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Last Updated January 27th, 2012

Today I’m going to show you how I slapped a jetpack on my blog’s growth.

And more importantly, I’m going to tell you exactly what I did so you can model it.

What’s better is this:

Even though I used this simple strategy to increase my blog traffic, you can use this framework to grow anything, from raw traffic numbers to loyal customers.

You ready?

Let’s do this.

First, A Little Backstory

Back in early November 2011, I was hanging with Pat Flynn in Los Angeles, and between beers, I heard Pat say “~20% of my readers said they first found me on iTunes.”

I didn’t spit on myself, thank god, but I did have the foresight to DRILL him on that number.

You see, I never ran a podcast before, but with results like that, I knew I had to create one.

But I wasn’t going to rush it…

Instead, I was going to follow what I call the “launch anything” formula.

And here’s what happened:

My Podcast Came Out In Early January…

…and here’s what happened:

It’s January 27th, and Social Triggers has already grown over December’s full month of traffic by 43%—and there’s still 5 days left before month-end!

If this rate continues, Social Triggers will experience 69% growth over December 2011, my previous “best month” for blog traffic.

But let’s not just talk about traffic…

…let’s talk about RSS subscribers.

On January 1st, 2011, Social Triggers had 14,309 subscribers, and on January 27th, 2011, Social Triggers has 16,590 subscribers, meaning my RSS list grew by 16% too!

(I don’t publicly reveal my email list size or my revenue on purpose, so don’t ask :-D).

Why was the podcast a huge success?

It’s because I used the “launch anything” formula I told you about.

But now you’re likely wondering “how can I pull off the same thing?”

And more importantly, “how can this same strategy work for anything… not just a podcast?”

Keep reading.

The 3-Step Formula to Launching Anything (I Just Happened to Launch a Podcast)

Let’s get one thing straight:

Yes, I used this 3-step formula to launch a podcast, but it can be used to launch anything.

Releasing a new ebook? A product? A training program? A new service? New real estate listings?

It doesn’t matter. This formula works.

Why am I giving it away for free?

That’s simple.

You see, when I give away sure-fire formulas that get you results, that means you know my material works.

That way, when I release my premium training product, you won’t wonder “does it work?” Instead, you’ll think “is this right for me?”

That’s the psychology behind why it’s smart to give away some of your best material.

Makes sense?


Now let me walk you through this 3-step formula.

Step 1: Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition

Here’s the most important step, and if you plan on skipping it, you might as well stop reading right now.

Whenever you launch something new (a blog, a podcast, anything), you’ve got to fill a need in the market with a solution that doesn’t exist.

I know that sounds complicated, but it’s not.

All you’ve got to do is this:

First, Take a look at your main competitors (look at the biggest and best only) and figure out their core topics and target market.

Second, Write those topics on a piece of paper, and then begin to write other topics that might be related.

Finally, Begin combining 2, 3, or 4 topics together with your personality, and you’re set. You may not have unique ingredients, but you’ve got a unique recipe.

And that unique recipe is all that matters.

I’ll say that one more time…

For a successful launch, you don’t need unique ingredients. You need a unique recipe. – Tweet This

Nothing works better than a real-life example, so here’s mine:

When I decided I want to release a podcast, I knew I had to do something different from Pat Flynn, and the other podcasters out there.

You see, I write about internet marketing, which is one of the most crowded niches. So what did I plan on doing to stand out?

Instead of bringing on the usual suspects, the top social media influencers, I decided to go outside social media to introduce new people into our community.

I began featuring world-class researchers, professors from top universities, New York Times best-selling authors, and anyone else who could talk about the psychology of monetization.

And BAM. I was done.

But having a unique selling proposition wasn’t enough…

Yes, when you’re using the “launch anything” formula, the unique selling proposition is vital, but you also need something more.

And that’s where this next section comes into play.

Step 2: How to Build Anticipation The Right Way

Here’s the deal:

When most people release something new, they often announce it AND release it on the same day…

…And that’s a huge mistake.

No matter what you release… whether it’s a podcast… a new product… a new type of content on your site… you MUST build anticipation.


1. That anticipation gets people talking about you and your upcoming release.

2. That anticipation gets people to comment on your blog and say “I can’t wait for it.”

(Note: When people commit to something, they like to remain consistent with their publicly declared actions, as originally pointed out by Robert Cialdini’s consistency principle).

3.That anticipation opens what’s known as an information gap, and people can’t wait to fill it.

(When there is a gap between what people know and don’t know, they seek to fill it. This was first discovered by George Loewenstein, and it’s called “information gap theory.“)

How Do You Build That Anticipation?

That’s easy.

You tell people what’s coming, but you’re not too specific about it. You give details, but hold back the real meat.

For example, when I launched Social Triggers Insider, I filmed a short video that said “Introducing Social Triggers Insider.”

In that video, I told people what my podcast was about, but I never told them who I planned to feature. That was going to be a surprise.

And what happened?

That video announcement post attracted well over 300 blog comments… 300 tweets… and thousands of hits.

Just announcing the release of my upcoming podcast generated a huge amount of buzz, but there was an added benefit…

People KNEW I was releasing something new!

The reality is this: Most of your readers don’t read every email or blog post you write.

So, when you break it down into two separate articles (or emails), you get two chances to grab attention instead of one.

To really illustrate this, when I finally released my first Social Triggers Insider master class, that email update had a 75.3% open rate.

Yes, 75.3% open rate… The industry average is often less than 20%, especially when dealing with email lists as large as mine.

Anticipation works :-).

Step 3: How to Deliver On Your Promises

Here’s where things get sticky…

When you build anticipation, you’ve got to deliver.

I know that sounds simple, but I’ve found that when people just do what they say they’re going to do, they’re light years ahead of everyone else.

Cynical, yes, but still true.

Now if you really want to woo your readers… and ensure that people KNOW you brought the goods… you should over deliver.

Here’s how:

1. Add an unannounced bonus – For example, when I released my podcast, I said it was an audio master class. However, I delivered a transcript, an audio file, and a video.

2. Deliver beautiful packaging – Your design is essential for building trust. So, if you deliver a nicely designed finished product, people will thank you for it. (I’m lucky that I like minimalism :-D)

3.DELIVER RESULTS – You can’t get around this. No matter what you release, you’ve got to make sure you’re delivering results to your readers and customers.

And that’s it.

You’re set.

Now Here’s What I Want You To Do

If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends.

I hope to help as many people as possible with my free content, and I need you to help spread the word. So, thank you.

But now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty:

First, you’ll need to come up with what you’d like to launch. Remember, it can be anything.

But here are some things to consider:

  1. You can introduce a brand-new type of content. If you often write articles, maybe now you can create a video series.
  2. You can release a brand-new, or updated service package. And I suspect that’s self explanatory.
  3. You can release a brand-new series of content. Instead of simply writing a one and done blog post, announce the launch of a blog post series.

And you’re done.

Once you know what you plan to release, just go back through this article and follow the 3-step formula.

Then, when it’s time to get traffic, use what I call “The Drafting Technique.”

Now let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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Alena Sham

I Discovered this blog on October 2016. Since I am reading each articles of you. I think this will be my turning point in my life. Finaly I started blog inspired by Harsh. Love to see some more helpful article in near future. As there are always changing the marketing strategies,hope this blog will surely help me.

Naved Khan

Great tips to increase blog traffic….I think traffic is the most important thing in blogging…Without traffic we can’t get anything from blloggin….I’ve struggle a lot for getting traffics to my blog but after following your tips i’m getting good results to my site…..Thanks a lot for sharing this great post. 🙂

Joel Savage

Thank you Derek, for this insightful and educative article.

Creative Mind

Nice sharing Derek,
Even after months of blogging, I didn’t cross the 100 figure and even get a single subscriber. I am really bad in promoting my blog
These tips are for sure valuable to build subscriber and get traffic
Thanks for such a nice sharing

Jonny Duncan

Thanks for the tips Derek. I have been blogging for a year now and am just starting to take it more seriously. Was more of a hobby before, but now I want to try and take it somewhere as I have a lot of good information and stories I want to share.

Paul Barnett

Building anticipation is one of the best ways of getting people ready to buy from you. I’ve used this a bit myself.

Great techniques.

Thanks for the share

Stephan Ledain

Really appreciate this stuff. Definitely unique advice. I really believe in tapping in to the psychology of marketing Steve Jobs escque .


Great ways and tips to increase subscribers and traffic. I still think Pay Per Click tops all the suggested methods

Jon Stannage

Loving this post. must get to work on this straight away!! Thanks Derek!!!!


Thank you for the information! I’m going to try it for my new blog.

Prasad N

Thank you for this blog post. Very helpful for new bloggers like me.

Vivek Moyal

Hi Derek… Nice to get in touch with you… really very helpful to know about these details. I am going to implement these details over my blog. Thanks a lot


I found it interesting that you said not to release content on the day you created it. I get excited about what I created and want to show it to the world. Teasing the content out makes people talking about it.

Jessica @ Jessiker Bakes

This is so on point, we need a new word for on point (thank you Carrie from Sex and the City!). But seriously, I am taking your idea – I got out of this that I should branch out.

Aqib Shahzad

great article keep it up and share article with is like this

Terrel Brinkley

Great Information! Thank you very much!


Hi Derek
I have a decent blog and was trying to get right ideas to promote. Your podcast idea looks promising. Planning to try.
Thanks for for the great info.

Ryan Cruz

What can I say, you’re blog posts are worth a lot more than what other PAID gurus are selling these days.

I retweeted your quote about not needing unique ingredients but rather a Unique recipe on things. It’s simply what everyone should look out when starting out.

About the “launch strategy”, do you think it’s wise to implement upsells, downsells, etc to filter out prospects and clients?

Thanks Derek!

Curtis Love

A podcast is a great way to increase traffic to your website and this post got all types of ideas spinning in my head. I think the main thing is consistency and age. Most sites will not rank on the first page of Google like yours because these sites are not consistent. Also, most people will need to advertise cheaply. A good way to do this is through my website that sends 10,000 people to your site a month for pennies. You can try sites like adfly and clicksor but the truth is they simply don’t work and charge too much. IncreaseTraffic.co is for the everyday average consumer.

Constantin Joshua

nice post with solid facts which help me refresh my thoughts.
BUT my blog is about veganlogy, all thoughts about vegan and vegetarian. I am still struggling on the RSS subscriber digits which up and down, cannot sustain or increase or break the ice.

Ngee Key

It’s been great to listen to your podcast all the way from Singapore. It wakes me up for focusing so much on other social media and website that I neglect the important aspects of it, that is building anticipation for new produce launches. Thanks for the tip and advice share so selflessly. I am grateful for people like you to give away great content free. This prompts me to launch my first eGuide free instead of charging it. Building anticipation and email list is so crucial. And of course, without neglecting the trust and relationship been reinforce.

Advait Panchal

But SEO plays a major role in increasing traffic
also social bookmarking

Anna Newell Jones

Very informative post. Your tips are practical and easy to implement. Thanks!


Great post. Thanks
But not a single date not even in the comments. Makes me cringe. For some reason it leaves me with bad feeling and almost like you are hiding something. Just not a good overall feeling.
Necessary? Pros vs Cons on hiding dates?

Matthew Jeschke

Stop creating such good content… I’m running out of bookmarks lol I’m actually curious about something on your webpage though, what plugin are you using for the Recommended For You slider in the lower right? Or is that custom code you wrote? Hopefully I’m not posting this in the wrong place… Thanks again for the great content 🙂


Derek, do you use a plugin for the “Tweet This” part?


Simply genius Derek!

I am going to implement this in eBook creating with huge success; I can see things happening already!

Thanks a mil; can’t wait for the next piece of your genius mind! 🙂


Hi Derek,

I will not write a lot,
but I just wanted to say that I’m realy lucky to be on this site.
And what you are sayoing here really makes sense to me.

Thanks again



Thanks for the great information Derek. The timing is great for me as I’ll prepare to “launch” my business now, instead of just starting it. Much appreciated.

Rich Brooks

Great stuff as always, Derek. And as always, I find myself stopping in between paragraphs to start to put your stuff into action.

Just wish I had read this before announcing my conference, but on the plus side, I’ve got almost seven months to build anticipation and over deliver on expectations!


I love this simple strategy for launching new products! I launch one new product every month or so, and they are always things that my readers have demanded, but I have been failing to build anticipation before the launch!

Thank you so much!


Hi Derek,

I really like your teaching style which is clear and to-the-point. I believe having a unique selling proposition is essential for launching anything. (Love the quote: “For a successful launch, you don’t need unique ingredients. You need a unique recipe.”)

Off to read your post on The Drafting Technique which I’m sure is going to be brilliant.

Really appreciate your work. Learned so much from you!


Gonna try this one, makes sense so far

Ryan Hanley


Am I crazy or do you not have an RSS Feed for Social Triggers?

I’d love to add to my Google Reader.


    Jason Fonceca

    Ryan! Great to see you here man.!

    I’m pretty sure Derek does have RSS – he was talking about it somewhere recently… a recent post or at The Badass Project Conference chatroom… or…

    In this article! LOL:

    “…let’s talk about RSS subscribers.

    On January 1st, 2011, Social Triggers had 14,309 subscribers, and on January 27th, 2011, Social Triggers has 16,590 subscribers, meaning my RSS list grew by 16% too!”

    He also goes in the comments to say

    “Yes I believe RSS is worthless.” lol.

      Ryan Hanley

      Jason… I’m completely down with Triggers.

      Am I crazy that I can’t find the stupid little RSS button. Can someone post the link for me. I feel like a super newbie here.

        Jason Fonceca

        There ya go, from the man himself.

        And don’t worry, I already looked for you, using the awe-inspiring power of… Google, and I still couldn’t find ‘the button’ lol 😀

        Derek Halpern

        Just subscribe by email. I don’t promote the RSS button mainly because I send stuff to email that I don’t post on the blog.

          Ryan Hanley

          Thanks Derek! That’s what I’ll do… I just want to get your material bro… Love it!


Building anticipation is definitely one of the keys to a successful product launch and mix that with a perception of scarcity you will most likely hit a jackpot. Nice work Derek.


Derek, there’s certain things that happen in life that aren’t coincidence. You posting this right when I need it, is not coincidence. It’s a blessing. I took 6 key notes from this article that I have saved in my permanent notebook.

When my product launches and blows away my expectations, I’ll be sure to send you a Thank You!

Jason Fonceca

As usual, a refined, pure, solution-focused post. Love it. 🙂

I’ve been good on some of these, but I could really benefit from increased anticipation. Thanks, as always Derek.

Michael Belk

Great post Derek, I will consider podcast. Thanks for the info.


Well this is definitely a post that has inspired me to take action, about something! Not sure what yet as I’ve been contemplating on adding video/podcasts and/or a new series of blog posts. I think I have many unique recipes (pun intended) just need to decided what to move forward with. Thanks for keeping me on my toes Derek!


Hey Derek, do you think this technique can also work for people who are just starting out online? For instance if you have a small or even non-existent list? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for a great post, Victoria

Matt Hamilton

Really great technique, although it seems that you need to already have a large number of follower, likers, or blog readers for this to work. How do you spread the word when you aren’t very well known?

Jon Buscall

Adding a podcast to my marketing mix just over a year ago has massively impacted my business. My show, The Online Marketing & Communications Podcast is the biggest form of lead generation I have now, after word-of-mouth referrals.

The best tip I can give any prospective podcaster is, as well as ensuring your show is on topic, is to have great sound quality. People love the overall professionalism.

Dave Alcock

Straight to the point and no messing about. Useful and easy to follow. Nicely done.

Lars Holdgaard

I love that formula, and I’ve been using it for some time. As I have a webshop, anticipation is really something our competitors are missing. They just release new products without that, but if you have it, it really works WHEN you release something.


You always deliver insightful actionable content Derek.

Thanks for the valuable insights sir!


great timing derek! Totally relevent content (as usual)! How much time do you suggest between announcing that “something is coming” with teasers and the actual launch?

Sarah Kohl

Your choice of academic experts, your ‘differentiator ‘, is brilliant Not only does it set you apart, but I find them more trustworthy than industry leaders (celebrities). Trust is hard to earn.

Your timing is perfect. I am planning a video launch this year I’ll give the ‘3-step’ a try. It makes intuitive sense. Thanks for sharing it.


This is an epic post Derek and thanks for these free tips. What I don’t understand is step 2. How do you build anticipation if you don’t have an email list or your blog doesn’t have so many visitors?

It seems the launch anything formula would be restricted to people who have the means to create a buzz.

Melanie Hay

Hi Derek,
You make launching anything sound so easy 🙂

I’m definately one of those people who stumble on Step 2 as I get so excited about releasing a new design that I neglect building up antipation & end up launching & releasing my product at the same time.

Your simple 3 step approach just makes sense.

Time to start PLANNING my product launches for 2012 – thankyou!

Jayne Georgette

As always, your posts, ideas, suggestions, guidance never fails. I wonder how and when did you become a genius?
Could you also reveal how you create a podcast?

    Derek Halpern

    Genius? Hardly 😛

Travis (The RPG Guy)

I think I may be getting a little hung up on #1, but as far as the “combining 2, 3, or 4 topics together” can you give an example of this?

Also, the whole you don’t have to have totally unique content is kinda blowing me mind. Hehe.

Thanks Derek! 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    Look at Social Triggers. I combine blogging, internet marketing, email marketing, psychology, and conversion rate testing.

      Travis (The RPG Guy)

      Gotcha’! Perfect! Thank you! 🙂

Debra Hilton

Thanks for sharing your strategy. It certainly sounds practical and doable. I’m off to do some brainstorming and try it out.

    Derek Halpern

    Let me know how it turns out!

AHBrowne @ahbrowne.com

Love. That’s all I have to say. 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    I’ll take it!

Karin Joan

can’t wait to start, great post!!

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Karin.

Dan Sumner

Great formula Derek, I actually listened to one of your pod casts today with Jonah Lehrer. Some great info shared. I loved the part about the Burberry clothes, that was great sales technique and so personal. I spent a similar amount last week on Stone Island clothing, but I was never treated like that.

I have been looking into Podcasting today with a vision to create my own. I will also be looking into the rest of your interviews soon.

Keep them coming Derek excellent content man.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome. Glad you enjoyed it.

Karen Pelletier

Great suggestions, as always. I tweeted this article, then tried to post it to my FB page but the FB sharing button didn’t work. Pls check it. I’m always happy to spread the word for great content.

What do you think of the book Think & Grow Rich?

    Derek Halpern

    That book is a classic, though I prefer his first book, the Laws of Success.

    Not sure why the Facebook share button isn’t working as its working for me.

Garish Wasil

hey Derek, you rock Man ! And this post rocks too ! 🙂

I, always, was in search of a good launch technique, and here it is – the perfect 3 step formula. I am going to use it a long way for many of the things that I have planned for my blog. Thanks again for sharing this. And you are (really) teaching psychology here and we, the IMers, do need that badly 🙂

On a side note : how will this technique work for my startup (that is a new concept website in a completely different niche than my blog)
I don’t already have a target audience for that niche, so how will I get the word out ?
I am going to email you about that too (hope you read and reply emails from your readers).

Garish Wasil

    Derek Halpern

    You can announce it to your blog, but to be honest, it likely won’t work as well. Especially since it’s an unrelated niche.

Katrina Padron

The part about recipes and ingredients makes so much sense now. It’s a great formula that I’ve never seen anyone address, they just say well, what makes you different….

That was helpful. Thanks!

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome Katrina!

    That’s why people read Social Triggers, after all.

    I don’t publish that same ole stuff you find everywhere else ;-p.


thats´s a perfectly written and set-up article!! Enough to read and note, easy reading style and very motivating to follow!
Great post.
Yes, the recipe itself is the secret mixture, we all get a cake once the product is baked.
For me, my next task is to figure out my value-add for the market, I am working on it already, so this articel came just in time for me 🙂

Keep the great work going!

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you!

    Glad it came just in time. What are you working on?


Fabulous as always Derek! Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’m working on my first group coaching program for creative entrepreneurs & I’m trying to get people talking about it. I’ve written one post about it & I’ve created a newsletter list for people to join who want updates on the course. I’m going to include a great pre-launch deal to those on that newsletter list too! I’ve got a ways to go, but this will help me so much! I can’t wait to see how it works for me. Thanks again!

    Derek Halpern

    Glad to hear it Meagan.

    Sounds like yo have your hands full too.

    Good luck on your launch.

Ray Edwards

I wonder if people appreciate the value of what you have delivered in this deceptively simple post? Well done!

I always make time to read Social Triggers. This kind of content demonstrates why.

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Ray — glad you’re a reader here.

    It’s funny how the simplest solutions always work the best, too, heh.

Eric T. Wagner

Wow, great stuff. So clear. So concise. And so helpful. Especially love the anticipation part. Sometimes we get in such a hurry to just get it out, we forget about the build up. Good tips Derek. Really appreciate it… 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome Eric.

    And yes, we all forget about the build up.

    Sad, too. Heh.

Dave Tong

Perfectly timed… I wanted to launch a podcast before Feb ends as well and was looking for a blueprint to stir up interest.


    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Dave.

    Glad you liked it.


Hey Derek,
Great 3 step formula, thanks for sharing this. I have a question (Disclaimer: Not be a critical of your post)

I think you did a post where you reviewed other peoples website and recommended improvements. In that video, did you say RSS and Search Box were really not something you think people use as much anymore?

This has been a question on some of our sites and just wanted to confirm your thoughts of RSS being an important channel.

Thank you!

    Derek Halpern

    Yes, I believe RSS is worthless.

    However, I share RSS numbers to show growth.

Dewane Mutunga


I suspect that the fact that your master class was free was a key component to its success. There was no risk in obtaining information that people could profit from.

(Not taking away from your content because it’s always insightful)

When you give value first and in the process help people solve their problems, people are going to eat it up.

As you said, the thinking is if the free stuff is this great then the paid stuff must be absolutely amazing.

Great Stuff!

    Derek Halpern

    Eh, not necessarily.

    Thinking it’s free as the only reason it worked is wrong. It worked because it was unique. I could have sold it, and it would have done well, probably better actually :-p.

Mark Wiens

Great formula Derek, and as always, it’s all backed up with solid evidence.

I’m in the process of creating a Thai food video recipe series and looking forward to implementing these tips for the launch. Thanks for the advice!

    Derek Halpern

    I’m in the process of looking for where I can see those Thai food recipes. Not for me, because I don’t cook. But I’ll have to have someone else cook it for me.


A real corker here with 3-step formula. Hooking ’em.

Fishing going to be great with all the bait your tossen.

When you going to real us in?

What date should we expect – so we’re not off somewhere else?

    Derek Halpern

    Heh, soon!

Suzy Weiss


Normally, I read your blog posts with great interest, but I must say that ‘you hit the ball out of the park’ with this one.

I loved your approach to making yourself standout in the crowded IM space… Go for a BIG idea (World-class experts on the psychology of monetization).


Then you put a beautiful ribbon around it with the build up of anticipation.

Then delivering the ‘goods’ with a bit of showmanship and style (Steve Jobs could not have done it any better).

Thanks for sharing this with your readership. You easily could have charged some money for the content and strategy behind this blog post.

Thanks again,

Suzy Weiss
Dating Coach for Women Over 40

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you Suzy.

    Glad you enjoyed the article, and for that huge compliment. I’m obviously a big fan of Steve Jobs, like millions of other people out there!

John | Married (with Debt)

Derek, your advice always steers me right. I’m going to look into doing a podcast. Just need to hit up best buy for a quality mic. Adding value is something we should all strive for.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome man.

    Podcasts are a lot of work, but if you pull it off right, it can be HUGE.


This is a great article. Simple steps that are easy to execute but make all the difference in a successful launch. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me as I’m preparing for a new launch and was looking for some simple tips to make sure it’s a hit and not a flop!

Thanks so much for your insight!


    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Andrea.

    Let me know how it goes.


Awesome post, Derek!
I especially was interested in the releasing of a service or product in a two-step process. I’ve never thought about that. I love reading your posts as you share very valuable and insightful information. Thank you for all you do for all of us!
Deb 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you Deb.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Do make sure you share it up too 🙂


Derek, I just want to say – I think you’re awesome (seriously). I really admire what you’re doing with Social Triggers and I’m not surprised you’re seeing those kinds of results.

PS. Being likeable and approachable go a long way — you reached out to me a long time ago on twitter asking if you could help me out, suggested potential hosts for my then non-existent blog, etc. I’ve never forgotten that.

Keep up the great work!

    Derek Halpern

    I remember, and thank you Nikki!


I love how you’re working with the USP – not just for the podcasts but for the entire blog. It’s not internet marketing, it’s internet marketing + psychology. Thank you for sharing the recipe!

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome, and glad you’re digging it.

    And you’er right.

    It’s marketing + psychology.

    And eventually, I may just trick everyone and teach them psychology. H aha.

Dean Dwyer

Well I must admit I am certainly rethinking my reluctance to do this (simply because everyone else out there is doing it). But I will add this Derek, since I started implementing a few of your strategies (ie adding a blog sign up at the end of my posts) I have been averaging double digit blog sign ups for the past month now which is pretty cool for a blog that is not quite 7-months old in a crowded niche.

So you know your sh*t my friend. I’m polling my facebook fans as we speak to see what they think.

Thanks for sharing with such great detail my friend.


    Dean Dwyer

    opps meant to say daily double digit blog sign ups with your little tip (and most of them sign up using the form at the end of the post 🙂

      Derek Halpern


      The signups are what matters FOR SURE.

      Can you email me those results?

      Would love to save that as a testimonial 😀


Hey Derek, great post.

One question though: how do you go about announcing things if you are really starting from scratch and you have no following? By using the drafting technique?

    Derek Halpern

    The drafting technique is a start, but more on getting that following in the course.


If I may…

“I keep reading data that says people don’t like to read”

Yes and no. The people you actually care about – those that aren’t just skimming your content – will want to read. Those people will convert far better than the skimmers anyway. Short videos may have a bigger draw but the net gain isn’t necessarily any higher.

    Derek Halpern

    You’re right.

    But the same goes for video and audio.

    The people who are going to buy are going to read, watch, and listen.


      Excellent point that ‘those who will buy will read, watch & listen’. It’s so easy to lose focus on the ONE person who will pay $$ & chase rabbit ‘everyone’ down never ending rabbit holes. Assuming quality content, people will consume.

Josh Sarz

Just wonderful. Well worth staying up at 1am in the morning. I’m going to sleep now. Thanks for sharing this, Derek.

    Derek Halpern

    Glad you liked it Josh.

Suddenly Jamie

Great post, Derek.
Thanks for sharing your insights from your experience. You’re inspiring me to try my hand at some new things for my business … and I’m already in the throes of thinking seriously about “jetting off” in a differentiating direction – so you’ve given me a little validation there as well. (To be honest, I’m getting tired & bored of being “one of the hoard” … it’s time to take my own advice, create my own space, and have some fun with it!)

One quick question: How important do you think it is that you launch with a new type of content (video or audio, for instance, if your primary content stream is text-based)? And, (I lied – two questions …) do you think that the “newer” media types (video and audio) have a bigger draw in general? (I keep reading data that says people don’t like to read … )

Thanks for another great post. Off to share! 🙂

    Gregory Ciotti

    As for how important new types of content are Jamie, I think it largely depends on your audience (nice middle of the road, vague answer, I should be a politician ;)).

    But seriously, topic & audience would seem to be the decider in most instances, in the “business blogging” world all forms of media seem acceptable, that’s just the way the audience is.

    However, if you were running a “writing blog”, focusing on video probably wouldn’t be in your best interest.

    Similarly, a blog about politics would probably have an audience that is keen to audio & podcast content, where as a personal fitness site would probably have an audience that favors video.

    In the last session with Ramit, he talks about (and is generally very knowledgable on) creating surveys for your audience to get feedback on exactly these kinds of issues.

    Your audience should really be creating the product idea for you with their demands and what they are looking for.

    You could incorporate questions as to what content mediums would be preferred when asking them.

    Derek Halpern

    It doesn’t need to be a new type of content. It can simply be a new series.

    And no, I don’t think newer media types are essential. It all depends on what you’re doing.


Great detailed post. I’m guessing that step 1 is what most people, yours included, can get tripped up on. Thanks for sharing the info.


    Derek Halpern

    You’re right, step 1 is the hardest, but it’s because people stress over finding that one unique idea. However, you just don’t need it. you just need the unique recipe.


Solid post, Derek. Thanks for the tips – the drafting technique is genius.

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you Matt, and yes, the Drafting technique really is genius, haha. Might have just broke my arm patting myself on the back there, though 😉

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