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Stop being cheap. Seriously.
Last Updated August 7th, 2017

So, I went on a double date. We hit up a nice restaurant and bar down in Soho, NYC. And let me tell you: the bartender was great!

Service was great. He was likable and fun. And bonus? He even hooked us up with a few things for nothing.

When the bill came, my friends and I decided to split it. And I left about a 45% tip.

I don’t often tip that high, but again: the guy was fun. He hooked us up. And you know what? My mom worked in the service industry for much of my childhood and I always like to tip well.

And that’s when I overheard something horrific…

In a whisper, the couple I was on a date with said, “Derek left a large tip. Don’t leave anything.”


I must have heard it wrong.

“Hey, it was nice seeing you! I’m just going to run to the restroom right now. I’ll catch up with you later.”

I needed time. I wanted them to leave. I came back from the rest room and asked the bartender about their bill. And yep. They left ZERO PERCENT.

I apologized to the bartender. Left him some cash, and at that moment I decided I would never hang out with this other couple again.

I dislike cheap people.

And even though this is an egregious example, it’s true. But do you know what’s funny?

People who would never dream of doing what this couple did do something much worse with their business…

And I believe it’s ruining their chance for success.

That’s why I filmed a video called “The Big Problem With “Cheap” Business Owners.”

In the video I talk about how people act too cheap in their business and I provide them with 3 specific things they should never “skimp” on. Ever.

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