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Last Updated August 8th, 2013

I’ve got a CRAZY question for you…

How often do you say “thank you?”

I’m not talking about the robotic “thank you” you give to the cashier at Starbucks.

Or the “thanks” you say when people hold the door open for you.

I’m talking about the sincere, time-consuming “thank you.”

Think about it… How often do you say it? My guess is you do, but wish you could do it more, right?

Well, watch this new video. I reveal some eye-opening research about how powerful “thank you” really is.

I also show you how you can leverage the power of “thank you” in your business to delight clients, customers… and potential customers.

The Power of Thank You

I bet you’ll start thanking more people after you see what I share in this video.

So, leave a comment and let me know what you think about saying “thanks!”

PLUS, I’ve got a challenge for you.

A challenge that will make you a better person…

…and a challenge that will help you run a better business.

What is it?

It’s simple:

Today I want you to take the time to say thank you to people who have helped you.


I reveal the full details of this challenge in the video.

So watch it.

And you know what?

I’ll kick it off.

At the end of the video I give a word of thanks to three people who have helped me.

For easy reference, those three people are Gideon Shalwick (and his company Splasheo), James Wedmore, and Marie Forleo.

But I also want to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for watching these weekly Social Triggers TV videos.

Thank you for sharing these videos with the people you know.

Thank you for leaving comments sharing your personal stories, insights, and more.

Thank you.

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109 comments Leave a comment

Such a nice article . Best tips and giving gratitude towards business this is the best part.
Thanks for sharing with us .


Saying thank you really helps closing business deals often. you should always use such pressure words. It was a good read. Thanks for sharing.

Aqiyl Aniys

A sincere thank you to me is an essential part of being. When we sincerely offer thanks we humble ourselves and welcome the world into us. The words by themselves really don’t mean anything without the sincerity.


Mr. Halpern,
Thank you so much for adding me to your subscriber database. This video about THANKING PEOPLE was GREAT. From the bottom of my heart THANKS again. I am looking forward to viewing more of your videos.

Vicki Aubin, The Rockin' Career Coach

Yes! I couldn’t agree MORE. I actually wrote a blog article back in August about that, specifically about Justin Timberlake and how incredibly gracious and humble he was when accepting his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (stay with me here)… He’s a zillionaire with an amazing solo career, and he made sure to thank the people who helped him at the start of his career, specifically the members of his previous band, NSync. The way he articulated and expressed it so beautifully, it was SO sincere, and that moment forever elevated my personal opinion of him from ‘a talented guy’ to ‘amazing human being’ (and ‘crush’ status for me ;)). I know the guys from NSync will never forget that moment as well, and they got his ‘back’ in perpetuity. His speech truly blew my mind and AMPED me up so much, I blogged about it right away that night, encouraging my readers to THANK the people in their lives who have made a significant impact on their career to date. I got a lot of great comments and feedback from it. The impact that ‘gratitude’ makes in our relationships, as well as our personal and professional growth is 1000% priceless.

Selena Soo

Hi Derek, this video was great! I loved the study you shared. Amazing how two simple lines of text expressing gratitude can increase the response to help by 100%!


Hey Derek!
I have always been a firm believer in recognition. At my past position, we conducted monthly visits. The night before I would review that store’s statistical reports and personally write “thank you” cards recognizing associates for their contribution to certain projects and linking it to the results I had reviewed the night before. Whenever possible I would present and share the “thank you” in front of their peers and staff, to show my appreciation for a job well done!

Amy Birks

AWESOME! Thank you, Derek; this is a fantastic reminder, and I love the analytics behind the experiment as well. Have you seen this video yet? http://www.upworthy.com/scientists-discover-one-of-the-greatest-contributing-factors-to-happiness-youll-thank-me?c=fea It’s a similar hypothesis, and a really moving message around the power of gratitude. It not only impacts the receiver, but it also makes a huge impact on the gratitude GIVER as well. Amazing stuff.

I went out and got a thank you card for the woman who cleans our house who has become like a third mother to me. She deserves all sorts of gratitude for everything she does to make my life easier.

Thanks again for sharing this. Love it.


Hey Derek,

Thank you so much for this video! I watched it when it came out, and I’ve been implementing it since. I just wanted to report on how it’s going.

There have been two “campaigns” I’ve been working on since watching this video. One was a set of follow-up emails to a bunch of authors who were at a festival at which I gave a presentation. Maybe half of the initial responses have developed into a decent “working” relationship that I’m certain will eventually turn into revenue.

The other campaign was to get people on an announcement list for a product I’m developing with a launch date of Oct 1 (a slow-carb meal planner service). In my final welcome email, I thank each person, explain the program, and ask 4 questions to help me design the program the way they want it. When people respond, I thank them again. This is by far my favorite response:

“Love that idea!!!
Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to help you reach your goal!!”

No, it doesn’t happen every time, but when it does happen, it makes the rest you never hear from worth the time.

Thanks again for the video! It’s a game changer for me, man!


Bart Minne


Great video! I just googled for ‘the power of thank you’ after thanking one of my fellow colleagues for an awesome job he did and came to this blog. Loving it! Keep up the great work!

Thank you!

Leilani Darling

Hi Derek, I definitely enjoy your attitude about life. Thank you for sharing. For many years, I have done daily repetitions of “Thank You, God,’ and it’s had a positive effect on my life. Currently, I’m doing the final editing of my soon-to-be-published book of spiritual philosophy “God Is Love.” One of my chapters is entitled Sparkles of Love. It includes a focus on the power of ‘thank you,’ and has an exercise based on ‘thank you.’ So I was delighted to learn about the studies by Professors Gino & Grant, and I now added a mention of them in that chapter. So thank you so very much for promoting thank you! Leilani


Ciao Derek,
thank you for all your great videos and all the good energy you are sharing with us, I am very happy to be a part of BTC community.

Dr Martin Russell

First of all, thanks to Michael who sent me to this blog to look around ๐Ÿ™‚

And I see this SocialTriggers blog has made it to be the first ‘skin’ from Thesis. Nice work Derek indeed!

Appreciation is so powerful that my company had a ’30-Day Gratitude Challenge’. More than just one-off’s it’s about creating a ‘habit’ of finding ways to express thanks. Thanks for the inspiration Derek.

Shanika Journey

I saw this video and I kinda laughed.
“Thank you” are actually my favorite words to tell people.
To me, it’s common sense.
Maybe because I appreciate the little things people do to help me and then some alot.

I don’t know a single person on the planet who does not feel appreciated when someone thanks them for their something they’ve done that has helped them or min some positive way.

Networking, I say thank you alot to those people I meet out of sincere gratitude for the connection, the conversation, and any input they have given me that I find useful.

I say thank you to friends and family when they help me. And the appreciation is felt at all times. I feel like it makes them feel like at that particular moment they are special and did something really valuable – no matter how small it seems.

I actually value these two words more than “I love you” because of the amount of joy I’ve seen and expressed with them. I have yet to see giving thanks make anyone miserable.

So, it’s not just a marketing move to me. I just really care when someone brings any kind of good in my life that helps me grow and move forward.


Thanks Derek! great video! I too agree in the power of saying “Thank You!” It’s just good customer service. and good customer service is good business!

Michael Rich

Thank you, Derek! Great videos, and content. I like your current initiative with the blogging product. Keep up the great work brotha.

Katie Goode

Thank you! You are so right on. “Thank you” is so important (and overlooked) you just reminded me I’ve got some thank you’s to make ๐Ÿ™‚


As usual, great post Derek! This is such a simple and powerful habit. Thanks again for sharing!

Victor Bjรถrklund

Hi Derek,

That is totally true! So easy to say thank you and it can have such a great impact yet we do it way to seldom.

Victor Bjรถrklund

Alejandra Ruani

My Challenge Thank Yous go to…
1- You, for your genius advice for my brand new website
2- Marie, for inspiring me to become a media-preneur
3- Arianna Huffington, for welcoming me to The Third Metric


P.S. The tie is back!!


Simply put: Thank you Derek for coming out and offering what you do, how you do. I’ve experience simple, but powerful shifts applying what you’ve talked about in my business. I appreciate your style and no nonsense approach!


Hi Derek, I’d just like to say a big THANK YOU for all these amazing ideas that you share with us. I have tried implementing some on them into my own blog design. If you get the chance, could you take a quick look at my blog and tell me if there is any way I could improve it?

Kind regards


Dimitie Kendall

Derek, thank you so much for this video!!! I loved it! Thank you is such a simple word, but it can mean so much to people. All people need in this world is love and appreciation and it’s great when you are thanked for the part you play. It makes you feel good and good vibrations attract more good vibrations.

Sean Roulston


The power of a thank you goes a long way. I constantly find myself thinking back to 10-15 years ago when there was a premium placed on pleasantries and customer service. I could not agree more with your point of view here and thanks for what you do!

Dai "The Moose" Manuel

THANK YOU! Love this post and video. Keep on keeping on with the great information Derek! You rock, brother!


Robotic thank you in Starbucks?
I always say – Thank you and have a wonderful day today.
The cashiers always brighten up a lot.
When I was working in sales such a pitch from one of customers would make my day ๐Ÿ˜‰
Thank you is powerful word – if said honest and with smile.
Thank you derek and have an amazing day ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you Derek! Your videos are incredibly helpful and entertaining. I’m glad you gave a shout out to Marie Forleo… my business partner and I have been wondering whether or not you had worked with her previously. The two of you are the only people I watch religiously so thank you thank you thank you for always providing valuable content! I dig it : )

The Get In Shape Girl

Well thank you Derek for the weekly advice you send out. It’s very applicable and easy to digest. I’ve been using your advice and your BAB sequence and it has helped me immensely.

One way I use gratitude to help me is with Twitter. Anytime someone follows me I always THANK them for doing so. Each and every person individually. It takes two seconds and helps me grow my following.

Brian Bennis

Great post Derek. I’ve just said thanks to three people, and they’ve all agreed to sign up to your channels. So thanks to you, not just in English from over here in the UK, but also, in 26 other languages too…

(Afrikaans) Dankie; (Arabic) shukran; (Australian English) ta (informal); (Chinese, Cantonese) do jeh; (Chinese, Mandarin) xie xie; (Czech) dรชkuji; (Danish) tak; (Finnish) kiitos; (French) merci; (German) danke; (Greek) efharisto; (Hebrew) toda; (Hindi, Hindustani) sukria; (Indonesian/Malayan) terima kasih; (Italian) grazie; (Japanese) arigato; (Korean) kamsa hamnida; (Norwegian) takk; (Philippines -Tagalog) salamat po; (Polish) dziekuje; (Portuguese) obrigado; (Russian) spasibo; (Spanish) gracias; (Sri Lanka – Sinhak) istutiy; (Swahili) asante; (Swedish) tack; (Thai) kawp-kun krap/ka’; (Turkish) tesekkรผr ederim ๐Ÿ™‚

Rajiv Abraham

Have you heard Vishen Lakhiani/MindValley’s – GratitudeLog. Its a similar concept and their employee efficiency went overboard when they began to be thankful for everything in their lives. Guess it goes both ways… being thankful to others and for the things that you have.


Hi Derek,

I thank you for all the hard work you have done to supply us with valuable information.
I thank you for your foolish jokes at the end of your video’s.
I thank you for wearing a tie the 2nd time.
You’re a great guy, Hans

Freda K. Magee

Thank you Derek for your blog and tips! I am grateful to have heard of you. I’ve forwarded your blogs to several people. They have subscribed and one called you a “genius.”

Lori Saitz @ ZenRabbit

This video message ROCKS! This is the same message I’ve been preaching for years. Wasn’t aware of the specific research you mentioned, but there are other studies that also prove the awesome power of gratitude. Any business person who’s not saying thank you throughout the year to clients, referral sources, colleagues, vendors and anyone else who supports his/her success is leaving a boatload of money on the table.
THANK YOU for sharing this valuable information!


Great post!
Thank you Derek.
I do have one issue, and it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine, that people seem to rarely say “please” when asking a favor. I think that’s the least one can do when requesting time or asking something of another is to at least say please. I noticed that the researchers asked favors (repeatedly) but there was no “please”. Tsk, tsk.
Anyway… Yes- “Thank you” is VERY powerful.
I think that, when visiting any country where you don’t know the language, as long as you know how to say “Thank You”, “Please”, “Yes” and “No” you’ll be alright.
Thank you again for your nice video and info..
I enjoy your posts.


Thankyou! I am so going to do this and pass along the gratitude! Derek you ROCK!


And thank you Derek for your vitality and great tips. If you’d like to know more about Gratitude, you’ll find my book VERY interesting. http://www.achildatheart.com.au/book.html


Keep sparkling. X. Marg

Insert Name Here

Thanks Derek. Powerful stuff. I’ve shared a link on Facebook and Twitter.


Hi Derek,

Thanks so much for all of your teachings. With your course BTC I became so much better blogger without worrying about things that don’t matter.
I also thank Amy Porterfield for introducing you.



Hi Derek!
This is such a simple thing and I have thanked people in the past but now I will be much more conscious of it in the future. Love watching your videos and thanks for the great content! I’m sure this will benefit my business life as well as my personal life.

Greg Traver



No seriously, “Thank You” for all the incredible content that you thoughtfully prepare for us for free!

P.S. Love the tie! And yes, Marie was right, you are a “character” I am glad that you’ve plunge to more video!
P.P.S. Is there any truth to the rumor that I just started that you are going to be hosting the Tonight show soon?

Thank you,
An avid fan!


Hey Derek! Mahalo nui loa!
(Hawaian for ‘thank you very much’)

Loved it as always ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your fountain of great ideas! (Thanks to you, when i watermark my wild dolphin pictures for the web, i always put the watermark where the dolphins are lookin! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You rock!

Julia Suleymanova Ryan

The fact is You, Derek, are a character, and when you deliver your speech, it looks and feels sincere! so THANK YOU for being you and sharing great content with us!

Karl Sakas

Yes! It’s especially true when you work with volunteers, when you aren’t paying for what people contribute. As I wrote a few years ago, “Saying Thank You is Free”

Jim Miller

Thank you for the great videos, Derek, including the one above. One look at my website will tell you that I am certainly a follower of your advice and a leader in my industry.

I can honestly say that your newsletter announcing new posts is the only subscription email that I always look forward to opening.

Jenny Tynes

Greatly appreciate you confirming the power of thank you’s. Great job.

Another bonus in person, is seeing the smiles and looks of surprise from people when you acknowledge them. Someone actually looked up from their cell phone to see them! Here’s to reigniting what is becoming a lost art.


Hey Derek, THANK YOU!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I really enjoy your channel, your character, and you do a pretty good Elvis Thank you too! Your Social Triggers channel helps me a great deal since I’m not necessarily the most socially adept individual on the planet. SO THANK YOU immensely.


Hope you got my thank you:) Sent it to your GC address a while back! I always find when I send hand written thank yous to people I do business with it is so meaningful for them!

Stu McLaren

Great stuff Derek.

BTW – I think your stylist needs a thank you because you’re looking smooth brotha’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Erin Giles

Love this video Derek! I find this to be so true, especially when I send hand written thank you notes to clients or mentors. It means so much to them and makes me feel good!

Gratitude = Generosity and Generosity is more of a gift than anyone can imagine.

Keep up the great work!

Susan Colket

I loved this. Thank you!

I liked striped shirt & tie look too.


My girlfriend always says “please” and “thank you,” and it totally rubbed off on me. I think we get along better cause those simple words don’t lose their weight.


This video is SO timely. We’re actively working on our feedback and “thank you” processes for clients right now. When I realized I wasn’t sure if my clients knew how grateful I am for their business, I set out to change this right away. Great motivation to get it done! I will be sending out some thank you’s to my business plan clients today.

Tom Bentley

Derek, gratitude is the original soul food: it feeds everybody. Thanks for the reminder.


Derek, the gratitude video truly ROCKS! The message you shared goes so much deeper than meets the eye; in fact, it’s a blessing. I’m definitely gonna share this.

I sincerely mean it when I say “Thank You”, for bringing light and life to us all.

You’re a good man.

Deanna Spell

Fabulous video. I was amazed at how some small acts of appreciation delivered such an impact on productivity and engagement. I already shared and was thankful to my first three. I will continue to spread the Love today.

julie hartig

It would seem grossly inappropriate not to say thank you after watching this video. Admittedly I only get a chance to go through a handful of the stuff I receive, but your items have read/watch are routinely interesting. Keep up the great work!

Sebastian Lora

Thanks a lot for this. It’s easy to forget how much all humans love gratitute and feeling important. And being thanked definitely makes us feel important.

Susan Ross

That was great Derek! Please fix your tie.


Fantastic. Something I have thought for a long time. You’d be amazed when your the 500th in line at a coffee shop and you give the person a sincere smile and thank you. Maybe even eye contact. (and a good tip).


Love it Derek! You are SO inspiring and have stellar advice to share with us that WORKS! Thank YOU for being an amazing teacher!

Gertraud Walters

Thank You, Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ Funny I wrote a Blog post a few days ago “Whatever happened to Good Morning?: ” and I got a good response and actually sent a Thank you to all who commented or not. Maybe I’m just Old School or I come from the Bygone Age? And with your permission I’ll use some of this post in mine? I actually feel like embedding the video?

Who learned from whom? James from you or You from James. I thought your delivery looks similar.


Thank you for Social Triggers!

I thank people who comment on and share my blog posts. I appreciate the time they took to check out my blog. They could have read another blog, but they read mine.

Did you know that having an *attitude of gratitude* could turn your frown upside down? It’s true. ๐Ÿ™‚ And… Say “Thank You” for everything you have and for the people who love and support you.

Craig Grella

Totally agree. I wrote an article about saying “thank you” not too long ago. I work in the nonprofit sector, and it’s super important there too – to say thanks to funders, clients, customers. Such a simple thing to do, but it goes such a long way.

Mary Catherine George

Hey Derek – This is my style – I thank everyone – personally, immensely and I am specific when I thank them, because I do appreciate what people do for me – I appreciate so much what ever effort someone gives me towards my work, and my life. Great that you shared the hard research – which has increased my awareness of just how critical it is to thank people…

So thank you for being the research geek/personality you are – LOVE IT!! MC

Gabriela Pereira

Great video, Derek! Thank YOU for reminding me how powerful saying “thank you” can be and for always sharing such valuable info. Keep up the awesome work!

Robin Hallett

Hi Derek,

Loved this! I know the value of sharing my gratitude — for me and for the person who helped me–part of receiving the support is acknowledging the person who gave it, if we don’t don’t have that exchange, it’s like we take a little less in.

Something I notice in my practice is sometimes someone will reach out to me, sending a long and detailed email about a struggle they have and when I write them back, they don’t always acknowledge the response…

I’m here to be of service first, not just for the thank yous… Still, I notice it.

Thank you Derek, you’re my go to guy on so many things! I appreciate you.




Thank you for this! I’m just starting out and I’m finding your videos and emails very interesting and helpful.

Designer Rob Russo

Excellent video, Derek. You are on the ball. But that’s a redundant comment right off the bat. I believe that you hit it out of the park with every video you do.

I’m learning a ton from all the great research and biz tips you share. And for that I say thank you.

See what I did there? No, not that obvious “thanks” as you’ve suggested in this very video. But all that baseball talk.

And I don’t know why I’m talking like that. I’m not even into the sport much.

But in all seriousness, you *have* inspired me to write a “thank you” blog post to my readers.

I hope they appreciate the post as much as I appreciate them. Here’s hoping it’s a home run.


I’ve sent thank you emails numerous times on my blog and believe it or not, it’s my best performer in terms of CTRs. People love to feel loved and a thank goes a very long way. Next time you want to treat your customer to a pleasant gift, send them a thank you email. You’ll see how well it resonates.


Dear Derek: You are amazing. This is exactly what the company I work for needs to hear. Thank you! Mary


So many people have thanked you already, Derek, but I want to thank your team. As a behind-the-scenes producer for many short films, I know what it’s like for the people in the forefront to get all the attention, when that’s not necessarily true. Your team is worth a lot, and worth all the thanks in the world! They keep this site running, your videos edited, and your overall message heard. Thanks, team!


    Holla! Cheers Bree.



Kevin Cole

This is fascinating. I think it’s implied that saying “Thank You” is a good thing, but I never knew that it had such a dramatic effect.

Offering value is extremely important when connecting with others. But I’ve always found that just expressing my gratitude for another person’s work can go a long way.

As long as you genuinely give a shit, giving credit where credit is due is awesome.


Dear Derek,

I have watched the video.

It was awesome. Thank you so much!

I notice that we have one thing in common.

I also reply to each comment and say “thank you”. Now I know why people are quite active on the comment section on my blog

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

I also try to use your video of “How To Be More Confident” to learn English ๐Ÿ˜€ My method is Fake it till you make it. I spend 30 minutes a day try to make a cover of your video ๐Ÿ˜€

It seems funny but my speaking is improving gradually.

Thank you Derek!



Derek- Thanks for the absolutely relevant information. I appreciate your honest and helpful information.


I’d like to thank you Derek, first for giving us awesome actionable advise for free. It’s so rare to see people in the online marketing niche give away free content without trying to hard-sell us on something at the end of their “content”. You don’t do that. You just give us straight-up hardcore information that can be applied instantly. That’s awesomesauce.

I also want to thank you for when you took time out of your busy schedule to reply to my book proposal, even though you weren’t interested in it. Getting to hear from you personally really made my day.

With that said, I was kinda hoping for you to talk about some research that showed how expressing gratitude affecting the person SAYING thank you, on a psychological level. That would give people an even stronger reason for applying an attitude of gratitude in their business lives.

Thanks for being so awesome Derek. You’re a cool guy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you, Derek, for your post. That reminded me of one video about the gratitude and its impact on our personal life. We become happier when we express gratitude, especially if we do that aloud.

Here is the video from SoulPancake:


Hi Derek,

My company has been working real hard since 2004 to have the most effective debt relief company in America and I would be honored if you would write a blog post on one of our oldest websites related to psychology and debt.


Derek thank you, seriously, no joke this morning I was just thinking of how I keep forgetting to thank others for things and how rude and selfish I must sound.. This was an awesome reminder and will stick in my head for sure. Such as simple little expression of gratitude can go so far. The study in this was so helpful. And Marie was absoluty on target for telling you to get on video! I’m so glad you did, because out of all the emails I’ve signed up to get and the lists I’m on, I never forget to expect yours every Thursday morning. Looking forward to the webinar this evening! And again, Thank You!


I like the quality of this video. I have personally paid $10,000 to professional companies like Cox Media or Fox, and I must say this simple video of you talking which could probably be made for free, is way better quality than videos that I have spent 10k or more to make. What is my point? I actually have a big point that I am about to make.

So you ready?? Here it is.

It is the quality content that you talk about that makes this post awesome. You could have the most expensive graphics, spent thousands on the SEO on your site, but if you are writing it in a boring way that has no meaning, then it is a waste. Take time folks and research the material that you’re recording or writing about. Don’t just write about the same garbage that 50 other sites write a out. Make your videos and content unique like how it is in this Video.

I am new to this site, but I am now here to stay. Thank you Derek.

Barbra Ignatiev

hey Derek!


I agree entirely. This is the sort of thing that changes relationships of all types. Super duper insanely practical tip.


I always say Thank you, genuinely. sadly, most people do not.

How did you do the placing the letters on the screen as you read it? Cool stuff.

lisa pomerantz

THANK YOU Derek! so simple, so easy, and so under-done. I am a firm believer in the thank you and glad to see you are too! I will share, link, etc…


Derek, Thank YOU for your great information and BTC. It has really changed my business!


Thanks for sharing, this is really interesting. I do wish you would consider putting links to the studies you reference, for those of us who are into reading studies.

Gina Peterson

THANK YOU for being you! You are so easy to watch and listen to!

Adam Dukes

I just blogged about this. I titled it “We Don’t Say Thank You Enough”. I am a big believer in showing appreciation/gratitude.

Even on my birthday (happens to be today), when people wish me HBD on Facebook I respond to every single one with a thank you and a little note. It’s just a little gesture of my gratitude for them taking the time to do so. It might sound stupid, but I have been doing it for years and people seem to enjoy it. I certainly enjoy it.

I always send hand written notes to clients, after doing interviews and to some people on my list.

Great video, Mr. Halpern! Oh, and thank you for all your wisdom, I spread your message far and wide.

    Susan Ross

    Happy Birthday Adam!

Monique Williams

Thank you! That was awesome! Clear, concise, entertaining, motivating and your research was on point too! Good job! I will pass this on to my team! Thanks again!

Ken Pierce

Derek, Thank you for this great video. Your character and your passion is very, very inspiring. You have inspired me to look differently at the way I produce my videos. Thank you again! Ken

Mary Planding

Derek. – thank YOU for such useful info delivered in deliciously entertaining bites! Great stuff!! Eleven years ago I write a book and the most popular chapter from it was titled “an Attitude of Gratitude.” So I’m totally with you. It makes a huge, positive difference in the world.

Christopher Stafford

Awesome post man! You know what freaks out my friends? I occasionally will just email them and tell them how beautiful they are or how much I love them or how much I appreciate them in my life. The responses are crazy ass fun! Thanks Derek!


Hey Patrik,

Thank you, Thank you very much for these great tip!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.——
Great videos Derek.
I find them inspiring. Also you took action about doing the videos.

Once again thank you.


No, thank YOU! ๐Ÿ™‚

Michael Fishman

Great job, Derek. 2 things: saying thank you is not a “strategy”. As you said, you have to mean it when you say it. Inauthentic communications of any kind, including “thank you”, are easily detected by the recipient. Also, my guess is that “thank you” is way more powerful than “thanks.” AND if someone says “thank you” to you, DON’T say “no, thank YOU” — say “you’re welcome”. That closes the loop more powerfully and builds the desirable reciprocity that will benefit you in the future.

    Derek Halpern

    You’re absolutely right, it’s not a strategy. I tried to make that clear, and I hope I did.

    That said — I’m hoping this turns people from saying a quick and genuine thank yous, into people who will put a little more effort into their thank yous.

    Because yes, they mean it, and it’s worth it.

Rivka Kawano

Seriously Derek, thanks for everything you do. Really. ๐Ÿ™‚ Passing this one on! ๐Ÿ™‚

Deborah Owen

Forgot to add, I hope I get to meet you at BehaviorCon! REALLY looking forward to the conference!!

Dee Reynolds

A big thank you to you Derek for your advice backed by research.

Thank you’s work with parenting as well. Every time my children (5&7) do something I would like them to do I thank them. I thank them for brushing their teeth without complaining, I thank them for putting their dishes away when they are done eating. I thank them for doing their homework. It seems crazy to thank them for things they should be doing but it’s effective, because they look forward to the thank you’s.

Deborah Owen

Terrific post Derek! I plan to link to it and share it in a blog post TODAY! Life really is all about relationships, and saying thank you is one of the best ways to create meaningful relationships with the people around you.

Racheal Cook

LOVE this Derek! I didn’t know about the research at all but I just wrote a post “Does Your Business Have A Gratitude Practice?” over on my blog a couple weeks ago! {http://theyogipreneur.com/does-your-business-have-a-gratitude-practice/}

Maybe it’s because it was drilled into me as a kid — but I almost ALWAYS send thank you notes to people! Especially peeps who have impacted me in my biz!

So here’s a lil’ one just for you Derek — THANK YOU! You offered up a ticket to me when you were speaking at Social Fresh and I’ve been a fan ever since! Ever piece of advice you share is GOLDEN and has easily added 5 figures to my bottom line since we met a couple years ago.

    Derek Halpern

    Oh wow, I forgot about that. That was back in 2011!

    You’re welcome.

    And that’s amazing.


Great video. I always try and say thank you though outlining excalty why so the person really understands takes a bit of effort.

Alexis Meads

Yes, THANK YOU Derek for your great blog! I completely agree, thank you is so powerful. Especially for people who help you and people in our lives who we take for granted.


    Darlene at BlogBoldly

    Ahhh Alexis.. when you say to thank people “especially for people in our lives who we take for granted.”

    I guess ournext step would be not to take them for granted. Hmmm.

    One of my all time fav books is by John Maxwell (I LOVE this man!) titled “Encouragement Changes Everything: Bless and Be Blessed”

    I adore my Kindle, but the “Encouragement” book by Maxwell is one of the few physical copy books I own anymore cause it really helps me remember to voice my appreciation.

    ~ darlene ๐Ÿ™‚

Patrik Edblad

Man, Derek. THANK YOU for constantly delivering such awesome content. I’m sharing this in every way possible ๐Ÿ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome!

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