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Meet Matthias, the Concert Photographer Who Re-Launched His Online Course and - for the First Time - Felt Financially Secure
Last Updated January 31st, 2017

Matthias is a Social Triggers all-star student. He used another one of my premium trainings to build his blog and audience to 4,000 subscribers quickly. Then, after a disappointing first launch, he used Yes Engines to re-launch his online course for concert photographers:

“I was struggling with selling my premium video course, which teaches people how to become a concert photographer. I worked my butt off for 3 months to build a new sales page… When my launch ended, I couldn’t believe what happened! I sold 24 units for [a total of] $11,000! I always had financial insecurities as a photographer, but from today on, I know that I can provide security for my family.”

How awesome is that? Keep reading and find out how Matthias did it…

After a Failed Launch, Matthias Was
Almost Ready to Give Up

How does a Ph.D. in molecular biology become a concert photographer?

Well, Matthias simply decided to follow his two real passions in life: music and photography. As you can imagine, it wasn’t an easy path…

As Matthias told me, the whole time he’d been working as a photographer, he was constantly worried about making enough money.

The toughest part:

Most of his friends just shook their heads in doubt and disbelief. But Matthias was determined to make it work:

“Most of my friends are depressed by working in their 9-5 jobs. I was there too, but I said to myself, ‘If other people can live their dreams, why not me?’”

So, Matthias decided to create an online course to generate more income.

And there was a lot to figure out… He had to create the content, learn how to record and edit videos. get it all on his website…

In all, Matthias spent almost 6 months creating his course.

Now picture this:

Despite what everyone else was thinking or saying, you decide to follow your passion. You spend countless hours creating a product…

…and then you try to sell it:

You design a cool looking sales page. You set up a payment provider. Maybe you embed one of those little calendar apps on your website so people can schedule their consulting session (if you’re selling a service).

Finally, the big moment comes when you send an email to your subscribers to let them know: “My product (or service) is now for sale! Go buy it here!”

…but all you get is a couple of measly sales.

If you’ve been there, like Matthias has, you know just how depressing this is. Matthias says he almost gave up completely:

“I worked the last 6 months completing my video course and then sold just a handful – it was really depressing. I didn’t have a strategy and I was almost giving up on the idea to make a living out of selling online courses.”

Luckily Matthias didn’t give up…

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Audience? Check.

Product? Check.

Sales? Ugh…

Matthias had an audience and a course ready to sell. But his first launch bombed. So what was the missing piece?

Here’s how Matthias puts it:

“Yes Engines gave me the step-by-step blueprint I needed to set up my sales funnel and explained in detail how to learn more about my audience, which was the missing puzzle piece.”

Look, selling isn’t magic. But when you have no experience, it can be counterintuitive. You might think you’re making a case for people to buy, but in reality, you’re pushing potential customers away.

That’s why bridging that gap between your audience and your offer is where so many people fail and often give up.

But in that “gap” between your audience and what you’re selling is exactly where the money is made!

Yes Engines is designed to bridge that gap. Because the reality is this: You can’t just jump into your offer. You need strategic content that comes BEFORE your offer – I call this The Preview – to get people ready to buy.

For Matthias, this was the missing piece…

“You’ll Be Miles Ahead of Your Competitors.”

So what happened once Matthias implemented more strategic content in his launch?

Here are his results:

“During my last launch of “Shooting The Rockstars” I sold 24 units and made $11,000+ in revenue. As Derek said in Yes Engines, half of the sales were made on the last day. I couldn’t believe what happened!”

From almost no sales to more than $11,000. Nice!

When you have doubts and fears about your business, this is the feeling of success that keeps you going.

And for Matthias, it came at a crucial point in his personal life, too:

“This was the first time when I experienced the magic of selling online courses. I struggled big time last year and now all my doubts about my projects are gone. It couldn’t be better timing since I’ll be a father soon and I need to provide financial security for my family.”

For the first time since he decided to follow his passion, Matthias’ financial insecurity was GONE:

“After going through Yes Engines my life changed completely. I know now that it’s possible to make an income with ‘Shooting the Rockstars’ and I don’t have to live from month to month not knowing if my photography job is paying the rent.”

So what does this mean for you?

Those Who Do Nothing,
Achieve Nothing

Matthias’ story is powerful… and also very common. So, I asked him for his advice to people who are in a similar situation that he was in:

“My advice is to take action. As Derek mentioned, you can only achieve your goals if you take action. I started from zero, with no business training at all, and now I am selling my own course.”

And he’s right: Those who do nothing, achieve nothing. Only when you take action can you make a change.

“Thanks Derek for building Social Triggers and helping people change their lives for the better. I hope I can motivate you with my story to start living your dreams, too.”

If he can do it, so can you.

So, if you want to start living your own dream – and you’re ready to do the work – I can show you how:

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