We’re Hiring A Customer Service Rep

Deadline to Apply: September 30th

If you LOVE putting a smile on someone’s face, feel comfortable talking to people (both on the phone, and over live chat), and are willing to take ownership of various customer support tasks (both realized and unrealized)…

…then I believe you’d be a perfect fit.

This is a full-time, virtual position, meaning you can work from your home, the coffee shop, or wherever it is you work best.

(This is not for people looking for part-time positions or consulting contracts).

Details about the position

I launched Social Triggers back in 2011, and it quickly became a top destination for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to get ahead in business and life.

To date, we’ve reached more than 5,000,000 people around the world, have customers in 69 countries, and we sell online education products and software.

And that’s why we need you.

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, said it best: “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”

And he’s right.

I believe great customer service is VITAL for a rapidly growing business. If you become our new rep, you will be one of the people our existing customers (and potential customers) reach out to for help…

…and we want you to be able to help them.

This means you’ll need to learn how to use our systems (we use a customer support platform called Helpscout). You’ll also need to be comfortable with digging in merchant account, resolving billing issues, and other customer service duties.

Here Are Your Required Responsibilities

* You must have experience dealing with customer emails, phone calls, and other interactions. You will also be detail oriented in noting that many customers ask similar questions – and you’re going to keep your eye out for ways to create proven scripts (or improve scripts we have) on how to deal with different types of customer requests.

* You must be proficient with Google Docs and Excel. One of our areas of development this coming year is creating customer service reports. We’d like to know what’s going on with customer service… and we want people to actively think of new ways to improve it.

* You must be willing to come up with potential customer service innovations. Right now, we’ve got a lot of process in place, but we’re looking at ways to better serve our customers. And we’re hoping you will have the creativity and willingness to come up with some of those key initiatives.

This position is PERFECT for you if:

* You feel comfortable juggling many customer service related projects: including reporting, handling customer support requests, and handling other administrative duties.

* You are self-motivated, meaning, you’ll actively do the work that you’re required to do while also thinking up new ways to for us to improve our customer service in Social Triggers as whole.

* You take pride in helping people troubleshoot and solve their problems. Whether it’s a billing issue, a minor tech issue, account problems, or anything like that: you take pleasure in knowing that you’re helping provide relief to someone who needs it.

* You know that great customer service depends on both analytical thinking as well as emotional iq. And you know how to blend both. You know when it’s appropriate to be friendly and accommodating and you know when it’s appropriate to be stern.

* You have strong time management skills – and the ability to work indepdently. This is a remote working position so these two are essential.

* You are comfortable reading between the lines. As one of our “first touches” with many of our subscribers and customers, you’ll be privy to a lot of interesting discussion and conversations – and you’ll know how to track it, log it, and of course, bubble it up in a usable format so that we can make strategic decisions off of your insight. You may spot a recurring problem in our software that we need to address. You also may spot a recurring question that we should create content to answer.

* You are comfortable working in both excel and google docs.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Working for Social Triggers…

This position has high expectations, but here’s the deal:

1. You’ll be paid to do what you already love… helping people.

2. You’ll get to work in a fast growing online training and software company. And there are loads of growth opportunities now (and in the future).

3. You’ll learn the ins and outs of running a successful customer service team.

4. You’ll be part of a company that’s has one main goal: Helping people get more of what they want (whether it’s in business or life).

We change lives – and we’re proud of it.

Plus, there are other cool perks like…

* You’ll get paid vacation.

* We cover your health insurance 100% (for individuals), and have a great family plan option as well.

* You can work from anywhere.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Thing #1

Please fill out this short survey right here.

Thing #2

Please send your resume to careers@socialtriggers.com with the subject line: “Resume for customer service rep.”

Note:We prefer that you live in New York, Illinois, California, Florida, or Arizona. If you live in another state, that’s fine too. But we’re hoping to find someone in one of those 5 states.