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The Truth: Why Every Business Website Needs Video Immediately
Last Updated August 26th, 2011

As the internet shifted from text to video, I cringed. I prefer to read.

But here’s the deal:

Nothing builds rapport, gets traffic, and makes sales like a good video.

I’ll explain.

No matter how hard you try, some people will never feel like they know the “real” you until they see you on video.

It’s strange…

The Power of Video (Hint: It’s All About Body Language)

Your writing might show off your personality, but it’s just not the same, and I suppose it makes sense.

Text-based content is a very one-dimensional medium.

Video on the other hand is a triple threat.

Not only can people hear you, they can read whatever it is you’re writing (I tend to write on a white board).

But most importantly, people SEE your body language.

They see your eyes, your smiles, your laughs, your nervous ticks (if you have any), and much, much more.

And that’s the secret.

Body language communicates more information than you could ever HOPE to write.

Now what does this have to do with rapport? And likability? And building a business?

How I Stumbled On The Power Of Video By Complete Accident

A few months ago I released the first ever Social Triggers video.

It was raw, but it was the REAL me.

At one point, I stuttered, and said the word “implimication” instead of “implication.”

Instead of editing it out, I left it in, and moved on.



But then I received comments like this:

“I really like this video for the simplicity and that you didn’t edit out your verbal malfunction.”

People realized I was a human being… just like them… just like you.

And since I was a human being, and approachable, and even vulnerable, people connected with me more than ever.

Now imagine if I wrote “implimication” instead of “implication” in text…

What type of comments would you expect to see?

Does this ring a bell?

“Learn to proof read. You spelled implication wrong.”

“You made a mistake. It’s implication!”

“Your typos make you look unprofessional.”

Crazy, right?

Text receives negative comments… Video receives positive comments.

And What Does This Have to Do With Business?

Think about this from a business perspective.

It’s true. Nobody is perfect, and neither are businesses.

If you haven’t made a mistake yet, chances are you will.

If you’re only releasing text-based content, you risk receiving annoying comments like the ones I quoted above.

However, if you build rapport with video, your fans and customers can actually support you DESPITE your mistakes.

So, when do you plan on releasing videos? Or have you started already? Tell me your experience in the comments.

If you’re looking to drive traffic, leads, and sales with video, next week I’m hosting a free webinar with Lewis Howes and James Wedmore. It will be awesome.

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Harry Smith

You are absolutely right and I am completely agree with you. Video has more power to attract people than text. I generally prefer UviaUs for my business marketing as they are providing best way to convey your message in video format.



What video software do you recommend? I have a video camera – but my videos are not as attractive with icons and interactive items as yours. Maybe your affiliates sell such tools? Thank you,



Have loved you on several podcasts
Pat Flynn etc..

We are changing the game in pro quality and scalable use of video.

Would be open to making you a thank you video for (no charge)as a way for you to experience .

How easy we make hollywood quality production

If you like it we can sponsor a contest to give one away to your followers


Martin Johnson

Nice post and the body language aspect of video is something I hadn’t thought of. As someone who makes corporate videos for websites, I’ll use this in my next pitch to a client, if I may.


Hi All I just made a video business card app, I have it on Google Play to test can anyone who have an android download it test it and let me know, also I will give them a fee e-book for testing. Thanks
Joseph B
Android Developer

Tracy Allen

You made me “LOL” when you pointed out how people will let you know that you’ve made a mistake in your typing! I see it all the time when reading comments on various posts… “You need to learn to spell!” … Too funny! Thanks for this. I enjoyed your post here.


Hi Derek,
Completely agree about the imperfections. Most of the people I video are doing it for the first time and are very nervous. The truth is, all their relatives and friends have seen and heard them many , many times and are still relatives and friends!

No-one expects people to be perfect…they do like them to be authentic.
The odd mistake has a charm.

Rebekka Deforce

I totally agree.

With video you’ll have the same impact as all those reality shows.

It is reality tv, and tv stars sell more easily.

Ben Prater

Hey Derek,
Quick question…in your opinion, what is the optimal length for a web video for making an “ask” / “sales pitch”? We plan to video a few of our staff members at their desk discussing what they love most about working with our company, what inspires them, and why people should care. Our goal is to make a human connection and showcase the people who depend on charity to do amazing work. These videos will be sent to our audience who have signed up to get info from us but haven’t converted to “customers” or “donors” yet. What are your thoughts?

Gary Anderson II

Hi Derek, Gary here.

Hey just I thought I’d stop by and tell you that I discovered Video Traffic Academy from here. After doing some research as I ALWAYS do before spending a lot of money (you know, anything over 6 or 7 bucks hehe), I was wanting to buy it really really bad!…. But had recently spent a lot of money repairing my mini-van, grrrrr :'(

But a couple days later I looked at my PayPal acct and found a fresh $106 in new commissions… DANG! Talk about luck and perfect timing!!! I think I broke my pinky finger trying to buy Video Traffic Academy so fast! LOL! 😛

I really like that James Wedmore dude, he seems like a very approachable guy and he takes the time to interact with me inside the private FaceBook group thingy (did I just say “thingy” in public!).

Thanks for recommending Good Quality education Derek! 🙂

Gary Anderson II
aka- @GanaderCo


Your right I get about a 25 percent of my traffic from youtube at least. I think video also keeps my bounce rate down.

I agree with you on showing that your human and it being a plus too. I often make speaking errors. A lot of times when I am editing footage, I don’t even edit out the errors, instead I point them out and make fun of myself in the text that narrates the video.

However, it does irritate me pretty much when I make an error in the text that narrates. For instance just the other day, I wrote past when I should have written passed.

These mistakes, I don’t even catch until the video is posted on Youtube.

I can believe how few a number of people point out the errors that I make. I only am award of like 5 or 6 times a person saying I can’t spell or something similar out of 200 video and probably 500 errors.

So I don’t know what it means to them to see the errors but it certainly don’t seem to chase people away. I think it bothers me more than them.

Anyway, another great article Derek.


Hi Derek,

I came in over after listening to Mixergy & the interview from Lewis Howes. About video, I did a simple introduction video a while back for an offline business website. Although I’m convinced that video helps, I not sure how much that video helps in getting business for us. Maybe need to measure how many times the video is played.

Anyway, in training programs, I was told that a majority are visual people, a smaller group auditory, and the last group kinestetic. Anything that appeals to all 3 senses will have a better chance vs just visual alone, although I’m very much a visual person.

The way the web is made, I think there’s a need for text, audio and videos, all for different purposes and markets.

Laura Simms

Shortly after putting up my first video I got a client wanting services related to the video and an interview request from the US News & World Report. I’ll definitely be add more videos to my site!

Biz Hacker

Interesting post. Like you, I hate videos. Perhaps my internet line is a bit slow, but I can read much quicker then wait for the video to play. And I can always reread the key points. Video, once it is past, I have to replay it.

I’ve always know that feeding 3 senses is better than just 1 (visual), now I have to go buy a video camera that I sold 🙂

Btw, what is your thoughts on screen capture videos that don’t show you? In terms of effectiveness, would they be slightly less effective or would they make a huge difference?

Ilya Zobanov

Totally agree, it’s a little bit of work but pays off. Body language is important and for me it’s useful to see myself on a screen while recording, it helps to control it.

    Chris Niemann

    Body language is one of the big points that video sometimes converts better than text. UCLA did a study and found that 93% off communication is nonverbal. This is one reason I prefer to meet with potential clients in person, so I can get the read on how they feel about what I am saying that is lost in emails and phone calls. The downside is if you are unsure about what you are speaking about, that will probably show up in the video.

Duane Christensen

I’ve got friends that are masters with the video. Makes me jealous. But instead of just wishing I could…I’m diving in.

Like my blogposts, I just get an idea and go for it. Started and stopped a handful of times. I felt like a dork. I’ve done about 3 so far. It’s getting easier though. I have to remind myself not to worry about being perfect because people like to know we’re human.

We’re all busy. And we need stimulation. That’s why I think doing short videos is really important.

Steven Davis

Derek –

Great post (as usual).

Have you (or anyone) done any analysis of calls to action embedded in the video stream itself vs. around the video?

You see these in YouTube – also, when and where (physically) and what should they look like within the video should they be placed?

Keith Davis

Hi DeriK
Nice site, great article and well informed comments.
I can testify to the power of video, I ran a short video series over on my site and comments went through the roof.

200 / 250 and counting.

Proof, if proof were needed, of the power of video.

BTW – found you via Brian Gardners site.

James Short

I agree. I love video, its just the best way to get the message across and the more professional they look the more suspicious I get that something is being hidden. I know real life isn’t that glossy and its comforting to get a sense of knowing a person rather than a product. I would say that video can still cause some suspicion, especially if the presenter is too ebullient. In realty it is personableness that comes across best. Just like meeting face to face.

Though I use a lot of embeds, I’ve only done screencasts myself. A bit reluctant to get in front of the camera, but I’ve had nice comments about my voice-overs.

Jason Ulsrud

I’ve been doing video for about a year now and love it. In fact, I have a hard time even writing content anymore (although I’m going to try to change that). I found your site through David Garland’s interviews, which I do in the Chiropractic and health care niche. I also produce a weekly show called the Weekly Rock where I just spout off about stuff I like or don’t like, and what I’m doing in my own practice.

I started my RockStar Project website as a membership and nobody gave a shit and I made only a few bucks. Of course I had no idea what I was doing at the time. Over the past year I’ve been doing everything for free and now trying to make the transition to making money off the site. Not totally sure how to go about it, I’m going to start using my video to throw in noninvasive plugs for products I’m selling and products I support. I’m giving myself 3 months to make the transition and make this thing profitable. Then it’s on to widening my audience base.

Anyway, cool site and thanks…

Chip Dizard

I am so glad you posted this. I started a web site http://www.webvideochefs.com to help people who don’t have a lot of video experience make better videos. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t know how to make quality videos on a limited budget.

I see a lot of people complaining about their equipment, but I have made quality videos with my flip, iPhone and my expensive DSLR camera. It’s about the content and delivery and then the equipment. Most people want to buy the most expensive equipment without mastering a few techniques of good video.

Eric Shefferman

I started doing web video to promote my ferret magazine back in 2000. (Yes, a magazine about pet ferrets.)
That was a bit early to be doing video — many customers complained they couldn’t watch over their modems or that we were trying to “trick” them into purchasing RealPlayer.
Our advertisers believed the web was a passing fad and weren’t interested in sponsoring the show.

The world has changed a lot.

Here’s the old site:


Unfortunately, most of the video on it was produced for a 56K modem (on a 386 I think running Win98).

To see the first episode in DUAL ISDN technicolor (how wonderful it is that we can now take broadband for granted — even on a cellphone), there’s a copy of it here:


Look for this link:
Mary Show Episode #1 – Ferret Halloween safety tips, ferret Halloween costumes, and all about the Angora ferret with
Marc Morrone
(approximately 18 MB file)

Considering the tools and the computing power I had at the time, I think this video came out great.

Recently I’ve been working on video again.

I’ve been using a Kodak Zi8 with a lavalier microphone (with a WindCutter on it to reduce wind noise since I’ve been doing a lot of recording at the beach because that’s the best backdrop I’ve got access to).

I think the quality of the camera is very good considering how cheap it is.

Video editing hasn’t gotten much easier since 2000. Though at least it doesn’t take 24 hours to render a final video.

I’ve taken a bunch of videos lately and I’ve been improving on each one. Things I’ve learned:

1. I saw a tip a long time ago from someone who said to smile more on video and I do think that’s very important. I find it difficult to remember to do this since I’m also handling all the technical details — turning on the camera, trying to stand on the mark I set on the ground so that I’m in frame, dealing with distractions of people walking by, etc. I hope that as I get more practiced at this it will get easier and I’ll relax more.
I think it would also help when I can afford to get someone to hold the camera and give me some “human listening” feedback while I’m talking.

2. With the exception of the video I’m showing here, I’ve kept all my recent videos to making one point and under 3 minutes and I think that helps immensely. I’m able to shoot them unscripted and remember “say this one thing” and it all comes out very natural.

This is the first video I’ve gotten fully ready for the public – with a proper title and end credits and music, etc.

It’s my version of a “Jack LaLanne style” birthday publicity stunt.
I think I got a little repetitive on the two talking parts because I wanted to make too many different points and I was in a rush to shoot it all on my birthday. After I did the lift I was a bit addled. I knew I could probably do the lift again if I needed to retake — but I sure didn’t want to if I didn’t have to. I was also thinking the whole time that I also needed to also edit and upload the whole thing before the day was over.


Back in the magazine days, I was able to constantly get publicity by doing clever things — Modern Ferret magazine was written about everywhere from PC Magazine to Playboy to The New York Times. CBS news, CNN, and NPR all did stories on us.

I think using video gives me even more publicity opportunities now — even though there were no reporters at my birthday event, there still is video footage of it that can be used in future stories just as if a reporter was there. And putting it up on youtube makes it instantly accessible to the world at large.

I’m looking forward to the webinar.

Jaime @ Eventual Millionaire

I’ve been doing more video lately for squeeze pages etc. But I always hesitated before because editing video sucks! I hate trying to get a perfect cut.

Yes one or two “implications” is ok, but I start again if it’s too much.

(I hate cut scenes, and don’t have anything else to cut to to break it up!)
Any suggestions?


Excellent post – it’s all true! I am slowly building up a portfolio of videos that I can release. The only difficulty is the shittiness of my laptop, which makes editing difficult haha.

Al Smith

Thanks Derek. Just came here from The Sales Lion. Loved how you handled that post and responded. I was a bit confused and appreciate your clarity.

Regarding videos, I agree totally. More than a few people have suggested I do videos at The CARE Movement. I am working on it. Just searching for the right content and time to do it. Think I just need to sit down in front of camera and do it.

Thanks again and Take CARE.



Derek, thank you for that lovely “kick-ass” and encouragment in the perfect moment. Just orderend the camera.

I subscribed to the free webinar – hope you send out the recording. I´m in Germany and the time it takes place is 3 am…
Regards, Andrea

Chris Stott

I’ve certainly noticed the trend for more video. As Internet connections become faster and the number of devices that are going to be able to play video increase this is inevitable.

What I had not though of was the feedback video provides. I strongly believe that putting a real face to a business is a must. It is fascinating to hear about the differences between video and text for ‘mistake feedback’.

I need to up my confidence to do video. I think the US accent sounds better than my UK drawl on video!

It’s still about providing great value though.

Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion

2 years ago I introduced video to my swimming pool company Derek. About 100 videos and 700,000 views later, video has done branding wonders for my company that I never dreamed possible. Seriously, I could go on and on about this subject, but suffice to say that video alone has likely garnered my swimming pool company an extra 3-4 million dollars in sales during this time.

As for my marketing blog and The Sales Lion, video has been huge there as well. Ever since I started showing videos of me speaking on my site, I’ve been getting quite a few requests from other companies wanting me to come out and speak to them. Simply put, the proof is in the pudding, and in this case, the proof is in video.

Whether people want to admit/embrace it or not, the future is in video.


Harrison Li

Thanks for the sharing the epic tip! One question: if you had to write a sales page for a product, would you prefer a video sales page or a long copy one?

Serena Star Leonard

Hey Derek!

I have a love hate relationships with video blogs, I love to avoid them and I hate to see myself in them!! I do them from time to time to add an element of variety to my blogs and to practice speaking to a camera.

I really like your writing style!! If you don’t mind I may “borrow” it from time to time!

Serena : )

Geoffrey Gordon

Hi Derek

Love your new post on videos, I have noticed you don’t spit our posts regularly, but often enough and everyone is a winner. After reading your tips, I am going to get off my butt and start making videos, its not that hard really. I love your “honest approach”.


    Thanks Geoffrey, and you’re right. I don’t spit out posts often for the sole reason that I want them all to be great 🙂

Jeff Rose

Totally agree with idea that video is here. I started doing videos for my blog about a year or so ago, first using a Logitech HD webcam.

From there, I bought a Flip Cam and tripod and experimented with that. Next up was or Canon SLR. The video quality is AMAZING, but the sound was something to be desired (our SLR does not have an external mic jack).

I then got a Kodak Zi8 and that proves to be the camera of choice – primarily because of the external mic jac. Makes a HUGE difference.

Recently, I partnered up a guy who’s helping me film some videos. We filmed some last week with his Canon, but we tried directional mic that didn’t do as well as we would have liked. Going to use a lavalier next time.

I’m definitely down to doing more video. I’m not a natural writer, but I talk someone’s ear off all day long 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    I need to pick up a lavalier mic still. The directional mics pick up too much background noise.

Marya | Writing Happiness

Hi Derek. I have been a long time (silent) reader of your blog and finally this post has changed that. 🙂

Look, I see that videos have become a rage – they are every where – I get that. The fact that I am such a big reader that I always almost prefer text to video doesn’t make it a really positive change. That being said, I just love snappy videos. Who can resist clicking on a video that is under 10 minutes? I know I can’t.

As far as being on the opposite end of it, I am a behind-the-camera kind of gal. Hard to believe as I am also a qualified lawyer, an ex marketing manager for an educational insitute, and currently a teacher in my day job. I am used to speaking to large groups of people. Still, I am terrified of actually getting in front of the camera, making a video and posting it for the world to see. I’ll pass, thanks.

Oh, I loved your video .. I can’t stand the ones where the presenter is super smooth. Makes me not trust them. This brings us back to body language. I agree with you on this one – as usual. 🙂


    Derek Halpern

    Glad you finally spoke up Marya. You’ve got a lot of great things to say.

    You are right. Video may not be for everyone… but it’s really great at building rapport with people.

    And if you’re in a sales job, that rapport is priceless.

Bianca Te Rito

Good takeaways Derek. Thank you for posting about a topic I passionately adore!

In my experience, it’s vital to manage your first impressions, whether you are doing video for your personal or business brand. Your viewer may have no idea who you are or what you do, and they may view your video outside of your platform or out of context. They can be less forgiving and simply judge you by what they see.

A study by Harvard Health & Sciences and (referred by influence and persuasion expert Olivia Cabane), reiterated that: “You only get one chance to create a good first impression. Within a few seconds, with just a glance, people have judged your social and economic level, your level of education, and even your level of success. Within minutes, they’ve also decided your level of intelligence, trustworthiness, competence, friendliness, and confidence.”

Yikes! And that’s based on meeting you in the flesh – imagine how that translates to video viewers who can replay and pause your presentation?

What many people do not realize about body language is that you must modify it to cater for the technical confines of the video frame. On screen everything is magnified, so “stage presenting” or normal everyday body movement will look excessive or exaggerated on screen. In fact, excessive movement will upstage you and your delivery.

Positive and engaging eye-contact, combined with a warm genuine smile is essential on video. The eyes and mouth are the most expressive parts of the face.

How do you want to be perceived? Is your background setting, personal grooming, and wardrobe congruent with your key messages?

From my experience, the key to creating compelling online video presentations is not merely to “be yourself” – rather it is to be your “best self.”

    Derek Halpern

    Of course.

    You always want to push your best foot forward.

    I wasn’t clear about that, and I should have been.

    When I do videos, I take all of that into account. I also make sure the background is congruent with what I’m trying to teach / do.

    Since I mainly focus on internet people, I tend to be more lax (that’s my audience after all).

    If I were presenting to financial people, I’d definitely wear a suit.

      Bianca Te Rito


      I appreciate your reply and thank you for publishing. Absolutely! I think you are right on the money with your video presentations (as per your target audience). I saw you in action (doing a website analysis via @LKR) and your passion for sharing your thought-leadership and expertise really came through-so much so that it inspired me to re-think my website design re: content buckets, and featuring “product offers” in the top left – fantastic idea!! Thank you for sharing such valuable knowledge. – Bianca

        Bianca Te Rito

        Opps! Product offers – top right.

Ryan Martin | eLearnerEngaged

We started implementing video 2 months ago. We’re very happy with the medium and the creative process.

Now my company is looking to step it up a notch by adding James Wedmore’s advice…. more work, but for sure we’re expecting results!

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome. James Wedmore is the man — especially when video is on YouTube.


When I first heard “implimication” it was hilarious. I rewatched that video tons just to hear you mess up and see the expression on your face.

It was seriously cool. 😀

    Derek Halpern

    A lot of people dug it. Glad I left it in.

Gary B

Considering the great videos you’ve created, you really should use a video sitemap.

The rich snippets would increase your click-through rate from the SERPs.

    Derek Halpern

    Do you have some resources on that Gary?

      Gary B

      Sure, I’ll email them on to you.


I’ve started, but I haven’t settled into a YouTube niche yet. I could really use some ideas on how to get rid of the ehs, ahs and uhms. If you feel like taking a look,my YouTube user name is svehex.

    Derek Halpern

    Everyone struggles with ehs, ahs, and uhms at some point. To stop it, I’d start talking slower. It helps.

Chase Thompson

Derek you are spot on in the post.

We were doing a writing blog for over a year for our local real estate community. I’m a lender here locally, so it was a way for us to reach out to the community, but also to others in our industry.

It wasn’t until we relaunched as a video blog that our traffic really started to grow. We’re still doing a million things wrong, I’m sure, but the video component really helped us take off.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Chase — that’s exactly what I like to hear.


I been using video since almost the start of my website. I actually prefer it to writing, and specifically, as you mentioned, because it adds more dimensions to you an your site.

    Derek Halpern

    I do think video is great, but in 99% of the cases, I don’t think it should replace writing completely. It should be done in addition to writing.


enjoyed it . yeah when you try to make everything perfect and afraid that people are gonna find out who you are never leeds to success
Congruensy does

    Derek Halpern


Heidi Thorne

Couldn’t agree more about using video! It’s a must-have in today’s marketing environment. I’m one of the few distributors in my industry who actually uses lots of video to do demos, instructional pieces, and news updates (suppliers use it more). And whenever I post a link to a new blog post that says “video,” traffic increases. I think they just want to see my on-screen antics. 😉

As I’ve emphasized to my clients, there’s a difference between a “marketing video” and “marketing with video” (http://pwptoday.com/?p=302). Keep it real!

Appears that you post video on the blog, guest vlog, but aren’t on YouTube. Do you even have a YouTube channel (maybe I just don’t know your channel’s name)? Thoughts behind that?

Thanks for the video savvy tips!

    Derek Halpern

    I don’t have a YouTube channel at this point. I’m not using video in that way yet, but I plan to. Right now, my videos are mainly on other websites.

Michael Martine

Yeah, so um… I’m gonna be the guy who comes in here and says, “A post about video… with no video?”


But of course you’re right about why video is so powerful. There’s a reason why direct-response advertising does so well in the form of infomercials and shopping channels on television, and why video has done so well augmenting or even replacing long sales copy web pages.

    Derek Halpern

    The video comes out about this on Monday probably :-).

    I was in a rush to leave the house, and didn’t have time to film the video!

    Video is more work after all.


I used to be really intimidated by video, but not any more. After a few times of putting videos up and getting a good response, it was much, much easier. You’re totally right about video – it shows all of your little foibles and quirks. I get comments like “I loved to see you on video!” or “I loved the funny face you made when you said…” – which is surprising (because as you said, quirks & foibles aren’t so much accepted in text!) but pretty awesome. One of my blogging goals is to do more video, and I’ve already done two so far in the last month (although one was a screencast).

Looking forward to the webinar!

    Derek Halpern

    Look forward to having you on there Michelle.

    And yes, isn’t that funny? When you put yourself out there, deliver value, people often support you 🙂

dean dwyer

I agree completely DH with your assessment. I opted to launch my blog in the primal paleo niche and realized that everyone and their uncle Bob was simply doing blog posts.

So I opted for video instead. It is my way to stand out in a growing niche.

I must admit it has worked very well. I get good comments going (my audience is fantastic) and it has helped me land interviews (I have only done two) with two of the biggest and nicest fish in this niche (Sarah Fragoso: http://www.everydaypaleo.com and Richard Nikoley @ http://www.freetheanimal.com).

In both cases Derek they have said that my videos have made me stand out and was part of their reason for interviewing with me.

So your point about letting people see your personality has played right into my strategy…video allows me to do personality marketing.

And because I am a bit of a nutball anyway this works very well for me.

    Derek Halpern

    I’m right with you there. I have a very vibrant, rememberable personality, so video needs to be a main stay of my marketing FOR SURE.

    (Wow, how many times can i pat myself on the back there?)

Craig Wilson

I too need to venture into the video thing. I love videos, I know the power of video and use them, but sometimes I hesitate to get in front of one because of shyness issues I guess lol. Another part of me hesitates because of the “I wonder what people will think” factor. In every thing I do, I strive to be a perfectionist so flubbing while reading a voice script for an audio or video makes me cringe.

I’m always my own worst critic I feel. Yea I need to get past it and not worry so much what others think. I have so much to offer I feel, so I’ll make myself get through any hesitation.

Emma Bathie

Hi Derek,

So glad to read this today. I recently launched my website and decided to completely push myself out of my comfort zone by making a video as my first ever blog post! Although I thought I was going to throw up beforehand, I’ve now done a second one and completely amazed myself at how “fun” it actually was… something I could never have imagined until doing it.

I think video can definitely be a way to help bring out your lighter side… and for me it’s helped juice up my creativity – looking forward to your webinar!

Jason Spencer

As a new blogger, this is my biggest fear. I know I need to bite the bullet soon and move through the fear, but it’s a difficult one. So much easier to write then it is to put yourself out there on video and try to make things flow easily.

    Derek Halpern

    Video can be scary… But it gets easier as you do it more.

      Jason Spencer

      Did you have anything behind or next to the camera with the bullet points on what you wanted to talk about, or did you just prepare yourself mentally to talk about everything you wanted? How many retakes did you go through on that first video? 🙂 Just curious, I’ve attempted before and found myself doing retake after retake, and was never satisfied.

        dean dwyer

        Hey Jason,

        If I may, I’m like Derek…I’m a frickin’ perfectionist…but what I would do now is just roll the camera and talk and if I didn’t like what I just said, I would say it again and again and then move on to the next. I would then just edit it out once I was done.

        But I put this off for 6 months because i wanted it to be perfect. Derek is right though…you will get better at this as you go. The hard part is putting the first one out there!!!

          Derek Halpern

          Couldn’t have said it better Dean

        Derek Halpern

        You don’t want to know… But I’m neurotic. Ha ha.

        I usually retake a bunch of times. And I didn’t have notes. I just prepared and went at it.

Noumaan Yaqoob

I tried to add a video but not of myself but a screencast of a tip that I wanted to share. I tried adding voice to the video but when I uploaded the video to youtube the voice became so lower that it is hard to listen unless you increase the volume to the full.

I am thinking about using more and more open source tools to master my skills in video editing and voice recording. Then I might feel confident enough come infront of camera.

@Derek which tools you use to record, edit and upload videos?

    Derek Halpern

    I use a Canon Vixia camera which cost like $1100. I also have a wide angle lense that attached to it for a few hundred dollars.

    Then I have some a good mic (Rode mic), a stand, and some lighting.

    And while I have all this stuff… You only really need a Kodak Zi8, and the desire to make a video.


    Because I don’t know how to use half of the stuff I have… yet :-).

    With regards to software, I use iMovie and Audacity (audio editing)

Dewane Mutunga


This is so timely lol

I’m was just planning out a few video topics before I got the email. Im definitely a believer in video. I did a video once and the response was so great and positive. (I have no idea why I didn’t make more)

I’m going to start cranking out some video on a more consistent basic; not only because it’s more engaging but because it a great way to repurpose content and it also help push content through channels that text cant. It expands your content and reach.

When are you doing more video Derek?! 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    Soon Dewane. Soon.

Pamela Dominguez

I believe that, when you´re in a certain mental channel, everything you need for your project, magically appears. I´ve wanted to post a video for many many week in my website, Proyecto Madre Emprendedora, for the DIY section of Fridays. So, your webinar really comes in handy. Thanks a lot.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Pamela. Glad to hear it.

    Video is an interesting beast for sure. It’s not something I’d ever do INSTEAD of text, but its definitely something I like using alongside text.

Erin Pavlina

I started doing videos on YouTube and got a lot of positive comments and tons of new traffic. I do a Q&A style, short videos. Some of the comments I received are similar to what you got, “Wow it’s so great to see you in person and feel your energy because I can’t get that just from your text articles.”

The videos aren’t getting as many hits as I expected based on my traffic though, so that’s something I want to figure out. I signed up for the webinar. Hoping to get info on how to increase views 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Erin.

    And yea, sometimes its tough to get video views, and this webinar will be awesome for that, for sure.

Ricardo Bueno

People can hear all of the nuances in your voice, see your expression and well, they make a quicker (stronger?) connection that way.

Yes I’ve done video before. Both me on camera and screencasts. Honestly, I should probably get back to doing more. These days I’m doing more writing and podcasts…

    Gregory C.

    I love the visual component when bloggers add video that goes over a detailed process, it just sticks with me so much better than text.

    Adding video into a long how-to post is some of my favorite use of videos to further emphasize a comprehensive point/tutorial.

    Derek Halpern

    I don’t do nearly enough video on my site here… but I do plenty of videos on other sites.

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