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Superstars like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have huge fan bases who are loyal and, let’s be honest, a little obsessive.

Their fans go to all their concerts, talk about them on social media, buy paraphernalia, and defend them tooth and nail whenever the media has something negative to say.

They’ll do ANYTHING for them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if YOUR fans (and customers) were just as loyal?

How Famous Celebrities Build Raving Fan Bases

Imagine if people just spread your content, recommended your products, and talked about you every chance they got…

If you’re thinking, “That would be AMAZING,” I’d love to become famous, then you’ll LOVE this new video.

Because in this video, I’ll shed some light on how superstars like Justin Bieber inspire fan loyalty

And here’s a hint: it’s not just about the music or the talent.

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Watch this video and I’ll share a simple technique that you can use to start inspiring your fan and customer base today.

When you’re done with this video, I’ve got a quick question:

You know the power of a community. What are you doing to inspire your community? Have you tried anything “weird” that worked? Share it in the comments.

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Oh, what a revelation, it’s got me thinking of what to call my “fans”.

I’m just wondering though if some might consider it as putting a label on people or a group & if at some point that might start to irritate!! I don’t think so however!


Brilliant as usual. I’m a devout Dereknik πŸ™‚


What about: Triggsters.

Matt Mikulla

I’m wondering how exactly to put this concept to use. As in, when to call out the group.

You wouldn’t want to put it up front in a list email because it would be less personalized.

Hey Beliebers, Justin here…

Maybe near a subscribe form?

Become a legitimate Belieber. Sign up to get a real behind the scene look at my life on tour.



Haha, here’s what just came to my mind: “Social Smartypants”!;)

Sheryl Plouffe

Hey Derek, I just read a post on your Blog That Converts FB group and someone referred to us as Converters. Nice. I am down with that.


Social Triggers could have fans called:
-Gun Club
-Media Guns

The controversy of this either makes it great or terrible – not sure.


1) the Halpernatics
2) the Triggers
3) the Insiders


Commented on here not to long ago, finally decided to call my two groups of clients, 4 Minute Warriors (which focuses solely on exercise and fitness) and Fit Heads (which focuses on nutrition).

Tommy Lebel

Thanks you Derek! Great stuff as per usual!

This reminds me that this technique is used successfully (on purpose or not?!) in many other domains:
– affiliates programs where you are not only an affiliate but a [cie name] Ambassador.
– the IT industry where the new kind “marketers” are called “evangelists” — Microsoft uses it a lot, it’s even an official job title – e.g “Sharepoint Evangelist”.
– also used by companies (e.g. Googlers) to create a more intense emotional bound.

In all the cases, it changes from the “usual” and unappealing job titles πŸ™‚

Ash Campbell


Interesting turn around on this. I’m into the whole internet marketing industry and know the difference of a few language uses can be vital, i have far from mastered it all the same.

I’ve a friend who is big into body language and I reckon combined with a few of the language tweaks you mentioned, could be a total perception overhaul in peoples eyes lol

Ash Campbell

Your shirt in that video was sick looking! haha love them styles!

This is such a f**king good article, there are complete cults out there.

Im in the middle of listening now and writing this comment

BRB lol


Wow, that was really cool. And mahalo for putting that up in video form! Thanks to this video, we’ve been trying to come up with a unique noun for our special fan base, but we having some trouble finding an identifier which “clicks” *and* aligns with our funky logo. So, I’m reaching out for help here. Any ideas? Here is our website:

Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

sarmistha tarafder

Great tip. Thank you!



Bryce Evans

How do I as an Author build a fan base building a blog?

    sarmistha tarafder

    Books are vehicles for story telling. Identify your target audience, know their pain points, deliver solutions addressing those pain points. Stories are great at doing that.

Barbara McKinney

We have to inspire our audiences and people in our life to connect with us with a goal of helping them achieve their goals. When you help them achieve their goals, you achieve yours organically.

Jenna Dodge

Brilliant. I can relate. I am a CrossFitter. There are millions of other CrossFitters.

We don’t just do CrossFit.

Now to think of a name for my tribe.

Paul O'Neill

Has anyone suggested Triggarians? The Triggerati?


Social Triggers – social triggees – so trees – soc tris – triggees –

Michael L Perry

Most services brand their tiers of service with an adjective: Silver, Gold, Platinum Service. What if we turned it around and branded the subscriber? American Express does this indirectly: Gold or Platinum Members. Wouldn’t it be more effective if this were actually the name of the tier? Hobbyist, Professional, Executive.

Aviva Goldfarb

Hey, Derek, LOVE your videos! I’m still trying to come up with a name for members of your community, so far nothing better than yours. Long ago I started calling my customers, members of the Six O’Clock Scramble family dinner planning community, Scramblers, and they seem to like it. This reminds me to use that more often. Thanks!


Love this concept!

Both of my business branches contain the word “Pepper”, and I’ve started sort-of-accidentally addressing/referring to the women who attend my in-person creative lifestyle workshop (Pepperologie) my “Pepper Girls.” It feels like a term of endearment to me, and everyone seems to love it so far. Seems to make sense because of the friendships created and attitude shifts that seems to happen for those who attend, and I can definitely recognize that the camaraderie piece is important in such an increasingly on-line world.

My questions is: How might I translate this for the regular visitors to my blog (a fashion/lifestyle site called Style & Pepper) without alienating any dudes who read it (there are more than a handful) or sounding too trite? I struggle a bit with the concept of claiming ownership of the people who swing by every day, but I definitely see the importance/benefit of encouraging community.

Would love to hear anyone’s thoughts!

    Megan DiPiero

    Jessie, I think the most important thing is to know your target audience. You don’t have to be all things to all people. If women are who you want to talk to, keep on rocking the “pepper girls” term. I’m in a group of professional women who are affectionately called “Hoochies” by the leader and we all get a kick out of it– even the guys. They like being honorary Hooches. In my business, I’m in an industry that speaks mostly to women– Beauty Photography. Are most of my clients women? Yes. Are *some* of them men? Yes. But I speak to my audience as if I’m speaking to my dream client.


Minivan Moguls πŸ™‚
PS: Also a B-School Babe.

Lou Johnson

Hmmm, My Name is Lou Johnson, Juggler, Magician, and Actor 6’6″ Tall. I got it. BIG JOHNSON LOVERS! :-/

Elaine Mingus (@SuperRadWriter)

Call us Halpies…sounds kinda like Yuppies


How about Social Tigers?

Billings Tanaa

Wow! I decided to name my subscribers “My Squad” but never really had an Idea what it could do before watching this video. I embed a forum on my blog where “squad members” could interact. It’s a new blog though but doing great. Thanks Derrick

Charlene ~ Life Beauty Mystic

Great video! And yet another example…New Kids on The Block fans are called Blockheads (that’s right. I’m representin’!). They produced a couple other fan based nicknames, too…Donnie Wahlberg’s fans are part of D-dub’s Army. Joe McIntyre’s fans are Bravehearts… And their “ultimate” fan membership is called Block Nation.

I haven’t found a nickname for my followers yet, but I’ll start brainstorming!

p.s. I’m also a proud B-School Babe! πŸ˜€

Tim Moon

I guess it depends if you want the focus to be on you or your site but here are some ideas…
Socialites (meh)
Shooters (’cause we pull the trigger on your advice, although that may bring you untargeted traffic from the FBI/NSA crowd)

That’s all I’ve got.


Trigger heads

Laura Chattington - RebalancedLiving.com

Really very interesting. Noun vrs verb in description… is there any statistics on this that backs up what you are saying and/or research, I would be really interested in it. Also what are the time factors here? And finally Did Justin and Lady Gaga set this strategy in place first or did it come after success?

Would really appreciate further information you have on this as it is a fascinating topic. Thanks very much.

Meyer Baron

Triggers set events in motion. When social triggers set marketing events in motion, the community reacts like falling dominoes, each each domino a trigger for the next.

Members of your community could be called Dominoes. Or, as a famous rocker once called them, (Derek and the) Dominos.


philip johnson

Marketing minions


I always look forward to your videos! In fact, I consider myself a better online marketer thanks to your helpful videos. I will definitely figure out a cool brandable name to call my own customers & subscribers.

As far as what to call us Social Triggers fans . . . I got nothing. Good luck figuring out what to call us πŸ™‚

Michael Nistler

Michael was right on track with “Shooters” and only needs something added to embrace Derek’s unique brand. My sense is Derek embodies unfiltered, no-nonsense, straight-talk. So I’ll submit:

……….(Derek’s) Straight Shooters

Carol Tice | Make a Living Writing

Derek, I think we’re Trigger-Happy! But it’s not a noun…still thinking on that.

I loved this video — finally, I’m doing something right! Members of my Freelance Writers Den community are Denizens. πŸ˜‰

Think your videos are rockin’ – keep ’em coming!


    Ok, that’s the first one here I’ve heard that is actually pretty awesome.

Toni Ann Barandon

SUPER info, thanks! I’d like to add to it that the size of his fan base is large because this “identity” fulfillment seems to work so well on teens and 20 somethings who are still on a search for who they are, and are very impressionable. My demographic is 30-65 and have already discovered their identity. This can work for me, too – now I’m off to find the terms that my peeps use to define themselves. Thanks so much, Derek!

Robin Carter

The grin with the lightbulb overhead … LOVE IT! Your videos are great and full of super content, which I share, by the way.


Hipmunk.com sent flowers to a few of their customer’s mothers for Mother’s Day. The best part the flowers were delivered with no advertisement for hipmunk. So that the daughter or son would get all the credit. Pretty cool.

emily nolin

Derek Devotees. Socialists. (just kidding)

Social Geniuses?


    I here devotees and I think of… something else (best left to some research on Google).


I’m on the right path, and this video confirmed it! I call my email subscribers Breeks.

And I’m a big fan of the Trigger Happies moniker.



Gareth Williams

Triggers With Attitude?


Hi Derek,
I’m a pretty new watcher, and I really liked this video. I follow another blogger who has used this strategy. Glennon Melton and she calls her followers “Monkees.” There are over 100,000 of us and growing!

I’m not sure exactly how to use this in my own business, but I’ll work on it! Thanks!

Claire Georghiades

What a great tip, so obvious and simple when it is explained so well. It may be quite a stretch to apply it to accountancy clients, but it is worth a thought!


I think it’s a great idea, but much like yourself, am having issues coming up with a name that would be suitable. Bartheads? Changing one letter would make it a bit uncomplimentary, although that seems to be acceptable at times. Bartastics? For you, what about Halpers (makes people think of helpers) ? Or Socets – female fans could be Socettes πŸ™‚


Hi Derek,
Great video as always! Like a mini chapter of a Malcom Galdwell book: insight based on research πŸ™‚
What about Halperners ?


This was a clever and helpful video. I always enjoy your style, Derek — the simple background and the way you make your point — unfussy and intelligent while not insulting my intelligence! I also agreed with your point, while never realizing I had signed on. Looking at the tribes I identify with, I certainly have a few more titles than I thought — bschool babe being one of them.

Comment conversation is also interesting. My contribution to the brainstorming. Please do not call me a trigger or a trigger happy in any context. I would be more than happy to be called a:

web runner
101 ‘er

Ciao for now!
Rome, Italy


thanks derek, you’ve inspired me to call my clients ‘clever little clients’ i think it works well. (my business name is clever little design).


Love your stuff bro! Keep on rocking.



How ’bout “Social Halpers”…

// M



Beatrix Willius

Interesting video. But isn’t being a fan a sign of being a immature teenie? Okay, sports fans are older. But they also seem immature to me when they wander every 2 weeks to the soccer stadium.


Nice video Derek and really great tips. Yes, it is important for people that they feel they belong to some kind of community and at the same time can relate to their own needs, problems, interests, etc. I thought about it but social triggers is difficult to change into something else, may be “Soggers” would be something. Thanks for the info, Hans

Venkatesh Iyer

Been working on my platform as an aspiring author. You just gave me some ideas.

DJ Nickles

Um… subscribers?



Traffic Nation

Conversion Cartel

Halp Squad

Connie Habash

wow, Derek – this one really got me thinking. I never thought of naming my followers like this. I’m really going to have to percolate on that. It does give me an idea for a blog, though, for sure!

As for you… um, Triggeristas?
Social Triggstas?


Today, I visited TJmaxx to post images of their merchandise on instagram to promote personal shopping services for my company, launch. My friend requested to join me in shopping one day because she is a Maxxinista, too. She what she voluntarily called herself? πŸ™‚

Elly Klein

Derek, my suggestion is ‘Converters’.

Works well for your Blog That Converts training (which I LOVED!). And isn’t that why we’re all here – to convert readers into fans/customers?


This is great. So glad I watched this one. And I was going to suggest Socialites. Or Social Guns. I like Triggernators too, haha!

Desiree M. Mondesir

What great advice Derek! I think this is something we unconsciously think about and do, although we don’t necessarily relate it to business! Time to think up a name for my “happy little tribe” members!



Llyane @FrenchOnSkype

Love it!!
(and, btw, I don’t find you obnoxious :))
I kept thinking how to call my fans…
I teach French on Skype, and my business name is J’Ouellette (actually, the name of my sock puppet mascot)
…so I thought
J’Ouellett-ers (nah!)
J’ouellett-iers (ouch!)
French lovers (trouble!!!)
…obviously, not an easy task.
But thank you for confirming my observation – I’ll keep trying!

Sean Mysel

BTW funny story about Bieber…

When you say people would do anything for him… it’s unfortunately true.

I was working at the Prudential Center a few years ago when he had a tour stop. He had a pre-event warm up for a select few girls that got passes. So he’s on stage and asks, “who wants to have my baby?”

Just about every girl was screaming so loud “me!”


Robert Wiesman

I like Social Paths!!

Diego Rhoger

Great content! As always! πŸ™‚

But i got a little confuse! I thought the internet were the most intimate of all media, and i know that we have to trigger the feelling of community into our viwers, but how can we manage that without beeing too straightfoward and scary them by labelling all of them toghether into a same category?

That got me thnking!

Anyway, i’ll try to include that thougth into my next strategies by creatting ranks and categories of cotumers, just like in videogames.

Thanks Derek! Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

Greg Blain

De Rekers

The Get In Shape Girl

Sometimes I refer to my followers as Get In Shape Girls. I’ll do it more often.

Also, check out Jenny Groethe’s facebook page, “Fitness for All Things GALS.” It started off with a different name, “recipes for figure and fitness GALS.” It has grown totally organically, she is true to who she has always been.. just a really awesome, inspiring fitness GAL.. and she’s calls her followers GALS πŸ™‚


I am one of “the Triggered” for sure!

Roger Deveau

Love the video Derek! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. A really good example that I have seen recently is Andy Jenkins calling everyone Bosses and Cuzins… Their audience LOVES it.

I call the people that I work with ‘ethospreneurs’

1. A highly impassioned individual who is driven to share their message with the world;
2. An entrepreneur whose moral compass leads them to make decisions that compels them to conduct business with integrity, morality and purpose.

It started as a way for me to weed out people who were just in business to make money and who aren’t concerned with ethics. It has started to turn into something that the entrepreneurs around me want to be labeled as because they are just as tired as the ‘get rich quick’ people as I am πŸ™‚

Keep rockin’

Lauren Rader

Whenever I write to my students I say Beautiful and Creative Women… Does that count?? I don’t think so….

liz edgecombe

how is it that just when you need to fill the gaps in your market strategy a video like this comes you way to show you how.:) love connecting the dots.
so not only do you make social triggers happen but there is more happening here. – a few things in the universe aligning???
so maybe social triggers is an outcome and the real noun is something more like we are “the social frontliners” who are proactive to seek to be the leaders of the social media movement? just another point of view….. thoughts?

Steffen Krogmann

Maybe asking your community for a name was not the best idea.
Everything seems kinda weird now πŸ˜›
It’s too “made up” now


How about “Trigger Pullers?”

Love your stuff, staying glued to the triggers.

Cassandra Tondro


Hannah Ransom

I’m terrible at coming up with stuff like this, but it’s definitely a great idea. Hopefully it will just dawn on me!


This is one of the greatest strategies you’ve shared. You reminded me of one of the most popular instructors at a dance studio I used to work at. Out of everything we offered, hip hop, b boying, jazz, and contemporary. Hula was one of the hottest classes to be at. she called everyone hula hotties. It’s because of this strategy she was able to hook both adults and kids to enroll into her class.


This was one of your best videos yet, Derek. This makes infinite sense. I have a peace blog and have been calling my subscribers “peace activists,” but I can create something catchier. I’m also a B-School Babe and at first felt strange saying it because it’s not the type of thing I’d typically call myself, but all the other babes were so excited by the name that I got into it too.

How about the “feature boxers” for Social Triggers?

And can help me find a hot guy?? πŸ™‚


Refreshing and highly applicable. That’s why we have to be always checking for new teaks to improve our business…


Loved it Derek. I did just this with my team – my business is The Creative Grove and I named them the CG Crew. So when referring to them in my blog I talk about joining ‘The Crew’. They helped me pick it and it became their identity. It’s been great!

Now for one for the community – hadn’t thought of that! Loved the content – great information yet again.

I can’t seem to come up with anything original for yours though. πŸ™

Mindy Crary

Did anyone say “Triggernators” yet? Like Terminator…:o)

Melissa Breau (@MelissaBreau)

I’m with those who mentioned you already call us Social Triggers Insiders…. to shorten it you could just call us “insiders.”

Peter Scott IV

Derek, this is absolutely brilliant man. Thank you for sharing. This reminds me of Seth Godin’s book, “Tribes”. Referring to your fans as a noun automatically creates a Tribe.


How about calling us “Trigger Mates”.


I am the Hot Girlfriend!! Derek!! You TRIGGER ME! LOL!
I got the name for my crowd! πŸ™‚


This is what Sports teams and Universities do in order to rake in Millions (or Billions of $$).


Amazing ideas and really loved how you ended up the video. thanks for the sharing Derek.

Kim Constable

I have unconsciously done this. I got a tip from the legend who is Seth Godin once, and he told me to brand my tribe with an identity. So they became WAHMies (work at home mummies). Now they’re referring to themselves as WAHMies in their dialogue. So cute! Great video Derek πŸ™‚ xx

Nyk Danu

Wow this is cool! I’ve got to put on my thinking cap for this πŸ™‚
Thanks Derek

Devani Freeman

You never let me down with the laughs! I love it! I’ll have to brainstorm on some name ideas. I need to do the same for my tribe πŸ™‚



    Joeal Manimtim

    I agree, trigger-heads sounds simple and it already stuck with me.

Robert Lewis

Halperns Hotshots or just hotshots.


Derek – Great tip!
I think this applies to our own professional lives too. Whether for career or business it’s more powerful to say ‘I am a _______’, rather than ‘This is what I do’


Oh my goodness, my creative brain has a minor melt down whenever I hear a fantastic idea like this and can’t think of how to apply it.

Looking forward to if you come up with something for your audience. I’m wondering if it’s best to brand around the identity of your core program, like B-School Babes, or if its better to let all of your subscribers identify with you as well.

For example, I’m a subscriber to Marie’s, but I haven’t gone through her program. So being a B-School babe seems like a prestigious thing to aspire too. Which might make me more likely to purchase. However, I don’t have that die hard loyalty to her, since I’m not a B-Schooler.

What are your thoughts?

    Ryan Hache

    That’s a really good point Marcy. I would think it would help conversion to her program but on some level could it make the rest of the audience feel less connected not being able to refer to themselves as a “B-School Babe” unless they are on the paid program? hmm. I wonder which way would pan out for the better. Now you got my brain melting down :).


      Yeah, those were my thoughts as well Ryan. Sorry to transfer the meltdown. lol πŸ˜‰


Love your videos!!



This had similarly been dubbed as “the Beatles effect” where as their fame grew in their early days the rabid fan base had spread so much that new fans joined on not even necessarily as fans of the music but as a way to not be left behind.
Tying into this has been shown if there’s a select group of girls screaming at a show others will then follow suit, in some sort of a weird tribes mentality. Its effective enough that bands when first starting out such as NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys back in the day had managers who would pay girls to come to the show, scream and create hype because of this Beatles effect that would escalate through the crowd.

    Bear and Rainbow

    Interesting Jamie. Ring girls are sexy and scantily clothed around the boxing ring/ ufc ring. Sexy girls are also on sports cars. So, we need to create the perception that something is highly irresistable.

Ryan Hache

Keep it simple and easy to say.. “Triggers”

Hey Fellow “Triggers”, anyone else feeling “trigger happy today”?
I am because we are an educated bread that doesn’t just understand psychological “triggers” but we pull “triggers” and take massive action.

So pull out your guns out and raise them up..
“have you pulled a trigger today?”


Yolanda Crowley

Love it! Great tip!

Mary Planding

Brilliant Derek! Love it! Great job! Very, very useful.

Some ideas for you that may be a bit out there:
Derek’s Tribe

    Derek Halpern


      Rebecca - Satisfy your Soul Cravings

      Trycos or D-Dudes
      but then what about us gal followers?

Michael J. Salerno

Hi Derek,

Here is my suggestion for naming your fan base in the form of a promotional spot:

–Want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace as a master marketer, persuader, and salesperson? Do you need to rapidly learn scientifically proven Social Triggers strategies and tactics to be more successful… more productive… more persuasive? Join the ranks of more than 100,000 Trigger Masters and subscribe today!

Simple. I would be proud to be called a Trigger Master. Keep doing “that think you do” and “Always Be Growing”. Would love to have you as a guest speaker if you are ever in the area.

Michael J. Salerno
Co-founder of the Boston Product Management Association
A 501(c) non-profit dedicated to product management and marketing professionals
Boston, MA

    Rebecca - Satisfy your Soul Cravings

    I like Trigger Masters Michael!

    And I LOVE being a b-school babe!
    It definitely is a badge we all love to wear.

    Access Consciousness also does this: they teach a bunch of tools and one of them is that we are all infinite beings – so they start a lot of emails and marketing techniques with infinite beings or beautiful beings – instant feel good technique.

    My business is about real self-care and satisfying your Soul Cravings. I’m not sure right now. Love bugs comes up? Not sure if that sounds interesting or resonating right now.

    I’ll keep exploring.

Marsha from YesYesMarsha.com

Halpern’s Helpers?

Derek’s Dudes and Dames?

In my weekly email and on my blog, I talk a lot about the Yes Yes Marsha Mailer Family. In my head, we *are* a family.
But this has got me thinking that I need a noun….the cogs are turning….

Thanks, Derek!



    Since everybody’s family on your site, why not call them Cousins?

    Sunshine & Blessings,

      Marsha from YesYesMarsha.com

      Giovani! I love it! Thanks.


I’m not into the whole gun thing but I like being an “Insider.” And I agree with everyone who said this was an especially great video.



    Megan DiPiero

    I’m gonna be thinking about this all week! Great advice. Truly intriguing. I’m new to your blog and loving every video. Thank you!


Great video (again) Derek! Here are some more (dumb?) names for your followers:

I’m a Halpern Head!
I’m a Derek Devotee!
I’m an ST Warrior!

Oh! and a point of order for Josh: Star Trek fans are called Trekkers … only people outside of the community who are making fun of Trekkers call them Trekkies. (Yes, I am a SciFi geek.)


I want to point out that there is an a huge amount of words in psychological literature and that your “group” doesn’t have to be a play on the name Social Triggers.

I hope you pick something creative. I’m not loving any of the suggestions before me on this page. Even just calling us your Social Psychologists or Psychologists-in-training is better than bad wordplay!

Tom Bentley

Derek’s Dogpile
Derek’s Army
Trigger Singers


Thanks for sharing, great video!
Soctriopaths, hm?


I think I’ll call my member base “Lab Safety Enthusiasts!” Great video!


Brilliant as always. I’m going to call my “Lotem Design” followers “L” followers. What do you guys think?

Jana Offutt

Excellent video, as usual – thank you!

I think Michael is spot on with the gun theme.

I think we’d make pretty smooth Sharp Shooters!
Snipers might be a bit hostile…
Loaded Guns
Moving Targets
Something about ammo, weapons, warriors/soldiers…

You’ll come up with something great πŸ™‚

Carry On! We love it :)))

Stephen Holt

Yet another immediately actionable video. Thanks, Derek!

Maybe it’s just me, but I get a little nervous being called anything with “igger” in it. (Relax, it’s just a joke πŸ™‚

I do kinda’ like “Socialites,” though.

[Note: Dick Vitale started the “Cameron Crazies” thing, not Duke students themselves (or, I should say, “ourselves” – class of ’82)]

Steve Freeman

Trigger Heads

Thanks for working hard to locate these brain twisting ways of making yourself clear to customers!

I’ve been reading David Rock “Your Brain At Work” and have been getting
tons of ideas.
Thanks again

Paul Haarman

What about H@lpers, because you help me with my marke”thinking”. And I, on my part, help my clients with your insights. And is helping not the greatest gift you can offer as a human being? Keep on h@lping!

    Ryan Hache

    I like “Halpers”


      winner winner chicken dinner


How about Triggs!
Triggs! Triggs! Triggs!
I am aTRIGG!

Woo hoo.

Trigg all the way, baby.


Great video Derek!

Now you have made me think!!

I will come up with an identity for my community!

Thank you!!

Fit Missy

So I offer a weight loss product and since there is sooo much competition out there my differentiation point is to actually treat everyone like they are my clients… and since trainers are scary it works! hah!

Mike Tidmore (@wideglidemike)

Pullers? Get it? Trigger pullers… yuk yuk

Shanika Journey

You made a strong point. Yesterday on America’s Got Talent, comedian Taylor Willamson calls his hardcore fans Taylords. And it started there and caught on. He got a fanbase so huge, he came in second. And whether you loyal fan, like him a little or not at all, it was stuck in your head what his die hard fans were called. And obviously they liked it because people responded to him huge whenever he called his fabs that.

So I see your point.
Cool that you pointed out more.

Elisa Lionne

Hi Derek,

thank you for this post! I especially liked how you use Justin Bieber as an example for studies performed at Harvard and Yale. This makes the information from those studies so much more relatable, easy to understand and implement and it makes it also more fun!

PS: I like both Halpern’s Homies and Happy Triggers πŸ˜‰


I had no problem coming up with a name for my website visitors. For my business, Beloved Doll Designs, it’s proving to be a little tricky.

I was thinking of dipping into how the My Little Pony community uses a different name for each gender: Brony for men and Pegasister for women. So right now I have “Dolls” for women and “Action Figures” for men, but I just feel like I could do better. I’m going to keep working on it.


    I did lousy on my first sentence. My first website, I had since 1997, when it underwent a name change, I came up with a name for the users after seeing a rival website (deviantart) do the same. This website is a separate entity from my business.

Robin Hallett

Derek, you rocked it today

    Robin Hallett

    I call my tribe The Love Posse. I love that bane, very fitting for my biz and peeps.
    I like the Social Tribers personally. But, Halpern’s Hotties works too


*or social gunners


Derek’s Social Guns

Great insight – thanks

Kay Ross

Hmmm, a name for your tribe/followers, Derek? I suggest Halpernatics (that’s Halpern + Fanatics).


Social Tweekers?


Triggerites ?


Awesome video yet again. I like Halpern’s Homies πŸ™‚

Sophia Katt

On the other hand, there’s this recent presentation of similar research (which I read 10 minutes before viewing the vid above:




    Well, I just read that and only see a confirmation of the idea in the video above. Just the look from other perspective.


    I was just thinking about the same thing!


Wow incredible tip Derek, thanks for share. I also need to start making a brainstorm.


Awesome timing. We are just working on the next phase of a social media strategy for a local restaurant – and this is the finishing touch we needed! Coming up with a name is the hard part πŸ™‚



I’m really feeling something related to “shooting” (with the whole “trigger” aspect).
Social triggers (to me) refers to the responses we see in people.
But what to do with those responses? Take action.
You’ve pulled the trigger… now what? A shot is fired. (Action taken)

Many connotations here you may not like, but Social Trigger “Shooters” is one idea.
“Hey what’s up ‘Shooters!'” (Those who take action.)
(lol… just thought of Shooter McGavin… anyone else know that one?)

And… I’m spent.
Thanks, everyone… be sure to tip your waitress.

~Michael πŸ™‚


After watching this video, one person that comes to my mind is Pewdiepie. He currently has the #1 most popular channel on YouTube, with over 13 million subscribers. He refers to his subscribers as “Bros”, and if you’re a “Bro”, then you are a part of the “Bro Army”. His call to action at the end of his videos is “Subscribe to become a Bro today!”

So he does a double-whammy on the whole noun thing. Bros and Bro Army. There are other reasons for his popularity, but I’m pretty sure the Bro Army has played a major role.


I like Halpern’s homies πŸ™‚


Great video. Thank you!


Great tip. Josh made a great point about the Trekkies. Another example is Duke’s Cameron Crazies. There are a number of other sports teams and schools who do a nice job of creating a cult following by assigning a name to their fans and/or fan base.

Trying to reciprocate the value, some ideas that come to mind for how to refer to the SocialTriggers.com readers out there are 1) Socialites or 2) Trigger Nation. Yay or nay?

Andy Krainak

Solid Derek! Do you know how to trigger? Are you are triggerer? #Triggerers

    dora g

    +1 for triggerers!

R.J. with eBooksHabit.com

Isn’t calling your podcast “Social Triggers Insider” making people feel like “Social Triggers Insiders” if they listen… more wordy than Belieber, or Dead-Heads, still functions the same, right?


    I like the word Insiders….

      Devlin @ Marginal Boundaries

      Yes! +1


      Just has that ring to it, and it’s not trying too hard to play off of the brand name.




Hey Derek!

This Video was perfect for today. We have been working on engaging our community at cooking with CSA and I think giving our fans a name would be a step in the right direction.

So far we have been calling them SRS Members…but that’s what the program is and not a very enticing name. I’ll work on this.

We are currently brainstorming ways to inspire our community, some ideas are:
*Host giveaways, for those who make and post a certain amount of recipes each week.
*Incentives for members who reefer there friends, either a discounted membership or allow them to make money from the subscriptions
*Setup a ranking system, the more active they are the more recognition they get ……
Still working on these.

And hey speaking of name I thought you called us insiders?

    Derek Halpern

    Interesting setup there with the 3 things you’re testing.


Maybe it sounds all fluffy and corny, but I like to inspire my community by sharing my story of how I launched a business with $170. I like to show other people how that’s possible for them too. With excellent planning, of course πŸ˜‰


I decided a while back to call my clients and followers – honorees. I own a personal image consulting firm called Honor You and my motto is: “Honor Your Shape. Honor Your Size. HONOR YOU!”

Josh maybe you can calls yours Futurists.

Martin Stellar

Always love your videos, but this is the first time you made me laugh out loud.

    Derek Halpern


    At which point?

maxime sincerny

The Leverage army
The social army

Haha hope you choose one of mine would would probably remember me for a long time and I could leverage on that.Just joking, but could work tough. πŸ˜›

Also I don’t remember you talking about that, but having videos in every single email like that that link to your website is awesome for SEO. Because, I am referent visitor or maybe direct visitor I am not sure for what it count in google eye AND I stay on your website 10 minutes every time multiplied by the number of viewers!

Borja Obeso

Happy triggers


    Trigger Happies:)

      Borja Obeso

      Haha hey at least you got the idea. Take note Dereck

        Derek Halpern

        Well this is interesting ;-p

Kamila @ Sensual Appeal

How’s “triggy’s”?



Now I really have to think about what to name my fan base for my blog… hmm. *thinking* Great video!!

    Derek Halpern

    It’s not easy. I’ve got to figure it out too obviously.


      Hi! Derek.
      As always a great video and also an interesting insight. And abt your community, ummm….
      how abt DEREKers or something funny like DEREKula πŸ˜‰


Halpern’s Homies!

    Derek Halpern


    Stefan Johne

    Epic! I am a Halpern Homie (H.H.)! Homies forever sister ;-)…

Borja Obeso

I also think Justin is starting to play the controversy card. I wrote a post about fishing for readers by being controversial. Charlie Sheen also loves to go along these lines

Awesome video Dereck

Keep em coming


    Hi Dereck,

    This video is very interesting! Thanks for sharing it.


    Jim Wang

    Do you think it works? Beiber is starting to look like a brat and Sheen isn’t doing anything on TV anymore.

      Derek Halpern

      Controversy works — if done right. People like to fight about dumb things like “the right way to put toilet paper on the roll” as opposed to important things like “religion, sex, and politics.”

      Borja Obeso

      I think it works to a certain level, with certain audiences. Justin may look like a Brat to you and me. But teenage girls think itΒ΄s “cool”

      And Charlie actually just started anger management, and we’ll see how to turns out

      Remember that at those levels of fame it doesn’t matter what you do, news sell, period

      There will always be a tribe that relates to any attitude you take, a tribe to which there will always be a product to sell

      But anyway, not a fan of that path

      Thanks for taking an interest in my comment

Sean Mysel

Hi Derek,

When I ran a minor baseball stadium in NJ we ran a fundraising event for cystic fibrosis. So we ordered 48 bats painted blue to be used in a game. I ordered another 12 that players used in batting practice. Most of the BP bats got shattered so I sent the pieces to local businesses with a note inviting them to the game and support the event.

We sold out the stadium, sold out of all the bats and raised $2,200 in funds.

Thanks man!

    Derek Halpern

    Great story Sean!


What an awesome tip. I think a really great example is also Trekies (spelling?). Some of those Star Trek followers are seriously die hards. Well, now I have to brainstorm brandable nouns for my business now, haha. Anyone have ideas for me? My site name is Form Your Future.


    I’m a trekkie!


    Josh, how about Futuristas.

    It’s almost the same as Futurists suggested by Carole; the ‘ista’ ending makes it sound even more like a group of like-minded people.

    wendy Logsdon

    FoYoFu’s for you Josh!

    What about Halpers for you Derek πŸ™‚ I was going to say the first letters from Social Triggers Derek, but uh…yeah–bad association does nothing in terms of Marketing the STD’s would sound more like a bad attempt at a post 80’s punk band LOL!




      @Carole – I like futurists too, although I would have concerns about using a word that’s already widely used elsewhere.

      I’m wondering about this issue for us as well. I’d love something really short and easy to say, so “Ninja’s” would fit well, but it’s such a common word that I’m thinking we may need to go with “CrowdNinjas” or “FundNinjas” (we teach how to get projects crowdfunded).

      @Josh – What about FYFers?

    Jim Wang

    This works until Trekkers and Trekkies argue over which term to use. πŸ™‚

      Jim Strieter

      Haha, I hope that happens some day! It’s like having denominations in your own religion.

      Derek Halpern


        Joe Cassandra

        So what if we steal that and call your following the Halperkies, or my favorite, Halperggers

          Matt Ledding

          I like “Trigger Happies” in the abstract, but SoTrigs is less awkward.

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