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How to tell people what you do (and prove you're good at it)
Last Updated October 24th, 2013

Society says it’s bad to talk about yourself…

…but if you want to get ahead, you MUST tell people what you do – and prove you’re good at it.

If you don’t, you risk being perpetually overlooked, and you’ll be plagued with the thought, “Why did they choose them instead of me?”

The question is how do you do it? How do you talk about yourself, prove you’re good at what you say you do… and not come off like a jerk?

How to Brag, Take Credit, and Bask In Compliments (…just kidding)

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The short answer is: You’ve got to BRAG.

Not just any bragging, though. There are two types of bragging. The right – and wrong – ways to brag. One type makes you look like a jerk. The other type helps you win friends and influence people.

Watch this video to see the difference:

Want to see how you can INSTANTLY stand out from your competition? Download this FREE EBOOK to learn how to talk about yourself in a way that COMMANDS authority and credibility. Plus, you’ll see how to get your first 5,000 subscribers

When you’re done with this video, I want to do something different in the comments.

I’d like you to leave a comment and brag about what you’re good at… in one sentence.

I’m giving permission to do it in the comments, so don’t worry about looking like a jerk πŸ™‚

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Koren Schmedith

There are people who hesitate to tell others what they do or what they are good at. Is it really tough to do? Carry a friendly conversation ask ask the opposite person what he/she does. In return he/she would definitely going to ask the question back. Be cool and tell openly what you do. Discover yourself joining the field where you think you can do the best and you enjoy.


I’m 30 years old and I’ve just discovered something about myself and that is, I’m good at telling other people how to do their jobs…even if I myself are not doing that role. What does this mean? I cannot share this with potential employers without coming off like a challenger of authority or an a**hole.

Alyzande Renard

I’m the world’s richest player in the game World of Warcraft but I started with nothing, and I teach other players how to get rich too.

I’m here because I’m redesigning my brand and know your tips are the best.


I’m good at organizing (project coordination) and training but am expanding my credentials and online exposure so this concept is new for me.


some people like myself have never ecomplish anything thats life. im good at most things not great at anything.. ive never tried to hurt feelings or people in genaral the things i say hurt people and people hurt me. ive felt diffrent my hole life kinda how my daughter does now and i slowly was trying to repair myself as i grow with out doctors who make you think worse of your life. i think 24 hr aday cant stop it learnd to shut it off.. im someone who trys to be strong because it got me here regardless of the state. i hold grudges because even know i know i hurt the ones i love i never meant to and wouldent try to. ive never been happy with my life until this year(lol) crazy but was true. i have never liked to be alone cuz whats life with out love. ive screwed more people over than i know… we all view life and people diffrent,what we want or deserve some trust to much or some just go with the flow hoping life works out. i thought i was getting better with every new problem. im out of words for once no plan or plans to make plans. any person group sec gang or clan who would lie about loveing your partner (not the girl of the month) for a job friend or fun for so many years is great at what they do and should brag… i wont be hurting anyone anymore..


I am not good at bragging but I must say I’m one of a kind artist.

P.S : I can hear you talk all day.. I love Social triggers and you. πŸ™‚


Wauw D-money your awesome! πŸ˜€ this exactly what I needed.
I am a starting entrepreneur and struggled exactly because i was to shy/humble so I ended up confusing everyone because their prejudice started taking over.
This will help me big time breaking free from the shackles of shyness, thanks a lot


I turn vision into no limits content because I am a wordsmith.

John Sterlini

Just wanted to thank you for all the great work you do. I really enjoy the videos and always get something to think about. I share several of your posts with various friends where I see a topic relates. Great personality and entertaining, again, thank you


I am an avid gardener! My yard is the most beautiful breathtaking one you can imagine.


I play guitar been playing since I was 11 now 24 ppl say I’m good or God like… i don’t think so I always see room for improvement and don’t think I’m good but when I bring it up ppl just shun it off like I’m a heck or they just don’t care any suggestions?


I have my skill and I have it mastered. I have been doing it for over 18 years now. I have worked for other companies and freelance for myself. Over the years I have done the freebie thing in order to get people talking about me and my services, and it has not worked for me. I know what you’re thinking “This guy’s product or service SUCKS!” well, no, I have always had 100% client satisfaction. I get high praise from the clients regarding my work upon completion and my work has made an increase of profit for many companies.

HOWEVER… Not once has anyone ever told their friends about me, written about me, or commented on my website, or helped in any way. I have to go out door to door, doing face to face sales myself to get clients. I have saved people thousands of dollars in service fees by doing free work for them and still they do nothing for me in return. (Later in life I realized that I had to actually discuss the terms of my free work with people, ie: “I’ll do this for you for free if you will pass my name around to your business friends”

And even with that little clause written in there I have NEVER gotten ONE job from word of mouth, or from the freebie people writing about my services. My work is immaculate and it speaks for itself, the increase in revenues from the clients speaks volumes for my work. Therefore the only thing I can think is happening is like with most ‘free’ things, nobody wants to share.

It’s as though the clients feel like they have a hidden gem they don’t want anyone else to have and so they won’t speak about me.
Thoughts anyone? Maybe doing free work to create word of mouth sales isn’t for everyone in every business out there?



Fantastic video, David! Your humour makes me smile.

I find that a good way to segue into a very short “value spike” (which will often stoke the interest that provokes those follow-up questions) is to relate the current topic to the demonstration of value (i.e. what you are “bragging” about), then reflect back to the initial conversation thread.

Example: someone mentions a surprise success. “That’s awesome, mate. It’s super-cool to have that sort of thing come unexpectedly. That’s how we got popular, actually; the following from our charity-based song “To Write Love On Her Arms” just sort of caught on…truly humbling experience! What are your future plans for your enterprise?”

I find that this “value spike” concept is also very useful in dating. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, thanks again for an amazing article. Always great to read/watching your insights!

Gaby Dufresne-Cyr

I’m an awesome animal behaviourist, the only problem is getting people to talk about so I can brag lolll My profession is not a very common topic of conversation which means if I don’t provoke it, we don’t talk about it :-/

Jim Myers

I signed on with you today. Looking forward to more. I really enjoy the “too busy video”. I’m going to watch it for a third time. I will share your website with others, and I know you will share mine when it is finished. New products coming out this spring. I will hope to give you some ideas for your future communications. Jim Myers


Wow! Thanks Derek! I am SO the guy who has a hard time with self promotion. My former boss was always doing his shameless self-promotion bit, and he became a top-level manager at the company. I just stayed where I was.

Your example of Avi and how he was likable when talking about himself after someone else brought up the topic, well, it opened my eyes. It made me consider who I know that brags well and who doesn’t. Thanks!


You have definitely mastered the art of bragging while remaining likable. I’m amazing at learning new things quickly and then teaching them to others as if I’ve been doing them for years, so I will try this during my next conversation. πŸ™‚


I like it. Bragging and adding value at the same time! And also about balancing and not being afraid to be vulnerable. That totally helps in coming across as a more genuine person. Awesome practical advice and makes a lot of sense. πŸ™‚


i aam going to the state fair, notice how i can brag while not, read carfully

(i am in lowercase the other person is in UPPER CASE) are you going to the state fair next year? YEA, ARE YOU? yes, are you going to enter, or just watch? I AM JUST WATCHING, HOW ‘BOUT YOU? funny thing you asked, i am entering my bunny in the bunny jumping! maby you can watch me?! YEA, THAT SOUNDS FUN!

notice how i lightly brought up the topic by asking the question, then the other person awncered, and i asked another question, and the other person awncered, then asked me a question, i bragged because i am entering and they arn’t, but i lightly brought up the topic:D


@Derek, below the Video is my desktop – can I enter my comment there? πŸ˜›

For years I was inclined to talk too much about my strengths and pad my own shoulder. Despite knowing that it puts limitations on promoting my person and service I still see it that way.
But for quiet some times I gradually changed some of my believes. Finding the right way to tell more about yourself AND keeping your ethics and believes is a challenge in itself. In one of your points I full agree – if you are introduced (network) then it is much more easily to speak of yourself – but still not too much and not to repetitive.
Great advices you give – connected first over FB now also per Newsletter. Keep reading you!


Im good at writing and presenting. Whatever I say or write, even stuff i think might not be too smart, ppl like them >.< so, someone offered to work on creating a web of mine. And so.. My chairs person asked me to study all of your posts to improve this audience matter. And guess what? Im lovin it <3.<3

Michelle Wald PT, LMT

I think there is an interesting difference in the male and female brag. First, guys are trained from an early age to be comfortable with the brag and girls are actively discouraged and rarely do it. I like your right and wrong brag analogy, however male and female brags are distinctly different… in flavor and frequency. Guys generally brag to make themselves look good and at the same time make others feel small (your tip on vulnerability is a good cover for this tendency). Female brags -when done well (al la Mama Gena) raise everyone up as “a high tide lifts all boats” example-everyone feels good. I hope more of the ladies try this type of feminine brag to shine her light, get her credit and inspire others too.


I love the way you yell!!! πŸ™‚ )


I think if you are confident in what you’re doing then it reflects making it easier to present it to others.


I am GREAT at creating lasting memories by designing creative events!!!

Hugh Smith

Love this. Thanks Derek.
I’m a great dad and hope that I’m getting better every day.
I’m good at fiction writing and getting better.


Great vid – this is something I need to work on. For my brag:
I consult with construction companies to help them grow their businesses. Because of my decade of experience running a construction company, in addition to my years in marketing, I’m one of the best in the business at what I do.


Hi Derek,

I definitely agree with your boss. And now, the bragging part:

A few months ago, when I started to make blog comments, some people said: “You need to work on your humility, otherwise you won’t get comments”, but a few days ago I celebrated my first 1000 comments and I am still in the same arrogant state of mind: I love to be authentic and tell the truth.

Matt Dimock

Hey Derek.

Just wanted to reach out saying how much I appreciate the advice (and humor). I’m in SEO, and your advice couldn’t be any truer for people in this industry. EVERYONE wants to be known as the best SEO out there because the credibility means security (in either your job, or in acquiring new clientele). However, there is that fine line we all walk in looking like a champ and looking like a downright arrogant asshole. Haha. Anyway, thanks for helping to clarify the line I walk.

Oh, and my strong suit is search engine optimization. At least, it started off as that. I’ve found that the better I’ve become at SEO, the better I’ve become with all facets of Internet marketing in general. But by far, my strongest ability is to be able to analyze a website and it’s analytic’s data and know what they are doing wrong and what they could be doing better, to help increase their visibility on Google.com.


My superpower is being able to step in to quickly learn that one thing that no one else in the room knows yet, then find a way to simplify it and explain it back to them so that it sticks.


I’m great at turning wire and sheet metal into wearable art jewelry using cool tools and chewing gum at the same time.

Arthur Burlo

I am good at making a fool of myself, leave a bad impression on people, make people think I am incompetent even though the reality is I am very smart and knowledgeable. It’s just that I am so intelligent, that ordinary people fail to understand my reasoning. A bit like Albert Einstein. You know…

Arbaz K

This is one area that I struggle a lot and I find it really hard to tell the people what I do and why I do it. However thanks for this post and giving these awesome tips.
Great post and some really good advices πŸ™‚


I am really good at gently and kindly calling people on their bs and bringing awareness to old, outmoded habits and patterns, especially when they are my coaching clients. πŸ™‚


…and humor πŸ™‚


I’m good at saying the right things at the the right times to make people feel good about themselves.


LOL!! So, I’m sitting at the computer in a quiet library… got a lot of awkward stares.


I’m learning to embrace my strengths and work on my weaknesses. It’s getting easier to say: I am a good writer and a very good copyeditor.

Brooke Rothman


I’m good at helping others be more courageous and step out of their comfort zones.

Really digging your work, Derek. Thanks!


i love this man I love to brag, what do you mean if someone ask me what business im in i should say something called ……. which the training in that just got me 2 referrals in so many hours


As a photographer in a sea of photographers I can use these points to set myself apart……..

As a photographer who is also a pediatric nurse I am comfortable with working with your child and family creating a fun stress free session.
Connecting with your child to photograph honest images comes easy to me. I would rather work with 10 kids,dogs and toddlers then one wedding party. I do not shoot weddings as I prefer the unpredictability and fun when working with children!


As a former stressed out mess turned massage therapist I can reduce your stress-induced muscle tension like no one else.


I incorporate my bragging into an engaging story and strategically inject a little self-deprecating humor. “Entertain” in a memorable way that leaves the impression: “He’s good at what he does.” True story: I was too stupid to realize I was supposed to fawn all over a certain celebrity’s vanity TV project, so I gave him my honest opinion on how to make it much, much better. While his lackeys sputtered at my “rudeness,” the celeb invited me to come aboard as his equal partner. (C&P of my YouTube comment)

Falon Mihalic

I’m a landscape architect and I design beautiful outdoor spaces.

Dennis Smith

I help people figure out what they want to say and then how to do it.


I’ve got an epic bull s@$% sensor.
Thanks, great post, Derek!


I’m an excellent communicator and use photography, graphic design,written and spoken word to connect with people and deliver my message effectively.

Zac Pagin

I’m terrific at my job as a Marketing Analyst, but I suck at bragging LOL. So, the old rule, ‘action speaks louder than words’ is outdated already, huh?


I am an estate and tax attorney who really cares about his clients first and actually takes the time and effort to help them.

Bernard Clive

Well noted, bragging in context is most preferred. As you stated when you balance it with your vulnerability you don’t appear to be the ‘superman’. I help people have a clear understanding of their personal brand, write and publish their books.


Good advice. Two years ago I interviewed for a marketing position most thought I was unqualified to hold (I had my doubts also). However after weeks of preparation, I was AWESOME in the interview, which warranted a second appearance. This time around, the applicants were asked to relate to the interview team an example of a successful marketing program that we had accomplished. My background was not marketing, but I have extensive sales experience which many times bled into the marketing field. The only example I could come up with was how I marketed MYSELF in a previous sales position, resulting in my becoming the top salesman in the organization. Talk about bragging! But, it was backed up with detailed examples and I even had physical items to hand out and display to the interview panel (post cards, newsletters, newspaper articles, awards, etc.). I nailed it big time – got the job – and in two years I have amazed the top floor execs with the results I have achieved. It’s not bragging when you can back it up with results.


I don’t have time to brag, I have work to do… If you love the work you do then you’re not missing out on anything. The attention seekers are bound to fail fast, and rarely get up! The most effective source of influence is humility and being humble! Remember, as long as you have something to eat and a place to sleep, then you have a life time to make art, the art that is your passion!


Shallie Bey (@ShallieBey)

Derek, I am good at helping entrepreneurs or people who want to become entrepreneurs. I help them clarify what they want to accomplish and how to get that goal accomplished effectively.


Really useful content, Derek! Can’t think of an example, right now, but I know I’ve been struggling with this exact thing so this was great for me to hear. I missed it in my email a few days ago, but I knew I wanted to check it out so, again, BIG THANKS!


I get warm fuzzy feelings when I help people and I just cannot help but to share them with others. I am good at graphic design and I currently show it with examples and asking intelligent questions about a company’s needs. People tend to believe i am good at what I do even without looking at my website or portfolio. But at the same time I like to brag about my peers and co-workers to make them look good and feel more confident because I believe in them too and I want them to get better so we can accomplish greater things together. People love to hear success stories because it gives them hope, even if you are telling about how you were able to be the hero. It is all about asking the right questions and responding with relevant stories and information.

Jeff Washburn

Howdy Derek,

Right on! I’ve been at it for too many years.

Brag: I develop successful teams and turnaround organizations and projects in trouble.


I help dynamic, up and coming entrepreneurs navigate the world of online marketing so they can get noticed and grow their business.

Laura Ecker

I am really great at cleaning out your junk and helping you conquer your need to accumulate more junk.

Julie Musial

Hi Derek
You have enough self confidence that I can be very honest in this comment. People that are loud and in your face annoy me. When I first started watching you, you annoyed me. However, you do it in a way that I have come to accept you. Your information is solid and educational.



My foray into making money online as a blogger helped pay for the flat I’m living and my Sony Bravia 42 inches ( made the money on hubpages). Subsequent and successful stint on revenue sharing sites, I knew I can go on to becoming a blog consultant. hence I set up my bloggingconsult business.

Thanks Derek for being motivational!!.

Elizabeth Salazar

Haha, love the video. Great, usable content with a humorous twist.

Since you asked, I’m great a communicating…finding the right way to say the everyday conversations and translating what others are saying with their words and actions. I’m kind of physic…except I can’t read minds, just body language and context. Which is why I enjoy your content.

Jane Frankland

Great video. My brag is that I’ve built a 7-figure business twice – each time in 2 years. The way that I tell my story is by telling my audience these 3 things:

1. It was only last year that I realized how special this was (someone even had to point it out to me!)
2. When I did it the first time, I didn’t really have a clue about what I was doing! Hence why I almost lost it 5 years later when I learnt the value of ‘cash is king’ no matter how good your sales order book is.
3. The second time I did it, I lost it when my business partner went off with it!

Anyway, I’m starting from scratch now – in a new field…without investment…just like the first time! πŸ™‚


    You sound pretty amazing to me…..good luck with venture no. 3.

    I’m started a business 6 months ago and I haven’t made any money yet BUT my big brag is that I’ve come across lots of stumbling blocks and problems and I haven’t given up. I’m focused, dedicated and and A1 problem solver!

Ravi Peal-Shankar

Hi Derek

My single line introduction is: “I help business owners succeed”.

But I also use 3 simple steps articulate what I do:
1. The problem I solve
2. The results I help produce
3. Give examples of results my clients have achieved.

“If you are an Entrepreneur who is working along hours and not making enough income, I help Entrepreneurs like you turn your business in to an asset, that will eventually work without you”…. and follow it with examples …

Kind Regards



So to sum it up all, you need do is to brag with something real in your pocket and tell people with actual context that they can depend on you…


Awesome stuff Derek, as usual you bring a bunch of value. I agree that people should monetize their knowledge. If you truly bring the best value people will have no problem paying you for your knowledge and in fact will encourage it!
I really appreciate all of the awesome value you bring Derek!

Barbara McKinney

I’m always hesitant to tell people that I’m good in what I do because I’m afraid that it may lead others to think of me as a bragger. Thanks for the video Sir! Now I know how to prove that I’m an expert in my field.


I’m not good at this subject. The last interview I went for I got some feedback that I was over confident…. this utterly floored me because I had no idea that I presented like this. In fact the feedback that I get back at work is that I’m my own worst enemy. So my question is this, when your given an opportunity (in context) to state your abilities how do you approach it without over compensating – particularly when you know you’re out of your depth? Do you simply relate abilities to the business? i.e. ‘I think that the business could benefit from my ability to do XYZ?

Barry Penner

Thanks Derek, I can present new things in a simple, easy to follow manner for people trying to do something they’ve never done before and make them comfortable and confident to take action.



i wanna do dirty things to you

David R. Herz

I am great at listening for what’s important in people’s lives and providing the space in which they can live with more power, freedom, self-expression and peace of mind.

When applied to my profession as a lawyer, I keep asking questions to make sure I know exactly what my client goals are, and then I provide the counsel and advice not only to achieve the immediate goals, but to set my clients up powerfully to transition into bigger and bolder futures.

I am also a great wordsmith and editor.

Most important, I just care, and I am great at leaving people living better lives for me having been a part of them.

Josh Escusa

Haha, love the gold chain! I think I tend to be a little too humble about my accomplishments, but I’m starting to learn exactly what you said. Sometimes I really need to just toot my own horn (but in context). As I’m gaining more credibility, other people seem to brag for me so that’s awesome as well. I think good, transparent, and likeable works draws in a following that is willing to share your stuff. I’ve mentioned your material to hundreds of people already πŸ™‚


Dude, love this video. I’ve always struggled with confidence so this was an eye opener.


Thanks Derek. I’m enjoying your revamped videos.
On reflection I have built my online reputation through blog posts and tweets that share information that my competitors do not disclose, and speak in a tone that’s personal, straightforward, with no sugar-coating. I get a lot of reader comments about my honesty, directness and so forth. That’s about as much bragging as I can manage. See, I didn’t even include my website!


I’m good at reminding/teaching people ways they can make this world a better place (for now and for future generations) just by forgetting the myth of quick and easy but realising the truth simple and healthy!

Alex Boze

I got thrown into the car business on accident not knowing anything about being a salesman aside from standard courtesy and common sense, however, I am learning quickly and adapting to my new environment, making sales and providing the best service I can, gladly accepting new challenges and growing myself and my business.

Lacy Gunnoe

I love telling people I got where I am today by riding the coattails of others. Sounds like I used other people! In reality, if it were not for the high quality of the people I had the privilege of working for, with, and leading, I would not be where I am today. By stating something outrageous or sarcastic, people definitely listen to your reply to how it was intended, which makes your impact that much more powerful.

I am an Air Force Instructor Pilot of 13 years hoping to transition to full-time speaking on Leadership to young adults. I appreciate your efforts to help me gain a following to create a market.

My YouTube Channel is called THINK POSSIBLE TUESDAY, click here to check it out:


Thanks for all your wisdom and look forward to hearing more.



Daniel Wagner

If there is something you are struggling with, I can help you find the answer. I LOVE to learn new topics, and if you have a problem, I can solve that problem!

Daniel Wagner.


My love for Excel only slightly exceeds my expertise in Excel.

Frank Casanova

The out-takes at the end of each video really make it !!! Jousey-style and all.

Josh Fairbairn

I design and manufacture in China for big name companies creating products that are looking to change the world.



Great post and thanks for opening the door for more people to talk about them selves in a positive way. For some reason being proud of what you do or who you are have been commingled with being boastfull.

I learned once from a great mentor of mine to write down the following:
– Knowledge (what is it that I really know, what am I an expert in)
– Experience (what have I really done, what have I studied, what have I worked with, where have I been)
– Results (what have I actually achieved, be honest, but don’t be shy. everyone has achieved something!!)

In short we were being trained to create our own brag statements, and build upon factual statements. The benefit was that these were honest, true statements that we didn’t have to feel ashamed of when telling other people.

In our company we train all of our team members to brag. Everyone should be proud of what they are doing, and what they are achieving! It sets a positive town that inspire other to be great too.


Alexander John

I hate talking about myself. I don’t like getting the credit. I would much rather help someone get that promotion then myself, talking them up, not myself. WHY?

Because, no one does it, like you said.

I think people love talking about themselves a little to much. People need to listen more then talk, that’s the key to successfully bragging.


I am really good at working with colors. It suits me far more than forms. In my paintings I try to be as abstract as possible and let the chosen colors shine. But painting still lifes or even architecture… please don’t make me do that.

Gailmarie Ward

I LIKE this guy! MIRROR IMAGE of me! LOL! And I couldn’t have said it better! You NEED to know me…just like almost 1100 others do! Well……


Derek, great video, as always! πŸ™‚ I’m great at helping people become closer in their relationships, whether it’s with their spouse, children, or with themselves!

Jeri Goldstein

Derek, thanks for videos, they are always informative and entertaining. I teach performing artists how to manage their careers and in doing so this topic comes up often. How do they sell and promote themselves without being big-headed. So one strategy I teach is to use testimonials and quotes from previous presenters or fans or audience members to help sell themselves. weave those great comments into their conversations so they feel less like they are bragging and more like they are sharing a comment from a respected industry professional or fan. I love this video as it adds to the strategies I will now incorporate into my teachings. thanks so much.


Great video, Derek. I can be a passive aggressive bragger where I never mention my accomplishments and then say, “I’m good at that too,” when someone else is getting praised. I annoy myself by it. I will give your steps a try. I


I am very good at gaining people’s trust.

Really great post, Derek.


Hi Derek,
Thanks a lot for the insight. I have always been rather bad at promoting myself, mostly because where I come from it is not well regarded. But you are definitely right: if I don’t do, who is gonna do it for me?

Bobbie Murphy

Wow, that is so helpful, thank you! I constantly struggle with this, even as I am updating my travel planner website to help potential clients understand the value that I provide them. I am putting myself out there and networking in person, So must learn to be comfortable in promoting myself and my abilities. Will remain mindful to do so only when the conversation is leading me there. You rock.

Johny Thomas

I am great at allowing you to meet new friends via random voice chat.


Very timely. I’ve been cleaning up after some other consultants and have been thinking about a “warning signs” type blog for my customers and potential customers. You’ve given me some great ideas about how to do this in a healthy way. Thanks!


I’m good at breaking down complex ideas into simple, accessible chunks.

Jules Webb

This must be the science behind why “Nice guys always finish last”

Like a high percentage of women, I’m not comfortable boasting. But if I have to I guess I’d say I’m a good worker. I know how to get things done and make things happen. …still doesn’t sound very boastful, guess I need to work on that πŸ˜‰

Yolanda Crowley

I’m really good at dancing badly. Video coming soon…

Ryan M. Hall

I’m good at helping people make their films come together…getting everything in place and moving the projects forward.
I’m good at producing it and I freakin love doing it.

Great video, and great points!

Mormo Zine

I’m the king of punk rock fame and fortune.

Malcolm McLaren, the manager of the Sex Pistols made all kinds of outrageous brags. He even said he created punk rock! It worked for him!!

Greg Agustin Jr.

Love the value you always provide brother!

What I’m good at actually spawned from a HUGE weakness I had. Being overly critical of myself allowed me to see the amazing gifts in others that they themselves have not yet realized.

So, I discovered that my flaw actually helped other entrepreneurs utilize their gifts to create highly profitable home businesses =)

Mary Kathryn Johnson (@SayBumpandTweet)

Providing actionable tips and tricks to improve success as Parent Entrepreneurs is something at which I excel!

Thanks Derek for actually making me say it in one sentence!


Great video!
I help people who want to lose weight to get out of their own way and develop a fit LifeSTYLE.

Kim Greco

I am really good at teaching people how to own a dog they are proud of, not embarrassed by! How is your dog doing, by the way?!

Thanks Derek!

Peter Ching

What Derek says is on the “money” lol. Related to all this is the ability to listen and find the context to brag. Get a conversation going and just listen. Let the conversation take its natural course and find opportunities to guide it to a context where you can brag. For example …

I was at the IBM ThinkLab Influencer event last night and met a tech entrepreneur. We got into a discussion about the technology behind his app and I mainly listened. When he started circling around to how difficult it’s been to find users to test his app, that’s when I stepped in. — “HEY! Why don’t you use my website, MoreTheMerrier.com? It’s a fun and easy way to create events to draw a crowd for any purpose. You can create an event and offer free beer to to attract users to test your app. Isn’t my site AWESOME!” —

So by really listening, you’re finding out what matters to the person and creating the context to connect and brag. If the opportunity presents itself, tie yourself (or company, product, etc.) into that person’s context. That’s how you can make maximize the impact of your “bragging”.


The biggest thing I’ve learned when I joined a video game comapny was how good I was at my job and how bad I was at telling people until they see the quality of my work. When you start bragging, people have bigger expectation so you better deliver. When you do, you’re the king. When you don’t, you better have a good reason.

I wish school were teaching a little bit more how to brag and less how to doubt about yourself πŸ™‚


Olly and Martin- you sound like people I need to know!

Clarity Creative Group

Good stuff! Clarity Creative Group is great at building websites, solving problems, and writing blog posts.

Susan Ross

I make people laugh with my children’s books.

Martin Poldma

I’m good at helping people create their dream business and lifestyle around doing what they love… And I looooove helping people in general.

Anyways, awesome video Derek, I think D-Money is a great rap-name for you… If you were to go that route one day!

Olly Richards

I’m AMAZING at helping other people to learn a foreign language quickly and efficiently!

Feels good to say…! πŸ™‚


Thanks for this post — it’s EXACTLY what I was talking to one of my coworkers about this morning.

I’m actually really good at exploring and researching cities. One day I want to be on a tourism bureau, write local history curriculum, and teach others how they can learn and grow through exploration.

William Cook

Great Video. Love working with people on my tour and I have the ability of making friends out of my guests.


Hey Derek you are a tonic, you made me smile a lot – I am a tonic too, I help folk get past anxiety, depression and IBS … need to brag about it more … thanks for the tips!


Like many, its always been a feat to BRAG even a little bit, ESPECIALLY when others would ask me about the topic. Then I began listening to what others told me others would say about me. I’ve never heard such wonderful comments and these comments weren’t ever said directly to me but I started believing my worth.


    “Through presence, non-judgment and acceptance of all beings, the massage I give will: help you feel lighter but grounded with continuing ripple effects.” Geesh, that was harder than I thought!

Maxwell Ivey

Hi Derrick; first, as a blind business owner I want to thank you for sending me the direct link to the video. I think your readers should know that you did go out of your way to help me learn from you and hopefully grow as a business owner. I recently grew enough traffic to my site that it has gone from about 3 million on alexa to the top 1 million sites in about six weeks thanks to commenting on and sharing other people’s blogs and videos. It is through a lot of help from friends and fellow website owners that my site is finally getting the recognition it needs. Now, just need to sell more amusement rides, games, inflatables, concessions machines, etc. Thanks again for the great video. I’m looking forward to next week. Take care, Max


Derek, Love your info. I’m great at making and critiquing videos. Your videos are well produced, however, the studio that your using needs a bit more sound proofing. I’m hearing an echo on all of your sound. Assuming they’re using a shot gun mic on you. Also, when you get into the studies it can be hard to follow with just a talking head. You should use some animation like motion graphics to illustrate. Some of the case studies are just really detailed. The simpler the better. Keep it up!!!

Laura G. Jones

Love this, Derek! What an awesome video. I have to say, I struggle with this somewhat as well. Even though I know I’m good and I can get results, I don’t want to alienate people because of coming across as too sales-y. But I don’t want to get lost in the background, either! So it’s time to dust off those bragging skills.

I am great at helping people defeat the inner resistance that is holding them back from doing the work they’re meant to do and living the life of their dreams.

Greg Lohr

Hey Derek, love your energy, you kept my attention from beginning to end! I’m not good at brag’n but since you gave me permission and encouragement to do so…here goes…

I build my own websites using WordPress. I like the challenge and think it is fun. Friends and colleagues liked my work and asked me to make websites for them too. One webmaster asked me why I wasn’t in the business and told me that even though I didn’t have a ton of experience I was better than 90% of the people out there building websites and he strongly encouraged me to jump into the business. This website building business just kept coming after me instead of me going after it…and to make a long story short, I’ve teamed up with a lady who makes amazing videos and we’re teaching each other our skill-sets and we are going for it! Anyone need’n a website….grab me while my prices are still lower than most others! Click my name…just say’n!

Bam….there be my brag’n Derek! HowWuzIt?

Missy Cooke

I’m good at helping people find the ketchup. πŸ˜‰

Seriously though, I’m great at helping people find simple solutions that are right in front of them, but that they can’t see.

To answer your other question, I’ve found one of the best ways to brag is to ‘prove your skillset’. For me that means having real conversations with people and waiting for them to tell me where they are ‘blocked’ and then just walk them through it without telling them that’s what I’m doing. Then when they tell me how it helped, I explain what just happened and what I do. They’ve already complimented my skill so they are impressed and grateful that I gave them something for free.


When I worked for a Public Relations agency and got an attorney client in the news, I would congratulate them and send the article. I would also cc the head of their city’s office, the head of the practice group, the head of the division, the marketing liaison, the head of marketing and my boss. Everyone saw how hard I worked and how successful I was. This made me (and my boss) look great.


Love it… As usual. Thanks Derek.

Hmm…. I am Superb at helping people to see how awesome they truly are
And that they CAN feel good, even when life’s shizzle hits the fanizzle.
Nobody is exempt from being awesome. It’s our birthright .

Rivka Kawano

Derek – Great video as usual. πŸ™‚

Talking about your clients’ successes (while including how you helped create those) is a great way to do this too. It is clear what your skills and experience are, but not all about you.


Here’s my brag: I am the first High Performance Parent Coach, certified thru Brendan Burchard’s High Performance Academy.

Rika Susan

Great video, Derek! I am good at making vegetable juicing fun for families and getting folks excited about healthy eating. Wanna join in the yum?

Tim Butler-Jones

Hi Derek

As someone who is half English, half New Zealander with a touch of Irish it is anathema to me to big myself up. In fact in NZ we have a popular cultural quirk known as “Tall Poppy Syndrome” where anyone sticking their head out will get it chopped off (metaphorically speaking). I am aware that self promotion is critical to getting my video and photography business ahead so thank you for providing me with a reasonable way to do this.


I’m good at provoking people to think about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.


I write kicka** copy! Booyah!


I had a very off-the-cuff chat with a long-standing but occasional client only yesterday. She spoke glowingly about one or two people she had worked with in the past year, saying what a good job they had done.

It dawned on me with horror that she didn’t really know all of what I do – and whose fault is that?

What do I do? I help people get inside other people’s headspace.


Derek, I can brag better that Derek is the most awesome lovable braggist… Lol. Is there a word like that

Gemma Regalado

One of the greatest videos yet, D-Money! I think knowing when and how to big yourself up is a MASSIVE sticking point for a lot of people (and more so for women than men). Thanks for addressing it.

My brag? I design and build gorgeous, bold-ass custom websites for strong, successful and unapologetically awesome female entrepreneurs to help boost their online brand, attract their ideal clients and make more money.

I also have a free video crash course for those awesome, new-to-the-game entrepreneurs teaching them how to start thinking about their online brand (and using completely free resources to design it).

Beth Burgess - Smyls

Thanks Derek. I used to have a massive problem with putting myself ‘out there’, and am still a little uncomfortable with sharing my success. It is a shame because I run corporate wellbeing and skills workshops that come with a 100% recommendation rate and I have worked for some really respected organisatons. I do know the value I deliver, so it’s useful to find a way to put that across in a nice way. Keep up the great work!

Web Wigan

It’s great to help people.

So when a friend, who’s a website designer, asked me to show him how to get his own webite onto page 1 of Google, I gladly helped him.

Mission accomplished, the friend gave me a glowing testimonial for my website.

Alex Webley

I became really good (world class) at fixing subconscious mind issues partly because I was SO USELESS at thinking (damaged mind from terrible start in life) and being humble was one of the fundamental keys to my freedom.

claudia carter

Hi Derek, as always love your attitude. I am still hoping you will make a video on how to come accross as funny and likeable without the douche factor.

But on to this week’s topic…I have seen this guy brag about his work by publishing his monthly results and proving that he is in fact making money using his techniques.

I like it but I am afraid to use it myself as the competition or potential competition will see my income and figure out they want some of that too.

What is your view on this? Yay or nay to publishing financial and analytics results on a blog post.

Venkatesh Iyer

Remember, you asked for it. I write humor. I am damn good at it. No, I am not saying that now just to be humorous.

Mary Bartnikowski

Great video! I’m good at professional photography and can get a great photo of you in less than 5 minutes. Here’s what I do when I meet people and they act like photography is just a hobby of mine suggesting I go look at a new photographer’s site for inspiration when I’ve been doing this and loving it for 25 years, I have to let them know that I have photographed over 700 weddings and taught worldwide – I’m curious if other people out there have witnessed this in their businesses? As pro-photography has more men in it and I’m a woman I think this may be part of the issue – what do you think? Anyway it has helped to mention my credentials.

Perri Jackson

Excellent video Derek – thanks a bazillion for making it!
I am awesome at writing clear and comprehensive instructions which explain all the little details people need to make themselves fabulous and unique jewelry. I’m good at that because I can not only analyze why someone is having a problem, but how to fix it and explain that so there is an “AHA!” moment. POOF! No more problem – just fantabulous adornment!


I tattoo and Im the Greatest!


I’m really good at sewing for myself, but hate bragging about it ’cause I’m always asked to sew stuff for other people and I don’t have enough time for that. Instead I’d love to be able to show others how to sew for themselves even if their own time is limited?

Lou Johnson

I think my height helps, but phone calls are different. That’s why I always say how tall I am so they get a picture of how successful I am.

Connie Habash

I’m so glad you did a video this week, Derek! I think you’re on target with talking about context for “appropriate and effective” bragging.

And I agree with Paul above – I love how you yell. I love that you’re being authentically you and you’re full of joy doing it.

I don’t really think of strategies myself, but what I do is listen. I listen to not only what people say, but what is underneath their words. I listen for their feelings, and to what their soul is longing for. When I hear a longing for more meaning in their life, for seeking what really matters, for finding a connection to something greater, I know it’s time for me to share my gifts. Then, I can touch their heart and their spirit and awaken a deeper connection to the Divine and to their sense of purpose. I help people shift from human “Doings” to the Human Being that they are, becoming their authentic Self.

Thanks, Derek.

Carl Prebilski

I’m really good at showing people how to send greeting cards and gifts from the convenience of their home or office.


I help faculty move courses online – to their benefit and their students’ benefit. I am very good at matching the technology to the task and the ability of the professor.


Oooh, can’t do this. Gotta protect the guilty.

However, my husband actually has a boss who refuses to commend him, although he does a wonderful job, he says because he does not brag. Yet when he brags, it makes no difference, because everyone already knows what he does, how indispensable he is, etc., but the boss is just a weird person who refuses to praise or promote him in any way. Only a few times has he even acted as if he exists. Brag or no.

So here is my brag for him:

My husband is an excellent organizer and straight-line thinker who can be the fire boss of a 10,000-acre wildfire without even looking at the map and has done so several times, often for days at a time, giving directions to volunteer helpers either by map or by platte number or by landmarks, over a radio, from memory, while himself driving to the next outbreak, with almost no time off for food or sleep, really, and with no commendation, because he feels his great work is self-evident and refuses to lower himself to bragging.

Thanks. I needed that.


I often make friends with influencial people look easy. I poke fun of myself yet bring laser focus when called for.

Stephen Hoffman

I am great at bringing out the unique personality in those who would otherwise shy away from the spotlight – getting shy or self conscious people who have their entire lives avoided or even held a genuine fear of being in front of a camera to open up and take wonderful, inviting, confident, and beautiful pictures and forever more stripping away the fear that held them bondage.

This is how I take ordinary, everyday moments and create extraordinary memories.

Pete Springer

Derek – your videos are fabulous. Thank you for so much great info.

My talent is creating great photos of pretty people.

Dean Patino

Hi Derek,

Another powerful topic and insight shared, thank you. I first learned about what I call “promoting yourself” (instead of bragging) over a couple a decades ago by seeing how effective it worked for others who did it. They would be doing exactly as you stated here. Bringing up an accomplishment while positioning it so others could learn and apply it. Brilliant!

One more thing I’d like to add. It’s also beneficial to promote (brag) about others in context. This shows you know about successful people, subscribing to their successful ways. Not only will those successful people be willing to recipocate one day, it builds a reputation for you as a successful person. Naturally the most successes you add from your own accomplishments, the stronger that reputation grows.

Net-net, promote yourself and promote other successful people and earn to the top 5 percent income bracket along the way!


I’m good at following directions and only writing one sentence when asked.

Mary Catherine George

Hey Derek

Great info – context is KING! I never felt comfortable sharing about my successes as a performer, but when I shifted and used similar skills to succeed in science, I really learned to share how making small steps with similar skills of discipline helped me find success in the world of medicine without any training.

I finally found my voice for sharing my strengths and my capability and it was great. I used it to increase my salary and to garner autonomy in my current position. I want to now leverage these same skills and launch my entrepreneurial dream job..

Thanks for the inspiration as always



I’m great at digital publishing. In the last 18 months I have gotten my books into the hands of over 120,000 people. I have self-published and traditionally published and have 3 more books in the works.

ack…. that is so hard. The facts are there, but it is so hard to brag about it. Thanks for the challenge πŸ™‚

Mirella (@ Education Equals)

Love your videos so much!

I’m great at helping parents raise mathematically confident and successful children πŸ™‚


I’m great at explaining complex science in plain language terms so everyone can understand and benefit!


I’m really good at making SharePoint user friendly.

Madeleine Kolb

Loved the video.

My brag: I’m really good at giving feedback on speeches, blogs, articles, and video. I know how to say what’s working very well and to make suggestions to make it even better. My ability is mostly due to years in Toastmasters International.

Regina Sampson

I’m good at stirring up your travel passions into quenchable desires.


This is great Derek, I read an email from you where you said some lady came up to you and told you she didn’t like you because you yelled. Well I like the way you yell. You make it entertaining. You are an entertainer and a character. I love these little tidbit advice videos. I think they really help me to understand how to engage my market.


Sherry London

I am really good at Photoshop and teaching other people how to use it. I usually wait until the topic comes up and then offer to help–for free (at least at the start of a possible client relationship).

Scott Harvey

I’ve been told by more than a few people that I create AdWords campaigns and strategies like nothing they’ve ever seen.

(…and as for the balance/vulnerability part you mentioned…I’m absolutely horrible at telling people that I create AdWords strategies like nothing they’ve ever seen!)


Eric Byrd

Hey Derek,
Great video… love the bling!
When I coach people about professional networking I teach a lot about “situationally appropriate” pitches. Where you introduce yourself is as important as how you introduce yourself. It’s critical that it match who you’re talking to as well.

So many people just blurt out their “one size fits all” intro and it doesn’t have anything to do with where they are and what people are talking about… it hurts more than it helps.

You pointed out a big piece of how NOT to make that mistake in the video… be in a conversation first! Nicely done.


Great post! Thanks for sharing.

One sentence:
I am good at reading and engaging people which allows me to open doors for my employer.

Reading these comments has been really great. Some great sentences and thoughts. It’s nice to learn from the comments as well.

Jo Ebisjima

I’m a No-nonsense Organizer and Kid-Wrangling Expert Extraordinaire!
No, really!
What works well for me is sharing before and after pictures, not easy in RL conversations but most of my work is done online. I find if I show people what my life was like before and explain how I changed it and how I can help them change it, it makes a huge difference. It is like having a fitness coach who used to be a couch potato and is now stunning Vs the all round sports kid who has never had an ounce of fat on them. You want the person who has experienced the same thing you are going through and overcome it.
Love the bling Derek, you should wear more of it!

John Garvens

I am GOOD at…
– building websites
– copywriting

But I’m GREAT at…
– CRM data governance
– digital analytics (web and social)
– social media marketing

Ginny Herzog

Because of my passion for the subject of architecture, I am able to create abstract architectural paintings that take people’s minds to where they’ve never been before.

Tony Jay

I’m good at networking to keep the consulting revenue rolling in!


Mate initially i said wooaa bit of a smartie … BUT you got under my skin and I’d love to rub shoulders with you . I made it and retired on the efforts and now enjoy life .I do tell people HOW a little too often and do get up the odd nose so you did make me think … Health Mate, it is the bugger and without it all else is pretty crappy .

Nick Manteris

I’m good at developing creative solutions to drive more organic traffic to websites.


Great Video.. I’ve never been involved in 3 new startups. Now we are starting our new venture same swag new role.

Thanks Derrick

Judi Robinson

I enjoyed your video, and especially the animation, of your comments. It does make you stop and think how that our body language, facial expressions, eye contact, confidence, and way that we portray ourselves, even hold ourselves says almost as much if not more about us, that is a type of brag also.
My Brag: I enjoy helping my employees, or just other people in general, find their special niche, so that they are able to excel at their position. Because I have a chance to see the results of those encounters, I know that what I do works well, and pays off for my company as well as the person.

Kamila @ Sensual Appeal

Hey D-Money you’re right on point. There are DEFINITELY two ways to bragging and it’s an art form to brag correctly. I tend to be more humble but am not afraid to speak up when the topic is right and when someone asks.


    sorry Kamila, i just repled because every time i try to make a comment it dosn’t work. so pretend that it’s just a normal comment, not a reply, once again sorry.

    i am entering my bunny in the cain county fair next year, and iam in plays at thetres, i go to steel beam theatre and vero voce, I have very good grades and much more to brag about, and i know that it’s ok if you brag and people won’t think “jerk!” but, i realy don’t want to be a ‘jerk’. well thanks D-money for telling me this info….!


Success keys is in mindset, doing the hard things till there easy.

Ralph Williams

Yes, Telling people that I am great at making them look great with my skills in video production and graphics seams like the hardest thing in the world to me. Especially being a person with a so called disability. Very uncomfortable saying hey yeah so you have notice something odd about me, Yes Ok, you are right, I know it too, but now let me tell you, or if I may show you something great about me that may be able to help. Thanks Derek for the reminder.

Gordon Firemark

Derek, you’re crushing it with these videos. Great work.

I am a top entertainment lawyer with over 20 years experience helping producers, artists and business owners in theatre, film, TV and new media grow their businesses and realize their dreams of success.


I’m a muralist who has painted huge murals for wineries and personal clients who love their wall sized paintings that turn boring blank walls into rooms with a view. πŸ™‚


Thanks Derek,
I have been both sides of this issue and agree totally with you on this!
Being the arrogant ass gets you somewhere, but not where anyone will like you and accept your help, that’s for sure!

Great video!

Dennis Smith

I am happy to say that I help businesspersons say what they want and need to say – to help them and their clients succeed.

Helen Vanderberg

I stumbled across this same trick in a presentation and had to answer questions. I started talking about the general changes in publishing in the context of my previous books, all non-fiction, and quite successful in different ways. So I had the context to mention that my new English mystery “The Domino Deaths,” was featured at Writer’s Digest Conference in LA, currently featured at our local library, and go on to talk about independent upcoming promotional events.

Eddy Baller

I have a TON of experience in the world of dating, and know how to teach men what I have learned. This is why I coach, I get results for my clients.

Anthony Pietroske

Excellent video Derek. The squeaky wheel definitely gets the grease.

I’m excellent at helping you understand how you can make money from covered calls, so even a fifth grader can do it!


How do you make money?
I enjoy your stuff.

Andrea Coulter

You are always informatively entertaining!
I am great at inspiring and firing up an individuals self worth.
Especially when it relates to anything that has to do with improving their overall wellbeing.
keep up your awesome inspirations,

Michael Swaleh

Yo, since you asked, I’m real good at bragging about being good at bragging. See? You’re welcome.


First of all, if D-Money needs a beat EVER to his first mixtape, hit me up, I’m a hip-hop producer πŸ˜€
Anyway, great video as always, I’ve been waiting for something like this and I just changed one of my split test e-mail with your instructions, and looks like it converts better and it might made me just 3K dollars. Just because I bragged about my major placements, a guy wants me to compose and produce his up and coming mixtape. Pray for me guy, thank you.


I just talk about a topic long time enough and the Brag time will present by itself, you just need to be aware of the timing, and also use a situational light low profile SMILE.


My 25 years of studying natural health alternatives has made me very good at separating myth from truth regarding common health issues. The fact that I still struggle with my weight and fitness makes it harder for me to be as confident as I’d like in helping others.

    Belen Quintero

    Hi Mark

    You know what is healthy.

    You are good in separating myth from truth.

    I suggest you could separate myth and truth regarding the reasons why you believe it is difficult for your body (vessel) to become fit.

    You already know how
    All the best to you my friend πŸ™‚

Terry Cade

Hi Derek,

Informative video. I’m good at helping business owners open up new year long doors to their business.

Kara Sorensen

Great tips as usual Derek!

I struggle with this as I’m an introvert, but I also have ninja talents that can help people. So I’ve had to learn to brag for the sole purpose of helping others. I like the suggestions and will incorporate those when I can.

Thank you for the videos, I always learn something.

terri bonin

I LOVE reading what everyone is good at! What a great group!! I enjoy encouraging women as wives and mommies to be the BEST they can be. I write for http://www.thelaundrymoms.com/ and run a health FB page in order to accomplish this.

Wendy Wright

I’d love to use your tips but your video won’t play for me…. Is it because I’m in Canada?


I act as a catalyst for people who are ready to release limitations, beliefs and fears, to start living the life of their dreams (And…it makes my heart SO happy to witness it!)


I find you videos very entertaining Derek.
My number one strength is practicality and I bring it into my yoga and meditation teachings. I love bringing meditation from its pedestal into the real world. People are always so thankful.


I do, truly enjoy your videos. Keep them coming!

What am I good at? Well, I am good at using my creative intelligence to be adaptable and capable of doing anything I put my mind to. From working with People (great people skills) to business (analytics) and everything in between!

Ok, so that is 2 sentences but who’s counting…

Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

Hey Derek,
Love this video! I actually have NO problem bragging about myself, LOL
I help business people write lead generation books and I believe in it so much that I tell everyone about it, everywhere I go!
I suppose it sounds like bragging but the results speak for themselves.

Kelley MacDonald

Funny you should bring this up! I’m having tremendous success getting commissions lately, buy posting other commissions I’ve done, and saying how fun it has been! I love making people smile!


I am good at anything that interest me, and if i see that people are terrible on what they do i will jump in and brag all day.

I am just taking the chance to brag about myself here on the comment box.
Thank you for this tip tho,

Mary Debono

Hi Derek,

I’m GREAT at helping animals and their people move through life with joyous ease – at any age!

I enjoy your videos. Thank you!


I’m good at shocking people out of stupid so they can have confidence in who they are and what they can do!

Michelle Barry Franco

I help soul-inspired business owners magnetize clients with ease by stepping into their authentic, powerful, distinctive voice then speaking, writing and networking with grounded confidence and radical clarity.


Love your videos! Huge thanks to Pat Flynn for putting me onto you via his podcasts.

I brag by making videos that demonstrate how I use my product to make smarter investing decisions.

I’ve just gotten started and know that my videos could use more flair. The way you go about it on your site is great inspiration.

Great work!


I am really good at turning people on! ( tuning into what is true for them )

Kathryn Orford

Aloha. Great video delivered with passion and confidence Derek. Known as The Confidence Coach I teach people how to release every ounce of their “I’m not good enough demons” fall in love with who they are, and create a Peak Performance Mindset, Beliefs and Behaviours so like me they can live the life of their dreams. I’ve rebuilt and literally transformed my life after being dumped by the man of my dreams and feeling suicidal in my early 30’s and I’m brilliant at teaching people to do likewise. Keep an eye out for my upcoming book BECOME YOUR #1 FAN ~ How to Silence your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams. Due out 1st December through Balboa Press.

Alice Sanvito, LMT

People are impressed that I was a massage therapist to Cirque du Soleil. I tell them don’t be impressed that they hired me the first time, because they didn’t really know much about me beyond my resume. Be impressed that they hired me a second, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth time..

I’m good at helping you get out of pain, but I’ll also teach you how to stay out of pain.


Bragging is my Achilles heel. Up until now, I have really been judgmental about the bragging process like it was the epitome of douchebaggery. But this puts it in a totally new light…I definitely need to get out of my comfort zone here and start asserting myself/emphasizing the value I can deliver. Thanks, D!


Derek, thanks for the video, love it!

I used to be ashamed of my poems and songs that I’ve written since I was 5, even when the few people I showed it told me they are good, now I value my writing and singing skills much more and I’m not afraid to show them to others anymore.


Derek.You are always a delight to watch. Nice bling bling.Could
Be bigger tho…


Thank you. Great subject…because no one likes a braggart but people do want to work with someone who is qualified and has been successful!
Second to answer your question. I am a good listener and find that I can make most any situation positive by applying the “glass is half full” approach from what has been said.
I too do not like to brag but found a great passive way to communicate to new prospects about my credentials. My new company did an excellent job announcement when I started which highlights some key accomplishments. I often add it as a brief introduction of my background and have found it paying dividends with new clients!

Cassandra Tondro

I create kick-ass art. Since you asked.


Great video- thanks for that!


i like the way you present you content. how did you get where you are do you read alot ?

Romeo Jeremiah

I teach people how to spend money, guilt-free, but still give a damn about tomorrow. πŸ™‚


I have a very unique, exciting expertise. we have a proprietary process that positions almost any company as a market leader in their industry in 3 to 6 months using less than 1 hour a month of their time. πŸ˜‰


Thank you once again!

I help Hispanic businesses sell to the American market by writing copy that sells for their websites, blogs, packages, and more.

Where can I get one of those handsome medallions?

Andrew Phillips

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Wow Derek, we can certainly pick up your positive vibes and authority on this topic with this sharp, funny and energetic video πŸ™‚

I find that videos provide the best opportunity to express the passion for the message online. Videos are particularly useful tools for creating BRAGGING opportunities. It’s the visual and audio expression which provides high impact on the viewers attention.

I absolutely LOVE creating videos on my website for my subject of Creativity and Flow. I can definitely say how my success as a blogger has EXPLODED since expressing my genuine passion to help people to do what they love via video presentation.

Rock on πŸ™‚

Kylie Devi

I convert Facebook promoted posts into money money money!!!


D-Money hit it on the head!

If you don’t sell yourself, no one else will.

Personally, I’m a kick-ass content/copywriter with many happy clients and I have even written for D-Rock himself!

Diane Pauley

Great stuff D$ — love how you even incorporated vulnerability in there!

I was really intrigued to learn how to brag without coming off as an ass & you delivered — I liked the aspect of taking the cue to *brag* within context.

I’m going to try implementing that the next time the opportunity presents itself. It’s important to realize that this is something you have to do!

Thanks much!

PS — I’d keep the gold chain — you might have a Halloween costume there πŸ™‚

Michael - Building a Website Pro

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I also help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs learn how to successfully build their own websites with my podcast and website.

Cheers, D. Money!

Tova Gold

I’m good at bringing positive energy into a room and giving people’s day a boost. I’m a good public speaker (this is a new brag for me!) and I’m good at walking in ridiculously high heels.
I find then when you don’t ever give yourself an opportunity to brag, you sometimes start to forget what you’re good at.

Melanie Duncan

Great video Derek! I’m a big believer in talking about what I’ve accomplished in a way that turns it into a benefit for my audience.

For example, it took me months to figure out how to do this, but now that I figured it out I’m getting these results and I can show you how to get there much faster.

Keep these videos coming!


Barbara Trainin Blank

I can’t do everything, but I can do a lot when it comes to writing–I’ve written in many different genres, from journalism to playwriting–and I think anyone who’s committed to being a wordsmith can do something similar.

Devesh Khanal

I’m good at making stunning presentations that help entrepreneurs raise money and get acquired.


i work as a beauty consultant for a well known brand,,,my brag is that by myself i can sell as much as 2 beauty consultants working for another direct competitor…in fact i’m proud of myself and that give me motivation in my work. i just love what i am doing.


Awesome video! Not wanting to brag used to be a huge problem for me (mainly because I was so awesome and had such a hard time letting everyone know about this)
I think the key here is to constantly calibrate the way you brag after the reactions you get from your surroundings; if they seem to perceive you as an arrogant jerk, tone it down – if they don’t seem to understand the extent of your awesomeness, crank it up!

Max Turner

Love you Derek – You inspire, and sometimes completely boggle my mind with some of the research and things you teach. It’s AWESOME!

I noticed that you didn’t mention anything about being funny while bragging. I noticed that a individual I know BRAGS all the time, it’s always about him. But everyone loves him because he makes them laugh.

How does some one not only brag, make someone laugh and have people like him? Is there any research on humor that’s associated with bragging/self talk?




Brother, it’s always honesty over modesty. I’d rather be honest than modest.

I’m amazing at getting things done. I launch new projects, approach beautiful women, attend scary MMA classes in the gym, and enter half-marathons because I’m fearless like that. Life’s far too short to be a coward.


I’m awesome at teaching owners of service-based and small businesses to write their own business plans and understand their numbers!

Gina Hammond

I call customers and it has taken me 2 years to get the 8 shoppes. It didn’t happen overnight. Thanks,gina hammond


“I was weak in chemistry in high school, but focusing all my energy on Math, rocked an 800 on the SATs; I now use that skill to tutor at the local high school and help one student at a time increase their score.”

Ok. a run-on sentence with a semi colon.
Saw you at FinCon13, you are a great speaker, and deserve any success that you attract your way. (And thanks for the open bar!)


I have found that asking a lot of questions will inevitably open a door that allows me to make a positive (bragging) comment about something I know or have done without sounding like I’m bragging.

Kim Snyder

Great Video! Wow I have found it to be really hard to explain what I do. How does one explain I sell mineral makeup under my own brand name (Overall Beauty Minerals) when the first words out of a person’s mouth is “oh like BareMinerals?” So I am really working on trying to explain that the differences, but without saying anything bad about a well-known brand.. πŸ™
Have a good one!
Kim Snyder (no I didn’t write the book about green smoothies either) Talk about a double whammo! πŸ˜€

    Kim Snyder

    Oh and what am I really good at? Explaining why makeup has so many cheap fillers in it and what those cheap fillers, and why those same fillers are bad for your skin. πŸ™‚ Why something maybe breaking out your face without you realizing it.. You be surprised how many folks do not understand about how simple changes in how you do something will improve how you look over all.


      Helping real beauty shine through; I sell pure makeup for pure beauties!

Kumar Gauraw

Hi Derek,

Your story in Corporate America is awesome! I can certainly relate to that.
Aha! The best time to BRAG is to when the other person asks about it, isn’t that powerful? Wow! Thank you!
While others will feel you are boasting if just start showing off without knowing if other person is not asking about it. That is absolutely the truth!

What I’ve found that your method of provoking others to ask about my success and then bragging about it in such a way that they feel involved and they feel they can do it too, is the best way to brag and it always works.

You have brought yet another very insightful video that endorses a very touchy subject in a very interesting fashion. Thanks again!


Great video, Derek! Advice is spot on. Bloomers are priceless!

Mitch Tarr

After 5 years in the trenches, sending over 2,400 different email campaigns in 104 different industries I’m GREAT as creating email marketing campaigns that work for my clients. That wasn’t so hard I think!

Gina Hammond

I paint on canvas and make unique ,awesome artsy cards selling in 8 shoppes from Memphis to Massachusetts. Thanks,Gina Hammond


Great video again Derek!
I get a lot of clients coming to see me after being told they have I.B.S by their doctor and there is “nothing they can do about it”. I have a fantastic track record at dramatically improving their symptoms and many times completely eradicating their I.B.S through diet and nutrition


    Michael ~ I hope you BRAG to their doctors about it! So they will refer more IBS sufferers to you. ~ Michele

Steve Freeman

Derek, Right on once again!

My Brag; I deliver information into the hands of small business owners, giving them the “how to’s” to growing their business. I know how hard it is getting the actionable information you need because I struggled myself.

How’s that good? Bad?

    Max Turner

    IF I were you I would put it like this…

    “I know how hard it is getting the actionable information you need because I struggled myself. Therefore I now use what I learned to deliver information into the hands of small business owners, giving them the β€œhow to’s” to growing their business. “


      I might make that even more concise by saying: ‘I turn data into dollars’ or ‘I turn insight into income’.

        Alan Thorp

        Love these two, might have to use one or both lol


I’m really good at getting people to feel better about themselves- I work in fitness and nutrition and am also a public speaking coach. So my job is help people bring out their best selves. Sometimes, though, I wish I was better at doing that for myself!

    Belen Quintero

    Hi Nicole, how are you?

    I suggest that you get in front of a mirror and give your self a whole run up of all that you know works to help other people feel great about themselves. πŸ™‚

    You already have brought the best of your self!


I’m good at turning job interviews into job offers! BOOM!

    BΓ‘ra RektorovΓ‘

    That is excellent one! πŸ™‚


      I agree! Short, super clear and powerful!

Lisa @ Paw of Attraction.com

Hey Derek – You are hillarious! I’d love for you to act out an example of a conversation where you help them set up the question so you can answer with the “educational brag.” I think it would illustrate it even more.

It seems the most important part of this type of situation is truly believing in yourself, which is really just a handful of thoughts away. Nice work.

Question: what is your favorite thing to say about yourself?

    Lisa @ Paw of Attraction.com

    Oh I forgot to add what I am good at: I’m really good at being creative in leading others refocus their energy and thoughts so that they can change their “energy signal” so that they attract better experiences…and being fun and silly is also a specialty. Not everyone can say that! πŸ™‚

Alexis Meads

Great video! I had to watch it just because of the photo of you at the top.

This can be frustrating for me. I’ve found it hard to narrow my business into just one thing, and therefore can be difficult explaining what I do.

It takes time and practice though!

Alexis Meads

Jim Wall

Hi Derek:

We always speak about our successes in terms of how we help our clients to be successful. It’s all about how what we do helps our clients to be better at what they do. It’s about them, not us.

    David Kenward - The Mental Coach

    True, Jim, it IS about our clients. I’d add that people (aka prospective customers) have to understand CLEARLY that we were the necessary catalyst for our clients being successful.

    My brag: I help professional golfers who are struggling with consistently playing their best, under pressure, in competition.


Great video and completely agree! Context is definitely the key. When I was a kid and played the trumpet, I had a bad habit of facing the bell of my horn to the ground because, while I was good (first chair amongst a group of 10 male counterparts), it’s almost as if I didn’t want anyone to know I was good. When you do this in corporate America, you easily fade into the background. Thanks for the awesome video, D-money! Lol

    Jim Wang

    Why do you think you didn’t want anyone else to know that you were good? Do you think it was more you weren’t sure about your ability or you didn’t want to stand out? (or something else?)


      I’m not sure. That’s a great thing for me to think about and pay attention to because I’m probably still doing that in some area of my life.

claire stone

This is one area I really struggle with – I find it really hard to tell people about what I do, and how it can help them, and then really annoyed when other people do exactly that, and are more successful than me!

great video though, Mr Super-bling!


    Claire, I have the same problem. Boastful people tend to annoy me, even if they are very good at what they do. As necessary as it may be, I just don’t want to be that person. It feels hypocritical. I know I have a lot to offer, but I don’t want to come across as arrogant.

    claire stone

    But, I am really good at turning confused eaters in happy food super heroes!


Your story in the beginning is exactly like mine, except I didn’t get the huge raise. I used to get overlooked a lot at companies. One day I realized if I asked questions about topics I was well versed on and knew a higher up would be interested in, it gave me a chance to converse with them to show my credibility.

    DJ Yabis | Dream Euro Trip

    So true! You can tell an amateur/idiot from the kind of questions he/she asks.

    As for the topic: I’m good at planning eurotrips πŸ˜›


      how i brag is i wait untill someone else bragges about “it” then, i brag about “it” in a better way, i know this sounds mean, but isn’t bragging all about the fact that you can be better then someone at something then they are? Anyways, i have a bunny that is going to be in the state fair next year(i’m bragging btw :D) Also……… wait, no one is bringing up the topic, so this is how i would bring up the topic, and be able to brag, : are you going to the state fair next year? (other person is in CAPITAL) YES, ARE YOU? (i’m in lower case) yea, are you competing, or just watching? I’M JUST WATCHING, HOW ‘BOUT YOU? funny thing you ask, ‘cuz i’m entering my bunny in a jumoing compitition, maby you can watch?! (see, i say i am entering my bunny in the state fair compotitin, BUT…. i am saying maby you can watch) YEA, SEE YOU THERE πŸ˜€

      see, as you might have noticed, i lightly brought up the topic by asking a question, then after the other person ancered, then i asked if they were entering, they said no, then asked me if i was entering, i said yes, and what i was entering with, bragging, but i ended with a nice way, maby you can watch me. As you see, this is a nice way of bragging, agree?

    Jim Wang

    That’s a great way of demonstrating knowledge, by asking smart questions that only someone who is well versed on a subject would ask. You just need to make sure the higher ups are just as experienced to recognize it!


    I’m good at reading socialtriggers and learning a lot… just kidding.

    Great post!

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