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Announcing The Winners of the Social Triggers Contest
Last Updated May 29th, 2013

As you know, I had only a handful of seats left for the exclusive, 1-day “Mastering the Sale” Workshop I’m hosting in New York City on June 7th.

To win one of those last few invites, I asked you to create a short video about how attending this workshop would help you and your business.

(I also gave bonus points to anyone who did a great impression of me).

Well, the results are in! After watching and re-watching the dozens of video submissions we received, we have pick 5 winners and 1 GRAND PRIZE winner.

Here are the winners and their submissions:

First, A Message From Me To You

Jeff Gibbard, Runner Up

Jeff won a free ticket to Social Triggers Live.

Mariel Heart, Runner Up

Missy Cooke, Runner Up

Rebekah Borucki, Runner Up

Danny J, Runner Up

And introducing the GRAND PRIZE WINNER:

Abbey Dieteman

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Jovanka Ciares

ARGH! I just missed this! Your videos may be going to spam because I haven’t seen one from you in forever. Oh well, congrats to the winners (especially Bex and Danny J). I’ll get a ticket for the event on Sat if there are still seats available?! Let me know. Thanks!!!


Not sure if I have ever posted a comment here, tho I have learned so much from this website and I should have said thank you! So shame on me! Thank you so much Derek! I’ve been on your list since Social Media Examiner did a post on your work. And I have taken so much from your newsletter.

Anyway, this was hilarious! The first guy impersonated you so well it freaked me out! lol


All the vids were awesome. Must have been really tough choosing.

Congratulations to the winners!!!!

You inspire me!



Congratulations to all the winners! Excellent videos! Hope you guys have an absolutely fantastic day in NYC!

Gaurav Agarwal

Well I liked the flow and style of Jeff Gibbard , 2 ladies
in between are entertaining “Good Show” , but the video selected is
undoubtedly clear winner ” They have “Out of box” creative thinking
and that’s what is needed in marketing.

    Abbey Dieteman

    These comments are making my week (not to mention winning :)). I decided not to watch any other videos until I submitted mine. Pumped it paid off. I had so much fun! Thanks.

      Carole Bozkurt

      Well done Abby – would love to hear about some of the learnings you took away from the conference. Carole

Lori Stalter

These videos were a hoot! I agree! More challenges and contests like this one!


Awesome videos, guys, HU-YUGE congratulations to all of you and especially to Abbey. Brilliantly funny : )

Mariel Heart

Wow! Abbey, you rock! No wonder you won; you are original, hilarious, and your call to action is spot on. Congrats Danny & Bex, Missy, and Jeff! This is too silly and I’m proud to be a part of it!

    Abbey Dieteman

    See you in NY? 🙂

    Abbey Dieteman

    Awww thanks for the big ole confidence boost 🙂

John Corcoran

“The entire country of Turkey is on my email list” — classic.

More Halpern impersonation contests!

    Abbey Dieteman

    Haha thanks. That was so fun!!

Cindy Eyler

I loved the 1st runner ups (the 2 chicks) – hilarious and real… the winner was pretty good too. enjoy!

Felicity Fields

Congrats to all the winners, and everyone who put themselves out there for the contest. I was lucky enough to see Abbey’s video before this post (we’re in a FB group together) and I laughed my way through the whole thing. Congrats, Abbey!

Matt Goldenberg

Hey Derek,

You rock for doing an unpaid, contest only conference. Really awesome idea.

Anyways, here’s my submission:


Alexandra Hubackova

Trying again, the previous link to video for some reason
did not work. I told you, it really was a challenge :-)).



Eddy Baller

Here’s my entry! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE6hJeYxE-w

Jed Crystal

Oh, crap. This video sucks: http://youtu.be/wVNEx1dBmfk
Well, the camera sucks. My message is amazing.

Alexandra Hubackova

THAT was a challenge, Derek. here is my video http://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=i0ed5tnYi7M&video_referrer=watch&ns=1.


Derek, I did it! My first video EVER. Straight up, off the cuff. Unadulterated Amber. I had a blast. Thanks for the opportunity! Here’s a link to my social triggers shenanigans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iau7xtY1-Sc

Minling Chuang

I’m a little late to the game, but here’s my video.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Hope to win, but even if I don’t, thanks for everything I’ve learned from you so far, Derek!



Here`s my shot!


New York City, here we gooo!!!

    Jordan Ellington

    Great video, great story Ismael. Orale!

Tracy Birdsell

Sicky sicko here skating in at the last minute. Good luck everyone and I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you!


So my friend Alison entered and shared the opportunity… I never heard of Derek until today! I could really use the support so… before time runs out…here is my vid. You never know right?! 🙂 Derek I am “like a virgin” to you… http://youtu.be/NDA148YgRTU



(I’m also flouting the rules as I’m from the UK… but hey, you don’t try, you don’t win!)



Yo Derek,

I was super pumped to get your first email about that provided the bare essentials of this contest and the awesomeness that working with you would be. I’ve been devouring your information and techniques for many months and have just recently been indulging in your CreativeLIVE product.

As a magician, I’m by defacto an entrepreneur and working on generating leads and selling myself is something I’m constantly trying to improve.

When I read your initial email I got JACKED, as I saw it as an opportunity not only to learn from a widely-regarded master but to also surround myself with like-minded people on the same path, something I don’t have around me really at the moment.

I immediately had a brilliant idea and I took major action. MAJOR. then spent the next day brainstorming how the pieces fit together. I’d never made a video and was pumped to get going! Awesome!

That’s when I read another email wherein the “official” contest details were revealed…..only open to US residents. CRUSHED!!!

That’s unfortunate, I understand why, but as a Canadian it’s still a huge disappointment. Perhaps next time you’ll reconsider or alter the specs to accommodate other countries in different ways. Just a thought.

I wish all the entrants great luck, don’t take this opportunity for granted as just entering is a huge honour, even if you’re not picked. I’ve watched every video and enjoyed them all and I think Derek and his team has their work cut out for them!


Abbey Dieteman

This was a ton of fun. Here’s me, real… Even without makeup in some parts 🙂 Ever wondered what Derek would look like if he wanted to be a woman? (it’s a little frightening fo sho)… Check it: http://youtu.be/qjMagwZ2wiw

Plus, in the words of Marie Forleo… I tweeted it out, yo!


    Hilarious outtakes.

Jordan Ellington

http://youtu.be/3JcN6ty9D8A Had a great time making this,
good luck to everybody!

    Jordan Ellington

    I did a little bonus video too, with an extra reason and a call to action using the Price Anchor Method. http://youtu.be/AIwnLCSAu98


      Awesome Jordan! Laughed hard. “Accelerant poured all over me”. I almost spit out my coffee:)


    Very well done! Hope u get to go.


      This one is my favorite, which I shouldn’t say because I
      made one, too. Awesome job.

      Jordan Ellington

      Thanks Alison, that’s very nice of you!

Justin Finkelstein

Nicole – Awesome video. Great combination of heart, honesty, humor and passion. That seems like a can’t miss combination.


    Thank you, Justin! Hope to see you there next month, yeah?

Will Mitchell

Looking forward to learning from the best in the business!

Abbey Dieteman

This was a lot of fun!

What to see what transgendered Derek would look like? Check it: http://youtu.be/qjMagwZ2wiw

In the words of Maria Forleo… “I tweeted it out, yo!”


I had so much fun making my weird little video! Thanks for the opportunity.

Here’s the link to mine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFy9Arc4C7s

Hope you have lots of fun watching all these vids,

Mariel Heart

I gave it my all, so you better laugh!



Hey Derek!

Thanks so much for pushing me to make a video. I am going to promote the heck out of my video on twitter…and I will definitely ask my BSchool Babes to help me out in promoting it, too.

I’d love to come out and learn from the best! I will take everything I learn and put it into action. Yup!


Love your blog.
Alison 🙂


    I support by not only posting your vid. I made one too and mentioned that you introduced me to Derek… Good luck Alison!


      Thank you!!! I love your video 🙂


    Great Job Alison! Enjoyed the impression:)


      thanks Dave!


Hey Derek!

Thanks so much for pushing me to make a video. I am going to promote the heck out of my video on twitter…and I will definitely ask my BSchool Babes to help me out in promoting it, too.

I’d love to come out and learn from the best! I will take everything I learn and put it into action. Yup!

Love your blog.
Alison 🙂

Missy Cooke

Thanks for this opportunity, Derek. I see your genius marketing move and I raise you one YouTube Video.


Rebekah Borucki

I can’t believe I did this. Actually, I can’t believe I did
this and convinced Danny J of theSweatyBetties.com to do this with
me. Here goes nothin’ —
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYzwG6Yqfqk. See you in

    Justin Finkelstein

    Energy is off the chain and quite entertaining. More importantly, it got me wanting to do more Google Hangout videos.


    you gals are too cute. you two should definitely should win two seats!

Justin Finkelstein

Agreed. Great video Bryan. It had me want to go back and watch Derek’s stuff again.

Bryan Kelly

Do you know the kind of stuff Derek Halpern says?

Watch now: http://youtu.be/I_4dTy5WIpM

    Avromy Segal

    This was awesome. Good job Bryan!

      Bryan Kelly

      Ha, thanks Avromy. Watch out for that impostor Herek Dalpern!

Avromy Segal

Hi Derek, Check out this video, your bank account depends on it…


I am looking forward to seeing you at your seminar.

Chris Lee

My video is a second past 2 minutes….but I stopped talking at 1:57….do I need to trim my video and re upload it or is it good the way it is?

    Lianne-carla Savage (@LianneCarlaS)

    If you go to http://www.youtube.com/enhance?video_referrer=watch&v=18Sy6OZLgsY that will bring you to the “enhancements page on youtube for your video. Under the video play button there is a button with “trim” on it. Click it and pull the beginning or end in slightly to chop off a couple of seconds and then click “done” whish is where the “trim” button was and then save in the top right. That will shorten your video without the need to open an editor, crop it, export and then upload again nder a brand new link.

    Hope that helps.

      Chris Lee

      Thanks so much for your help Lianne!! I did not know it was that simple to trim a video that was already uploaded.

        Lianne-carla Savage

        Not a problem. I tend to forget to hop off the last few seconds of videos sometimes so it’s really handy as I’m usually pulling some stupid face as I reach my hand forward to click the stop button

    Justin Finkelstein

    Chris –

    I am not Derek or a judge but I will give my opinion based on my situation. My video was 2:01 and had somebody edit it down. This was a breakthrough for me, since I had never edited a video before. Editing may be easy for you and it may not cause a breakthrough but I would suggest getting it under 1:59.

    Just being another guy giving an unsolicited opinion. LOL.

Chris Lee

Hey Derek,

Here is a link to my video! http://youtu.be/18Sy6OZLgsY

I filmed this video from the coworking space that I freelance out of in my city. http://awesomeinc.org/

I’m gonna try to get em to tweet out to you with my video!

Bryan Toder

Hi, Derek! As promised, here’s my video submission:
http://youtu.be/VFCU7L-AwAE I am *so* looking forward to coming to
NYC. I promise to take massive ACTION on the information I learn.
Thanks, Bryan

Rachel Hunter (TraderRach)

Damn, if only NYC was closer!

Bryan Toder

Okay! Like I promised… http://youtu.be/VFCU7L-AwAE It’s
short and to-the point. The guy in the video is who I am. That’s
how I talk. If you want an ACTION-TAKER, I am your guy, and I hope
to see you in New York..!! Bryan

    Justin Finkelstein

    Bryan –

    I loved the honesty about your list. Actually, it inspired me to create a Video Response.

      Bryan Toder

      Good for you, Justin! I just learned how to do the videos and started posting them on my site a few weeks ago.

      Derek… sorry about the duplicate entry. I didn’t see my post (it was probably being moderated) and I thought it didn’t post. So, there’s a second post below.

Lianne-carla Savage (@LianneCarlaS)

Woop! Finally got it filmed (seriously, filming video whilst having a toddler and pre-schooler running around is H.A.R.D!)

I’m so excited about this. Noticed there’s not an awful lot of competition so far but the entries are great. Maybe it’s like in the 4 Hour Work Week where Tim challenged a group of students to contact celebs and hardly anyone tried to enter because they thought they wouldn’t have a chance.

Anyone reading this – Have a go! – It’s a laugh and you’ve got nothing to lose.

Anywho you can find my entry at http://antisocialtriggers.com or find the video directly on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBtkVrTJQNE&feature=youtu.be

Have a great day!

    Lianne-carla Savage (@LianneCarlaS)

    Just rewatched and realised I edited out the bit that makes the desperate screaming loony at the beginning make sense. It was along the lines of that’s more likely to get a restraining order than the prize. Oh well.

    Ever cropped out the wrong parts yourself Derek?


      i think you are sassy and amazing. best of luck!


Why 21 or older? 🙁


I was all ready to do a video for this, but it’s only for U.S. entrants – GUTTED!!! Would you consider opening it up elsewhere?

Mike Lieberman

Thanks for the opportunity. Here’s my entry. It ain’t
perfect. Just keepin it real like you said –


    Haha, I LOVE the alligator!


Pumped!! for the opportunity to attend the EVENT on June 7 – http://bit.ly/Social-Trig

Thanks for the chance Derek!!


Ha!! I was NOT ready to post this as I SUCK at editing –
and yet you said in your instructions..keep it REAL..which YOU know
I do!! Particularly since the brand is #JFBYOU!! 🙂 Anyhoo…said
I would post today..and technically in MY timezone…it is “today”!
🙂 Ohhhh…and NOT professional..and for the faint of
heart…there is no “bleeping” – so if easily offended….be sure
to NOT watch! 🙂 FYI!

    Justin Finkelstein

    Digging the message Brandee. I am on a constant journey to be @#@! Me and to keep meeting new MEs if you know what I mean.

      Brandee Sweesy

      YOU ROCK Justin!! LOVED your video!! Would LOVE to have you
      on #JFBYOU!! Your energy is off the hook! 🙂


Hey yo Derek. Check it: You might be making this HORRIBLE
error in your NYC event planning ==>
http://socialriggers.com/ That’s my entry, yo. Check it.

    Gregory Ciotti

    I don’t want ever never ever never ever never wanna make that jam mistake!

    Dean Phillips

    Chase you just get fizzles! This was epic brotha.


    OMG a minimalist Social Riggers website and a rockin’ video
    – you have nailed it. Such attention to very very very funny
    detail. You have to give this guy a flag Derek! It’s like a reverse
    universe ha ha.

    Bryan Kelly

    Beware of that impostor Herek Dalpern! ==>


      ha! I love this.

        Bryan Kelly

        Chase—thought you’d like that. Check it.

    Adam - Dating Confidence Coach

    DUDE that is epic. Great work Chase.

      Rebecca Tracey

      OMG this guy needs to win.


    Hahahaah! Dude, this is hilarious!

Jason Hizon

Hey Derek, attending one of your live workshops would be
amazing. Take a look and enjoy my entry:

    Jessica Scheer

    I love the reference to the Halpern V!

Michael Miller

This was too fun to pass up. Are there enough cuts?


    Jessica Scheer

    you did an awesome job Michael! Good luck 🙂

    Derek Halpern

    Ha ha.

Alicia Glenn

I’m down for the challenge!

    Derek Halpern

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Sarah Jordan

I LOVE this idea. Thanks for the chance, Derek. I already
feel like winner. Here’s my video:

    Derek Halpern

    I didn’t expect to see a rapper.

      Sarah Jordan


      If my video gets over 10,000 views by Friday…I will be a rapper with a mohawk! Believe it…I took a page from your book and started my own video contest…I’m almost at 5,000 views. Word to ya motha!

Jeff Gibbard

Here’s mine Derek: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2ZIf9rKWaqU
I’ll be promoting it across all my social channels.


    Super awesome vid, and definite winner!

    Mike Lieberman

    Well played Jeff. Took half of what I had planned. You set the bar high with this one. Good luck.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Jeff.

      Justin Finkelstein

      Awesome impersonation and props for being first.

Clara Rose

Hey Derek what a great idea… you clever guy! I might hop on board for a try at this. Even if I don’t win a ticket it should be fun and I would love to help promote it for you 🙂

Kristen Bates

You rock Derek!! I will be in San Fran attending one of
Nisha’s live retreats or I would have jumped at the chance to
meet/see you live. I love all your resources.

    Derek Halpern

    Oh snap — that’s too bad. I’m sure Nisha will throw a great retreat though!


Then, you realize there are LEGIONS of people at the event, and it’s impossible to make any real connections.

To add a cherry on top, the speakers are good, but sometimes they’re hawking their products and services. And that’s when you realize you’ve had enough… “Did I really drop $3,000 on an event just to listen to another sales pitch?”


Thank you for caring about your audience! The event sounds fantastic.

    Derek Halpern



Oh man this is going to be hilarious


    Ack, why is my name saving that retarded @ in the name field. Sorry folks.

Racheal Cook

Derek you are AWESOME. Can’t wait to see these video entries! Wish I could come – family event that same week already scheduled – but will for SURE be passing along!

    Derek Halpern

    This will be a blast.


This sounds awesome! I can’t make it but this sounds really awesome! I love your teaching style and what I saw on creativeLIVE. I wish you and the winners success. 🙂


Oh boy- this is such a great idea!! And most importantly: Made me laugh out loud on a grey Friday afternoon!! Thank you Derek:)

    Derek Halpern

    You’re welcome 😀

Patrick Wagner

Challenge Accepted! Time to clean up the video room and breakout the green screen. I will definitely Win my spot, Derek.

For anyone who has no video skills, do not fear you can use these great services at no cost to make top-notch online videos. Check out http://animoto.com & http://flixtime.com/ & http://studio.stupeflix.com/en/

    Derek Halpern


Niveen Salem

Derek Halpern impressions? That is a real catch 🙂 Sounds fun and curious to see how people are going to come up with different “Dereky” ways…

    Derek Halpern

    I am too. It’s not required, but i thought i’d make this fun

Yoly Mason

Love this challenge! Although I’m an introvert ideas are already flowing on how to pay homage to Derek in the video…

    Derek Halpern

    Ha ha, perfect.


How exciting! What a great, super-fun (and scary) idea, Derek.

And, I have to say I’m scared s***less!

    Derek Halpern

    That’s why you can just try to impersonate and make fun of me.

    I’m scared to see the results of this challenge, heh.

John Shea

This is a great idea Derek, I’m curious to see what kinds of videos people will make! Is it cool if I also add a testimonial for your content in my submission? I’ve purchased your course at CreativeLive so I’d like to add in some positive words.

Wade Harman

Guess I’ll have to bow out of this one. I would love to come, but my video editing skills are lacking a great deal.

    Rebecca Tracey

    So don’t edit it! Grab your iphone or laptop, turn it on, and roll with it 🙂

      Derek Halpern


    Derek Halpern

    I’m not judging people based on their video editing skills. I’m judging people on their ability to just hop on camera and be real.

    (I describe that later on…)

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