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This is why some people can charge $1000 (or more) per hour.

Ever wonder why some people can charge $50 per hour? Or $100 per hour? Or $1000 (or more) per hour?

You may think “it depends on your industry,” and that’s partly true.

But there’s one other thing that’s directly correlated to how much you can charge your clients…

…and I break it down in this video.

Or, in other words.

If you sell a service, this video can help you raise your rates… today.

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Lizzie Moult

Great Vid, the message is perfect and so fitting. It’s in us to own our price and our authentic value.

walis monaim

thank you so much bro for that


I love your web design. I’m freeeking obsessed with it! The fonts/colors/pictures are crafted together so well. It really is a work of art. I actually think you have influenced a ton of other people’s design -just like Marie Forleo did with her famous purple & green layout (the one with the hello bar). Remember when everyone wanted to emulated that look? I feel like your website is a trendsetter just like that.

P.s. the color grading in this current video also looks great. The black box vignetting is a nice touch.


Loved this video! Thank you!


That’s a great video!! With my current rates at just over $100 per hour. I’ve struggled with getting more clints. I’ve thought about dropping my rates to what others in my area are charging. But I’m going to do this strategy and see where it takes me. Thanks Derek!!


Summary: you need to deliver value in a relevant and differenciated way.


Got a Telya this is the best video you’ve done. Real I totally related.


<3 Yes, I think being authentic and genuine is the key. Price for value but let the customer see that you're genuine and not trying to loot them.


Hi Derek,

I don’t know how many people let you know that they wanted to do videography/photography, but it felt like you was talking directly to me!

I thought it was going to be a course idea (maybe it will). Nether the less, I completely understand what you are saying.

Thank you,



Derek, what are the top 3 books you recommend for marketers?

Thanks, ahead of time!


If only “clients” would recognize your point. I do Inbound Marketing and Social Media services. But what comes with that is a marketing strategy, a marketing funnel, and the option of content creation if needed (and many times it is very needed) as well as ROI reports to show progress and results. Almost all my clients come with “shiny object syndrome” learned from webinars, podcasts, PDFs and articles. They want “a la carte” services and say they have limited budgets. Unrealistic yes. Uninformed yes. And they can’t see the value of the planning and execution.

    Derek Halpern

    Its not up to clients to recognize my point. It’s up to you to convey it to your clients.

      Endy Uzo

      Client finds it difficult ti pay after reading up on the subject. as you said, it is up to us to make them understand how it works

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