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Marie Kondo says to dispose of clutter. I say you should dispose of people. Here's why...

So, one of the first rules of “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” is, “take each item in one’s hand, ...

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How to Make Boring Content More Engaging

So, I’m running a mastermind group. One of the members was struggling with content creation. She said:

Our blog posts are informative. But how do we make them more engaging for our readers?

What did I tell her?

I shared my "3 sentence rule" for making boring content ...

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A Surprisingly Simple Way to Delight Every Customer

So, I recently went to a new restaurant, and they did something extraordinary. It’s one of my go-to spots now – I keep going back.

What happened?

Of course, the food was great. But the reason I keep going back is not the food. This restaurant did one thing in particular that made me come back.


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