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Can you BELIEVE Nordstrom? I was too far from them to get what I wanted... and their manager HAND DELIVERED it to me
Last Updated November 7th, 2013

This past weekend, I gave my last keynote speech.

(I’m done with speaking – and I’m PUMPED. More on that another day).

After I checked into my hotel room, I realized I forgot my shaving cream. Yes, I could have gotten the complimentary stuff at the hotel, but I’m a DIVA when it comes to shaving. I use Art of Shaving – the oil, the shaving cream, the moisturizer. Amazing.

I just couldn’t do without it.

So, I called Nordstrom and explained the situation – and here’s what happened.

Convenience Wins – Here’s Why

“I’m here on business and I need an Art of Shave travel kit. The problem is that I have no way to get there. Are you able to deliver it to my hotel?”

A ridiculous request, I know. Department stores don’t hand deliver items to hotel rooms.

“Hold on one second, let me get my manager,” said the employee.

“Hi Derek, this is Aundria Spears. I get off work at 6pm, and I live near your hotel. I’ll drop it off at the front desk for you.”


Aundria, the manager at Nordstrom, delivered the shaving kit to my hotel and saved the day (and my face).

This got me thinking…

Nordstrom is known for being quite expensive. But more than that, they’re known for their great service. That’s why they can charge the prices they do. They make it convenient for their customers, and convenience wins.

Another time (and I’ve talked about this before), a stylist at Nordstrom called to tell me that they got a new delivery of stuff in I would dig. He said, “If you want to come in, I’ll get everything all set in the dressing room for you.”

How could I resist that? It was so easy! So I went in and spent a bunch of money on clothes that I did not intend to buy when I woke up that morning. Convenience wins.

Here’s the lesson for you:

People will happily pay more money for convenience.

In fact, you can use the power of convenience to double your revenue in 3 weeks. All you have to do is up your convenience factor and people will happily pay you more for what you do. Watch this video for more details.

So I’m curious: What’s the BEST customer service experience you have ever seen or experienced?

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Of course there is the Nordstrom customer service legend of a guy returning 4 tires there ( even though they don’t sell them). Part of the reason Nordstrom is more expensive is the quality. I’ve had a $200 pair of pants last about 4 times longer than similar stuff at other stores that are half the price.
I’ve also used a personal shopper there for years – one year they even helped me buy Christmas presents for everyone in the family (at stores other than Nordstroms).


You are so right on this one!!! I’ve got 100’s of personal experiences to prove it! Here is just one…. Years ago I had a large scale balloon design business… One super hot summer Saturday we had four events to do. Our helium tanks blew their gaskets at the last event and we couldn’t finish the job. We tried everything!!! We had done about 80% of the decor but still I felt horrible about “ruining” this brides big day!!! Since they were still at the wedding I wrote a quick note telling her what happened and wrote out a check – giving her a 100% refund. My employees thought I was nuts since we had pretty much finished all the decor. I believed that this was the right thing to do because otherwise she would always think about how we ruined her reception… I felt she wouldn’t think about all the work we had done… She’d always think about what wasn’t there… And worse yet, she’d bad mouth us all over town! Lo and behold once the happy couple returned from their honeymoon they sent us a thank you note AND a check for the entire amount!! They thanked us for our honesty, our caring attitude and our fantastic service. It ended up that they referred more clients to us than any other client we had!!! They even aaused us several times for other events!!
When you do as much as you can for your clients and treat them the way you would hope to be treated it comes back to you… And really, it doesn’t take anything extra to do the right thing!!

As for Nordstroms… So glad it worked out for you… I, on the other hand, quit shopping at Nordstroms years ago after having incredibly horrible customer service there THREE separate times!!! I even contacted the store manager to let them know that I was shocked after all the great things I had heard about their service. Nothing, nada, zip. Wish I could have experienced some of that service I’ve heard so much about, but no such luck!!

Chris Lalor

Excellent video! The difference is in the approach and service. Life insurance prices are fixed. I sell all the top rated life insurance companies just like my competitors. You have to earn the business by educating the client on their options and providing excellent service.
Chris Lalor


Holy cow. This has to be one of your best, incl. comic bit, too. LOL.

I’ve been inspired lately & created a “Done For You” slogan library (a set of 4 by industry), accompanied by synopses of reasonings behind each one. All you have to do is get the slogans registered.

I’ve not rolled my slogan library out because, unfortunately for me, my inner-Editor rules with a whip, which causes quite a few bottlenecks with my inner-Innovator. >.<

I won't go to bed tonight until I've finalized that slogans sales page that's been saved on the back-end of my website. I'll make dayum sure it goes live tomorrow. Thx, Derek!


Very interesting post. It freshes me up. I didn’t know that you have so strong rules when it comes to taking care of your skin.

We all want power. We need it.

Thank you for the post!


ok I design alot of things ( DEREK YOU ARE SO CUTE! )
for my art- I could offer a custom design consult so that someone does not have to make the decision alone- I can help them with sizing and framing choices and help them with what decision to make.
I could also do a custom variation in colour for some of the work for their space.
I could handle ALL of the art buying for a larger space and arrange it, along with delivery to the door and charge for that.
With my etsy site, I am already thinking about putting together High end vintage sets so that people can have unique items that go together but without having to spend the hoards of time looking to put it together themselves… like nesting bowls- all vintage… like cutlery sets – all vintage… like unique mixes of dinnerware… etc etc.
For the gal above me-
It might not work, depending on where you work, but I think an “any hour of the day cut or style” charge lots of $. add to that a last minute notice charge!
If you are really busy already you could make one day of the week a day where people can walk in instead of booking an appointment- like, on mondays ( or fridays ), just drop in, no need for an appointment! you can still charge more and maybe they will have to wait, but they got to drop in…
that’s it for now!


This is the first video I have seen from you. I laughed and subscribed right then when you did that bit. I loved it! And, yes, I will pay more for convenience when I can. Time is more valuable than money (a renewable resource) to me.
I am brainstorming on how I can make things more convenient for my clients. I am a hair stylist and I do charge about $10 more than others in my area, in exchange for using the best products and making sure they are the only ones I deal with during their time with me. Other stylists I work with book so closely that people are always waiting or being put in another chair while they do a quick haircut in between services with that client.
Now I am thinking of how to impliment more ideas.

Anyone with suggestions for me, I would be ever so grateful : )

Michael | Next YouTube Star

Another great video Derek!

I guess these days as competition is always getting tougher you really have to go above and beyond what the customers expects, in order to do well in any businesses you take upon yourself.


Great article !! Love it

Lauren Lund

Great advice! I’m actually working on putting together the most convenient website package of ALL TIME.

Stay tuned πŸ˜‰

And yes, I did watch to the end because I love your voice… You caught me.

Scott Costello

In the past I’ve always been willing to trade time for money. For instance I’d gladly pay less for a service if I could pitch in and do some of the work for myself.

Recently however, with my growing family, I’ve come to the point where I’d gladly pay someone to do everything if I can. I only have so many hours in a day and if I can pay someone to do something for me, it gives me time to do the things I want while I’m making progress in my business. It’s great!

I’ve only just discovered your website and I’m doing everything I can to keep from just ripping through all your content in one day. To much info (in a good way)!!

Thanks Derek

Alan | Life's Too Good

ooooops, sorry gret = great.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as gret customer service.

Alan | Life's Too Good

Right, right, right!

… and not only convenience but gret customer service. As a business consultant I was always advising my more junior colleagues that these little touches (similar to your Nordstrom experience) are what really counts and helps build solid, long-term relationships. Things that cost very little but mean a great deal – e.g. a hamper at XMas, a random act of kindness, a recommendation or referral…


Help me reconcile my business charging more for services at peak times like Uber does when it’s raining. It seem unethical to charge more during peak times just because you can. This makes me feel icky, like a contractor doubling prices when there is a big hurricane.


LOL. Great video Derek. Yes, convenience is costly but so worth it! Anything that saves me time I’m in. I’m subscribed to a service that delivers all the food I have to eat for the week, calories counted, delicious organic meals. No cooking, no grocery shopping which I hate, no calorie counting!

Derek, what would be your done for convenient product?


Been a while…I bought the very first version of the Kindle way back when. I broke it while traveling and called Amazon to see if there was any way to have it fixed. “We’ll ship a new one today and you can return the broken one”. Obviously the profits come from the bajillion books I’ve bought but they made a loyal customer! I buy everything on Amazon.

Designer Rob Russo

LOL! “People just want the apple in their mouth…”

Said everyone but the pig.

Another great video, Derek. As always!

Sabrina Benoit

and, YES, I WAIT until your viedo COMPLETELY STOPS!
You ALWAYS come up with some smart/silly remark at the end and it makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! (which, btw, helps retain the lesson by a bizillion % πŸ™‚ THANKS for YOU being YOU

Bonnie Andrews (@HobbytoHOT)

One of my favorite videos yet! Loved how you delivered this and loved the CTA and hanging around waiting. Thanks for all the great insight, enjoy your Friday and looking forward to hearing more about ‘no more speaking’ too…

Fran Sorin

Derek –

I’ve always appreciated great customer service but after living in Tel Aviv for a few years – where it’s lacking (to say the least), when you do receive excellent customer service, it’s appreciated even more. My vote in Tel Aviv is for Toto Cafe – best service and restaurant in the entire city ~
Am I happy to pay more for it? You bet. The waiter always gets a significantly larger tip when they are excellent! Fran


When I visited Austin, Texas we needed to hire bicycles to get around. But it’s always annoying to do because you have to go to the rental shop and then come back from there later.

One guy however, built his business around the delivering the bikes directly to where we were staying. When we were done, all we had to do was lock the bikes up at a convenient agreed place and he would pick them back up again.

Granted if cost a little bit more for this service but it put him head and shoulders above the competition.

When we complemented him on his business model, he said that’s what everyone says they love about his business.

CONVENIENCE right there all the way!!!


hilarious – you make me want to watch to the end of your videos every time – cause you never know what you’re gonna do – awesome.
Great content – we’ve all gotta bit of a need for convenience πŸ™‚

Anne Kenney


I went on a business trip and absent-mindedly put my entire makeup kit back in the drawer instead of the suitcase. I figured it out with 30 minutes before Nordstrom closed. Jumped in cab and they gave me samples of my usual products to get me through the weekend when I explained the situation. I bought a couple of items that couldn’t be sampled, like an eye shadow palette. Now, I know how I reached the Level 3 Reward with them last year! LOL!

I will always pay more for service and convenience. Thanks for prompting me to think about my own business. I’m always worried that my customers can’t afford me. But, the one’s willing to have me help them will pay a premium. Otherwise, why was on my computer at 12:30am last night making sure that my client’s postcard would be printed and delivered on time? I’m gonna get the damn job done!


The best customer service I ever received was when I wasn’t actually a customer and I thank God I was not, because the service provided me was at the office of a hospice.
However, we’d had a small wreck that disabled our car and all my children and I needed:
1. a place to rest and wait for my husband to come rescue us
2. a bathroom. (kids!)
Anyway, since it was 5:00, closing time, we just sat on the cool grass of the building nearest us, me trying to make a game of it for the little ones’ sakes, when out of the hospice came a worker who invited us in, after hours. The use of their air conditioning, alone, was a gift. But the Kleenex, Cokes, AND the bathroom offered to us that afternoon were over the top. The gentle kindness of this person who stayed at work an extra hour, to make my life better for the short time we overlapped was enough to make me know where I will ever go if ever I do need hospice care.
And I really can see your point on this topic.
What an eye-opener! Thanks!


Love your voice no doubt, plus the great content and sharp clothes… keep paying that stylist, it’s worth it πŸ™‚ Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!


Great video! I’m off to implement right now.


Derek- first off, you are great! I love your videos! I have been watching your stuff for a little over a month now and know that what ever you put out is gonna be great. Not only useful, but entertaining; what a concept!
(side bar…those people at the coffee shops that make the annoying noises so everyone notices them…hate that sh**! Happens at the gym also. The gym rat who makes all the over-dramatized noises so the entire gym knows he is about do do another set of ridiculously heavy weight)
Anyhow, back to subject on hand…
I concur with your thoughts; service is KING! (not the only king, but one of many kings) not only do I charge more than most of my competitors, but I am able to keep people for life as customers ’cause I spoil them with a level of service I know they are not going to be able to find easily; if ever at all. But ironically (if you want to refer to it that way) these are the very customers I want anyways. Charging more and delivering an exceptional product and service eliminates the chaff of society who are penny pinching, cheap a**es… and I don’t want to deal with them as a general rule as inevitably, they become the wrong side of the 80/20 rule: 20% of your customers will cause 80% of your problems. So I eliminate them from the beginning before they can create problems for me.
Delivering superior service and charging a premium for it is simply one way to target the exact customer I want.
Thanks again Derek; your videos rock!

Steve Arnold

Great message Derek!

I came across one of my favourite customer service experiences of recent years when I migrated from England to Australia in 2008.

Back home, you’re at the supermarket checkout, the cashier scans your groceries one by one and then slides them down to the end of the register into a big pile leaving you scrambling to pack everything into bags as fast as they throw them down there.

If you’re not finished packing by the time they’ve finished scanning, you have to pay before you’re finished and then they’re on to the next customer while you’re still throwing things in bags as fast as possible before all your groceries get mixed up with the next persons…

First time I went grocery shopping here in Oz, the cashier neatly laid out my bags, scanned my groceries in the order that they would fit nicely together in the bags, and then proceeded to pack everything for me.

My first reaction was to think “hey what are you doing, let me do that, you’ll mess it up”…

But after a few visits to the store I realised that this is just the way they do it everywhere in Australia. And they didn’t mess it up! These guys would be Tetris masters!

I don’t know who decided this country-wide policy, but it was just so cool to me that suddenly the stress of packing my groceries was completely lifted.

Obviously groceries are a commodity which I have to buy one way or another, and the fact that they do this in every shop means that I’m not making any purchasing decisions based on this extra level of customer service, so there’s not really a lesson in it in the same way as in the examples in your video Derek… But there is a story in there about convenience, making stuff easy, and reduced stress/friction so I thought it worth telling.



    Hello, Steve!
    Here in the US, sometimes we elect to shop where, not only do we bag our own groceries, but also we bring our own containers such as bags and boxes. These stores are great for those who need to save a bit of money, because the prices are much lower due to fewer salaries.
    Which just proves Derek’s point: the prices being higher at the fuller service stores does not stop their regular customers from enjoying the better service.
    And my son’s first summer job was at a grocer where they had contests to determine which sacker was fastest, and these guys were required to wear black slacks, white shirts, and bow ties at all times. The service at these stores was comparable to your experience, and, yes, the groceries cost more, and I paid, gladly, to have it all done for me, faster and better.
    Derek is right.


Yeah, Nordstrom is a trip.


I love convenience… A lot!!

Kumar Gauraw

Hi Derek,

This is an awesome tip and fortunately, this is what I decided to do when I launched my Managed WordPress Hosting service to a limited number of people, this is exactly what I planned to do. My program is not launched for public yet but watching you, I now believe that I’m on the right track.

Thank you for sharing!



Thanks Derek!

I had a wild AHA! moment during this video. THAT’s what I call delivering great value in small chunks. I’m learning so much from watching your videos. Keep up the great work (& the entertainment haha loved the foot tapping bit, so well timed too πŸ™‚



To answer your question from your email: I got a piece of chewing gum with a music cd. I was so happy with it really! Because we don’t have that kind here + thought this was proof of their coolness. Myself I often try to over deliver. Comments I get are “felt like Christmas” then I know I did well.

Steve Freeman


There ain’t no better treat as a customer then to be valued as a customer! Look at the SOB’s online who sell a product or service…their motto seems to be…”screw you, I got your money, read how to use it online”. WTF, really you can’t email, what no internet in your area, too damn busy or WHAT!

Okay a little calmer now. This is where small business owners can kill it against their competition, the only problem….it’s free. Will it work if it’s free? I think so.


After getting into a little legal trouble I pulled out a business card of a professional with this particular matter and asked if we could meet for lunch sometime soon because I was freaking out!

I told him I would get the bill and he agreed to meet me at a pretty high end restaurant in the area. (I was desperate)

After hearing about my situation he called an associate, asked me how a small monthly payment would work for me and told me it would be taken care of by the time we finish our lunch.

After thanking him for all his help, he grabbed snatched the bill out of my hands and said it was on him.

I appreciated his help and the convenience so much that I’ve referred complete strangers to him repeatedly.


This isn’t all that exciting, but I was very happy with this experience. Every year I get my wife a cake for her birthday from her favorite bakery. They’re quite popular so you usually have to order a least a week in advance.

I went to pick up the cake, looked in the box and it looked great. I get home and cut the cake, it it turns out they used the wrong filling. I called them up and they told me to keep the cake I got and they would have the correct cake ready in an hour free of charge. I thought that was just awesome.


    Wow. That is.
    My mom decorated cakes, and that is how she would have dealt with this situation. Must be why she always had more business than she could handle, eh?

Nyk Danu

Awesome video you crack me up! I would happily pay a stylist too if I could find one who “got” my style I hate shopping malls.
Thanks again for these video’s always great content πŸ™‚


Thank you for that, Derek, you sparked some fantastic ideas for me. I LOVE good customer service and its SO worth paying for – it’s true!

One of my favorite customer service experiences is Bergdorfs (aka “the source”) – hands down the best cs. Similar to Nordstrom will deliver anything to you, return almost anything, even if it is not from Bergs and prepare selections for you – it’s heaven on 5th.

Keep the magic coming DH –

Lou Johnson

Thanks Derek,
I should highlight my new Happie Amp Sound System as an alternative to my customer needing a dj for an event that I’m on. If they need one, ok. But if they need to make a speech or is a short party, I’m on it and I’ll charge for it!


I don’t know if it’s the most amazing one I’ve experienced, but it’s the most recent amazing one and the first that came to mind when you asked.

I signed up with Chargebee, a subscription managing web app, to handle subs for a new product I launched. Instead of doing a subscription, though, I only charged the test group a one-time fee, and I’m not launching again until January.

Anyway, I got a discount on the next 3 months, which I’m pretty sure they probably give to everyone anyway. I thought that was really cool, though, because they don’t have to do that. I mentioned I only did a small test and wasn’t going to be accepting any new subscriptions in November or December, and they said they’d suspend my billing until January. Again, they didn’t have to do that either. I’d been thinking about looking for a different solution before, but I’ll admit their customer service is making it harder to leave.


Jennifer Haston

Hi Derek,

Thanks for you energy and excitement. I have a personal coaching business and I have no problem doing the initial consult (which is free) but then when it shifts into (time to start charging the client) I struggle with that. How would you suggest I handle that?

Laura campbell

Good point Derek! When I first arrived here in Nz I went to my local corner shop for peanut butter. The woman was really disappointed she couldn’t help me …..then she leapt out from behind the counter ran through the back and handed me her jar from her own kitchen cupboard saying. ” use that to keep you going and I’ll order you some “! I was blown away I had come from UK where shop staff normally say “if it’s not on the shelf we haven’t got it” – next day I was in a large department store trying to find a certain kids DVD and asked a staff member to look it up on the computer- it was there but not in stock. He too leapt out from behind the counter and spent half an hour raking through boxes and climbing ladders trying to find that one DVD! Ive since found people here are like that all the time – it makes such a difference to your shopping experience. Being a small country we have less population and so less choice but I have asked ” does that come in red” and the person has suggested I nip across the road for red spray paint and Do it myself !!!


Great video!
In general, research studies have shown that people only spend money to solve a problem or receive a desired result. Convenience, or the need for it, expedites that result…even if we pay double for it. As an example, I often pay extra to upgrade airfare to business class – not just because of the free booze – but because I get on and off the plane first and last respectively!


Really great video -and advice- Derek.

In my previous profession, though, I found that the more I went above and beyond for some people, the more they took me for granted. Do you had any thoughts on this?

How do you suggest doing this for a service based industry, like bodywork/reiki/massage.. In a big city.. Does the environment matter as much as they convenience? For instance, if someone comes to me, I can have a great environment with all of the things they need- candles, a massage table, bolsters, blankets, music, pretty.. Etc

But to carry all of that around in NYC would be a serious pain in the ..I could do it within their environment , in just a chair, but it wouldn’t be as relaxing


    Stephanie, you are right.
    But if I were an executive with a horrible cramp in a neck muscle (or whatever) and you could come just with a candle, a CD for my player, and could turn my office into a more peaceful place and just fix my pain, I’d pay you almost whatever you asked…
    And I’d know what to tell my husband I wanted for my birthday!

Nelson Portugal


I bought a Kindle and brought it home (Peru) and I used it pretty much every single day…

Mostly to read while jogging at the gym! Until one time when I went to the bathroom to get my cloth and take a shower, the padlock fell right in the screen of the Kindle

The result? Broken Kindle!

I called amazon and they said no problem! I can send you one to Peru for free! You just have to pay the shipping and send us back your broken Kindle.

Then they called again and said: Hey, you know what? Don’t send us anything, keep the money just make sure you recycle the old one!

I have told this story about 400 times! So it was my wind and their win! Great service!

Nick Kizirnis

There’s a independent guitar shop here in town, the guy let’s me know about things he’s got or getting, warns me about things I should avoid, even though he carries them, and let’s me take home an amp if I want to try it. I’ve bought practically everything I have from him. I will go to him and have him get something for me, even though he might be more expensive than a chain. This has been going on for over 20 years! I feel very lucky.

I would like to figure out how to approach this with my band and albums. I’ve been arranging gigs that start early, or play early and late sets, keep the CDs low-cost (and have occasional giveaways) but I don’t think I’ve hit on anything that makes a major difference. But your article has reminded me that there are some people who have come to see me play for a long time now, and I could step up and show my appreciation and not just expect that they will always be there.


Hey Derek,

Loved today’s tip. I am just starting up my own wee business selling website creation – and a lot of my “competition” are leaving things out for others to pay for and do themselves – such as buying the website and domain name, etc… So I could definitely have a package that included me doing that for them, but how could I get around them having to provide the content? Actually, I think I’ve answered my own question…. lol. Thanks… brilliant post. Look forward to next Social Triggers vid. (Please put together a whole bloopers reel!!) Make that our Christmas present. lol.



    My thoughts exactly! With web design, I don’t think it’s possible to eliminate 100% of the effort for the client. Even if you write the content for them, you still have to figure out a way to extract information out of them.

    I think the goal in our case is to make information extraction as painless as possible:
    1) Bypass the head honcho (the one who makes the buying decision). Only contact this person to show off your work. Extract the knowledge from other people in the client’s business – the ones in charge of sales, marketing, operations, and production. You can also talk to the client’s customers to figure out why people are buying.

    2) Become a customer. Use the client’s product/service, and figure out firsthand why it’s the best. Research the available options, and figure out how your client’s business fits into the market.

    3) If 1 and 2 aren’t possible, you’re going to have to force a little work out of your client. You might as well indulge them a little to ease the pain and suffering. Bring in their favorite dinner to their office, along with their favorite beer/wine/bourbon and sit down for an hour or two to interview him/her. Record the session, and use the info to write their content later.

      Cheryl Pickett

      How about partnering with a freelance writer to get the content done? There are plenty out there and if you are setting this up as a premium service, you would hopefully be charging enough for it to be a win win win-customer gets as much done for you as possible, two biz owners get some income.


      I get to know the client’s product a bit and then make several prototypes, showing what can be done. Anything they do not like, I delete in their presence, and ask what would be better. Often they do not know what they want until they see what they do NOT want, and then they can give clues. I use stock photos that represent their product, explaining that real photos would be substituted. Once they see several possibilities, then they can say, “I don’t prefer this one because…” Then I can fine tune it and ask them which photos I should take, etc. That makes it so painless for them, like selecting from a menu, and I’m really presenting them with questions they didn’t know they should ask, which helps them overcome dread of not knowing thing #1 about what we will discuss.
      That dread of not knowing the topic is what makes them hate working with us.
      Like Derek dreads shopping.

Shelly Moreau

Hi Derek,

As always, a great, insightful and above all… helpful video.

I’m all about convenience and the fruit thing is a good example – my kids would not touch cantaloup for instance, unless I cut if for them. So, the solution? Already-cut fruit – as you say.

I’m going to offer “already-cut fruit” in my copywriting business to facilitate things as much as possible for clients. I want to make it easy for them to do business for me.

Thanks for your great videos. You Rock!
Shelly Moreau

Bob Bright

Derek i worked there for 5 years, it’s good to hear their still giving outstanding customer service! Their biggest story is when they returned a tire when they didn’t even sell them! I took back shoes the day after halloween after they didn’t like the color because they spray painted them silver and when out as the tin man. P.S. I didn’t know you were a Divo?


Hello Apple! I’m paying 3x as much for an Apple computer for the convenience of not having to deal with installation issues and virus software. Then of course I need an iPad and iPhone to sync all my data across all awesome devices.

Another good example: Nespresso! Best espresso in the world in a capsule at my house! No more coffee shops needed (other than for ambiance.

Thanks, Derek!

Madeleine Kolb

Another aspect of this which I read years ago is that –if people have a good experience with customer service–they’ll generally tell 3 or 4 other people about it. But now with social media, they can tell thousands of people about good or bad experiences.

Vicky Lyashenko

I <3 Nordstrom and how they do business! This reminds me of how Morton's Steakhouse delivered a steak to a guy at the airport! Thank you for sharing your story and the amazing insights!


Never start a day of shopping at Nordstrom’s! Not if you plan to go anywhere else, that is, because you will be seriously disappointed. Even Neiman Marcus will disappoint you. You will rush back to Nordstrom’s where they will remember your name and you will fork over tons of cash and be pumped that you did.

Thanks for the great reminders, Derek!


I know Nordstrom in Santa Barbara delivers. (a co-worker used to have them deliver nylons to her which I found horrifying)
About a nice customer service experience…. Remember the “helpful Honda” people ads? I was at Costco a few years back and when I exited the store a girl and guy with “helpful Honda” shirts approached and said “let us help you with that” and they pushed my cart and unloaded my groceries into my car and returned the cart and it was a fun interaction. While I’m pretty much a Toyota fan, I certainly would check out a Honda with a feeling of goodwill if I decide to purchase a new car. Little things do matter.

Stacey Thacker

I shop at a local grocery store for service and shorter check out lines rather than go to the Big Box store down the street that only creates more stress in my life. My Grandpa was in business and he taught me that customer service is of real value. It certainly is true in my life.

Great post!

Heidi Thompson

I teach wedding professionals how to market their businesses better and I largely do it through courses. Are you suggesting actually doing the work for them instead of just teaching it Derek?

    Belen Quintero

    Hi Heidi , how are you?
    If you market their business than your business changes and your income now doubles. πŸ™‚

    There are many other ways you can add to their customer experience by simply creating a comfortable atmosphere in each of your courses.

    Keeping in mind that it’s likely they won’t mind a personalized atmosphere since that is what they are likely to offer their clients too.

    That being said an idea came to me, big and simple.
    Coffee and family recipe homemade cookies to offer at your course. they will soon feel comfortable after you have let them know you made those cookies specially for them because they are important to you. πŸ™‚

    an idea to make way for more ideas.

Michael L Perry

It’s interesting how this plays with your previous advice on letting people know how hard you work for them. The locksmith who fusses over the lock for half an hour gets paid faster than the one who opens the door in 3 minutes.

If your customers see how much work you are saving them by paying them a convenience, they also see how hard you are working.

The Get In Shape Girl

Just yesterday I received amazing customer service. My car had been in the shop since last Thursday and I was originally quoted to have it back by Monday. There I was Wednesday morning still without a car, paying $60/ day for a rental. I called once again to check the status of my car, and was told by the owner that if my car took one more day he would personally pay for an extra day on my rental.
So while one could walk away from the ordeal saying they’d never use that body shop again because they take too long, with his offer to pay an extra day for my rental vehicle, I walk away thinking this guy is nice and I would use his services again.

Also, another way people pay for convenience – having groceries delivered. New Yorkers don’t want to walk with their groceries and those of us who buy in bulk don’t want to lug it in and out of our cars so we pay extra to have them delivered!

Laerndee Roos

I learned this TRUTH a long time ago and built a team who then helped me build an entire company centered around this brand identity from a $25 million enterprise to a $500 million enterprise. They are now the second largest in their industry and publicly traded. And we just weren’t that sexy of a product. It was a self storage company. WHAT?
I am no longer with that firm, but have carried this with me into every organization I consult with and have experienced increased profits of 30-40% within 12 months.
The irony is people WANT to spend their money, they just want to spend it with PEOPLE they like.
Latest success story. Give them cookies. One of my clients is a self storage company and they were the least physically attractive in their market and didn’t have the capital to improve the outside until they got more customers. We went to work LOVING all over our current customers, making it as easy as possible to do business with us, and oh yeah, we gave them fresh baked cookies, coffee and tea. Our mantra, they got fresh baked cookies, coffee, tea AND me. Our customer service reps LOVE how easy it is to keep the customers happy.
Revenues up 20% first year and have increased 10% every year since…5 years later we have doubled revenues AND had the capital to improve the physical. Now the outside is starting to match the inside.
Thanks for sharing your story.


Hey Derek,

Thanks for the email / video. This is definitely one of my favorites. I like this idea because of the additional revenue -plus- you’re over delivering for the customer. You get paid more -and- your customer will spread the word for you. (You did just send an email out to tons of subscribers mentioning how great Nordstrom is).

I have a question for you — how would you apply this to freelance writing? A couple of things come to my mind; maybe formatting the articles in html/css, grabbing pictures for the client or perhaps uploading the entire article and publishing it. Do you think there is anything else I (or other freelancers reading this) could do to remove friction for the client?


    One thing I’ve learned is we freelancers must write everything clean of any typing or writing mistakes. Nothing irritates an editor like having to remove verbosity, punctuation, or what they call “word art”, by which they mean the more awkward forms of punctuation we habitually substitute for finding a fitting word.
    When a writer’s client learns that his work is trustworthy, he relaxes and enjoys his job of trying to find any mistakes at all, justifying his salary. He smiles when he sees your name, remembering you did much of the work for him.


I’m a longtime fan of Nordstrom. I bought cosmetics at the Dallas store 15 years ago and the salesclerk kept in touch with me via email for OVER A YEAR about new products in the line I purchased.

Here’s an example of BAD customer service…I had to fight with Hewlett-Packard for two months to repair my six-month-old laptop. First, they wouldn’t honor the warranty. Then they insisted that I send my laptop to their repair facility in Houston (I’m a freelance writer, can’t live without my laptop for long). I finally complained on Twitter and found the EVP of Customer Quality on LinkedIn and fired off an email. FINALLY, after six weeks of going back and forth, they sent me a new laptop (but not til I returned the old one). This was a $700 laptop. They could’ve replaced it several times over for the time wasted arguing with me. Result: I will never buy an HP laptop again.

    Derek Halpern

    Nordstrom is great. I used to shop there more but they don’t have a NYC store… yet.

Caroline J

One of the best Customer Service experiences has come from a company called Lands End (in the UK anyway).

A pair of cords, 2 years old that had developed an annoying loosened waistband. (I’d previously bought the same model and had no problem with them).
I phoned on the off chance that something could be done with this pair.
I was told to package the trousers up, a courier would arrive in 2 days to pick them up (no charge to me), and I would get a new replacement pair of cords. A week later I had a brand new spanking pair of cords.

Impressive. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve told this to and now several thousand more on this Blog.

BTW – your shirt is blending nicely with your opt in box – Pale Mauve – nice πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    lol on the shirt.

Kim Snyder

Terrific video as always!

Wow the best customer service has got to be our folks at Rose Palace Chinese Restaurant in my home town that delivers. I been told I have a voice to easy to remember and when I call for delivery the best thing I ever hear is “Hi Kim how you doing tonight?”
They always say its going to take up to 1 hour to deliver and we get food in 30 minutes. The food is always as hot as it would be if we were there eating. They are willing to deliver things that are not on the menu for delivery. I love Sweet & Sour Tofu. They go out of their way to be sure I get what I want. They ask about the family. It maybe only delivery food but they go out of their way to make as if you were there. And they have the best soup!


Awesome tips, i really like the psychological element behind your strategies.
In my tour operation business in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, the conpitition is very aggrasive, specially for new folks, but i was able to lead the competition following strategies based on convenience because let’s face it, people are always aware of the hassle factor specially when it comes to being in a new place, country or tour.
Keep up the good work, i am really looking forward to subscripe to your podcast. Is there any!! Lool

Ryan - Comeback Academy


Great video.

I’m an investor and on board of a mobile dental company. They provide dental services on site in assisted living centers with mobile equipment. Literally we could do a root canal on your back porch if you wanted.

The children of the residents are willing to pay a premium to not have to take mom or dad to the dentist and for their parent to not be hassled as well.

Mobile dental as a result is the fastest growing area of dentistry.

    Derek Halpern


Lauren Rader

I love Zappos – I get my order the very next day! That’s service!

Thanks for the video Derek- something for me to think about.


Know what they want before they want it, and build it into your offers. Convenience is everything.

Doing this to start out creates a loyal audience. Go over board, charge a premium, the crowd is there!

John Shea

I’ve always found when people are willing to take that extra mile it all pays off in the end.

I used to take my car to a local car place when I lived with my parents, I took the time to get to know the mechanic and over time he started giving me large discounts on oil changes and other work.

He even took time to follow me to my house once after jump starting my car to make sure the car made it home alright (it had no brakes at the time and was an old sports car that I was restoring) of course I’d come back for more business because he was willing to go way above and beyond most other mechanics.

    Jim Wang

    I think in your example it was more than “extra mile,” you became friends with the mechanic and he cared about you. He wanted to make sure you made it home because you two were more than just mechanic/customer.

connie curtis

great advice. love your information. I will be launching a digital food allergy training in january. Do you have a video on how to get your customer to see the value in your service or product. Right now this is where I struggle. Restaurants are starting to look at this training but dont want to pay someone else that has already created it but want to do it themselves. Anything you have on this on your site would be great. This is a place I am trying to figure out how to tackle. You rock.

    Derek Halpern

    You need to focus on the benefits of your product by making the benefits the same exact thing your customer already wants.

      connie curtis

      ok. good advice


Convenience is king! Less friction = less buyer excuses = more profit. Terrific video.

Jim Wang

This video, and all your videos, are a prime example of removing all friction. Step by step instructions, straightforward advice without fluff, and near-instant gratification if you execute on the advice properly.

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Jim πŸ˜‰

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