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Here’s Brian Clark’s 3-Step Method to Building a Profitable Blog Enterprise
Last Updated January 18th, 2011

I’ve known Brian for about three years now. Back then, he was just like many of you. He knew there was huge potential with blogging and social media, but he was making a pittance selling ads on his blog.

In 2007, he made a blog resolution. He ditched Google Adsense from his blog because the $200 a month wasn’t worth it.

I thought he was crazy. I was making a killing with ads on my blogs. Little did I know that he was about the change the way the blog world worked.

Brian Clark’s 3-Step Method to a Profitable Online Business

Here’s the simple strategy Brian used to become a top-earning blogger and marketer.

Step 1 – Create comprehensive information resources that insiders call cornerstone content.

Step 2 – Give away compelling reports that address your reader’s problems (ebooks, microsites, and etc.)

Step 3 – Create valuable products that help your readers and ask them to buy it

It’s that simple.

Don’t believe me? Let’s go back in time…

Step 1 & 2: The Beginning of Copyblogger

During the first few months of 2006, he built his loyal audience with regular blog updates, two pieces of cornerstone content called “Blog Triggers” and “Copywriting 101,” and the free report “Viral Copy.”

The cornerstone content gave Brian instant credibility. It was compelling and comprehensive. Bloggers just couldn’t ignore it because it helped some get more traffic and links.

Then, when Brian released “Viral Copy,” people went nuts. Ebooks were supposed to cost money. Yet, here’s this guy who knows the deal and he was giving an eBook away for FREE.

It didn’t stop. For another year, Brian continued to give out free blog updates and cornerstone content like “Magnetic Headlines.”

Step 3: Teaching Sells.

You probably heard of it because it has thousands of members now.

But, back in 2007, when he first launched this product, all he did was ask his readers to buy it. And it worked. The years-worth of free content was awesome, the paid stuff had to be better.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Brian Clark’s Blog Enterprise

The 3-step strategy Brian used to grow a profitable online business is drop-dead simple. As a matter of fact, I’m still kicking myself for not seeing it earlier.

The funny thing is, I’d like to say this strategy is out-dated, but he still uses the same three step method year-in and year-out.

For example, let’s go through some of what Copyblogger did in 2009. He gave out some cornerstone content (Content Marketing 101 and Multimedia Copy), released a free report (Authority Rules), and kept up with regular blog updates. Then, throughout the year, he asked his readers to buy stuff like Freelance X Factor, Teaching Sells, and Thesis Theme, from DIYthemes.

The Bottom Line

This three step method could work for any of you if you use it right.

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Rana Shahbaz

To me this is one of the best advice and surprisingly got only 1 Tweet and 2 comments.

Bryce Christiansen

Just finished listening to your interview on Blogcast FM. You had some wonderful advice I’ll definitely be implementing.

The article seems like it’s simple but those really are the fundamentals like you said. Getting those steps in place first, then optimizing (your specialty), will be a formula to blog revenue.

lim seng

yes, how true indeed. Brian Clark rocks!

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