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Beaten by Self Sabotage? Here's Marie Forleo On How To Stop Today
Last Updated November 15th, 2012

When people are looking to start a business, get ahead at work, and WIN at life, they often say to themselves:

“I don’t think I’m good enough”

“I don’t have the RIGHT connections”

“I can’t compete. There’s TOO MUCH competition.”

Well, I’ve got news for you… Those excuses are just that. Excuses!

But today, my special—and FIRST—guest on Social Triggers TV will show you how to eradicate these silly little excuses for good.

Introducing Marie Forleo: How to Get Out Of Your Own Way… And Do What You Love

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Who is Marie Forleo?

Marie was recently interviewed by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation. Her mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and use your unique talents to change the world. She reaches over 200,000 readers in 191 countries worldwide and leads dynamic training programs that teach individuals to succeed in business and life. She’s the creator of the award-winning show MarieTV and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Glamour Magazine, Self Magazine, Forbes.com and The New York Times among others.

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I’m in! Thanks for the great content and energy! Ps. How could there have not been more bloopers to share with the two of you filming together!?


Ok, I´m in!

And when distraction is coming in – in the form of social triggers or Marie Forleo videos – I`ll block them out and schedule them so I can watch them later with passion!




So in! Ready to go : ) Passion all the way.

Sue Adams

Thanks so much for the insight! Both of you have been a great source of information and inspiration for me for almost a year now. Now it’s time for me to take that first step and see where it leads. I’m ready to take action and live a life of passion. Thanks for the motivation! Best to both of you. I’m IN!


I’m IN!!!


My favourite speakers. You make my days 🙂

Kay Ross

Ha ha, two of my favourite feisty folks in one video!
And yes, I’m in! I’m working/playing on a juicy new creative project to share some important messages, and sometimes that doubting little voice pipes up and says “But hasn’t it all already been said before?”, so thanks for the inspiration, Marie.

Caitlin Winkley



    LOVE IT!

Bill Enross

I’m IN! Thanks, Social Triggers is fast becoming my favorite interlude!

Yvel Clovis


I believe to have suffered from ‘analysis paralysis’ the last couple of months and this is exactly what I needed to hear. Just get up and do. Not only that. But get up and live your day with passion.



I am so in!!


Wow! Perfect timing! I was just going over “in my head” all the things I want to do in my business and was getting very overwhelmed! It’s hard to remember to take things one step at a time.

I love the 48 hr challenge! I am so guilty – I whine about everything!! (Especially when it come to housework!) I look forward to taking this challenge on.

Thanks for the kick in the butt!!!


Of course, I’m IN! Great content, and just the words I needed to hear today. It makes such a huge difference when I’m doing things with passion. My mood lifts, it lifts the moods of those around me. It make each step I need to take to get close to my goals easier and full of joy. Thank you for the great reminder. Looking forward to going all in the next 48 hours (and then some!)


“life w/o passion isn’t worth living” – thanks for the reminder! i’m down for the 48 hr challenge…annnnnd go! 🙂

love the collab with marie foreo – she’s awesome! (learned about you from a video you did with her)

Kevin Rape

I’m in. I read a quote a while ago that says, “The only zen you find at the top of the mountain is the same zen you bring up there.” In essence, your passion has to come from within you because you’re everywhere that you are, unless you have an OBE 🙂

Angela Lowe

I’m in……it’s funny I’m already doing that, I believe in excellence in whatever you do and at work I’m the only woman, I test handheld devices for Apple and since I’m the only woman I work with 74 men and I have to keep up. I don’t have the strength they do but I have the endurance and the smarts to do my job very well. So my performance stands out. You are right on point!

Jay Samolowicz

This video is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO on point and cheesy and AWESOMMMMMMMMME.


I’M IN!! I am learning that I am good enough and what I have to offer the world is unique to me-and that’s important. But lately those thoughts have been plaguing me…. But I have a unique perspective to offer my clients, and there will always be another __________…. but there will never be another me. Not to mention that ONE restaurant/artist/designer can’t supply the whole world their wares. Brilliant! Off to make my bed with flare!!


I’m IN.

I have been in Corporate Real Estate Investments the past 10 years and have decided to switch to Business and Team Coach in 2012.

Thanks for the talk!


chelle webb

I have been working on a business for a couple years with some success, it is food :0) so that covered the farming passion. BUT, where I REALLY get my blood and my excitment up so fast that my brain whirls a mile a minute is American history, handmade gift items, sharing our love with our friends/family by buying meaningful gifts. And doing this all at the same time while educating? WELL…. you all inspired me to take one portion of my business and rebrand it into 2amendmentbody. I am going to start with the men’s line first! It is a gift/novelty item. Handcrafted scented mens soaps for the the 2amendment passionate man, the individual thinker, the passionate american in general! Each box will have a quote from a founding father inside or a ” Vintage ” American that left a mark on our country as inspiration. Thanks so much! Now working on new packaging and naming the new products. You all inspired me that it is ok to try something else while in the middle of what you are doing.


I’m in!

Exams are almost upon me. Studying, here I come!

Esta Morenikeji


Emile van Doorn

I’m in!

Isantis Tao

I was in a long time ago and already have been living my dreams for years, and already have a business I’m developing. Would still love to speak with you guys though, being as how were both doing the same things.


I’m in! Saw Derek this weekend with Lewis Howes and loved the info you offered. Marie, you rock and I already subscribe to your site as well. I have 3 businesses that I’m growing…I will implement and do everything every day with the passion you both exuded on this video! Thanks! Talk to you soon, Evon

Walker Thornton

Perfect timing as I’m in a major slump in many areas of life and had to drag myself up and out this morning to just do something… And, here this pops up- a much needed message from the Universe, via the 2 of you. I will begin now attacking my to-dos with Passion!


I’m in!

I am going to pay better attention to the conversations that I have with my wife and children. Tonight while my daughter was talking to me I stopped myself from pulling away from her quickly to go find something to do in another room. It’s easy to fall into the trap of paying half-attention to someone and messing with a little piece of paper or a phone while the other person’s talking. By paying attention with a passion I can be a better conversation partner.


OK, here we go, I’M IN!! You got me when you said to perfect the dishes and to make the bed like a pro, hahahaha!! Hilarious, especially for a stay-at-home mom like myself! (I was just complaining about cleaning up the kitchen for the 4th time today…) Maybe I can get my kids to join in the “I’m in” spirit too?! Or will that require bribes of some sort?

I LOVE what you do, Marie and Derek!


I was helping a friend get started yesterday with her website and blog and at one point she said something that I said 4 months ago just before starting my own website and business…”I think I just need to get started.” I have a tendency to want to figure everything out before I show it to the world and going through the process of starting my own business, learning how to build a website, and network with other entrepreneurs has shown me that this is not only counterproductive and unrealistic, it isn’t as much fun! Who wants to figure everything out on their own? People will come and give good advice and support along the way.


Im totally in! Thanks Derek and Marie. I needed a challenge to keep me going as I am launching my new product.


Hey, to add to the cheese already expressed, “I’m In!”

It might be that I just got back from a week off and this is my first day back at work, but I am slightly skeptical that just doing what I already do day in and day out with added passion is going to help me find what I really love to do. But I am willing to give it a try. Your enthusiasm sure is contagious.

The aspect of taking action to find out what you love though is definitely a hit, but it’s not always obvious what action to take! But again your advice on being open to new opportunities is very true. Will try it with some new vigour and see what happens.

As this is the first social triggers with a guest-I think it was a success. Good job Derek and Marie.

lauren doyle

Hi Derek and Marie,

This video was put out at the “perfect time” for me! I was just getting discouraged about finding the right template for my new web business and decided to look at emails instead for a minute and came across your video and watched it. I thoroughly enjoy all the videos you have put up thus far and this one was great too!

I AM IN- just the reminder I needed right when the self-defeat was rearing it’s ugly head- thank you!



I’m in!!

I’m going to sleep like a pro tonight!!

Thank you both for sharing some inspirational quotes and getting me pumped up! My key take away stems from”Clarity comes from action not thought”. This made me think of the word decision. In my opinion I’m not a good decision maker because … I can never make them. However when it comes to taking action, I’ve always jumped. So I’ve decided to substitute the word decision for action. That way when I’m faced with a decision, I will think of being faced with an action which should help lead me to a new habit of being great decision maker.



I’m already doing everything with passion, except one thing – revenge.
Now, I have been thinking days and nights about paying back to my enemies. Marie says that clarity doesn’t come from thought but from action. And if I stopped thinking about payback and actually make my enemies pay – this clarifying action would land me in prison.

    Tim McAuley

    Chris, I’ve been there too.

    I thought day and night about the reasons that “they” could be such pricks and then wondered if I had any of those qualities myself. I turned my enemies into my gurus. I allowed my feelings about their behaviors to guide me to a better understanding of myself.

    Life’s too short to live with resentment in your heart. I hope you find it within yourself to forgive your enemies. It’s actually one of the best forms of revenge!

    “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” ~Nelson Mandela


      Thanks Tim, for sharing that comment with Chris and all of us, wise advice and an excellent quote. We can so easily fall into this trap, but its always a lose/lose situation ( speaking from past experience – have learned the lesson! )

      Chris, check out the high road on this one – much better company there too!

        Tim McAuley

        My pleasure Inga.

        I hope it’s received well.


wow she is hot! Uh, I mean great info. Yeah. Seriously though great info very inspiring


I’m in too :-). Feels a bit like the book turning pro. Where you adapt the mindset of a pro to become a pro.

Alex B. (@DreamJobGuy)


My wife is going to love how well I make the bed and wash the dishes! 🙂

Thanks for a great video!

All the best,

Mike Kawula

I’m in!

Sundays hour long show was absolutely amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed it and love everything Oprah has done with the network….more addicting than Pinterest. Mastin was great and first time I heard Gabrielle who I really connected with. Huge fan alway every week with Marie’s tips & tweetables. The guest on after Super Soul made me watch more with what he’s done in life blind, amazing!


Okay, I need help with this. I was in. And I really tried. But if I’m not multitasking, I feel guilty and like I’m wasting time! I crochet in traffic, I check email walking from the parking spot to the desk, so on and so on. I’m watching Supersoul sunday right now, and listening to a discussion of ‘being present’ prompted this confession. Argh.

And again, the talk about making the bed!! Ha ha.

xx old lady librarian fan.


    Angela, I tried, too. I’m not a big multi-tasker, so that didn’t throw me off course. But other people’s actions did. Here I was, all fired up and giving passion to my 9-t0-5 job, and the people I work with let me down, big time. Picture me crying as I walked out of my office building yesterday, that’s how bad it was. So maybe, let’s try again? I’ll start right this second if you will. 🙂


awesome. I’m totally in. What a wonderful thing to be asked to do. Thank you!

Maurice Lindsay

Great Video, I’m Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Alicia Mazza Dale

I’m IN! Definitely needed to hear this today. I am the only one holding myself back from what I really love, so thank you to both Derek and Marie. I’m going to keep moving up the staircase, one step at a time. Thanks again for the encouragement!!

Pam Hirsch

I’m IN! These next 48 hours are going to be AWESOME! I’m hoping to freak some folks out at work with my passion. And myself too, of course! Thanks Derek and Marie. Love you both!

shinazy BOBBblog

I’M IN!! and because I’M IN here’s another !

I keep starting a routine that will give me everything I want.

Only need to make a DELIBERATE DECISION for the next action, then DO IT. No more dabbling, I need to LIVE my LIFE LIKE A PRO.

Thank you for this kick start


I am on both mailing lists for Marie and Social Triggers and watch all the videos. All are good but this was exceptional! Thank you both for all your insight! And I am in – after I send this I am going to clean the kitchen, work out and go to church and do them all with passion! And as far as my business goes, I have been THINKING of doing a video series for my blog to promote something I am an affiliate for and today I am going to DO my first video – ACTION CURES FEAR! Thanks again! You guys rock!


I am in. The Purple cow gets noticed more…….haha.


Great video and excellent topic. Can’t go wrong with Marie…and of course Derek 🙂
I understand the concept in putting your all, your passion into what you are oing at any moment in time, but what if you don’t love what you do or dislike your day job and work environment?
Does putting passion in all you do create the openness in your mind and the universe to accept new opportunities that may come by or shoud you just persevere and toil through your day?

Molly Patrick

So down with it!
There is only one me and i’m gonna rock it!


Awesome inspiration from two of my top favourite peeps online, I’m in guys!

I’m just fighting through getting my unique offering ready to launch, I know its REALLY important and want to get it out there, ( doing content, website, etc. right now ), but struggle a daily up and down between ‘keep going, you’re nearly there!’ and ‘I’m sooooo burnt out and can’t pay my bills, I can’t hang on anymore’

So this was a timely message! Thanks.



I´ve seen all your videos on socialtriggers, you are awesome man! You both guys actually… Sometimes it´s hard when things does not work out as you wanted, I find myself in a sofa with TV for 2 days in a row. Then rethink and start again differently.


I’m in! Love this video, funny how the greatest advice tends to be the simplest answer. I love how simple you & Marie make it 🙂 Thanks!

Jane Manthorpe

Sorry, forgot to mention what I was going to do for the next 48 hours,
I am in the middle of setting up my first website and have written my home page of which took me a long time as finding my voice and struggled to be me, but for the next 48 hours I going to play different. I will create my website with passion for what I am teaching, what I am teaching is my passion anyway :), and write as my true self, from my true passion inside of me as I believe in what I am teaching to the core. I will ooze with so much passion that I will create a masterpiece that my audience will love, but I will create for them and ask what they want to know and rely with love and passion and give all I know. Also so I will wake up tomorrow morning and bounce with enthusiasm and passion for everything I do and have a smile for everyone I meet 🙂 My life is a masterpiece created with love for all. PHew!

Jane Manthorpe

I am in !
Its all about gratitude 🙂 be grateful with what you have in life and be the person you want to see the world be

But add passion… then its dynamite!

Brilliant, thanks so much for the video


Feeling much more motivated after watching Marie, thank you! Came at a great time and gave me a kick up the bum to carry on, do it well and remember that I started it because I enjoy it! Thanks, Derek,

Mat Gallaugher

Aw shucks Derek,

Does that mean I have to stop moaning all the time? Look mate, I have to drag myself off to work in the morning, so I have to get up really early, slave away all day, and then come home to an empty house …

Wait a minute!

I’m so lucky I’ve got a job! By getting up early I’ll see the best part of the day. And when I really apply myself … well, there is nothing like the satisfaction of a job well done! Then it’s lovely to get home and have the place to myself so I can do as I please!!!

Yeah … I think Marie has got something there.


Mat Gallaugher


I love this! Thank you Derek and Marie! I’m definitely into the challenge. This suited me perfectly. I’ve been complaining for 3 or 4 days all day long. “I have too much work”, “I’m staying behind”, “I’m never gonna make it, I don’t have time” bla bla bla……and you know something? I feel absolutely tired! All that complaint and sabotage is making me so tired I just want to sleep all day long and know nothing about the world! So sabotage not only stops you from taking action, it makes you tired and sick!
I really need a shift in perspective so I’m taking the challenge right away.

Robert J Schryvers

I’m in, I have been in for a while!
I am obsessed with the valueable service I offer to folks.
I am unstoppable, but I find myself in a stall, it’s something in the message, image, or outreach that needs a subtle adjustment.

Tim McAuley

Yes! I love both of you!!

One of the first books I downloaded when I became a Self-help junkie was the “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles; later I found his other book the “Science of Being Great” both of which taught me to do small things with great enthusiasm and do them for the love of being alive.

I sometimes forget about that, a sense of obligation or frustration sneaks in and overwhelm weighs me down.

Then BAM! I remember, and usually get confirmation like this.

I write a few “Intention Statements” each night before bed to keep me moving during those times when things aren’t lining up the way I’d prefer.

Yesterday I wrote down, “I intend to get back to basics, LOVE ALL that I am able to do TODAY. Eat Well, wash dishes, Write Saturday Soul Surfer Session with LOVE, ENJOY IT ALL!”

I Finished the first draft, logged onto Facebook and the first thing I see is Derek with Marie two of my favorites.

I’m definitely on board with this one.

Thank you both for doing what you do.

Jonathan Hinek

Great quote in the video:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.”

-Martha Graham


I have to say that Marie is one of my favorites..love when you have her on your videos. That being said, this video came just when I needed it..laws of the universe. I have days when I feel like I chose the wrong path, however I am doing what I am passionate about, helping other survivors. Now if I could somehow turn that into a more lucrative income I would be set.
More importantly, everything I have gotten from you has been great, both informative and entertaining..
Keep it coming…

Kelly Lynn Adams

I’m IN!!!! Love the idea of taking action and bringing passion to everything you do!

Susan Colket

Thank you so much. Simple and clear.
Clarity through engagement! I’M IN!!
I need to exercise so I’ll be taking a 30 minute walk next.
This weekend, I’ll be passionately putting my garden to bed for the winter.

Kumar Gauraw

“Those excuses are just that – EXCUSES!”

Is this true or what? Wow! Yet another awesome video. I got a little delayed before getting here, but I am glad I did it today. I love your insightful videos and always the value you bring to the table.

Thank you for bringing Marie on the show. She really puts so much passion in whatever she does. I am just fired up watching her speak.


Kate H

I’m in!

I have great things to do today and tomorrow and next week and I make a commitment to doing the best I can at each of them, joyfully!


I’m IN! Great video. It’s not figuring it out in your head but in taking action. One step at a time. I love it.

Definitely going to be living with passion consciously for the next 48 hours – and beyond.


Ok! I’m In!! 48-Hours -> Max Passion I’m sure the people in my 7am Workshop will love this 🙂

It’s crazy how stars align sometimes. I just finished Nancy Duartes book Resonate on the plane over to Calgary. Am trying to come up with a ghetto test for a biz idea and this video really helped! Tell Marie I wish her all the best on Oprah and beyond! And thanks Derek for all your insights. Your stuff is brilliant and makes a difference!




Thank you Derek and Marie for making this video to inspire us to take action, you are such an inspiration! I was feeling a bit cheesed off this morning, after watching your enthusiasm robbed off on me so for the next 48 hours and hopefully forever, I’m going to do everything with a passion.
MLK quote was what did it for me, I kept procrastinate and kept thinking I don’t know enough yet but as you said that’s just an excuse to not taking action! So I’m just going to start and learn along the way like your Hip Hop dancing lessons.
Thank you once again. So looking forward to learn more.

Lots of love


This is awesome. I love the first quote – it’s not up to you to determine your own value. Something I teach guys when it comes to approaching women – gets rid of anxiety. Marie’s 48 passion challenge reminds me of the Bhagavad Gita – do everything as tribute or worship to Krishna by doing it with your whole heart, single-mindedly. thanks for the juice!

Sheila Bergquist

I’M IN!!! I plan to do exactly what she said…stop thinking so much and start doing more! I can get almost mentally paralyzed from thinking about what I should do next, how to get more traffic, etc… to where I can’t seem to get anything done. So, enough of that!
Congrats to Marie on the Oprah gig! Great video, you two!


I’m in!! So ready to take action for the sake of my passion!


I’m in…

Beautiful work and wonderful words… There is something that consistently creeps into my mind, perfection. I’m the kind of person who would rather not do something than be bad at it; the result is that I become a closet doer of that thing.

But more often than not, I get pretty good and then stop doing it.

That is a problem. I’m aware of it. I’ve accepted that part of me. But it is still a fight for me to fully commit to anything, to one path.

I was writing about perfection the other day and it came to me that we have this false belief, this delusion, this illusory wish for perfection to precede action. That is the dream that is sold to us; we sell it to ourselves.

To clear my mind of that madness, to deal with those moments when I’m feeling the fear, or sensing the stench of procrastination I turn to a mantra that was born from the writing I was doing, “action before perfection.”

Of course, I know very well that there is no such thing as perfection, but some part of me hasn’t opened up to that message. So for that part of me that believes in perfection, I say, “take a breath and repeat, action before perfection, because perfection can only be born out of action.”

And in that I find a bit of solace.


I think that the 48 hour challenge of doing everything to the best of your ability is very interesting. I live in Japan and one of the first things that you notice here is that everyone takes serious pride in their jobs, whatever they do. In the US or the UK social class seems to mean that people doing less skilled jobs tend to acknowledge and feel embarrassed that they are doing a commonly perceived as “low level job” and therefore make no effort to do it well – think of fast food restaurants, newspaper shops, cleaners etc (not everyone – just a lot of people).
If you take this approach it not only eats your self confidence but it also reduces your opportunities to advance past your current position as you become negative and adopt bad habits and tendencies.
Having noticed this a few years ago I did adopt this way of thinking and it definitely has helped me to become more focused and confident.
Down side is that I am less patient of people who are sloppy and do not make an effort – there could actually be a number of reasons for this.
It takes a lot more than 48 hours – you need to commit for the long term.


I’M IN! Was hoping your surprise guest would be Marie. Love you both. Thanks SO much for the uplifting and generous energy. It zipped across the web, jumped up off the screen and swept across the keyboard- Swoosh! Loved it! Proud B-Schooler and Charter BTC Member. Will be rooting for Marie and Co. on Sunday. Gotta love Martha. And you, of course, D.


T-shirt to Knit v-neck to button down shirt – you will be in a 3 piece suit by Christmas.
Another great video – thanks

Lindsay Shack

I’M IN! I have to say, every video from you is so helpful. I am a big fan of Marie’s and feel the same way about her advice as well. Thank you! I’m no stranger to self-sabotage and I think this is my biggest problem. I’m taking action, it’s the only way to get out of it.

Denise Antoon

Yet again, you bring some great information. Love me some Marie. You rock Derek sharing what you do with the world. Keep the great tips coming.


Hey Derek,

Killer video and I think something all entrepreneurs struggle with, especially online.

Niche selection is a bitch, and we usually go for the opportunities the market presents, not realising that we really do need to be aware of our own strengths, passion and talents.

Dan Kennedy had a great answer when someone asked him what the best opportunity for business owners was… it was something to the tune of, “the real question is what is the best opportunity for YOU.”

The idea of going with our natural talents is both liberating and at the same time completely confronting.

Thanks a lot for this video, really hit home!


You always get right to the point Derek.I love it.

Thanks Marie. Your Italian analogy really helped me think about blog topics in a whole new way.

I’m not a real big fan of the word “passion”, but you hit a home run- passion comes from action. I’m in!



Cathleen Keene

Well said! I’m in!


I must first echo some people here by saying that your mails Derek are always read, videos always watched, great stuff! Short, actionable, to the point.

Marie delivered the message great. Love the idea of taking pride in small things!

I am so in!

Janus Ng

I’m in Derek and Marie! I love this video and the advice by Marie, she has such positive impact on me! I especially like the advice that:”clarity comes from action, not thoughts”. It’s so true and life changing.

Thanks again Derek for making this video which came just when I needed it!


Hi Derek,

I was wondering how do you make money with this blog??

I’ve heard you talking in some interviews about conversions and products sold but I see no product here to buy. 🙁

Excuse me for my ignorance and sorry for my bad english,


    Did you subscribe to Dereks socialtrigerrs newsletter? You should! 😉

The Get In Shape Girl

This is the best comment I have ever written!

If you couldn’t guess from my incredibly passionate comment that I am leaving now, I’m in for the challenge!

Joy Renee

I’m in. Specifically want to apply the exercise to the new habits I’ve been attempting to establish since the beginning of November after reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and discussed in my ROW80 posts. At more than two weeks in I’m still resisting the way a baby resists that spoonful of unfamiliar food. Maybe attitude is key here?

My favorite line was the one you set up for tweeting and I did tweet it because I’ve encounter this principle at least 4 times just in the past week! Once while putting the finishing touches on a crocheted diaper bag that had sat since June when the crocheting was done because I couldn’t perfectly see how to do what I was visualizing as the finished bag. The baby’s first birthday coming up this week forced me to reengage with it last week or face the demoralizing failure of not finishing a gift intended for a baby shower in time for the baby’s first birthday.

Once it happened when I opened my netbook in a public place just to jot some notes in a story file and ended up writing actual rough draft fiction for half an hour something I thought I was constitutionally incapable of doing both because of the sensory distractions and the feeling of being observed.

But beyond even that, even in my preferred environment for writing, those same words would not have made it to the screen if I’d waited (as is my usual habit) until I knew generally what I wanted them to be. They came as a surprise out of the engagement with the writing implement and I’m sure I can credit those new habits mentioned above because two of them involve just that–engagement with the writing implements (netbook, pen/paper) as creative writing implements at the beginning of each day before I allow myself to use them in other ways (Internet, games, video, ebook, photo/graphic manipulation, task lists, ….)

My business plan primarily revolves around self-publishing ebooks but has stalled out because no matter how much I read or watch videos like this about the business side of it I never reach a confidence level for taking the next steps–applying the general principles to my personal circumstances. But maybe I’m trying to see specifics that aren’t visible until you are in the middle of it.

It is spooky how this keeps getting reemphasized. I guess I’m supposed to take note?


Hey Derek and Marie.
I love that you both work together in videos. 🙂
This one was reminded me Marie’s last video “turning pro”. I really like these advices, so of course I’m in. 🙂

Mary Malia

Heck yeah I’m in and I’m dragging my coaching clients in with me!



I have just started my first start up but am also trying to close down an existing business. So will be taking Marie’s advice and dealing with tasks I have to do with the existing company in a positive and excited manner, as I have previously considered just throwing all the paperwork away, with enthusiasm of course!!

Great video Derek! Your videos always leave me questioning myself which I love!


Catherine Just

Dude I’m so in!
I’ve been complaining all day today.
Wasted energy!
Thank you the shift in perception.

Amy C

I’m in! I actually AM taking action with a new business–just this morning I went and visited a school an hour away to get some clarification on what I want to offer at my new private preschool, and tonight I am going to a local college for a free workshop on starting my own business.

I love your videos–I’m hooked!

Thanks for sharing your insight!


    Good luck, Amy! 🙂



Kalia Kelmenson

I’m in – Love both of your videos!

I especially love the analysis-paralysis part- taking action is always the way to shut up that little monkey mind…

Off to Pro it up!


I actually just got done writing a list of goals/affirmations before I watched this video.

This was just the little push over the edge I needed to take it to the next level, and I love the simple advice of doing everything with zest and gusto.

Great stuff and thanks for the awesome videos!


Efrain Sagastume

I’m in!

And after a 11 month hiatus from blogging, I think it’s about time for me to make a comeback and do a little soul searching.

And btw, I have to give credit where credit is due cuz you guys are really somethin. I’m a recent subscriber and I’m loving every one of your vids. Thanks for your awesome work and I’m looking forward to Sunday! 🙂

Stanley Lee

Derek: Never seen you in a collared shirt before on Social Triggers.

Ed Cook

Hi Derek and Marie,

Hi from Australia, I’m in! So relevant for where I’m at with my business now, do all start up business owners suffer from self doubt, seems like it from my research.

Love your videos and blog posts, need to start incorporating more video into my newsletters, such a powerful medium.




I love watching you 2 collaborate, it is an awesome duo!

I’m so in. Having more passion in everyday routines will definitely help me live with more joy then just waiting for that “one day” when my life will be “better.”


I’m in!
With two kids and two jobs a blog and a dissertation, I’m worried about it, but I’m in. Mastin Kipp said in the intro to the Daily Love Extravaganza that making your bed is the first step of nurturing yourself. What is it with you coaches and the beds? har har.

Love you both very much!!
xx old lady librarian fan 🙂

Rochelle | The Single Status

I’m in!! I LOVE YOU BOTH 😀 ANNNND I love doing what I love and getting paid for it 😉 My business is still a baby, but it’s growing “Raving Fan” woot woot!



I’m in.

Derek I am a subscriber to your emails and I have to say that I love your fresh, life isn’t super serious, carefree, I may make mistakes but who cares approach to your videos. Also your content is amazing from the “why do people do what they do” stand point.

I’m going to start with my own “online world” where I am going to have a plan but take action and kick ass later.

You look like a guy that would be a blast to drink with at a seminar. If you don’t drink you can just tell stories, I’ll listen and drink.

Keep the great info videos coming.


I’m in! The next 48 hours will be mind blowing.

I recently shook myself up by trying something totally new: writing fiction (and self publishing it!). I needed to try something completely different to break myself out of the mindset of, “All I know how to do is XYZ. How can I create a business from that?”

Will I be successful? No idea. But I’m taking action, and that feels good.

Thanks for the great video, and I hope everyone here has a great 48 hours coming up!


Ha – I always laugh at myself when I watch your videos. I always tell myself how annoying you are, and then end up watching the whole thing, absolutely loving it, and getting even more motivated to do what I love to do, and get paid for it. 🙂 Thanks, Derek – you really ARE awesome!
My niche is in ESL. I’m a English teacher; that’s my passion. I love teaching. And everybody tells me that you can’t make any money or a living as a ESL teacher. But I don’t want to settle for some lame job that my heart’s not in! So you’ve really motivated me to go for it, to create the dream job I’ve always wanted. I’m excited!

Nicole Moore

I’m in! I love the idea of bringing passion to the mundane.


    YES Nicole!

Joe Peloquin

I’m in!


I’m in!

Awesome video.

You know, I think I’ve spent so much time and energy contemplating my goals and how I can bring them to life, that I may even be having MORE FUN just contemplating as opposed to doing. I can read a gazillion articles like these – and I’ve gotten so used to positive psychology online in the form of blogs and quotes, etc – that I think I’m in a rut. I need to do something to shake my life up.

It really is all about action and moving towards greater clarity.

Thank you for being examples of people who shake their life up.


i love how marie video bombed you!! one of the best vids i’ve seen in a while – thank you both so much. this all really hit home for me and I’M IN! also, derek, your example of how you started a biz/website which was a bit all over the place but it allowed you to get started means the world to me b/c it’s kinda where i am now and i am dragging my feet a bit until i have it all figured out…which, hello, we know will be forever! so i am motivated to get going and figure out the details along the way!!! thank you thank you thank you!

Poppy Grady

I’m In! Derek – I get excited when I see Social Triggers hit my inbox because I know I’ll learn how to look at something with a different view. Your post today was unbelievably timed well. I was (truly) just seconds before it appeared, sitting at my boring desk job wondering if I could really finally (after about 4 yrs of stalling/research/thinking/stalling/research, etc) get my handbag business off the ground. I was doing some online research and was thinking how most of my ideas have already been done before. And then Bam! Your email popped up – I swear right at that moment. It must be fate. So I’ll take the 48 hr challenge. While it won’t be applied to what I really want to do (since I’m not quite doing it yet), perhaps I’ll learn something by applying it to what I’m doing in the meantime. But I did get another important takeaway – Action. I’ll make sure that my next step towards my dreams is an action step and not just another ‘thought.’ Thank you!

A. Lougheed

I’m in!

You nailed it – I am stuck in strategy and planning mode.

I’m re-starting my digital consulting and development business after a four year hiatus care-taking for my 90-year-old Mother.

I immersed myself in market analysis for two weeks and said: Oh no, everyone is a digital consultant these days. I’m sunk.

I was ready to give up until I watched your video.

I’m a believer!

Loz James

Hi Guys

This video comes at just the right time for me. We all find it hard to believe in ourselves sometimes, and at other times we feel like we can move mountains. Tomorrow is another day, so let’s get to work!

Cheers 🙂


John Corcoran

Wow, Derek – nice guest! I love Marie Forleo. Count me in. First of all, I’m going to make the most kick-ass bed ever tomorrow morning, much better than that sorry excuse for a mess of a bed I made this morning. (Which my two year old son will promptly ruin, but that’s OK.) Second, I’m going to bring everything I can to the table and to serving my clients, who are small business owners and entrepreneurs. I love your spirit together – you should do more videos together.

Gene Hammett

Loved it…I really love the playfulness that both you bring to this video.

Also the points that Marie makes are great and …..

I am IN on the challenge. I will bring my highest level of passion to all that I do for the next 48 hours.

Thank you.

Gene Hammett
Business Coach to Freelancers and Small Digital Agencies


    Rock on Gene!

Dawn Kotzer

While it’s great to have a discussion about Self-Sabotage and it’s true that I like Maria’s energy the good work she does.
True, Action does bring clarity.
True, 48 hours of a little more passion and confidence in one’s life would be a blast…
Self-Sabotage runs very deep, far deeper than people realize and can show up in many parts of our life.
Asking for a 48 hour commitment is, IMHO, a highly pressured way to start working on it. Failure to stick to 48 hours of committed action is more likely to entrench Self-Sabotage.
My suggestion?
Start with just 2 minutes. Lose the complaints, activate the good vibe passion and
Feel the success.
Rinse and Repeat.
Then try it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.
2 minutes sound too small?
Try it. Let me know how it felt.

Mandy Santos

Great video! Taking up the challenge!

Deb Lund

Good stuff, like always, and this one is right up my creativity coaching alley. I always say Energy follows Action, and now Marie has added Clarity follows Action. Hmmm… What else follows action? I’ll be asking…

Daryle Dickens

Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings…

“Pray to catch the bus then run like hell.”


Hi Derek. Hi Marie!!!
Whoo hoO! …. fancy meeting YOU here… You guys rock! As I do my work (take action one step at a time), and take a break to watch your vids, I am grateful for you, and energized to keep going.

I have more doubtful days than I’d like to admit, but your special words delete my sabotage programing, and as a result the job gets done regardless of what I’m feeling.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to experience nirvana while I make a salad.

No passion, no gain, no good.



    Hi again, first of all did I mention? …. I’m IN!

    Last night my 8 year old daughter had a ton of homework; most of it were writing assignments. She’s a brilliant writer, but hates to stay focused for long periods of time. There are days when I do well “handling” her lollygagging and procrastination tactics and there are days when I’d begin to think about all the things I need to get done and how there isn’t enough hours in a day and ultimately lose my patience, which would lead to the homework zone turning into the war zone.

    So, I put Marie’s suggestion into practice. I remained in a state of gratitude and passion for the task at hand. I put myself in a state of – no body – no time – no place – and although it took a little time initially, my daughter suddenly put her head down and started writing. She remained focused for 2 hours! ..and completed her brilliant work!

    I couldn’t believe it! It was such a great night for the two of us! No fighting, No talk back; Just a common goal of getting the job done. We ((hugged)) we kissed, we did the victory dance. It was an awesome night. Thank you Marie and Derek. I love you both for the great work you do.

    Marie, you will do GREAT on Oprah!!

    Until next time,



“Clarity comes from engagement/action, not thought”
= best quote of the whole video

My business is 10 months old, and I have done so many mini-pivots on my strategy and business model that they’d fill a book. But I never could have made them if I wasn’t already taking action – steps, missteps, and experiments; adjusting along the way and listening to my audience.

I sometimes want to tell the people who spend months (years…) “researching” and contemplating before they start a business – JUST START ALREADY! The hardest (and most exhilarating) part comes AFTER you get going!


I’m in! Love both of you and I look forward to your emails every week.
Thanks for the extremely useful advise.


I’M IN! I have been a Marie fan for almost a year now. Thats how I became a Derek fan so YOU can thank her for that! She is amazing! I got my Marie email so I will definitely be watching sunday!

When I first took my step I started 2 websites about things I like but just this weekend realized…why are you hiding from what you love?

Worried that I wasnt good enough to give advice or show what I can do to the world. But I just dont care anymore. I know I have something to offer the world!

Writing music! So Im starting a songwriters blog and changing the placement game. You will see Derek. Im going use your techniques and make you proud! LOL


    Hey Venisha,

    I have been composing and playing music for the piano since I was 4 years old, but have never taken it seriously (in fact, I’ve done everything I can do avoid it). I’d love to contribute content to your new blog, should you decide to go through with it!


      Id love see what you’ve done. Do you have a site? I will definitely need contribution should it fit my topics! Thanks!


I already did the dishes but I’ll have do them again later, so I’ll try to be enthusiastic then. 🙂

Natalie Guzman

I’m IN!

Derek, I’m so glad you had Marie as your first guest on your video series! I love Marie and have been following her on my entrepreneurial journey for nearly 2 years now.

The advice to do what you love even if it’s been done before has been the greatest and most calming advice I’ve ever received from Marie. I’ve shared it with my small business clients as well.

There will never be another you or the way that you will do what you do – so go do it! Share with the world your gifts, your passion, yourself. Don’t rob them from the experience of having you in their life.

I’m taking the 48 hour challenge and will passionately and enthusiastically clean my desk, answer my e-mails and take care of my family starting right now!



Quite enjoyable to see you working together!

I love the quote “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought”! It’s so true and a good reminder.

I believe resistance is often a mask of perfection. Creative people are their own worst critics and we let perfection get our way of moving forward and acting on our purpose. I know I have. I think we just need to keep going, keep fighting for what’s in our hearts.

Here’s a few things I say to remind myself what matters:
-It’s okay to be where I am RIGHT NOW.
-Everyone has help along the way.
-And if I am really feeling doubtful, I ask myself “Why did I choose this journey, what is it that I really want to give”? It works every time, it brings me back to my purpose!

As someone starting from scratch, who interacts with many *newbies*, there is so much stuff coming at us, do this, do that, do it this way or that way, and it gets to a point where we can’t hear our own voices. Minimizing consumption and sources of intake helps a ton!
Of course, you guys are two of my favorites, and I Thank You both for bringing it each week and being of service and helping in all the ways you do.
Also, RHH was AMAZING and it was nice meeting you Derek. The new look is sharp!
Cheers to both.


I’m in! I have zero passion for grocery shopping, to put it mildly. I will go buy food with all the passion I have today! 🙂

Seriously, I need this for my business right now. I tend to second guess every move I think I might want to make. I talk myself out of all kinds of ideas which keeps me stuck and spinning my wheels.

Thanks for the reminder to get out of my head and get moving.

Julie | A Clear Sign

Love you both and yes I’M IN – the universe could do with a little less complaining!

A lot of people may have the same message but we’re not all attracted to the same people and style – that’s why we need ALL of us to make the whole thing jingle. Plus what would we do without access (like an Italian place in every neighborhood)?

Piers | Kickstarters'HQ

*with my best Star Trek / Captain Picard impersonation:*
“Number 2… ENGAGE!”

Thanks for the tip Marie. Count me in! In my experience, it also helps to make sure you’re spending time with people who are already doing or have done what you’re trying to do, even if it’s just reading books about them. That’s what’s great about somewhere like Social Triggers. Derek’s crushing it, sharing how, and you can even pester him with questions here, as long as you make them ones that contribute to the whole conversation.


Niveen Salem

Great video Derek! I’m IN but I have been IN starting Jan 2012 taking the challenge and passionate about what I do. It’s a commitment to myself. Marie is a great addition to Social Triggers 🙂 The trick comes when you always have to innovate to become different! It takes some serious thought….

Thanks again,

Alicia Perez

I’m in! Being a Chef, I always do all of my cooking with passion but I love the idea of going through my entire day with the same passion. For the next 48 hours there will be a smile on my face and extra pep in my step – even with my daily tasks. I’m off 😀


I’m in too! I always do what Derek says, AND Marie! Both have helped me get to a GREAT place in my business- well honestly Marie helped me FIND what my business should be, gave me tools to work with and Derek is the icing on my cake!
Can’t wait to watch Super Soul Sunday!


    Thank you Beth! Love ya woman 🙂


Definitely needed that today. Thanks! (oh, i’m in…)

Rick Wolff

Okay, so, I’ve got the dishes in the sink, I’m up to mid-forearm in suds.
What happens now?
Seriously. I want to know.

Mike From Maine

I’m in…nice collaboration, guys 🙂

Watch your back!


Love the example of learning hip hop: “I was kinda like a Granny.” lol
And definitely, clarity comes from engagement.
I’m in!

Cheri Bennett

I’m All In! Have fun with Oprah, Marie. You will ROCK it!

Ricardo Caicedo

I’m in! Having the right mindset is definitely an important part in whatever you do.
Loved this video, I’m a big fan of both Derek and Marie. Thank you for consistently providing so much value.

Candice L Davis

I’m in! I try to live with passion every day already, but it’s nice to have a little homework to make sure I’m on track. As a start, I’ll tackle my afternoon writing session with focus and passion.


    Do it woman!


Consider me IN on the 48 hour passion challenge!!!

I always love what Marie has to say, and the combo of Marie and Derek is sure to be a winner. Thank you Social Triggers and Marie Forleo!!!

Lori Byron

Ooo, two of my favorite people in one video! I am IN for the challenge. During the next 48 hours, I have some writing to do, and I’ll be at a conference delivering a workshop . What a better time to be fully, passionately, present and engaged. Grazi!

Elizabeth D. Thomas (@MarriageKids)

LOVE the quote from Marie “Clarity comes from action, not thought.”

I’m more in thought/research mode after years of action and can attest to this! While I’m loving the new ideas and thoughts I’m having due to my busy schedule not allowing me more action, I know from years of experience, to CHILL OUT, take a babystep, and learn. Only worry when the need arises rather than trying to pre-clarify everything that is quite unclaritiable (yay new words!)

verona barrella

Thank you so very much for this video, as soon as you finished talking I went to my web page and saw my sculptures with a different eye, and understand what you said. I can see now that my art in unique because it comes from a unique individual a one-of-a-kind human being.
I’m re-invigorated and looking forward to create more of “an extension of myself” expression.
I love you guys and love all the great things we learn from you!!!


    This is beautiful Verona!


This is such a real topic for me right now.

I took action about six months ago, & the clarity that has come from that action has been staggering and completely unexpected. I even uncovered a mysterious & hidden talent I have had my whole life but failed to take seriously.

To everybody accepting the challenge, be prepared to learn more about yourself in a few months of action than you have in years of contemplation.

What you will find may be shocking!


    Totally agree Dan, thanks for sharing your experience!

Velvet Opus

You have great information, lots of practical wisdom put together in an amusing way. I always feel energized after watching your vids! So much better than the same old same old. Please continue on. Love the Martha Graham quote. What does Marie do? Check out my site, kinda going through what you described, lots of areas of interest so I am exploring them all. Sometimes I get down, but when I get sluggish I know I need to take the “next step” and soon I will be passionate again. And you know what….I am.


Excellent! Thank you for the homework, too. Removing resistance is the hardest part, but also when the magic happens. I’m going to start now 🙂

Kenneth Vogt

Right now I am commenting with white hot passion. After that, I am going to passionately embrace my todo list — because it’s all about getting in motion. But Derek, I hope it’s ok if I skip the step where I do something with makeup. I just can’t get passionate about that. 😉

Kris Williams

I’m in.

As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of 2013 and that it should be my year for NO EXCUSES.


    Why not today?!

Susan Osborne

I’m IN! Love both of you! The Italian restaurant is a great example. I think it’s so easy to feel insecure about the competition out there, but so key to remember that what you bring to the table is unique from everyone else (if you are being authentic!).
I need to be reminded of this too from time to time, so I’m all in on the 48 hour challenge!
Off to do some laundry like a ROCK STAR.


    Wash it woman and thank you for being IN! 🙂

spence cater

I am in!


I’m in! I’m prepping today for a weekend of book writing, and I will be setting up my writing area with love!

Paul Johnson

Hey Derek,

I’m really enjoying your videos/emails. I get lots of stuff in my inbox, and much of it gets lost in the clutter. Social Triggers is something I NEVER fail to read – you’ve always got something good to say.

Self-Sabotage is an interesting thing. Marie had some great ideas about how to move forward… but we’ve found that self-sabotage is rooted much deeper than just thoughts and behaviours. It’s actually hooked into us at the cellular level. AND… it can be released pretty easily.

I don’t want to abuse this comment space, but if you’d like to chat about it, I’d be really happy to have that conversation. Let me know.


    Written like a perfect student of Derek’s… give them a little piece of something they may want, and leave a hook for them to contact you!

    Very well done!


      Indeed, RJ. 🙂


Great video! I Love it. Thank you very much for taking the time to make it.
I will make my bed perfect tomorrow. 🙂

Have an awesome day!

    Derek Halpern

    Do it!

Anita Avalos

Marie and Derek… I’m IN!

And I love this episode. I adore Marie and she has had a huge influence on me and my business…so excited for Sunday!

Both of you are 2 people I tell every coach I know they must subscribe to and follow.

Off to go rock the hell out the next 48 hours.

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you so much Anita — it’s much appreciated. I’m rocking my next 48 too. I’m going to start by cleaning off my desk like a boss. 😀

Joe Cassandra

Love some Italian restaurants, but more importantly, great point about not worrying that “it’s been done”, I mean, how many “let me teach you how to blog” sites are out there and kicking well!

The focus we need is to find where our unique brand can shine through, stop being another meatball, instead be the spaghetti and meatball! We can all be cheesy today.

Love it Derek and Marie, I’m in!


    AWESOME. And I’m ALL for some cheese 😉

    Derek Halpern

    That’s as about as cheesy as it gets.

Coach Comeback

IM IN!!!

I like beating people up anyway! As you can OBVIOUSLY tell, I am a part time bodybuilder and I have the physique of a Greek mythological God…. pretty sure he was from Notre Dame. Had some spinal issues… but other than that… HOT! Like me!

Congrats to Marie! Definitely has my support! Thanks for sharing Derek


    Thank you for being IN 🙂


      I am SO in! And thanks for the great vid. I lost count how many I’ve seen so far, but this was a first with you AND my man Derek …..

      Looking out for more of those ….


    Derek Halpern

    Awesome — do come back here on Sunday to let me know what you thought.


Can’t watch the video on my droid phone! “content not supported”

    Derek Halpern

    That’s hilarious considering I’m using YouTube, a property owned by Google.

Sean Mysel

I’M IN….Fired Up! Ready To Go! (sorry couldn’t help myself on that one)

This is great advice, sort of reminds me what I read in the book Switch. You have to find your bright spot, the thing you do real well and makes your world feel perfect.

For me it’s teaching the game of golf and helping golf pros improve their businesses. For my wife, it’s baking cookies.

Well done sir!

    Derek Halpern

    Switch was a great book.


Derek, What is the camera setup you are using and the audio setup too. Sorry I am not commenting on content.

Will digest the content and leave a comment on that.



    Great video Derek. White is crisp. My setup here… iPhone 4s, wireless MIC, an iPhone app for adjusting contrast, white balance, etc. White screen is $70 bucks at photography store. You need 4 lights, and one on your subject preferably. Lighting is critical. Hope that helps!



      Do you use your iPhone to record your audio?

    Derek Halpern

    I don’t know, as my video guy takes care of all of that. The camera setup doesn’t matter though. Look at my old videos.

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