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A revolutionary new marketing strategy: Write Email. Click Send.
Last Updated August 13th, 2013

Yesterday I shared the 80/20 rule to building a blog audience of people who are ready to buy what you sell.

(If you missed it – a big myth about building a blog that attracts customers is that you need to create an endless stream of content. In reality, that’s a waste a time. Instead you’ve got to promote what you’ve already got).

The natural NEXT question is then, “Well smarty pants: How do I promote my content?”

How to Promote Your Blog (and Business) in 2014

Even though there is one full module dedicated to this in my online training, Start Your Blog Right, I am going to stand by what I said yesterday:

“The right way to sell in 2014 is to give away the house… and sell the backyard.”

Today, I’m giving you the house. I’m going to share a brand new video where I’ll reveal reveal a “revolutionary” promotional strategy that will help you start building your blog audience today.

(Yes, I used two reveals because it’s that magical ;-D)

I call it “revolutionary” (with quotation marks) because when you hear what it is, you’ll kind of feel like “Wait a second, I knew that…”

But you know what they say about hindsight. It’s 20/20.

The truth is, if you knew – and actually implemented – what I’m going to share with you today, you wouldn’t struggle for readers.

So watch the video:

Then, when you’re done with the video, keep reading…

“Why” you ask?

I can literally provide you with the “keys to the kingdom” when it comes to building a blog, but if you don’t get out of your own way, you won’t know how to open the door.

You see, there are myths people believe about building a blog, and they suffer the consequences because of it.

But these “issues” can be EASILY corrected… especially when you’ve got Derek “The Lighthouse” Halpern guiding your ship back to land.

(I’m cracking myself up with these analogies today. If you can’t have fun writing, why do it? :-D).

Myth #1: It’s All About “Timing” Your Content

Yesterday, someone left a comment that said, “My number 1 problem is that I have a hard time coming up with content, and then when I put out what I think it really good content I don’t get much traffic. I post my links on Twitter (via buffer so it’s timed well) and I get some traffic, but it doesn’t convert to people signing up on my e-mail list.”

What’s the problem here?

Well, when you build a blog “my way,” the way where you create less and promote more, you don’t need much content. You just need what you think is great content.

But here’s the deal: “Timing” your content on Twitter is stupid.

And relying on YOUR Twitter account is the world’s DUMBEST thing you can do.

Here’s why:

If you’re updating your Twitter account, a twitter account with no followers (or worse, a Twitter account that has 10,000 followers… only because you first followed 10,000 people), you’re not going to get any traffic.

Heck, I’ve got friends with more than 100,000 Twitter followers, and when they share a link, they’ll send 8 visitors.


People on Twitter don’t care about you… even if they’re real people.

If you think your 2,000 followers (the ones you got by following 2,000 people) care about you, you’re sorely mistaken.

And if you think timing your content will change that, I’m sorry to say, “No.”

The only real way to get traffic is to find people who have the audience you want… and convince those people to send people your way.

How do you do it?

Write an email. Click send.

Of course there are other proven promotional strategies that I reveal inside Start Your Blog Right, but you’ll hear more about later.

Myth #2: Your Existing Readers Will Do Promotional Work For You

When I hear people say this, I want to *face palm* so hard that I literally dent my skull.

The EASIEST way to build a blog that attracts leads and makes sales relies on this simple idea:

Find people who have the audience you want… and convince them to send some of their people your way.

Now you COULD rely on your existing readers (however big or small) to do the work for you, but to that, I’ll have to chuckle.

When I started Social Triggers back in 2011, there were people who had blogs with 10,000 or 15,000 subscribers.

Since then, many of those same people relied on their existing readers to do the promotional work for them… and that’s it.

Where are they now?

They might have saw some growth 2 years later.


I went from 0 to more than 115,000 people.

It wasn’t luck, either.

I had a proven strategy — much of what I lay out inside Start Your Blog Right — but it all hinged off this one key principle:

Find people who have the audience you want… and convince them to send some of their people your way.

While other people relied on their existing audience, I went out into the world and earned every single new reader myself.

I didn’t rely on anyone else other than myself…

…and that’s what YOU need to do.

Stop relying on something you don’t directly control (like your existing readers).

Instead, go find new readers.


Watch the video above, 🙂

Myth #3: I need to write about what I do to attract customers

This always makes me laugh. I’ll tell you why.

There are too many people who think, “because I’m a Freelance writer, I need to write about freelance writing.”

They think, “Because I’m selling art, I need to write about art.”


You need to write content that attracts your ideal customer, and that’s it.

Then, you need to make sure the content you write leverages proven psychological principles so that your readers will spread your content to your ideal customers.

(I talk about those specific content creation strategies inside Module 3 which you’ll hear about tomorrow).

But for now, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, what type of content attracts my ideal customer?”

That’s easy.

You need to write content that solves a problem in your ideal customer’s life… and they’ll seek you out.


“Well Derek, I sell art. What can I talk about? Selling art doesn’t solve problems.”

I want you to think harder. MUCH harder.

Art itself, isn’t a solution. But why are people buying art?

Maybe because they want to make their home feel like home? Maybe because they don’t want their friends to make fun of their living room when they come over for a house party?

Sounds ridiculous, but here’s the deal:

You sell art so people can decorate their house.

That means, if you want to write content that attracts your ideal customer, you can write a blog post like “7 simple ways to decorate your living room.”

Art might be one of those tips, or it might not. The bottom line? If people are looking to decorate any room, at some point, they’ll be thinking about buying art.

(Trust me on this. I Just threw a house party in my new apartment in NYC this past weekend, and people said, “Derek, you really need some art on the walls…”)

Myth #4: TIME is my problem

I’m not going to lie to you: Building a blog that builds your business IS time consuming.

Is it worth it?


To me, having a popular blog is one of the ONLY things that I believe all people need. Whether you’re building a business, or building a career, a popular blog is a sure-fire way to ensure that you’ll always be in demand.

But the truth is, building a blog is a lot more time consuming when you’re looking to “figure it all out” on your own.

Let me explain. I’m not saying this to brag, but I’ve got a lot of time on my hands. A lot of time to learn new marketing strategies, test them, and package it up into usable bits so people can benefit from them.

This is my business after all.

But you know what?

I don’t reinvent the wheel every time.

When I’m looking to learn how to do something specific. Something that I know someone else has already solved, I pay a premium to take the shortcut. I rarely start at “square one.”
Because even with the time, I can’t afford to waste time “figuring things out” on my own. I like to leap-frog right into the top spot, and start from there.

That’s the solution to the “I don’t have enough time” problem.

But still, you might think, “TIME IS STILL MY PROBLEM.”

And you know what? At that point, I still don’t believe time is your issue. Priorities are your issue.

When I started my first blog, I lost sleep to get it going. I canceled hanging out with friends. I skipped watching my favorite tv shows. I made sacrifices because my priority was building a blog.

And if you believe a blog can build your business, it’s time to make it a priority.

It’s time to face up to the reality. 😉

Now here’s what I want you to do next…

I want you to leave a comment below telling me what you think about this simple promotional strategy…

…and the fact that I just debunked the biggest myths about building a blog.

I’ll read every comment.

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I am just starting out with my site Trenderest.com and i honestly am trying to find more readers thanks for the info.


Derek, this and the blog before it about NOT creating new content were mind-blowing. I’m totally brainstorming all the news ways I can promote the crap out of my existing stuff. The problem I face as a writer is that I actually LOVE to write new blogs, so eek! I gotta keep the candle burning slow and steady. 😀

What should I do with all my creative juices besides map out new posts?!

AJ & Serenity Services

Hey Derek great stuff as always!

Nowadays with so many blogs and websites out there, you really need to focus more on content promotion rather than content creation. Good (and even excellent) content doesn’t always promote itself.

Pam Taylor

This is amazing stuff. Things I have not heard anywhere quite like this. THANK YOU!!!


DEREK! I have been a content machine for years now. I FINALLY took your advice! I don’t know why I was so scared. I just heard back from a guy who has a great blog with an awesome audience I’d love to have see my posts. He said YES! WOW!

It’s such a simple thing to do! Gosh – thank you!


I liked the video but the follow-up part about the myths was just great! Makes perfect sense. Will be trying few things for my blog. Thanks for posting!


Hey Derek,
great post with lots of detailed info. I will be using all that you have given to grow my blog. By the way, how do all the posters here get their pic and link to their site included with a reply? Any and all help would be appreciated!

    Jordan J. Caron

    You have to go to Gravatar.com and add an image that ties to your email address which you use when commenting on sites like Derek’s.

    Thanks for these tips by the way Derek! It’s sometimes a lot simpler than we make things out to be.

Greg Zuffelato

I’m in! I’m going to email at least one person a day for the next year and see what happens. That’s 365 emails to influential people. I’m fired up! Thank you Derek!!

Tania Belkin

I am in! I altered my schedule to create list of people and special content!


Another great presentation, loved it! I will definitely be signing up for the course on Friday (my time, I’m in Aus) so save me a seat!

I am going to do this, first I need to find some people I can contact. Then I’ll email for sure! Thanks

Deborah Drake - Authentic Writing Provokes!


Firstly, I can’t see you looking like an owl ever…(smile).

Appreciate your voice and presence and approach to sharing information.

Being yourself is the way to go!
Less is more.
And as Nike is known for “Just Do It!”

Now, if I can just get the perfectionists creating their businesses I know to give this strategy a go…:)


I will wait a week and send an email to you….but in the mean time, I will send one to Ali Brown and Marie Forleo! Thanks.


This is one of your best! I’m in.

Lanre Folayan

This is actually a brilliant idea. Now I have to think about who I can send this e-mail to who I can send this e-mail to. Thanks for sharing this e-mail Derek

Alison Smith

Ok…I love this technique. I use it, and I’ve experienced amazing results. Back in August I got 25 health & wellness bloggers to share my How to Start Juicing Infographic on Facebook, and it generated a great deal of traffic for me (and my list really took off).

But here’s a question. Now that Facebook is no longer allowing FB fans to see the newsfeed of their ‘liked’ business pages, is sharing on Facebook now dead?

I have stopped sending emails to ask bloggers to share my content, since FB fans are stopped from seeing posts with links.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I continue to ask bloggers to share my content on FB, anyway?

Tal Gur

I love how you simplify the whole promotional process. Yes, emails are best. So far, I have ~95% positive response rate for my interview series requests at BelowZerotoHero.com – Be ready to receive an email from me at some point & Thanks for sharing such valuable posts.

Traveler Tim

I’ve had good luck in the past with this strategy when putting out a new book. Usually I’m asking other influencers to do something for me, but clearly showing them what they’ll get in return (their name on the book jacket with a blurg, their blog listed in the Amazon reviews, or a link back to their site from a blog post). I’ve found this works better than begging for a mention, though I’ll admit that should be stage 2 later as a foll0w-up, which I plan on doing with my next launch this year, especially as a way to keep the momentum going months after.

Sean Mysel

A bit late to the party, but I emailed Derek with all this. Here’s my experience:

at my job that sells heated outerwear: 27 emails to magazines – 13 product reviews sealed with an estimated readership (blog and print) of 3.2 million readers

wife’s baking blog – 13 sent out – 2 hits with a combined viewership of 250k

when I was teaching golf – 1 email to the editor of a UK golf mag – I was contributing marketing articles within a month.

Thanks D!


I am struggling to, but can see the end of, my limited thinking about looking for local bloggers? My clientele is local, and while I don’t offer an online product I would like to offer my services to clients around the country eventually. So, with this information it would probably be a good idea to plan for the future and ask bloggers in those areas? This is an exciting challenge for me as I HATE sales calls and networking meetings to try to build a referral network. Here’s a question I have though, should I send them to a posting I wrote specifically in their niche on my own blog or send material that is unique for a guest post? Did I miss that somewhere in this posting?


Thanks for this Derek and all that you do. This was a real eye opener. I am going to start promoting my existing content much more.

Shireen Khan

You hit the nail on the head. Specific Clear. Couldn’t have been better 🙂

Marty Ware

Hey Derek
Looks like I better get writing some emails, worth a shot my friend. I do quite well with traffic, but you can never have enough, right? (Marty Ware Life Business Coach)

Russ Howe

Great tips, Derek. And very true, too! As a strength and conditioning coach, I just emailed a large gym and asked if I could feature them in a post with an interview, so they could share it on their website with their own readers, and guess what? They replied within 1 day saying hell yes.

Proud blog that converts member, can’t wait to get stuck in to the course.


Great read. My problem is not having traffic, but worse nothing to sell on my blog yet. I need to get my ebook written! Finding affiliate products is hard for my niche.


Hey, D,

I signed up for your webinar with LKR which I sadly couldn’t make. Is that available as a download?

Amazingly, almost EVERY webpage I view now has your mug on an ad! Rolling out the big guns for this one, I see.

Keep up the good work,

Alejandra Ruani

This is exactly how I built an 8-figure biz from scratch as a director at the world’s #1 investment bank (google me)… It’s sales 1:1 – the power of prospecting and ASKING. It’s a numbers game. Get ready for 99% who will say no. But the 1% that says yes is what you’re after.

Derek – re your challenge: I’m reaching out to fashion media outlets. What young professional lady with high career aspirations wouldn’t want to fit into a chic Chanel suit ? 🙂

Much success with your new offering! I noticed the pricing takes into account the psychology of numbers’ phonetics from the study I sent you via email a whole ago… intentionally or probably coincidentally??????????

I’m intrigued!

In any case, worth more than you’re selling it for, your work is genius!



Hi Derek,

Just wanted to let you know I love your videos (always make me laugh) and I think your advice is spot on.

One thing I struggle with however is choosing. I’m a work from home mom, running a coaching business, writing a for mamas blog, a foodies blog and a personal blog. When you say ‘priorities’, I’d probably still say ‘time’ is my biggest issue. 😉

But hey, who needs sleep anyway! So, I’m in on the challenge. Will definitely let you kow how it goes.

Keep it up! Cheers – all the way from the Netherlands.

Jeff Goins


Love it. 🙂


I love this post, Derek!

You’re right, I think so many people (myself included) make it too complicated.

For a long time, I was too scared to write an email and click send. But after I had some practice, I realized that a. it wasn’t scary and b. it works!


Paul Back

Hey Derek

As simple as this may be, so few bloggers ever get around to mentioning it. I would like to add something to your post, for anyone that has tried to get a guest blogging opportunity and been turned down.

The biggest thing to remember is that you should not give up, if you use Dereks approach to making an irresistible offer to the influential person and they dont take the bait just, add value to them.

Let the relationship build slowly and show them you are someone they can trust and you will get a chance as long as you stay proactive and provide quality content and advice.

I have personally used this “tactic” to get the attention of one of the biggest digital marketers on the planet.

I have put quotation marks around tactic as its not some sneaky or underhanded approach, its just how you should operate.

Never violate social rules and remember that if someone has more to offer you than you do to them, then you need to earn your right to work with then not make demands.

Another fantastic post! Thanks Derek



I’m not going to even begin to lie to myself about this – I have hedged on contacting people for way longer than I should. Why? Because I was scared as hell to put myself out there, so I kept myself small then wondered why I wasn’t growing – laughable.

I’m in on the challenge and I’ve already pre-empted it by contacting some people who I know feature artists – I had one go up Monday on Indie Minded and I have saved the link to spread like wildfire. I’m waiting on 2 others now.

But 3 isn’t enough so who else?
*I got the idea to take a creative intuitive journey on my blog so I’ll be contacting a tarot reader & mentor about the post(s).
*I know of another blogger who has featured some posts on her own blog about how she’s personally dealt with anger – I commented on one and the comment was well received – SO I’m hunting through my archives for posts about awareness, anger, and taking charge of your emotions and will share one or so with her & her readers.
*This is more along the lines of promoting my website in general but same principle – I’ll be contacting a local yoga studio about interest in some yoga mat bags I made.
*Incidentally, my business coach is an artist and features posts about art in her newsletter. I wrote a post about Color & Psychology that I’ll be sharing with her to share.
*Quite a while ago I wrote about some astrological happenings in some of my longer posts. I know of a serious Pagan blogger who might find them interesting.

It feels like a bit of a long shot and reaching out isn’t my forte – but I want to build my blog and be seen & found. So here goes. Thanks for all your great content and launching this program!


well, I’m sure that there must be a way to make it on Twitter and some people are making a killing there… but generally I agree with you. And about the content – I agree 100%.

About the revolutionary strategy of writing an e-mail 🙂 it has worked for me in my small ways. Actually, I’d make a win-win offer and I almost always end up with more than I expected or asked for.

This idea has been formenting for a while: there’s a certain abundance we might not be aware of. What I mean is this: some people and organisations are more ready to give than we expect them to. Just tap into this source of generosity and good will. Of course there’s always a benefit for them behind it (why shouldn’t there be).

For people who are hesitant to ask for something, just make a small step and ask for something little. And see what happens.

Bud Brown


Actually sent it to two former grad school classmates and a former prof, each of whom head large organizations that are in a similar ministry space.

Also forwarded this on to a son-in-law who’s trying to get started.

    Bud Brown

    Derek – thought you’d get a kick out of this. First email went out to an “influencer” and thought leader in my field. Got a prompt response not only promising to look over my stuff, but he also connected me with the content manager of another site and someone in his family who’s interested in learning about the kind of work I’m doing.


    Why didn’t somebody tell me this sooner?

    Waiting to hear back from the others…


Thanks for a very interesting post, Derek.

I noticed you need help with art in your new apartment. I’m a 20 year veteran of the home design and remodeling business and I recently wrote a blog post on that VERY subject that you might find helpful: http://renovationbootcamp.com/how-to-display-art-books-and-accessories/ If you like the post, I’d like to offer to help you for no charge, using my virtual design service, to help you select and hang the art that will make your apartment feel like home. And if you like what you read in the post and the service I provide, maybe you can share it with your friends who also have new homes, or even the ones whose homes aren’t new, but they just don’t know what to do with them to make them feel comfortable.

Hope to hear from you soon! (And I hope this also is the kind of e-mail that you’re talking about and I don’t sound like a total self-serving jerk. Because I really can help you!)

Cheers! Robin

Beth O'Donnell

Oh how I wish I saw this just one day sooner. I made every mistake you discussed just yesterday!

Meg Sylvia

I think this makes SO much sense. And I’m so happy you debunked these myths. I love seeing myths get proven wrong 😉

Now to start crafting that email (just listened to your interview with Jordan Harbinger the other day- good tips to apply for this, too!)


Hi, Derek!

I love the info! I’m one of those people in the early stages, so your content is right on time.
I like your myth busting, too! Thanks for that. It has kick started my self evaluation in a way that I think will help me prioritize and determine who IS my desired audience.

Good Work!



ok. I’m in. I’ll try it.


You make it sound so simple. I am going to act on your advice today! Thanks


Thanks, Derek .. perfect timing with this info and it makes sense! I’ll let you know what results I get with my e-mails. By the way, I love the white background … it’s almost like you’re popping out of my computer screen! ~Ellie

Ruben Dario Gutierrez Sanchez

You are right the basic steps always work when we do things seriously


Derek – how can this strategy NOT be useful and on point?

You have talked MANY a time about how creating more content is not the way – promoting it is. This is another genius way of promoting content.

One of the things you mentioned is having common ground. And I guess a lot of people that want to reach the most popular blogs may not necessarily have common ground with the bloggers themselves.

My way around this is to buy their services. Firstly, because I will use and apply said services, and secondly so that I have access to them.

Common ground achieved!

– Razwana


Great blog myth debunking, thanks. After listening to you for a while I feel it’s finally sinking in. I guess a real problem is knowing youve got great content or a good idea.

Riley Banks

Great article Derek. Simple, but very effective advice. Do you mind if I repost this on my blog with links back to your site? Will definitely be rethinking the ways I share my blogs.


Do you advise writing a personal email to each person you want to connect to or do a generic one and send to multiple people (volume vs quality). Thanks Derek.

Leah Jantzen

Another great video Derek! I LOVE your energy, its contagious!!

Great strategies as usual, I am just stuck on one thing: As for the people whose audience you are looking to reach, what am I asking them to do?? Let me guest blog for them? Asking them to share my blog on their site?

You cite the example of the research but why would they be interested in that?

Does my question make sense?

Let’s say I want to reach Lewis Howes’s audience…what can I offer Lewis to have him share my fabulousness with his peeps?

Derek if you answer my comment you are da man (ok, you’re da man anyway, just wanted to write that…)

Keep the good stuff comin’!!!

Madison Woods

I’m a fantasy fiction writer, but I recently shifted my blog’s focus to what I love (which is more than just writing). Because it’s what I love that influences what I write.

Before, I blogged more about things that writers are interested in, and all I attracted were writers. Now I’ve lost most of my original followers because I’m not blogging for writers anymore but I’m slowly attracting my ideal readers – people who also love nature, wilderness, and the balance of life presented by that surrounding. What I want to sell is both fiction AND non-fiction, but ALL of what I produce is flavored by my love for the outdoors. So I named my business “Wild Ozark” instead of “Madison Woods”. It is by virtue of my connection to the wild Ozarks that I think what I offer (or will offer) is *special*.

However, I don’t know where my ideal customers flock… so because of your video and pdf, I’m going to start looking around for those blogs, or other sources of traffic with a readership who will like what I offer, so I can write that email and hit send 🙂

Yassin Madwin

nobody would know how your amazing your content unless they read it. promotion is what most blogger don’t do. each one has its strategy to get traffic, mine is I nail SEO. no need for outreach, no urge to beg for favors.

Miriam Ortiz y Pino

I knew this but I didn’t, if you know what I mean. The way you put things, and break it down into the simplest of steps, really is pure genius. So, I’ve already started to implement this strategy in a much more consistent way than I have in the past. Thanks for the new way of seeing the same info.


Just yesterday, I posted on my facebook wall a little image I did with this message:

“Instead of saying:
And watch how everything changes and gets organized…
-I don’t know- and -I don’t have time- are not answers.”

It’s all about doing and not just sitting back and wait for people to come to your site! And an email is a great way to invite them to know you and come over to your blog. Email them and they will come! 🙂

Wigan Web

Wow. Thanks for the great advice Derek.

I’m a believer in email marketing. But this has a completely new dimension – and lots of new possibilities. The brain’s gone into overdrive!


Yo Derek! I think your video just woke me up!!! Could you put any more energy into it?!

Thanks Derek. Expect an email from me shortly 😉
I have sacrificed sleep for my blog but I am sure I can still find the send button. Write Email. Send!! 😀


Awesome post as always. I have to say, I really struggle with #3 as a web designer- thinking I have to write about what I do and that people only want to know about website stuff from me. Trying to get outside that box now because I know my readers are interested in a lot more from me. Thanks for the reminder Derek.


I’m in. Going to start small and email all of my professional friends to share my latest blog post and then hit send. After that, I’m going to pat myself on the back for finally listening to your advice. Thanks 🙂

Dominique Johnson

Great info! One question. I am a nerd about details, sorry. In my email should it be an invitation to my blog, an announcement or a request to direct me to more potential audience members?

Thank you


I don’t know why people bad mouth the follow back method on twitter? It’s working out all right for me. Send out 200 free emails a day? Seems like a good thing to me!


I love how you went to shirts that never touched your neck to button down with ties.

Also, I am thinking about hitting up Scott Kelby about an article I wrote about setting up a photography portfolio and getting followers on Tumblr.


Hey Derek, great stuff as usual. Damn I wish I could get into your training. Ok so my other option is following your advice here/ since I’m new to the biz I must spend time creating. But I’m so freakin happy that I’m learning from you from the get go.. #1 create content (working on it!) #2 Write content that solves a problem for my ideal customer. #3 prioritize my time! (In the works) and #4 Find people who have the audience you want, and convince them to send some of their people your way. Awesome. Looking forward to tomorrow’s email..

But I have a question for you. How many people who read your blog and watch your videos, actually take what you say and implement it? You probably won’t answer this but i know you have an answer.. After all you’re the social triggers king.

Anyway, I’m interested. Thanks Derek for all you’re giving. It means a lot to me.

Angie Mattson

Nice example with the art. For some reason, something clicked this time. I’m already a Blog that Converts member from the spring and only *now* am I getting it. Thanks!


I was at your webinar last week and wore out my hand with all the notes I took. I’m glad that part of it is in the post! I am in! But…. I don’t know if there’s anyone in my niche to contact. I’m an aspiring author, writing about the themes in my books – and am writing non-fiction ebooks based on those themes. I have been trawling for blogs since the webinar. Meh. I’m glad you posted those links in the video for writing the emails because that’s my other issue. I don’t want to sound like a jerk and they swear on their mother’s grave that they’ll never promote me or whatever. Drama queen? Just a smidge. The frequency of posting is annoying. I see super successful bloggers saying once a month, once a week, 20x a month, or every day. Double boo. I’ll knuckle down and find those bloggers and email and click send! Today!

    Melissa Breau (@MelissaBreau)

    the self publishing community is huge — there are a ton of great places to share book pub content and get links, some of which are almost entirely about sharing. Feel free to drop me a note (my website is http://www.melissabreau.com) and I’ll send you some info on where you should pitch based on publishing alone and can probably suggest some ideas for whatever your themes are.


Love your advice so much that I joined the Blog that Converts – on another note just have to plug your video featuring James Altucher. Amazing guy, amazing story and such simple and memorable advice.

Off to create emails and hit send.


I think the promotional strategy is freaking great, except it involves possibly bugging a few people. But hey,who cares if it annoys the shit out of a few folks or a second or two, if ultimately you achieve the results you want.

Pat Miller

I was beginning to feel paralyzed by all the “shoulds” as I get started. Should have a blog. Should be on Facebook. Should be on Twitter. Should have a LinkedIn network. Should post daily. Should have incredible content, at least three times a week. Your post makes a lot of sense and helps me stop “should-ing” myself! Thanks for giving me concrete, do-able steps.

    Stephanie B.

    Me, too! I have taken a break from my websites because they were too much work. Now I realize it was just the wrong kind of work I was doing. Thank you for the clarity, Derek.


Thank you! So happy you used being an artist as your example. That is me!! So rare that the exact example speaks to me so well. I want to write more articles now about how to decorate a house, when is a mural the right choice for a business (answer: always – it attracts press mentions and eyes and makes a business into a landmark!) thanks for the inspiration!

Luke Hancock

Hey Derek,

If I read correctly, I shouldn’t just blog why you want to rent a dumpster (for my dumpster rental company) but blog about reasons why people are renting dumpsters; considerations being people that are moving, completing a home reno and/or decluttering the household.

After writing one of these entries, I should email, say an influential DIY/home reno blogger?
Does that sound right? Thanks for your content.
Many respects. – Luke

    Stephanie B.

    I think the idea would be to go beyond even that and pick topics related to moving, renovation and decluttering and give tips on how to do those things efficiently or cost effectively, or even how to manage those projects–whether or not that involves renting a dumpster. Of course, you would focus the info on people doing big projects that would need a dumpster so you draw in the right crowd.

Rachel Wingfield


I enjoy your no b.s. approach to business. I need to apply this to building my blog and probably my outlook on life. But wait, maybe that’s my social trigger? I smell what you’re doing and it’s good. Real good.

Composing email, STAT.

Bill Gibeault

I agree that too many times many so called experts want to make marketing/social media too complicated. Keep it simple is good advice. Thanks

Alison Smith

I followed this piece of advice after Derek’s last webinar on Thursday. Here’s what happened over the course of 4 days.
1. I emailed 77 people so far to ask them to share my super fabulous infographic on How to Start Juicing.
2. 9 responded and 7 shared the infographic; 2 bloggers asked me to write a guest post that included my infographic.
3. In 3 days, my list doubled, and it’s still growing.
4. I e-met some amazing fellow bloggers. And, we’re going to stay in contact.
Excellent advice, Derek. Thank you so much!

    Alison Smtih

    I thought I would give an update on what happened exactly 7 days following Derek’s advice.
    1. In 7 days, I sent out 111 emails asking the blogger or brand to share my infographic.
    2. 10 shared it on their FB pages. 2 asked me to write a guest blog post.
    3. My list not only doubled, it tripled! And…it’s still growing.

    Lesson Learned: People are extremely generous if you just let them be.

      John Shea


      What sources did you use to find bloggers in your niche? I know alltop.com is good for specific niches but was curious if you were using something else.

        Alison Smtih

        Hi John,

        I didn’t use any specific search engine to find bloggers or brands in my niche. Months ago, I had compiled a huge list of blogs in my niche by simply scouring the net. I also looked at the ‘like’ section on Facebook of my favorite bloggers to find other bloggers in the same niche.

Alex South

Thanks for this Derek.

The pdf link on the video is missing by the way.

John Shea

Great Advice Derek, I’ve cut back on trying to produce a ton of content and stick to promoting what I have.

I am curious, what are some of your sources for finding related blogs in your niche? I know technorati.com and alltop.com are great sources for finding other blogs, do you use any specific sources for finding blog/site owners to e-mail and reach out to?


Hi Derek! Okay…so I’ve been wanting to email you to let you know how this strategy has been working for me, but I know you’ve been busy with your BTC launch. Anyhow, I’m the gal from the webinar who was in an abusive relationship for four years and is now teaching gals how to pursue healthy relationships. So after that webinar, I contacted a few different groups…mainly abuse support groups on Facebook and domestic advocacy groups websites. So far, six of the groups I’ve approached have shared my content. One Facebook page admin asked me if I’d like to help her admin her page with 10,000 followers. I am pleased with this and will continue to focus on promotion, rather than content creation. Doing so allows me more time to write magazine articles, connect with women, and work on my e-book. Anyhow, thanks again for the practical advice. I always look forward to your emails!

Jo Lynn Deal

I’m in Derek. I am going to reach out to some of my small business Linkedin clients and try your strategy. I will keep you posted!


Hey Derek — the link to the PDF in the video doesn’t work 😉


Do you have a direct link to the PDF mentioned in the video? I can’t click on it. Some toolbar shows up over top of it and every time I try to click it, the video just pauses.


LOVING your videos Derek! You need to give Marie a high five on that suggestion! 🙂

Sarah Jordan

Love your outfit! Reminds me of bubble gum.


Thanks Derek for a very detailed post, actually this is so good that will need to print it and read again and again, thanks.


The Get In Shape Girl

This is the same approach I use to get people to come on my podcast. It really works! My closing rate is probably 90% when I ask someone to be interviewed.

Melanie Duncan

LOVE the pink! Looks good on you. 🙂


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