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How to Sell More: 3 Steps to the Perfect Sales Pitch Online
Last Updated May 31st, 2017

How do you persuade someone to buy your product or service… even if you’re not great at “selling?”

If you read advice from other “experts,” you’ll see that they recommend you use shady tactics like “fake scarcity,” “fake discounts,” and worse, they’ll encourage you to outright LIE…


David Ogilvy always said, “The customer isn’t a moron. She’s your wife.”

He said this more than 50 years ago, but the spirit of what he said was 100% right. The customer isn’t a moron. She’s your wife. He’s your husband.

Your customers are your friends, your colleagues, your family members, your friends of friends, and they deserve to be treated with respect.

And that’s why I approach “selling” much differently than these other “experts.”

How to Sell More: 3 Steps to The Perfect Sales Pitch

So, how do you create the perfect sales pitch online? How do you communicate the value you provide to your customer… even if you’re not great at selling?

I share the 3 simple steps in this new video…

As you watch the video, you’ll notice something interesting: people think selling has to be complicated. It’s not. The key to making a sale is as simple as making people want what you’ve got before they know you’re selling it… and this formula makes that EASY.


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I am mixing it up, Derek. Let’s go AFTER, BEFORE, BRIDGE.

Your son realized his dream! He is making a massive contribution to the world at the same time. How did he get this 2 for 1 deal? Let’s go back, mom or dad.

Mom: “Get off your dumb phone!!!”
Teen boy: “It isn’t a dumb phone, it is a smart phone. Besides, you are on yours more than I am!!!”
Mom: “Don’t get smart with me and like I said put that dumb phone down. You are on it constantly. This isn’t about me so stop talking back!!!”

The bridge to get the 2 for 1 deal where your son goes from disconnected from you and glued to his phone is coaching. You need an experienced coach with 16 years of experience counseling and coaching teens to help you simplify the rapidly changing world and zero in on motivating your son.

Let’s explore your situation. I offer a free consult where we get to the core vision, core obstacle in the way of your son realizing his dream and the core problem confronting you both right now so you get clear on the very next step to take.

Email donovan@getreadycoaching to set up time for us to connect and get started on giving your teen the very best chance at happiness and success. You have one shot at empowering your teen to realize his dream. To get tips, strategies and the latest social innovations I come up with for families and schools, text TEENTEAM to 33444. You will get the latest innovation, which as of June 2017 is “Solving Our Stress” when you confirm your subscription to Get Ready Coaching.

“It takes a team to empower teens to realize their dreams!”


Our business has an outdoor element and getting people there when it’s raining is a challenge. Using BAB we could paint the picture:
Fed-up grumpy kids? Not going out or getting off their screens… You could get them in the fresh air, enjoying the animals – they’re always pleased to see you. By the time they’ve run round finding all the trail quiz answers you will have happy, tired kids. All because you knew where their wellies and raincoats were. You remember the good old days! Family farm fun. Click here to get your tickets today!


Very interesting! It seems that video is the way forward, so everyone is stepping up their video content game! I liked the light heartedness and almost off the cuff approach in yours.


Great information in your video..!!

Thanks for sharing this..


Very interesting! I follow a few marketers out there. It seems that video is the way forward, so everyone is stepping up their video content game! I liked the light heartedness and almost off the cuff approach in yours.
What topics? Maybe how to test the potential of a business idea easily? When to quit? And how to survive the roller coaster ride that entrepreneurship is?


Before: Companies are not making enough money and feeling stagnant…
After: Companies are generating a boatload more $$$ and growing fast – hiring more people!
Bridge: I work with companies of any size to help them generate more sales via systematic marketing techniques, relationship-building, and corporate partnerships.

Diane Dutchin

Well it’s about fricking time. Where the heck have.you been? And I so echo he comments of others…you shine animated new yorker self beyond any hyped up folks out there.
Keep em coming…heading over to subscribe on YouTube.
B – professional business woman finds herself intimidated in the corporate world with male dominated testosterone . Her confidence is rattled.
A – join other professional women who have taken their confidence to where they’re making massive impression in the corporate world while gaining the respect of her male peers, and achieving greater success.
B- Here’s what you have to do to elevate your confidence to the level to match your ability and expertise and feel like an equal.

Hartmut Goetze

BEFORE >>> You are responsible for a software development project and don’t know when you can finally deliver to your customer what you promised long ago. You don’t even know what your team so far has actually achieved. You have no idea what this all will cost.

AFTER >>> You wonder how some competitors manage to push out great high-quality products so much faster than anyone else. How they deliver on time and budget and customers are happily ordering and can’t wait to sign new contracts. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to promise a precision landing and deliver on that promise? One time and budget?

BRIDGE >>> There is a way to improve your team’s performance without a year-long transformation. Without change management. You do this by letting the team pick up the right set of instruments at the right time. Seemingly effortless. Your team grows into high performance mode. It’s called Opt-In Hyperperformance. The success of my customers is a verifiable track record. I offer you to help your team do it.


Love it! I think it’d be really cool if you did a behind-the-scenes video series like Gary V – maybe not daily, but even once a week. I think a lot of your audience would love it, incl me. Behind the scenes of what you do every day for social triggers.

Right now, you’re putting out great videos, but they probably take up a lot of your time to ideate, write, film… if you had your video guy follow you around once a week, and you kind of showed what you’ve been working on, shared lessons you’re learning in the moment – you could probably have really good video content with a lot less effort.

(see what I did there…. 😉

anyway, love the new videos, keep it up!


Good stuff Derek! Working on a BAB for my new business now.


You head to your business Facebook page and it has low resolution graphics, reposts from other companies instead of your own. Or worse; no graphics at all!
A picture truly does say 1,000 words. You can hire a freelance graphic designer (like myself) to up your social media game with professional, original, branded graphics that grab a Facebook client’s attention and lead to A SALE!
But I can do you one better… I’m Jacquelyn, a freelance graphic designer at https://www.8-create.com who specializes in graphic and web design for the startup creator. This month I’m offering FREE SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS(with watermark) if you head to https://www.8-create.com/fr… you can learn more!

Cathy S.


You did it yourself, didn’t you?

You made your own business website because a) it was cheap, b) you have control over it, and c) it was cheap. You’re not a professional web designer, but It’s good enough, right?

Well… check this out.

Suzy Schmoozy, voice over actor, created her own website. She got her demos on the home page and some basic information about herself. Her home page has a photo of her sitting in a purple chair in a field of purple flowers. Cute.

It was hard for her to figure out the language and tools of the DIY program, as well as create her own content, but she did it. However, not everything looked right, and when she Googled her name “Suzy Schmoozy voice over” her site didn’t even show up!

But now Suzy has a professionally branded, written, designed and developed online presence! Not only is she proud to direct prospective clients to her demos on her professional website, but she’s on the FIRST page in Google results! Now her website represents who she is in the voice over world. And she didn’t have to learn anything about HTML, CSS or the supposedly simple DIY tools.

(show visuals of home page before & after).

Isn’t this where you want to be? Here’s what we did.

We offered to give Suzy a free website evaluation. We were able to tell her what she did right, and what her website was still lacking, including search engine optimization (SEO). She agreed and hired us to rebrand, redesign and redevelop her site.

Because we specialize in creating websites for voice over actors, we know exactly what you need and don’t need. We understand the importance of branding and demos to a voice actor. Because of our understanding of the voice over business and web design, we create the ideal tool for you to get more jobs!

Feel pride in your online representation.
Feel confident about getting found by prospective clients.
Feel professional… because you ARE!


Wondered what happened to you! I’ve missed you! So much better than the Gary thing, because you actually give real tips!

Renee Baude

B: I am a professional Mom. I love my job and take it seriously. But it can leave me feeling tired as hell and after years of breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, sports out the wazoo not to mention band concerts, I felt like I lost myself. I lost my mojo.

One morning I woke up tired with my mind racing on what the days events would be . . . as I crawled out of bed, I noticed my unused rosary on the night stand. I love the idea of using a rosary for strength and courage but all those Hail Mary’s wasn’t for me and I could never remember all the mysteries. Not only was I tired, feeling like I lost my mojo, now I was a spiritual failure.

A: In my heart I could remember the feeling of being vibrant, physically strong and craving intellectual conversations. That fateful morning was just what I needed to remind myself that I could be all the things that I wanted. I looked at my rosary and thought “I love beads but that it too many–I just want a prayer chord.” Beads of Three was born in my mind. 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 people I want to hold space and send love and light to, and the final 3 beads are future ideas–I visualize myself feeling what it will be like to write the book, drive the Jeep, lose the weight.

B: We all need Beads of Three to keep us on track with gratitude, grace and dreams. I start everyday with my prayer chord and I can feel the the change. I am writing and being published, I am losing the weight and I can see me in that Jeep! I’ve gone from uninspired to dynamic. I still make breakfast, lunch, dinner and do a shit ton of laundry but I can also see the silver lining in each moment.


Ok. This is my first sales letter, ever written. This formula helped me get words on the paper! Thanks! My niche is teachers. This is more like After, Before, Bridge. Would love feedback.

Ah… Summer. Isn’t it great?

No students! No parents! No grading!

Life is now about my agenda, instead of somebody else’s. Life is now about getting the things done, that I didn’t have time to do during the school year. Life is bliss!

Life was crazy, now it is going to be relaxing.

Above is what I seem to tell myself at the end of each and every school year. I don’t know about you, but my experience is much different. I go into summer break with lots of intentions. I have many ideas of what I want to get done. But, it never seems to go as planned, does it? I never seem to accomplish even close to what I want to get done. No, what I NEED to get done.

But, life stays busy. We still have the kids activities to go to and the errands that we must run. Added is a vacation, which is great, but the time planning is stressful and the time away makes it even harder to catch up. The summer calendar, when we take a look at it, is just as busy as the school calendar. The really big important things we were going to accomplish in the summer falls away to the little daily tasks that need to get done. Our to-do list continues to grow, instead of shrinking like we planned. By the end of the summer we ask ourselves how did it go so fast and it seems like we didn’t get anything done like we wanted.

Is getting your finances on track one of those important things that you are wanting to get done this summer? If so, I would love to have a conversation with you. We I can help you with accountability and helping you follow through with the things you know are very important.

I know what you are going through, because I am a teacher myself. As a financial planner who works primarily with teachers, I am familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities in your finances that you have.

Let’s help you cross that big elephant on your to do list this summer, and get you where you want to be financially. Then, you can enjoy your summer knowing you are making a big step in the right direction.

Call or email. Let’s talk.

Pam Prior

Totally frustrated that your business financials don’t align with how you think of your business and that they make no sense, making you lose sleep, wonder if you’re being defrauded, ignore your bookkeeper, put off calls with your accountant?
Join the all star entrepreneurs who have complete confidence and clarity I’m their first Nanci all reports and even LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING THEM! Because they are designed and maintained so that they make SENSE TO THE OWNER!
Focus On Cash has a revolutionary-, time-, size-, and industry-tested, painless method for making your financials make sense to you! I love making the numbers work for you instead of the other way around! Reach out- and play where you should be playing: in the major leagues, where the truly successful entrepreneurs thrive.


Just wanted to thank you for bringing back the video content. You shine on camera and deliver actionable info every step of the way. Looking forward to what’s coming up next.



Thank GOD you went back to video! Gary who? Lol

Let’s make Social Triggers fun again. Can’t wait to watch more.


Awesome video and post, Derek! This concept is so simple, yet so overlooked.

Here’s my version of the B.A.B.:
-B: a small business owner who’s bogged down with the day to day tasks of being IN the business that s/he is not able to spend time acquiring new customers and doesn’t want to spend the money hiring someone to acquire them. The owner is starting to hate the business since it’s turned into just another J-O-B.
-A: the business owner is not only making more money than ever imagined, but also has more time on his/her hands to do the things s/he he always wanted to do, both in and outside of the business.
-B: this is all accomplished with a low-cost, automated sales system.

I THINK this fits the formula… now I’m heading over to your YouTube channel 😊


Hey Derek,
great that you’re back. Plus, I like the new-ish format!
Anyway, here’s the bab-pitch.

Do you hate waking up not knowing if you’ll win a new client today?
Do you dread the feeling of reaching out cold for new business?

Yea, me too…

Well, at least I was.
Now I wake up knowing there are people reaching out to me to do business.
Now I know that there are potential clients just waiting to become my client.

Just click the link to find out how I got there!

I’m an Online Marketing Dude just starting out. What do you think?

pepe montoro


I don’t know if is a lot of work for you, but…
can activate english subtitles, please
I’m spanish and you run indy car while i’m going in cycle jeje

great job, Derek, you’re the man

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