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Meet Felicia, the Spiritual Teacher Who Made $11,000 in 5 Days
Last Updated January 31st, 2017

Felicia Giouzelis is a spiritual teacher and master healer. She didn’t have a large audience for her own business. And her launches took too long, for too little revenue…

She just couldn’t quite figure out how to sell online, where you can’t talk to people face-to-face. That’s why she joined Yes Engines and realized:

“I was basically leaving leads on the table and not converting.”

Ugh. When you don’t have thousands and thousands of subscribers, there’s nothing worse than that.

But here’s how Yes Engines helped Felicia turn things around…

So Do You Need a Huge Email List
to Make Money Online?

Felicia didn’t have a huge audience. But do you need that to make money online?

Short answer:


Check out Felicia’s numbers…

“I sent it out to people that were on my newsletter list, which was at that time maybe 300 people. I took those same emails and posted those in my facebook group. My FB group has 1400 people in it.”

With an audience of fewer than 2000 people, Felicia was able to pull in more money in just a few days than most people make in a month.


Felicia had some sales experience. So unlike many, she wasn’t afraid to ask for the sale. She just didn’t know how to do it online…

“What I encountered in my own business was understanding how to ask for the sale online. I didn’t have any stigmas about asking for the sale. I just didn’t understand in the online world how to do it or what was effective.”

When you can’t talk to someone in person, how do you introduce yourself, your business, your offer, and make them buy?

How do you put it all in words?

“I came from an environment where you talked to people in person. How do you get that into words? Online you’re talking to people through posts or Facebook ads, and you have to somehow stand out and simultaneously let people know you actually care. You’re selling them X product because you know it really can help them and it can be tricky online.”

I talk about how to take your prospects on this “customer journey” inside of Yes Engines.

How to Get Your Customers from
Point A to Point B

That was Felicia’s big question. And that’s why the detailed, 10-step Yes Engines sales sequence was one of her favorite parts of the program:

“I liked the communication aspects of it, like how to actually write and compose these emails for the sales process, from where they are now to where they’re going. It was more, ‘How do i get my customer from point A to point B, especially if it’s cold traffic?”

What’s great about this sequence is that it works for any business. As long as you do the research first. Which I show you, too:

“I learned my clients reasons why they wanted what they wanted. I hadn’t really dug that deep with my clients before. So it was less effort, but it was also easier with the course because it actually helped me identify the type of clients I wanted to work with and the type of clients that were coming to me and why they were coming to me.”

Now let’s talk about Felicia’s results. What happened after she implemented the Yes Engines sequence?

$11,000 in 5 Days

That’s what happened:

“I generated $11k in 5 days. In my previous launch without Yes Engines, I generated $10k, but in 30 days open cart. So this was definitely better!”

So instead of keeping her cart open for 30 days, she brought it down to 5 days and actually made more money!

“I was able to shorten the cart open time which was such a huge deal for me. Because who has the time to have a cart open for a month? I don’t. I’m working too much in my business for that to be a reality for me.”


Time is money. You can either make more in the same amount of time. Or you can cut down the time it takes to make the same amount of money. Felicia cut the time down by a factor of 6!

Do you like the idea of “speeding up” your business?

Well, here’s what Felicia recommends…

“Just do every single step
so that you get the most out of it.”

When I asked Felicia what she would tell someone who’s thinking about joining Yes Engines, here’s what she said:

“I would recommend the program and tell them it’s a great program, but tell them they should definitely go all the way through the program and not skip around. Just do every single step so that you get the most out of it.”

And she added:

I’m actually going back to Yes Engines to revise my emails this weekend for an upcoming launch.

And that last point is important…

You see, Yes Engines is not a hurry-scurry course I just threw together. It’s my complete sales system.

So even after you implement it the first time and start seeing results, you’ll might find yourself revisiting the course and refining your process with every launch.

Because I know Felicia’s not the only student who does this. Heck, sometimes I go back to the course to give myself a refresher!


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