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How to Write Facebook Posts That Get ORGANIC REACH!

So, this week I’m talking about how to write better sales copy…

Yesterday I showed you how one entrepreneur rewrote her sales page for a childrens’ toy.

Today I want to show you how you can rewrite something as simple as a social media update and make it 100x better.

Angelique Roux is a massage therapist. When she had some open spots, she wrote a social media update…

MASSAGE SPECIAL for stubborn Back, Neck & Shoulder pain
Get a MYYO (trigger point therapy) treatment + a 60min holistic back massage (more than 20 techniques to give you the ultimate massage experience) for only R300.

The techniques work with the muscles, releasing trigger points, realigning the skeleton for effective, instant and long-term pain-relief.

SMS XXXXXXX or email XXXXXXX for inquiries and to book your appointment.

All in all. It’s fine. It’s direct. It’s to the point. And she told me it even landed her some clients.

But she made one huge, glaring mistake…

This is a social media update. People are scrolling through their feed and they’re looking for things that grab their attention.

Now, a post like this will grab the attention of the right people. The problem?

Facebook only gives organic reach to social media posts that get engagement (likes, comments, shares). And a classified ad will never get that type of engagement.


Almost no one will see the ad. Unless she pays to promote it.

However, she could also just rewrite the thing…

One of the most important parts about creating content for client attraction is as simple as this:

You must put yourself in your customers shoes and imagine what’s going through their head.

On Facebook, people are scrolling through their feed looking for interesting stories about their friends or pages they follow. They want pictures. They want stories. They want updates. They don’t want ads.


What if she made her post a story? What if, instead, of creating a social media classified, she wrote a typical social media update that a friend would write about a life experience?

What if she wrote this…

Wow! This is why I do what I do! I’m a massage therapist. One of my clients came to me with X problem. I worked with her. And she just wrote me “YOURE GREAT!”

It’s little things like this that make me feel proud to do the work I do.


I have BLANK open spots this week. If you want to learn more, just leave a comment saying I’m interested.

Also, have you had a positive experience with massage therapy? Would love to hear your story

I know I make it look easy. But read it. It seems so much more conversational. It’s designed to get comments from people who want to hire her… and people who don’t want to hire her.

And that’s the key.

Facebook wants engagement. GET ENGAGEMENT. And more people will see your offer.

Here’s an another example…

Over on my Facebook page, if I just post a link to a blog post, I’ll get almost no reach. Like 3,000 to 5,000. If that.

However, if I wrap a story into the post? What happens?


Almost 2-3 times MORE reach.

Now, how do you learn how to create this type of content?


I put together a course called Sales Page that Converts. Even though I mainly focus on sales pages, the course is designed to help you learn how to write better sales copy.

You can put this sales copy on your sales page. You can put it in social media updates. You can put it in emails. It all depends on how you want to use it.

You can learn all about this new online course right here. It’s open now, but it closes soon.

I’ve also put together a few case studies of past customers who LOVEd the training.

I showed you the case study of how one entrepreneur rewrote her sales page for a childrens toy right here.

“I didn’t know how valuable a sales page was.
This course changed the way I run my launches.”
– Austin Roberson

Derek, your Sales Page That Converts course is,
hands-down, the most helpful online course I’ve ever taken
— and I’ve taken a LOT of them.”
– Beth Hayden

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Deep Shah

I must say I am very much impressed with your insight. Going to definitely try this technique and get better reach and will get back to you with my success story. Thank you Derek.

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