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I thought Periscope was DUMB—and I was WRONG! Here's why it's the next big thing...
Last Updated August 3rd, 2015

I’m on Periscope. My handle is @DerekHalpern. You should add me, and I’ll tell you why in a second.


I believe Periscope will change how you interact with your fans, prospects, and customers for the better…

…but at first, I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world.

Here’s the full story:

If you’re unfamiliar with Periscope, this app allows you to livestream video from your phone…

(Here’s a link to one of my latest broadcasts so you can get a feel for what it’s like).

…and your fans, prospects, and customers can tune in to watch you on video, and interact with you (and other people watching), LIVE.

At first, I thought this was stupid. Who would watch some rough, off the cuff, live video with just a few seconds notice?

(When you go live on Periscope, your followers get an alert, and they have a decision to make: watch the broadcast live right now, or watch the replay within 24 hours because Periscope automatically deletes replays in 24 hours).

I mean, would anyone actually show up? Is this actually valuable? Who would show up for a broadcast with absolutely NO NOTICE?

Heck no, right? People schedule webinars in their calendars and they can’t even show up to that. Why would they show up to this?

Well, I was wrong. REAL WRONG.

I fired up my first Periscope broadcast. My plan? I was going to share an interesting story and a lesson that would benefit my “followers.” And about 750 people tuned in live to watch it.


I thought it was a fluke. So I did it again. This time? I interviewed a friend of mine while we sat in Central Park.


I did it again. I Periscoped while I was eating dinner on a Sunday night. I had a martini, and I shared why it’s important to plan out your week on a Sunday night.


It seems, not only do people show up, they actually LOVE watching video on Periscope…

…and that’s why I believe this is a GAME CHANGER for businesses who are looking to grow their business.


Right now, it’s early.

Have you ever had the thought, “I sure wish I had started my business when…”

Well, now’s the time. Periscope is just a few months old, and you can be one of the first few people who do it.

You can watch it on the web, on a link like this, or you could download the app and interact, and get notifications when a Periscope goes live.

I suggest you download the app on either the iPhone or Android now. And I suggest you follow me @DerekHalpern.

Here’s why:

Throughout the month of August, I’ll be “Scoping” regularly — “Scoping” is what they call going on Periscope – and I’ll share all new training material that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

I will also share some “behind the scenes” stuff here over on my email list. You can subscribe to my email list here to ensure you don’t miss out on any of my free content.

Join the Social Triggers Email List

What will I cover? Here’s an example:

On my first ever Periscope, I shared what you should do when people underestimate you. I also walked people through how to deal with difficult people, bullies, and haters.

On my second ever Periscope, I took people behind the scenes to show them “how I work.” I shared my schedule, why I work in 90 minute bursts, and then I showed people how they could use the same “productivity” strategies to get more done.

On my third ever Periscope, I revealed one of my BIGGEST business problems – and what I did to fix it. And most important? I showed people how to ensure they never made the same mistake.

And then, later today, I’m going to introduce a special guest. And we’re going to talk about what it takes to become GREAT at anything.

To ensure you don’t miss it, go add me on Periscope right now. My handle is @DerekHalpern.

Let’s explore this together.

P.S. I’ll also reveal the “behind the scenes” of my experiments with Periscope. I know, meta, but hey. Why not? Add me @DerekHalpern.

P.P.S. Could Periscope “die?” Or is “Periscope” just a fad?


But does it matter?

I don’t think so.

Here’s why:

Even if Periscope disappears in 2 months, you’ll still have the opportunity to interact with your prospects and customers in a way that they want to interact right now…

…and I believe the people who jump in now, and use this as a way to build their audience, will be able to grow fast.

And that’s why I’m going to TEST IT.

So, add me @DerekHalpern and let’s see what happens.

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Until now, I also thought that periscope is dumb…but now, I learned that I have to be little bit more open minded and don’t miss out new useful apps

chris vetrano

Wurd….I have a brilliant plan…..a way to create an audience, using the fact that I live in HCMC I think people would find it very interesting….live from Vietnam! 😉 @dragonflybamboo


Love Periscope! Following and can’t wait until your next broadcast!


Periscope is definitely a game changer. Your martini scopes are entertaining, keep them coming.

Cath Manuel

Thanks Derek, I followed you on Periscope! I just joined last night and I’m looking forward to doing my first ‘scope’ on how to grow and eat fresh herbs…This is one topic I get asked about all the time!! Join me @soiltosupper Have a fab day!!


Derek Yo! Im subcribed like with 4 mails to your newsletter and Im not getting them! Is this a crazy experiment?




Hi Derek, the link to your broadcast is expired. Do you have the recording hosted elsewhere? Would love to view it.

Lisa Neumann

You are always on the edge and teaching me. Glad I am paying attention. Learning is fun, especially when you have a good teacher.

Camden McInnis

Great post D Money, Periscope has me extremely excited, nothing like Joey Diaz Motivation in the morning.


Hi Dereck,
I love your blog and think you are very smart. But this was the dumest thing that you ever done. I was very excited to watch you video of you on the Central Park making a interview and when I clicked the link it says that was expired. Very disapointing.
Still love you.


Sadly, Periscope is not compatible with my Droid..


    Yes, it is.


Periscope has easily become my FAVORITE way to connect with my tribe! AND, I’m meeting people who I’d likely not meet any other way in social media!
It’s the best thing I’ve done for my personal visibility and for my business in the last 5 years, hands down! Glad you’re on, Derek! Saw you on Danielle’s scope last night! Welcome to Periscope!!

Josue Valles

Hey Derek,

Very interesting post. It’s funny; I also thougth that Periscome was the dumbest thing in the world until I read this post.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll definitely try it out.

Melinda K Spence

I’m in awe of periscope and a bit addicted! I think it’s the beginning of something HUGE! great article! Looking forward to seeing your scopes! I am hoping to get better at my own too.


What’s the conversion? What did you sell? I’m getting a lot of opt-ins for my classes on another platform. I have hundreds of people interested in my program and none of them do anything about except opt-in. I kicked people off the list and no one asked to come back. So I have a dead email list.

Abrams Gonzales

Dude. Periscope is insane!!!

When I’ve done webinars in the past I’ve been lucky to break 100 live attendees.

In my first two weeks on periscope I hit an all time record of having 280 something people on with me live at one point during my broadcast.

That’s ridiculous when you think about it!

The potential is here… Whether it’s periscope or some other live video streaming app / platform this is definitely the next generation of social


I’m playing with it in anticipation of using it to live-stream what’s going on in our K-12 school – classrooms, sports, etc. This weekend I scoped walking down Broadway in NYC on the way to the World Trade Center. Couldn’t believe the number of people who jumped on, hundreds of hearts, “hi from the UK, California, Brazil.” Unbelievable. So raw, in the moment, and real. Can’t wait for Back to School!


Sounds like you’ve never heard of Twitch.tv. On demand video is at an all time high. The problem with webinars is that people have to schedule time out of their day to attend a full webinar, which isn’t new or special considering every marketer is doing it. If they miss part of it they feel like they missed all of it. So you lose viewership.

Periscope picks up the spontaneity/impulse viewership, just like Twitch.tv does. There’s no time investment for the viewer, they tune in if they are available and for how long they want. Plus it’s new me shiny.


This could be the next big thing. Can’t hurt to jump in.

Question is, do you use it to promote more of your business/site/blog or of your personal life so fans can get to know you more so than just your work/site?


Jeez, if I showed anything of my WORK life, people would realise I only actually work 15 hours a week and that I only work on Tues, We’d and Thursdays AND that I’m deliriously happy. I can’t let customers see that…..

Mary Kathryn Johnson

YES! The best way for your audience to get to know the REAL you!

Your #TriggerScopes are AWESOME! (gotta call them #TriggerScopes after you finally figured out how to block someone on your latest, so now people will be “triggering” your block parties!)

I love seeing how you are in real life, unscripted, and real. Your videos are priceless, but I know that NY Italian is lurking under the surface, ready to scream at someone.

I LOVE seeing that and living it with you. From this CA Italian whose family came from Chicago in the 40’s. California never knew what hit it…

Can’t wait for what August brings!

Enjoy the Journey!

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