover my simplicity. I’ve expanded to offer printable products and resources to help others. Everything is getting adjusted and updated currently, and I’m looking forward to when the integration is all finished.


Hi Derek

I am working on building a business online. I woke this morning, trying to figure out how to make more money. The easy solution is to find a proper job or teach more yoga classes. But I am exhausted from teaching too many class and the 9-5 is my last resort. I am a yoga teacher. I’ve had my website for 2 years, and only this year, I’ve started writing my blog and last 4 weeks, I’ve written consistently one blog a week.

I have signed up for a level 2 Baptiste yoga in NY which will cost me US$3K before flights and expenses. I want to do a coaching course next year, which will costs me SGD6K. And my savings will run out in 5 months.

I only teaching 4 classes per week. I’ve cut down because I want to focus on writing. There’s something there that will come up but I dont know what.

I know I am the exception! #godhelpme


Thanks Derek – you’ve nailed it with the three priorities. Getting the balance right is challenging, particularly for an all or nothing personality like me. I have done a lot of work on all three areas over the years, building my own personal framework and approach which has food as the foundation. By upgrading my food choices, my whole life has improved over time, and continues to do so.


Love this!

I’ve been steadily building my design business for the past 2 years now.

Last year I traveled to India and completed my yoga teacher training to help strengthen my physical and mental capacities.

I spend a great amount of time with friends and family.

All in all my pillars are feeling strong!


Great post!


Hi Derek,
Thanks a lot. It’s a wonderful post. And I got it at the right time.


Thank you. That was a great e-mail. I will strive to be the exception and thats that then! Thanks for putting your wisdom out there.

Nicah Caramba

Hey Derek. 🙂
I’m actually a BTC 2.0 student so as of now I’m in the process of building a blog that I want to be profitable and I want to get in online business. Most of my family and relatives own offline businesses so I don’t have anybody physically present to guide me. Thankfully I found you and other experts in their field and have been following you and them for a while now.
So in my own way I’m being the exception. Just because nobody in my family is doing online business doesn’t mean I can’t do it.
I’ve been working hard on my blog the past couple of months. I know that all my efforts and hard work will pay off one day.

Ken Thompson

Website is coming and didn’t want to post it. I’m with you Derek. I am the exception and have been before.

Early 2000’s, was making low six figures and went into business online. Made tons of mistakes; crashed and burned; went hungry; was homeless for 18 months. That ended 3 years ago.

Now, work full-time; have a room at a YMCA. It’s better than a shelter or on the street.

I joined Derek’s newsletter less than a week ago. Actually, I had heard of Derek back in the day. But Derek inspired me to begin this again.

Now, I have a solid idea and project to begin. I researched it and it’s a go. I’ll use Derek’s approach of building an audience and a brand, and then I’ll monetize it in some way. I have some ideas, and following Derek’s advice, I’ll be targeting people who make money. I know who my target audience is. They make money and have a compelling motivation to spend it.

I found and decided on a great domain name. I registered it just this morning, Tuesday 4/18/17.

I learned many brutal lessons years ago, both personal and business.

I’m totally confident, unafraid and will kill this. And I’m excited as all hell about my project.

I am the Exception.

Thanks for the nudge, Derek.

Ken Thompson


Hi Derek – This was a great post coming at a great time for me. You are so right about the three pillars but it is so difficult for many who are already working more than we should. Getting older in America has become a huge problem for so many people. At 77, I am fortunate to still be active in my career as a pastry chef at a 4 star, 4 diamond restaurant. I love blogging and helping others get joy out of baking and my book writing continues. I will run out of time before I run out of ideas. The social platforms continue to challenge me as there are always new ones.


When I was in my twenties, I was overweight, homeless, estranged from my family, and had a massive drug problem– despite coming from a supportive family and achieving a private school education while living safely in the suburbs.

I am now forty years old… I am a successful female Registered Nurse supervisor and a very successful entrepreneur. I left drugs many years ago, tackle a triathlon every two years, have a firm sense of self awareness, celebrate my family and friends, and am fascinated by the incredible world we live in.

Be the exception- no one changes your life but you, and no one owes you anything– you owe yourself.

Don’t be the opinionated complainer– be the logical solution! Work hard!

Leave a comment