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The Only Real "Non-Negotiables" In My Life

So, I got questioned by an newly minted entrepreneur.

“Derek, I’m having a problem juggling all my different responsbilities. What are some of your “Non-negotiables” in your life?”

I answered him.


In other words.

It’s okay to have non-negotiables.

But they should never really be “non-negotiable.”

Things change.

The second you put rigid rules on a fluid world… you’re done.

How about you?

What are your non-negotiables?

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i agree with you on the ‘non negotiable idea’. Having priorities but acknowledging change when its due.
i have to ask tho… (the book title) are you usually this funny behind the scenes.


Hi Derek, would be nice to have the transcript of this kind of videos: would help many of us to ‘scan’ content and google may like you even more. cheers. L.


Hilarious, Derek 😂

I have to admit that I got caught up in trying to set up non-negotiable in my life. The problem I ran into is I felt bad when I had to negotiate. Like I wasn’t being true to what I said was non-negotiable.

But I would’ve DEFINITELY tried to negotiate the price of that sparkling water. 😫

Lori Lynn Greene

Obviously, choosing to buy water for $3 or $13 dollars isn’t a matter of negotiation. It’s a matter of thirst! 😀

But we don’t have to change who we are just because our environment shifts… It’s the difference between reacting to our environment or creating it.

We still have to live with ourselves and sleep at night. We have to have some kind or standard to live by that’s sustainable over the long haul.

If we know who we are and where we’re going, we can negotiate the best possible way to get there to save us time, money, hassles, etc. But stay true to YOU! I don’t negotiate my character or integrity.


Fundamentally disagree with this. Fundamentally.

As someone who has suffered serious, long-term, health issues, my health always comes first. Because without it you don’t have anything else.

My meditation/visualisation practice, my exercise, and what I choose to put in my body are absolutely NON-NEGOTIABLE. If I want to get anything else done in my life, anything at all, I can’t take my health for granted and absolutely have to keep myself in working condition.

I lived for almost a decade with the shittest physical and mental health you can have and still be alive. And there were times when I wished I wasn’t, and even made plans to end it all. I lived every day more or less a vegetable, completely bedridden, unable to even focus on what was going on around me, or follow the plot of a TV show. I couldn’t read, I couldn’t go out for dinner, I couldn’t chase my dreams, I couldn’t do much of anything besides lie there spaced out and think about how much I hated my life.

So the daily practices that prevent me returning to that state? 100% non-negotiable.

Everything ELSE is flexible and depends on other commitments, even things like my daily drawing practice, or checking my email, both of which relate directly to my career.

But the things that actually affect my ability to live my life and do what I choose to do, instead of being a vegetable? The things that keep my body working well and keep me in the right head space so that I’m able to get out of bed in the morning and do, well, anything? To chase my dreams? Those are 100% non-negotiable.

Dean Cantave

That book title…. go for it! LOL.

And when it pertains to saying that you’re going to do anything without any leeway to adjust, I’m in agreement when you say, as the environment changes that can hamper you from changing with it.

Jocko Willink, a guy who is former military and now runs a podcast, spoke on this somewhat in one of his podcast episodes that I listened to this morning. Life requires adjusting, more often than not.

Love the video.

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