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Announcing Social Triggers TV

On September 6th, this Thursday, I’m releasing Social Triggers TV, a web video show where I’ll break down complex research into insanely practical tips for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business.

(The first episode is all about pricing, and you’re going to love it)

But for now, since you’re a subscriber to Social Triggers, I wanted to pull back the curtain to share:

1. Why I’m starting a web tv show
2. How this new show will help you (at no cost)
3. What you can do to spread the word

So, let’s jump right in.

1. Why I’m Starting Social Triggers TV

A few years back, I read a book by Marshall Goldsmith titled “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

And while the book was a GREAT read, you don’t have to read the book. All you have to do is remember the title.

“What got you here, won’t get you there.”


When you’re looking to grow your business (and website), you’ll eventually hit a growth plateau.

It’s inevitable.

The question is what do you do when you hit that growth plateau?

In my experience, most people start doing more of what they have been doing with hopes of compensating for their lack of growth.

Marketers start pitching more. Health nuts start exercising more. And etc.

The problem is that there is a law of diminishing returns on things like this. More doesn’t always equate to more results.

Marketers who pitch too much get tuned out. Health nuts who exercise too much overtrain and hurt themselves.

And then, instead of breaking out of the growth plateau, these people actually go backwards and LOSE ground.

So, that’s where the phrase “what got you here, won’t get you there comes in.”

Instead of doing more of the same, it’s a simple reminder that you’ve got to come up with a new plan every time you hit a growth plateau.

What does this have to do with Social Triggers TV?

One of my big goals with Social Triggers is to help as many people as possible.

(Not only is that good for my business, I believe it’s good for everyone elses’ business too :-D)

And while I’ve got tens of thousands of loyal subscribers (you’re amazing by the way), my goal is to reach millions of people.

Now I could continue releasing more podcasts and more articles, but I know “what got me here, won’t get me there.”

So, instead of doing more of the same, I decided to start Social Triggers TV, a completely new feature of Social Triggers, and it’s going to help take me from tens of thousands of subscribers to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

2. How Will Social Triggers TV Help You?

I’m super pumped to share this with you right now, and I know you’re going to absolutely love it.

As I mentioned earlier, Social Triggers TV is a web video show where I’ll break down complex research into insanely practical tips for entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business.

That means you’re going to get more high quality content from Social Triggers… and it wont’ cost you a cent. Win!

Plus, to really spice things up, I decided to work with a video team to make sure the videos are TOP NOTCH.

Here’s a picture of me filming the first set of Social Triggers TV episodes last month:

And here’s a screenshot of what one of the videos looks like:

How cool is that, right? πŸ˜€

3. How Can You Help?

If you think Social Triggers TV is going to be amazing, and you’re PUMPED that I’m releasing it for FREE, here’s what you can do to help:

1. Do you know anyone who you think will benefit from this new series? Send them a personal email to let them know about Social Triggers TV. And if you could send a personal email to at least 3 friends, I’d be eternally grateful.

2. Do you run a blog about marketing and business? If so, I’m hosting Social Triggers TV on YouTube, and it would be AWESOME if you shared the first video with your blog readers. You’ll be able to embed the video from YouTube on your blog without any issues and I’m sure your readers will love it… Especially if you add some of your own commentary around the video.

3. Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what you think. Or even better, leave a comment on this blog post letting me know what types of topics you’d like me to cover in upcoming videos. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to all of your great ideas, but I’ll read every single comment.

And P.S., you can subscribe to this web tv show on YouTube. Do so right here.

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good stuff…as someone else said… authentic


Hey there! I just love your way of getting things done.
HereΒ΄s my question: is it necessary to start with written text only and afterwards introduce videos?
Are the articles a necessary step or one could just start a site directly with videos and some info?

Thank you so much for putting in all this work and hey…for being in my life πŸ™‚

Kenneth Vogt

Derek, you yourself have said that you are aren’t the greatest writer. Even so, the authenticity came through. But to make it better, you started podcasting – and it was great. Then you started videos – and they were even greater. But this TV thing is what you were born to do!


Wow – very well done – I’m pumped. Already sent you link to my friends and posted it on Facebook. I think you’re on your way.

Michael Yardney

I watched the fist 2 videos before reading this post – well done. Clearly video is he way to go today and more people are doing it. But you’re doing it in style – professionally produced and entertaining. I’ll definitely be watching out for the next one


Derek, I love your flair for business and for life. I’m looking forward to more inspirational work from you.

Paul Shillito

I just started a video blog to support my main web-store which sells middle to top men’s shaving and grooming products, razors, soaps, aftershaves etc.

Its not a new thing for me, I started a business back in 2005 that made on-line product videos, we made video for many of the largest consumer electronic companies and streamed them on the big retail websites, I sold out of that last year and then looked around for a new business, which is what I have now settled on but I knew that video would be a major part of any on-line business that I wanted to do.

I saw what a difference having a video about a product could do for the sales, Dell was one of our customers and they ran the A/B tests which confirmed a noticeable increase in sales when a video was on the products page.

Now my challenge is to use the video to not only raise the profile of what is a new website with virtually no traffic by using the SEO link between Youtube where they are hosted and Google but also to build a video hub for shaving and grooming products and techniques, you would surprised at how obsessive men can get about there hobbies, well may not so surprised :-), you should see the discussions on the shaving forums.

As for making the videos I use a similar white background effect and the whole setup which includes a Panasonic HDC-SD900 full HD prosumer camera and Video tripod, 4 x Studio florescent lights, white vinyl roll background on stands and lapel microphone comes in at about Β£1500 or about $2200 USD but you could get similar results for less (not including computer and editing software), believe me you can get quite good at filming and editing by your self if you have to.



True about the pricing levels. Before getting this newsletter the struggle to get customers to buy my all-inclusive dinner package that included wine was painful.

Now I will give them the option to byo and another that includes the wine. Looking forward to benefiting from the change. BAM!



Excellent idea. I”M SUBSCRIPTION #670 whooooo hoooooo!

You know what would have been cool though?

A video post announcing your new show.

Atoya Sexauer

Love it!

Just 2 weeks ago, I started making makeup videos.

From following blogs like yours and Marie Forleo, I realized…videos are crucial.

They are a little on the rough edges right now, but it’s my goal to make CONSISTENCY key.

As soon as I saw that you were moving in the same direction, I felt a sigh of relief that I’m on the right path!

Thanks for leadin’ the way”)

Adam @ New Body Blog

Awesome Derek. Can’t wait for it. I’m thinking about doing something similar. A youtube channel that would talk about the benefits of vegetables etc. I hope you will also make a video about what equipment you use, software, etc.


Hi Derek,

Brilliant stuff. I am looking forward to watching them because I know for sure they will be filled with VALUE.

Looking forward to write a blog post around your first video & ofcourse I will embed your video.



I am a regular reader of your blog. This is my first comment here.
Hi Derek,
Big fan of your work. Really looking forward to your TV thing and best of luck with your aim to reach one million subscribers.


Using LeadPlayer for your web show?


Looking forward to it…I’ve never figured out an effective way to keep up with my youtube subscriptions. I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader, and the podcast with in iOS app, anyone have suggestions on automated ways to keep up with the Youtube channel?


Can’t wait! I interviewed David Siteman Garland the other day for my show and your name came up — we had both just listened to your latest podcast and were quoting you. Good stuff. Thanks for all you do!


What good news! I’m looking forward to your videos; you have such an inspiring and energetic quality to your voice, and needless to say, actionable content. I hope you’ll be covering marketing for product based business, how people decide to buy “luxury” products, the best opt-in offers, and the like.

Chris C. Ducker

Hi Derek

Excellent stuff, bud. I love video and everything that you can do with it. Pictures might speak a 1000-words, but moving images – WOW!

Looking forward to the launch, my man.



    I love how you guys support each other!! So super awesome! Keep it up!!!

Alan | Life's Too Good

Hey Derek,

awesome stuff & great idea to keep changing things up – it’s clear that video is great for traffic, SEO etc and I remember when I saw the first video you put out being really impressed with your presence on camera.

Can’t wait to see the new series,

(& sure, of course I will share it ;-))

take care & best wishes,

Arafin Shaon

That’s cool idea @Derek best of luck and looking forward to itz…

Clare J Fitzgerald

Hey Derek

Great news!

I guess I almost expected this from you. You’re always a certain bet to be pushing it up another notch.

I like the topic of getting into the psychology of your customer and writing especially for them. I’d be interested to hear your take on that.

Dexter Abraham - MyNoteTakingNerd


I believe that meeting your customers where they like to be is important.

By moving into this medium you are now extending your brand and important information even further.

I’ll for sure share ..and look forward to it.


Hi Derek,
Your energy & passion is contagious & I can’t wait to watch your first episode.

Congrats on this new journey.

I really enjoy your psychology behind selling articles & podcasts. Love to watch more angles on this area.


What I like about your plan for Social Triggers TV, Derek, is that it’s you realizing the high caliber of your work and accommodating the much wider reach it deserves. Your affability will also translate well to video. I’m looking forward to it.

Jan Terkelsen

Hi Derek,
looking forward to Thursday. I enjoy listening to your podcasts on my way to the airport. I always end up using an insight with a client that day.

Also would appreciate some info/research about self belief, where it originates, how to change and manage it etc. This is one issue that many of my clients deal with. Would like some more strategies and insights.

Thank you

nancy fox

Hey Derek:
And one more thing – of course I’m sharing your content on Social Triggers TV with my peeps. Your info is always top drawer and its my pleasure to be able to share it with my community.


I’m so conflicted about this!

On one hand I would love to see social triggers in TV format…

On the other hand I know how much of a time sink it can be…

Meaning longer wait times for more content! I mean I’ve gone through your blog posts about 3 times now… I need more content!


πŸ˜€ good luck…but please hurry. My brain is hungry.

Tom Koziol


You are onto something. I remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s trying to get on every TV and radio show I could to sell my book. This is a great idea and I wish you a ton of success.


nancy fox

Hey Derek,
You have star quality, for sure. Combining that with awesome practical content, it’s sure to be a winning formula.

However, here’s where I disagree. While I appreciate free, I am going on a major anti-free campaign. I think it’s a disease, and one which is not making people’s businesses any healthier.

No cost, free, it’s all feeding the same faulty mindset: “I should be able to get smart info for nothing, and while I’m at it I should get as many services as possible for free too.”

I know there is a business model somewhere in your plan (and well there should be) – maybe far down the road, maybe not so far. But I don’t think free is free, and I’m for helping people get free of their addiction to free.
What think you about this?

Jayne Georgette

Hi Derek,

It looks like that Video it is. If anybody can use it to its best and create something unique, it is you. I think we should all be thankful that you decided give it out FREE.

Perhaps one of “product producing” videos, you may want to cover the pro- and con in producing single products vs “batches/packages.”

Another thing I would be interested to explore is: producing videos instead of blogs. In other words, replace the blogs all together with Videos only.

Thanks and Looking forward to the programs

Aaron Darko

Interesting stuff. Will be even better value seeing you on video – I learn best from video so this will be good πŸ™‚

Jay Rosenberg

Hey, Derek,
Current thinking is that video on a blog or in an email is the most powerful way to get and keep the attention of prospects and customers (followed by photos and tradtional copy).
I think we all are going to learn a lot! Looking forward.
Best of luck on Thursday.

Thomas @ Mobile App Tycoon

This is awesome Derek! You definitely have the type of personality that would be great for video. Can’t wait to see the first episode!



I think it’s a great idea and while I read all your blog posts and play all your audios, I do agree that video is more important.

What I want to see is concrete applications of your strategies for people outside of internet marketing, because this whole industry of internet marketers selling only to internet marketers or selling the dream of one day selling internet marketing education products through internet marketing seems rather pointless to me. I want to see someone market something else than internet marketing itself.

I also liked when you mentioned what tactics others recommend but really aren’t good investments of time, for example commenting on other people’s blog, hoping they check out yours. More of that please.

Maybe you could feature one of your readers/viewers from different industries and show us how you help them improve their web presence.

Anyway, looking forward to whatever you make.


Thanks Bro,

This blog is great, I personally like when you tackle the psychology background of e-commerce.

I tried creating a digital product once and selling it online, needless to say I failed miserably.

I tried educating myself with webinars and conferences and one thing that really got me disgusted was those self-proclaimed gurus that usually hype their own products and push to sell you their shit. I’d say I’ve developed a very harsh “bullshit-meter” that will go off at every sale attempt from any of these “gurus”.

It would be great if you could maybe show us a real life example of a successful product that started from scratch with no-email-list, no-twitter-followers, no-facebook-fans, no-joined-venture.

Thanks for making this free and keep up the good work Derek.

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you Alonso, and will do.

Ryan Cruz

so that’s what keeping you busy. it’s interesting to see how you’d come up with more ways to create this awesome stuff.

And you bet I’m going to share this with my followers and readers. Any launch promo or contest?

Is Social Triggers TV a presell to a premium service? Because of what you’ve previously shared in Social Triggers, I’m in!

    Derek Halpern

    No it’s not. It’s just a new type of content I’ll be publishing here at Social Triggers.


Great Information. Looking forward to the series!

The PA Coach

Great stuff. I am looking forward to it.


I really can’t add anything to the discussion except say that I am looking forward to watching this AND that video where you are in the green shirt has the coolest still shot (thumbnail) ever!
Good luck with the show, I know it will rock πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Brankica!


Congratulations on your new project – you must be very excited to launch! I know several people who will benefit from Social Triggers TV and will announce your launch to them, gladly.

I was wondering if you could cover how to pitch to tough audiences. In the past, I’ve worked with companies who have to pitch themselves to Wall Street investors, and many times, the presenter (usually the CEO or CFO) gets eaten alive by investors with all kinds of aggressive questioning. I feel that the tough questioning is valid and reasonable, but the company message gets drowned out in the tense and fearful atmosphere. If you could cover high-stakes pitching, that would be terrific.

Bonne chance!

    Derek Halpern

    That’s a good idea for a video, and it’s definitely something I’d like to cover in the future. Will look into it.

Ryan Hanley

No affiliate link to Lacoste?

What if I wanted to buy your shirt?

I thought you were a marketer?

Seriously though dude, quality looks amazing and based on your previous work I know you’ll kill. Looking forward to the first episode.

All the best.


    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Ryan!

    And yea, Lacoste should sponsor the show.

    I should make that happen.


Looking forward to it Derek.

I wasn’t aware of you or your blog until Rae (Sugarrae) posted one of your videos recently.

You really do have an incredible blog…very unique…and extremely useful/actionable.

I’ve told numerous people about it and will pass on your YouTube channel in just a moment. Good luck with it!

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Max, and I’ll make sure to thank Sugarrae!

Rose Marie James

I look forward to your first episode on Thursday Derek.

JosΓ© Vega

Hi from El Salvador!

This is an awesome project, IΒ΄m sure its gonna be Great. Id love if you could make an episode about “how to market a new blog through by LinkedIn.

I hope you can do it πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    That’s a little bit outside the scope of what I cover, as I generally focus on psychology and marketing, but you never know.

Rich Brooks

This couldn’t have come at a better time, Derek. I was definitely experiencing the rule of diminishing returns, and my response was to send out even more emails with stronger pitches.

Thanks for the heads up. Now I just need to determine how to approach this all differently! See you on the 14th!

    Derek Halpern

    See you on the 14th my man!

Dina Eisenberg |Speak Up Powerfully

Love your podcasts, so I’m sure your YouTube channel will just as informative and thought-provoking.

I’m especially excited about your first video. I’m launching my pricing bootcamp for self-employed & independent workers in October. I’ll gladly share your video with my tribe, Derek.

And, watch for Dina TV real soon.

    Derek Halpern

    Sweet. This will definitely be something you’d want to share then, for sure.

Corbett Barr

Can’t wait to watch you raise the bar Derek. Really looking forward to this. Congrats in advance!

    Derek Halpern

    That’s what it’s all about after all… But you know that. I know you’re working on raising the bar too πŸ˜€

Ehsan Ullah

Great step Derek, I love to see your face on camera talking about finny stuff like “Why should I pay for something which I can get for free” πŸ˜€ Really that was funny and I enjoyed a lot.

No matter what’s the topic I’m the first who will be there to watch your videos. Best of luck to you for your hundreds of thousands of subscribers from tens of thousands of subscribers goal πŸ˜‰

Looking forward to watch your videos.

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Ehsan, and I hope you dig it!


Hey Derek, I’ve been experimenting with Ustream into FB recently. Judging by your pics you have pumped some serious investment into those cameras. Great stuff, cant wait.

    Derek Halpern

    I hired a video team, and rented professional lighting. I think the lights I was using would cost like 7 grand to buy.

Gabor Szabo

.. and I have been silently procrastinating here instead of getting my own show launched. Your timing is perfect and I like the use of TV might be whatI was looking for.
I’ll try to use the energy flowing from you, and from your TV show, to kick start my own show.

    Derek Halpern

    Get er done!


    I think we all feel a little like that Gabor.

Nathalie Lussier

Derek I’m sure you’re going to kick ass with your new video channel, just like you do with everything you put your mind to!

Looking forward to it!

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Nathalie!

    And yea, I’m sure this will go well.

    I’ve got the right foundation…

    …now it’s about the execution of this.

Pamela Slim

I can’t wait to see the first video Derek! You are a natural. πŸ™‚


    I agree Pamela!

Dean Phillips

So stoked about this!

Was loving the other videos you had done and this is a step up!

I would love to know your opinions on different opt in gifts, some do books, some do a video, I’m looking at doing a 5 day course (videos, PDFs, etc) for my optin with my lifestyle blog) πŸ™‚

Anyway love your site man please keep it up


    Where do I sign Dean?

Tanya Smith Lorenz

Great stuff Derek – you’re a ‘natural’ on camera, and I know James Wedmore’s team will produce your some awesome vids to match your awesome content/delivery!
Looking forward to watching what you’ll be covering in these πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    Hey Tanya,

    Actually, James was there just giving me some ideas on how to film and how to cut on camera. The camera guy I’m using is someone who I hired for this contract work.

    You’ll hear more about him soon I’m sure πŸ˜€


I remember a few days ago (was it at the webinar?) you said you noticed people is remembering you more from the videos you made before than from more of your podcasts or posts. And it’s a 100% like that!

I’ve proven that since I started publishing videos more often in my blog. people is visual, definitively!

I’m sure STTV will be great and I’m looking fwd to the first video!

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you Guillermo. The first video is both educational and funny, so I’m pumped to release it.


      Did you get mega nervous on your first go Derek?


I see the date as September 6 but did not see the time. Did I miss this as I skimmed the article.
I have enjoyed your articles and found them helpful.

    Derek Halpern

    There’s no specific time. It will be in the am, and I’ll email about it.

Aaron Hockley

Sounds great, I’m looking forward to it. I just launched a new site surrounding the photography industry and a big component of that is business and marketing so I’ll have an interest in tips that I can share and apply to my audience.


    I’ll check your site out Aaron, I’m just starting a photography course.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Aaron. I think you’ll find that these videos are PERFECT for sharing to your audience.


Can’t imagine how great this will be! I’m looking forward to seeing you in action! Thanks!

    Derek Halpern

    I won’t disappoint πŸ˜€


Nice one, Derek! Looking forward to seeing what you put out there. I’m getting ready to delve into more video stuff myself, so it’s fun to see your behind-the-scenes pics. πŸ™‚

    Derek Halpern

    Thanks Amanda! I do think everyone should do more video, that’s for sure.

James Kerti

Awesome, Derek. I’m launching my own video series later this year. I’m excited to see what you come up with, and I’m sure I’ll learn quite a bit from watching you.

I’d love to hear more from you specifically about how to use a web video show to grow your business and reach more people.


    Oh +1 on that. I’d love to hear more on the web video show part. What’s the strategy behind it, how do you intend to use it, and how can someone else use it.


      Great points Henry & James

      Derek Halpern

      Web video seems to be a popular topic. I just ran a webinar about it, but I’m sure I’ll be able to talk more about it “after” I launch.

        James Kerti

        I enjoyed the webinar with you and James Wedmore. Great stuff.

        I like his ideas about picking keywords and optimizing the video.

        I’d love to hear about some research-backed decisions you make with the design and structure of your videos.

          Derek Halpern

          Glad you liked it!

Lisa Cash Hanson

I think you’ll be awesome! Your energy is very big πŸ™‚ I have lisacashhanson.tv not the crew yet LOL but they are coming. I just launched a blogging and business community that is by invitation only. They will love you. So let me know how I can help I’m happy to spread the word.

    Rose Marie James

    Great community Lisa πŸ™‚


    Neat YouTube Lisa x

    Derek Halpern

    Thank you Lisa.

    All I ask is to share the first video when I release it this coming Thursday. Or to send a few personal emails to friends who you think will like it.

      Lisa Cash Hanson

      No problem πŸ™‚


Inspirational stuff. It’s a nice slap in the face for me. I need to get going and start doing stuff that didn’t get me here.

Not the world’s most perfect sentence right there, but it makes sense.

One of the topics I’m particularly fascinated by right now is selling without the hype, and I suspect you have a lot to say on that topic.

Looking forward to the goodies.

    Derek Halpern

    Awesome Henri, that’s a great topic. Selling without the hype is definitely something I believe in completely.

    Also glad you’re going to be here for the first video πŸ˜€

      Geoffrey Gordon

      Count me in Derek, I have subscribed and waiting for Tuesday. Truth be told…. I kinda thought your tv channel would have been here sooner since it was one of your video’s that drew me too your awesome blog in the first place. πŸ™‚

      Love your simplistic, non nonsense and easy to understand approach.

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