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This is the ONLY thing that separates those who succeed and those who fail

That lego song, “Everything is awesome,” always made me laugh.

Everything is NOT awesome.

Last week we scheduled a video shoot for today. And of course, everything that could go wrong… went wrong.

I share the full story this new video.

This is my first new YouTube video in more than a year.

(I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I’ll share more about why I stopped doing YouTube videos… and why I’m bringing them back… soon).

And inside it I share the big difference between those who succeed and those who fail.

Even though I reference business, this really applies to anyone who’s looking to pursue any goal whatsoever.

Watch it.

And do me a favor:

If you’re happy that I’m creating YouTube videos again, leave a quick comment sharing a time when everything that could go wrong for you… went wrong… and how you perserved anyway.

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Great video! So true, most of the time we let small things standing between us and success. As you mentioned before you shouldn’t wait until all lights are green to leave your driveway. You need to weather the storm to get the job done; that what pioneers have always done and that what all successful people do. We either decide to take control or let our circumstances be an excuse for not taking action. When an advice like this one comes from a successful person like yourself, the rest of us realize that things are not always easy but you have to keep pushing. That’s the mindset of a successful person.

Demetria Zinga

I’m looking forward to your videos, Derek. You’re right- people who succeed keep pushing forward no matter what is happening around them.


I’m glad you are back on the screen !

My son was born, I got injured, lost two years of sleep, was sick sliding down toward really losing my health. I fought and learned my way out of it. devoloped new strengths and created a fierce burning fire for women’s health. I am done just done with bad births and ruined body’s and lives


Please make more videos.I love and miss new ones.

Leo Alvarenga


Last year, on the middle of my biggest launch, I’ve scheduled a webinar to boost the sales. My goal was: 30 sales.

And then, this happened: WebinarJam crushed, the usually normal integration with Youtube crushed and I didn’t know what to do. I’ve called to all my friends in business, looked on google and nothing.

That day I had 2k+ subscribers and I was late for almost 1 hour… Sad! eheh

BUT, here’s what happened: With half the expected people online, we had 20 sales.

And in the end of launch we hit the goal: 100k in sales. =)

Also, your video remembered The Daily Stoic from Ryan Holiday.


March of 2012. Lost job, failed marriage, friend recently passed, and drinking myself to death alone in an apartment for weeks. Slept under a bridge a few times as it was closer to the liquor store. Considered suicide when I couldn’t physically leave the apartment anymore. Everything that could go wrong, did, and I didn’t care. I knew it was all my fault. I was the problem.

Yet I recalled something my mother had said, “the greatest gift a child can give is that their parents they outlive.”

I called for help… again. But this time I persevered because I let it all go. What I thought I knew about life, myself… I let it all go and started over. I did whatever I was told, sought answers anywhere they were offered. I stopped giving a shit about what others thought, I was in survival mode. And 11 years later I’m still persevering everyday. I won the lottery the day I didn’t kill myself. I won the gift of desperation and the realization that I am the problem; which means I also have access to the solution.


    Happy you’re still here and doing well, Jared! You have the power to create the life you want. Keep going! Great job.


Yes I totally agree. I have definitely had days just like you describe. And yes every time I have done a video numerous annoyances developed. Thanks for your video. I really needed it today. And yeah I’m glad you’re making videos again!


Already listened to this twice and will listen again. For some reason, I find this video really cheering.

Hadarah BatYah

Derek you’re so right- that is absolutley what separates the winners from the losers. When I was recording my last album – sooo many things went wrong. I almost didn’t even go to the studio the day that I was scheduled to go in. But I did. Cause whether everything is awesome or not- we’ve got work to do!! Thanks for the inspiration. Looking forward to more videos from you.

P.S You’re awesome.


More videos please, its how I first found out about you. You’re very inspiring and your videos are a great reminder to stay positive and tackle one thing at a time.


Thanks for edifying life.
I often thing of the Rocky movie when he says to his son “It’s not about how hard you can hit … it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep getting up.”

Keep ’em coming!


Glad you are back to making videos! Everything went wrong when I was recording a webinar for a national association, so not my native interface. First, my headset was not turned on, so I couldn’t hear the signal to start. Then, the mike was faulty, dropping in and out, and not enough volume, even at the highest setting. Since no one could hear me, the director was yelling in my ear to speak up.
I was rattled, but stopped for a couple seconds, regrouped, and started over. Even though the audio is not great on the finished product, at least I did my best.


I’m glad you’re recording videos again, Derek – everything not awesome, or not – because, for me, it’s how you share yourself (and your marketing info) best.



Yeah, 100% agreed
Thanks for shooting that Derek, because that’s exactly how I feel right now.

Keep on pushing!


Would definitely recommend Sambucol for the cold Derek! Thanks for the video. x


You forgot to mention the sound guy didn’t record in stereo for this video! πŸ˜‰ lol


More videos Derek!

My “everything that could go wrong” moment: I quit my job to travel + work on the road even if I didn’t have million dollars in my bank account, or a 6-figure business running under my belt, or a secured “next job” waiting, or a rich parents to feed my lifestyle. (In fact, my dad is getting lesser pay every month, my mum is not working, my two youngest brothers are still in school and I’ve to look after them). But I did it anyway (with careful planning and massive actions) because it has been what I wanted to do for YEARS.

Meghana Pawar

So true, there are so many instances where I had to push myself even though the circumstances were not right! Amazing video πŸ™‚ Thanks!


That was awesome! You’re so right- we do have to keep pushing through because nothing ever is perfect. Thank you!


Ah, Derek, I feel your pain! πŸ™‚ I host a monthly talk show, Startup Grind Albany and one occasion, I woke the day of the show with laryngitis, and by that evening, I sounded like Elmo! Hilarious, but hey, the show has to go on, right? My guest had flown all the way in from London (to NY) so there was NO WAY I couldn’t interview him. it actually turned out to be one of the best events of the year.

On another occasion, my was scheduled at a venue with an outside garden – first it rained, then we moved under the roofed area but the rain clattering against the metal roof created such a racket my video guys couldn’t tape. An hour later, miraculously the crowd remained and we were able to do the interview in an unfinished part of the building – it turned out to be another popular one.


Some of my hardest times have tested my “why”… Pushing through was the one way I had of proving I was serious… I was good for my word… and I was going to come out on top!!! You are so right Derek… Nothing is perfect and just getting it done can sometimes be a major accomplishment. Thanks for the reminder… and the encouragement.


The whole of 2016. lol. We were making a short film – had everything locked in, including some of NZ’s best actors – and then I fell pregnant accidentally (and at 35, pregnancy is a lot harder than at 25!). The whole year was “pushing through” when all I wanted to do was sleep. But our wee bundle finally arrived in October, and we’re almost finished the film. And this year, I’m building my blog/business – and pushing through every day when all I want to do is sleep – but I know that it’s not going to help me create a future for myself or my kids if I just “give in” when things get tough. I give myself the weekends to catch up on a bit of sleep, but weekdays are for grinding. πŸ™‚ Great video Derek – as always. πŸ™‚

Maisha (Mahesha)

When squeezed, you make lemonade.


A great video to wake up to. A bit of inspiration goes a long way…. this is me leaving the ‘no can do’ outside and bringing my ‘I can do’ inside and ‘blitzing it.

Millie Green

You made a beautiful video despite your cold. I hope you feel all better soon, Derek.

Video woes have been the thing where everything goes wrong for me, too. Last week, I had several different kinds of troubles when making my first slideshow video. I couldn’t give up, but it took me ALL NIGHT to finally get a three minute video complete!

So I planned to do a real video this week, but like you, I woke up sick on the day I was to shoot. No way could I have gone on camera to do a how-to video with almost no voice and my nose running non-stop; so I pivoted my plan and made a photo heavy blog post about something else for this week instead. I’ll be well and able to make that planned video for next week now. It’s all good, because the new on-the-fly post that I hadn’t planned is helpful, too, and probably wouldn’t ever have happened if not for strep throat.


This reminds me of my class on Sunday when I was feeling sick, the weather was bitter cold, my 2 interns both called out sick and I just hated the day! But the only way to get to the other side of it was to go through it! The kids had a great time in class, I got extra help and everything worked out!

Laura Fuentes

I love this video, Derek. I can’t tell you how many people say “your youtube videos are so perfect” and then I explain that I’ve filmed with the flu, I’ve faked ingredients because we forgot to get them, I’ve burned the food and had to start over, once we forgot to record audio for two videos… I could go on and on. But you know what? What I create brings value to my community, so I push through, I remind myself that stuff doesn’t have to come out perfect it just needs to go live -period. I’ve missed your YouTube videos! Keep them coming!


    Laura, do you make cooking videos? I teach multicultural cooking classes for kids!! We should hook up, mama!!


Thank you for the video! With all the things that have happened in the past two weeks, I can relate. It made me laugh.


Loved the video – so true! Persistence and perseverance are paramount to success. Its not all fairy tales out there in the real world.


Glad you’re back at it! Love your videos!

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