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Why Hello Bar Rocks For Lead Generation
Last Updated February 18th, 2011

Hello Bar Logo

When you run a business website, it’s no secret that you must gather leads and emails to make money.

Since lead generation is vital for success, some people use aggressive tactics like pop-ups to capture emails.

However, if you’re like me, you may not want to go that route just yet, and that’s where Hello Bar comes in.

The Power of the Hello Bar

If you’re unfamiliar with the Hello Bar, check out my site, and look at the top. It’s a full width bar that spans your browser window with some text and a link promoting my free newsletter.

It doesn’t look like much, but I can tell you first hand, that using the Hello Bar can generate more than 1,000 leads in 30 days.

And that’s the point here… Hello Bar rocks for lead generation. I use it on the DIYthemes marketing blog, and I use it here on Social Triggers.

Exclusive Hello Bar Beta Keys

Currently, the Hello Bar is in private beta, but the wonderful people at Digital Telepathy, the founders of Hello Bar, provided Social Triggers with 100 exclusive beta key codes that grant you access to the Hello Bar instantly.

All you have to do is enter “socialtriggers” in the beta key section on the Hello Bar website and you’re set. Act fast because there’s only 100 invites, and once I run out, I don’t think I can get more.

Do you use the Hello Bar? Have you enjoyed using it so far? Did you get any results? Leave a comment.

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29 comments Leave a comment
Deb Chowdhury

Hey Derek, love your articles informative, to the point and simple. Actually, I came to know about your from ‘Ramit Sethi’ anyway let me come to the point.

Hello Bar seems a good product but a comparison with a similar product ‘pros and cons’ would benefit people like me.

Like others I have the same question if it is a great tool why don’t you use it? Or, you have found a better one, so why not update us? Thanks for sharing.

Sushrut Padhye

‘Since lead generation is vital for success, some people use aggressive tactics like pop-ups to capture emails.

However, if you’re like me, you may not want to go that route just yet’

Practise what you preach. There is this big pop-up (covering almost the entire website screen) which pops up when anyone visits your website. So, please spare me your paradox.

Sean Mysel


Love the site! One question, is it possible to tell some of us technologically challenged folks how to implement some of these things?


Etre Heureux

I’ve tried “socialtriggers” but it doesn’ seem to be available anymore πŸ™

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[…] heard about Hello Bar and Viper […]

Annie Andre

I love the idea of the Hello Bar. I’t s so easy to install. It’s easy on the eyes, not annoying either. I noticed it right away when i went to another website. I never click on popups. But i do click on the bars like hello bar. Perhaps some combo of both would be a great to have.

Marlene Hielema

Hey Derek, I was looking at installing the Hello Bar on my site and just noticed that you are no longer using it. Is there a reason for that?

Thanks! Love your site. So simple!

    Marco Lee

    Yeap, curios about it too.


Thanks! I just submitted my Beta key and my account was activated! I’m looking forward to installing it! πŸ˜€

Mars Dorian

Hey Derek,

just installed it myself and I’m checking how well it converts. It’s a perfectly simple idea, but I wonder if people actually notice it !


I dissed Hello Bar at first because from a developer’s standpoint, it would be easy to create. But, for non-developers this is actually an indispensable tool.

Thanks for turning me on [to Hello Bar], Derek!


Any reason why you have removed the hello bar now? Looks like your split testing or trying out that different opt-in form. I definitely pay a bit more attention to that…

Anyway, glad I found your site! Thanks for the great stuff!

    Derek Halpern

    The Hello Bar was supposed to show on individual / single post pages only, since I’m using the big opt in form on my home page. However, my coding was a bit bugged. I have to get that updated.

Jentan Bernardus

It’s still working, thank you very much Derek… you rock!

Mohd Isa

i has put it in my blog, it really awesome. thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚


I’ve got a “pop-over” (def not a pop up right? πŸ™‚ ) running on one of my sites but I’ve been seeing a lot of people using the Hello Bar, looking forward to trying it out.

And the beta key is still good as of 17 seconds ago. Thanks man!


    Derek Halpern

    Awesome! Glad to hear they’re still working.

Avinash D'Souza

Have you knocked off the Hellobar of your homepage? Can’t see it anymore…

    Derek Halpern

    No, it should still be there…

      Juliet Austin

      I can’t see it either on Firefox or Safari for the Mac…

Brandon Yanofsky

Definitely going to check this out. I’ve actually been considering the annoying popup but this is way better

    Derek Halpern

    annoying pop up converts much better… However, I’m trying to avoid it. The answer is, just get more traffic πŸ˜€


Took me forever to find the “beta key section”. Was this another deliberate cunning psychological technique? To save others from the hassle, it’s here: http://www.hellobar.com/activate-your-account

    Derek Halpern

    No… no deliberate psychological techniques here. Wouldn’t that be silly? Tell you about all this stuff, and then try to use it on you? πŸ˜€


I just read the rest of your email.
All set

    Derek Halpern

    Oh, perfect!


Need a beta key

    Derek Halpern

    Did the ‘socialtriggers’ key get burned out already? There were 100 available.

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