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These 5 little words can help you achieve anything. Here's why...
Last Updated November 12th, 2015

Yes. Just 5 little words can help you achieve anything. I’ll explain…

5 years ago, I found myself unhappy at my job. It’s not that working is bad. I just didn’t like what I was doing and I needed a change. And I knew if I didn’t make a change fast, I wasn’t going to make it.

And that’s why I wanted to start my own business. I thought, “Okay, if I don’t like what I’m doing right now, I should just do what makes me happy and get paid for it!”

But, like most people who want to start a business, I had a few psychological blocks. I said things like:

“Had I done this a few years ago, it would have been different. But right now is BAD. I have responsibilities!”

“I’ve always liked the idea of starting a business. Heck, I had one of the largest gossip sites in the world just a few years ago. But right now all the good ideas are taken!”

“I’m too old to start a business now. When I was younger, it would have been different.”

“I just don’t have the time anymore.”

What’s funny is, I already had a proven track record. Before working in corporate America, I ran one of the most popular entertainment blogs on the web, and I made a killing doing it. And yet, there I was, SCARED to do it all over again.

What happened?

To understand that, let me tell you about my first business…

I started my first business in college. It was a celebrity gossip business. Why and how did I get started? I saw a celebrity gossip blog that sold ads for $1000 a week. And he had 5 ads on his site. And I was like, “I can do that too!” And I truly believed it. So when I went to work, I was never concerned with “Will this work?” I believed “I can do that too,” and I did it.

Then I got bored. And while reading a story about how Jack Welch became the CEO of GE, I thought to myself, “I can do that, too!” So I walked away from my entertainment business and got a job in corporate america. And I did well. Again, I wasn’t concerned with, “Why would they hire me? I majored in english.” I just decided “I can do that too” and I did it.

And that’s when I realized the problem.

In both of those instances, I believed in myself. I saw someone doing something I was interested in, and I thought to myself, “I can do that too,” and I did it.

It’s almost as if those 5 little words held some kind of magical powers.

“I can do that too!”

But for some reason, “I can do that too,” wasn’t working for me anymore.


Well, I knew I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t know what change I needed to make. In both of the other examples, I saw something I wanted to do, and then I did it. And yet, there I was, stuck in corporate america with no idea on what to do next. I had NOTHING to say “I can do that too” about.

So, I told my friend about my problems, and luckily, he said, “Why don’t you come consult for my company?” He knew I knew how to build large audiences, and he wanted me to build him a large audience.

And that’s when I made the jump. I remember thinking, “I can do that too.” And I did it.

It’s pretty interesting, right?

In almost all cases, before I made a leap, I started off with the simple belief “I can do that too!” And then I went for it.

Now let’s fast forward to today.

As you know, I help people start and grow their business. And I noticed people say the same things I said to myself years ago. They say, “I don’t have an idea,” “it’s too late to start now,” “I don’t have the time,” and “I have too many responsibilities.”

Maybe you can relate?

Well, check this out…

“I can do that too” was the secret behind all of my success. So I thought to myself, how can I make other people believe the same thing I believed?

I believe I found the answer.

I put together a brand-new assessment test I call “The Entrepreneur Assessment.” And when you fill it out, it can help you:

  • Find a profitable idea for your online business
  • Show you exactly what you need to do to get started
  • And most important: make you believe “You can do that too!”

Plus, you can take this Assessment Test for FREE.

Just click this link right here:

(AKA it won’t cost a cent!)

For right now, I just have one quick question:

Are you looking to start your first business? Or grow your existing business? What are some of your hangups? What’s holding YOU back?

Leave a comment…

…and look for an email from me tomorrow where I’ll share this new tool.

Remember, it’s 100% free.

And if you ever thought about starting a business, I believe this new tool will guide you in the right direction.

Just click this link right here:

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Hi Derek,

Me and my team has build a really good product, and we are pioneered to launch such product in India. We really took efforts, but some other guys copied the whole product with minor changes and got funded and now they spreading their business.
Due to lack of contacts we dint get funded yet, but now we are aggressively looking for funding from venture capitalist.

Can you please guide us with your experience, so that we can evaluate the proper road-map to reach and achieve our target.

Pratik Hedaoo
CEO & Co-Founder


My hang ups have to deal with confidence approaching potential clients. I am very social and friendly, non of my friends think I lack confidence. I do lack it though when it comes to sells even if I fully have faith in the product. 😟


I can do it too! A burst of inspiration…thanks a zillion…will start now on your suggestion. Two thumbs up!!!


Amazing Post as always
I started taking the short assessment and get stuck in some places, the first thing is the age, im 19 and it starts from 20, but thats not a really big deal, then came the part where you ask ‘what do you sell or want to sell’ I resell products but theres no option for that… So it somehow feels like im answering it wrongly.


I completely agree with you Derek. Most of the people don’t start anything new just because they think its too late for them to do a new thing.

Your every post inspire me to do a new thing which I always wanted to do.



I think your experience with that celebrity gossip blog is a good example of how things used to be and how much that ship has sailed. There is so much free information available online today that, simple blogs selling ads doesn’t cut it anymore. Your current blog is a perfect example of that. Today, you need to hold a readers hand, keep paragraphs to one or two sentences, write riveting prose, and by getting readers hooked with email addresses and free giveaways. Not saying that any of that is wrong or immoral. That’s just where the online blog has gravitated in order to make money. I tried that method (the celeb blog one) and many others have, years after you had success in it. It doesn’t work to just write stuff, put up ads or try to sell ads anymore. You’ve figured out correctly that the blog is a method to building up an authority, not the actual money maker.


“I can do that too!”

Words I have expressed so many times myself.

It’s how I’ve gotten jobs.

It’s how I got my start online.

It’s how I’ve had more success despite shortcoming.

Truly, 5 very powerful words!

Thanks for this post Derek.


When looking back on past successes, it’s always been because I’ve had the confidence that I was going to knock it out of the park. People often commend me for my presentation skills in front of an audience and say how they couldn’t do it or would be scared to and my reaction is usually “it’s no big deal; just get out there and do it”.

Such a timely post – we are in charge of our destiny, nobody else.


I can do that too….

Thanks Derek

Yusuff Busayo

Thanks for this, Derek.

Heard so much about you but have never been able to check out your blog…for real.

Now you’re live with this blog post and, coming at a time when I’m doubtful I can work up the gumption to quit my day job and start the business of my dream, this piece is just a solid hit.

Thanks for the share.

I’m of course looking to start a digital business. And my hangup, as I look things over often, is doubting I’ll ever be able to sustain a freelance business once it kicks off.

Owing to the fact that I’m from some third world country, English being my second language, I fear I’ll mess up clients’ work. Hence, that’s clogging my desire to even proceed with the decision to truly freelance.

Sure, “I can do it too” sounds like a magical statement I wish would kick that concern away. But, as you posited, it’ll take a lot of guts and believing in myself to even work through the barrier ahead.

Did I just answer my own question? Doubt it. Think you can give a kick-butt response to it? Boy, will I be glad.

I’ll be sure to keep checking out your blog from now on; knowing the stuffs I heard about you are true; your blog is great. And as a way to state my commitment, I’ll be signing up shortly (tooting, you think?)

I’ll be taking the assessment shortly and hope to return with a long gratitude note.

Thanks for sharing once again.

Yusuff Busayo


    Well, for someone who admits to being an ESL speaker, you must read a lot. Your grammar is great. I think your biggest challenge will be writing at a lower grade level than what you are currently at. Seriously!

Elna Cain


For me, it’s no excuses. I just go and go it. And it seems to be working. Similar to I can do it too mentality.

For many people fear really holds them back. I know in other areas of my life, this is the case, but with my work, education and business I have no fear.

I get excited at the possibility. Last week I finally launched my course and while it was exhausting and crazy, fear didn’t come to play. And you know what? I’m doing it..

Now, I’m tackling marketing…and getting it out there. Just another chapter, but no excuses…


I can do that too! This is going to be my new mantra.


I have started so many businesses and online endeavors that my head is spinning. My problem, I think, is that I say “I Can Do that” to everything!

Right now I am planning to start a SaaS company.



Hey Derek,

This is totally it!!!

“In almost all cases, before I made a leap, I started off with the simple belief “I can do that too!” And then I went for it.”

Pretty much just trusting that I can do whatever it is I really want to…For the big stuff, life always seems to require a leap of faith and learning to fly on the way down, but it’s worth it.

Marcelo Lopes

Hi Derek,

I have just check out your website and I have to say it is amazing. After having spent 14 months travelling around the world (yes, twas a gap year, because I was sick of my very well paid job in a worldwide recognized multinational telco company), I have no way out but start my own business and make a living out of it. You see? I said “I have no way out”. When I start my business I will let you know, or you probably will hear from me. I CAN DO THAT TOO! Everybody can do that too! As Napoleon Hill says: “Positive Mental Attitude”. It makes the difference!


Love your blogs Derek! Do you have a format for how you write them? Some kind of template you stick to?


I lack self-believe thus I’m a little scared to take the leap. And also time, mainly because I’m working from 9-6. But right now I’m taking baby steps in going into directing my own life and making things happen, and I realised that with every little step I take, I gain a little more confidence. 🙂

Also, much thanks for this post, it helped me a lot. I can do it too!


“I just don’t have the time anymore.” – my problem number 1!


I really want to learn how to create a lucrative business doing what I love and helping people.


I’ve had a fear that’s followed me my whole life – it’s a fear of not being good enough, perfect enough, smart enough and so as I “prepare” myself to launch my own business, I stop myself from really committing to it out of fear that I’ll never be ready. I think I feel safe here and I’m now caught in a vicious cycle where I continue to use the excuse that I don’t know the exact step by step to get started.


I am a big fan of You. You (and your words) are great inspiration and motivation for action. Righ now, I am struggling with feelings of limitation by corporation, where I work. I really want to start a business on my own, but I haven’t got any idea for profitable enterprise yet. But I believe that with Your help I will be able to find it soon.


I’m growing my chiropractic practice while building an online program to teach what I know about creating vibrant, healthy, and thriving humans to a much larger audience.


I’ve wanted to start a business for a long time now but I talk myself out of it saying I need something unique and something new. Instead of saying I can do that too! Thank you for your help! Can’t wait to see the new tool tomorrow!



I’ve always been a fan of yours. I believe it was Marie Forleo that virtually introduced you to me. Great energy in your videos and you definitely have a ‘can do’ attitude. It is contagious as you can see from the praise and comments from your fans.

Mindset is everything. If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others (your customers) to believe in you?

Working on this right now with a coach, because I’m just sick and tired of hiding and repeating the same patterns.

I kind of get a little comfort knowing that even the ‘almighty’ Derek goes through bouts of ‘can I do this?’

I guess we all do.

Remember this famous quote by Zig Ziglar:
“People say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing that’s why we recommend it daily.”

It is a muscle that needs to be exercised.
Kudos to you and I caught you the other day on Periscope – always bringing the fabulous energy.


I’m not completely ignorant when it comes to technology. In fact, I’m extremely proficient with many popular programs; however, I am having a terrible time figuring out how to build a website with WordPress and your themes. I spend a lot time looking up simple words and acronyms that all of a sudden don’t mean what they used to, such skin and box. I find the knowledge bases or guides confusing, because every time I click on a link, there is another to click on. Soon I have 20 pages open and no idea of what I’m doing. If I sound frustrated, it’s because I am.

    Rachel Howe

    Hi Carol,

    Have you considered hiring a contractor to help? I’ve found the book Smashing WordPress by Smashing Magazine an easy read into understanding themes & customization better.



      Can you recommend someone to put together the website for me and then teach me how to keep it up?

        Rachel Howe

        Hi Carol,

        I can help you build a website with WordPress and show you how to use it if you’re looking for help with that.

        Feel free to visit my company website bite-sizedmedia.com and fill out a form with your project details.



      Thanks, Rachel!!
      I’ll check it out right away.


My biggest hung up is the language. How to reach the global market with credibility without being native English speaker.
Dear Derek, please, address this issue one day in your post.


Timely and on point!

I was just wallowing in the “whoa is me, there’s not enough time, too much to do, I’m not good enough” BS when I read this.

Thank you for the reminder that I am in control and I just have to believe that “I can do that too”



This post was right on time. When looking back on past successes, it’s always been because I’ve had the confidence that I was going to knock it out of the park. People often commend me for my presentation skills in front of an audience and say how they couldn’t do it or would be scared to and my reaction is usually “it’s no big deal; just get out there and do it”.

At the same time, I’ve been wanting to generate passive income online for years. I’ve even gone so far as purchasing one of the best courses out there (that has thousands of proven results), but I haven’t been successful with it.

I know it works, but your post helped me to realize that deep down I’m telling myself “not for me”. Gotta get past that. HELP!


My life goal is to start my own company before I’m 30. Any advice you can offer would be great


My hangup – lack of money coming in personally, as well as, professionally.

    Rachel Howe


    I would just start with the basics and build up from there once you have extra money. Need a website? Start with a free WordPress site. Need a logo? I’ve used Tailor Brands and you can get a decent logo for under $50. As far as other marketing, I’ve been using social media, content promotion and an email list. Looking into making a product and using Webinars as a sales tool. Also, there’s a great tool out there called Canva that you can design graphics, card, posters, etc. for free if you use their free images or your own images.



My hang up now is lack of customers, connections or trust in my field


Perfectionism is my biggest stumbling block. I see people launching half-baked or mediocre ideas and succeeding. But I can’t seem to get myself to do that. I obsess over the details, and don’t consider it finished or ready until it’s perfect. I often run out of steam or time, or simply give up, before launching.


I’m easily confused and intimidated by technology yet I am determined to offer online courses. The advantages of offering LIVE instruction in a 2 way stream are many, including accessibility (no need to drive/travel), availability (could be offered multiple times) and this could be done from any space with wifi. Follow up would could also be done online or in person. I need technical support beyond current service providers yet my financial situation won’t support my hiring an additional consultant. The Apple store has been helpful with specific small projects, but I need a step by step breakdown and hands on training in order to have this flow fairly smoothly from the first class. Recommendations?


HI Derek,
My question is how to keep momentum going? I get great reviews from classes/ workshops I teach but then feel I have to stat over with marketing each time I offer a new service/product. Not getting previous clients to sign up for new services

Raj Sidhu

I would love to have a step by step plan/process that I can follow that will bring traffic to my blog every time I publish a blog post.

Struggling to find one that works!! Can you help Derek?


I have kind of the same problem you did except for one big difference. I don’t complete the I “can do that too” project before I move on to the grass is greener on the other side “I can do that too” project.


My biggest hangup is identifying what my audience really wants with digital marketing. They seem to want to know how to use fb, but I want to focus on helping them create their websites and get more conversions.


Hi Derek. I have a plan for a business and I know I can do it but it’s taking so long to get there. I know the steps I have to take but as a mum of 3 finding the time to get each stage done is frustrating! Also coming up with the finance to fund a start up can be difficult. Thanks for sharing all your valuable tips!

Mike C

You hit the nail on the head AGAIN. Yes, there have been moments in my life where I have been there too. “I can do that.” At the moment, I’m stuck between fear (of multiple things) and having time. Both excuses, BUT reading your posts helps. Keep up the good work your voice resonates with a lot of us and gives all of us hope that soon we’ll be able to say, “I did it.”


Derek, I am currently taking an online course to become a copywriter for the direct response marketing industry. I’m at the stage where I vacillate between “I can do this too”, and “can I really do this?”


My main issue with an existing business is being stuck in the cycle of wanting to market the business to grow, but not being able to pay for the marketing needed due to lack of sales


I want to make a huge impact. But dont know where start as i dont have enough capital


I have no idea of where to start, too many new latest greatest things going on out there.
Thanks Derek


Hi 🙋 Derek my main challenge is to market my business


Hi Derek, just like you mentioned in your e-mail, I have no idea!! 🙁


Hi, great post.
I would like to grow my existing business so it gets full time, from part time that it is now..

What are some of your hangups?
How can you find continuous business that will bring you income.

What’s holding YOU back?
I really don’t know. I just don’t do it. I thnk time is an issue. Truth is that I try to do things but I get distracted easily because of daily liabilities.


Hi! And Thank you!

What worries me is that I should not be able to reach out to customers when my home country is in Europe. (Sweden) I am educated and very talented medium and tarot consultant with a large customer base but I do not want to be an employee and be my own boss. Can I make it? I hope soo.


Hi Derek!
A thing getting me stressed about my future business is if I will have enough power and willingness to do all the stuff by myself and if I won’t get bored with it – I mean if I will have enough passion.


Great article! I have shared it with my current group of mentees who are all new home and small business start-ups. I have been in home and small businesses for over 20 years but still learning. I started my most recent venture at the age of 59 and despite all my experience I still find myself procrastinating when taking on a totally new challenge. In this case podcasting. Unlike posting blogs or writing articles for other sites this feels very personal. Your post gives me hope!


I’m having difficulty starting my business – I deeply want to start a podcast but I’m afraid what people will think, especially because I just went to grad school for Political Science. Its my dream to have my own online business and help loads of people with my content, but I freeze when I think about how my family/friends will react because they expect me to go into Politics or Public Policy. How can I get over this huge challenge?

Christopher Benitez

Having the time to do the things I need to do to become successful.


I have my own business running an auto repair shop. My hang ups are indecision and fear. I don’t always know what to do, so sometimes I do nothing or put off deciding what to do until I absolutely have to, which sometimes is not the best choice. I’m fearful of what might happen if I don’t work hard, which keeps me showing up and slaving away. I want to enjoy my work, but it seems like I’m always struggling to keep up with bills, which takes most of the enjoyment out of what I do. I know I need to hire more people, but I feel stuck not knowing the best way to go about it. I want to expand my business so I can make more money and have more time to do the things I really enjoy. What do I do now?


Fear of Market saturation. Many people fishing for same clients in the same area.


Turning my talents into info-products, that’s my problem.


Trouble finding my clients, where are they?


Motivation. I can get excited about a topic but, sooner or later, I just lose interest. I’d like to blog but, I just hate the idea of HAVING to do it! I know it’s a personal problem but it’s MY personal problem and I just can’t seem to shake it.

Herschel L. Grimes

My challenge is to “weed out” the time wasters, I’ve found myself wasting “presious” time with people who have “promised” to deliver and have strung me along…sometimes for months…and then nothing!
I’m looking to learn how to effectively attract the “serious” clients who want to do business and leave the tire kickers behind…


I think my main block is I’m waiting for the ‘perfect’ everything: perfect timing, perfect idea, perfect audience, perfect knowledge, etc!


I currently love my job but I think I can go bigger. I think I can do some other similar types of work. I really want to. Maybe being able to see the thing that’s makes me go, “I can do that too” will get me going


I have grown my private practice over the past 6 years to the point where it is now full…as in I have no room for any new clients. In the highly competive alternative health field in Austin, I am turning clients away. Now, I find myself at a crossroads. Both my body and my heart are ready for something new. Your email really resonated with me. I have started from scratch and built a very successful business, but now I find myself searching for what’s next and questioning whether I can do it again.


Derek, I have always enjoyed your videos, posts and emails (especially the videos). The quality of information you share for FREE is amazing (thank you). But this one really nailed it for me. My husband and I recently lost over 40 and 30 pounds respectively. It was not easy but it was simple. He had to change his diet for medical reasons and I followed along to be supportive (and it was just easier). The nutritionist gave us some very simple guidelines and we just followed instructions. It involved some work but we did it. And we succeeded. I had been thinking about this a lot lately and then here came your post. This is exactly what I have been thinking. If only some one could give me some simple instructions to follow I can do it. Not the vague, general information that you can find every where on the internet. Right now I have not yet found that idea that makes me say “I can do that too.”


Nailed it as usual Derek, very relevant stories. I suffer from the usual hang ups: fear of failure, fear of regret, fear of having to take another boring, 9-5 corporate job, fear that no one will value my ideas, fear that someone will steal my ideas and give me no credit. Cheers from Australia! Ed


I am super-busy and my biggest block is a need to delegate.


I’m starting a business and I’m petrified! I know I can do it and better than many who I see doing it now, but I’m so fearful, lacking confidence.


Thanks very much! “I can do that too”. I will keep talking it to myself like you did.
Looking forward the next lesson.


Thanks for the email, Derek,

I started a business 20 years ago; not wildly successful but for 2 years. Now gone. I’m starting a new one now, but could use a little help in product concept, email acquisition and some of the ideas you expressed in the Michael Hyatt video I watched last week.

I’ll be very interested in working with you.


I have two businesses and the one I am focused on growing is the one I recently joined.
I’m excited etc… Hit top sales 11 months in a row. Got my picture in success magazine etc……
But here’s the thing I am in a mlm company that has broke a records and yes I’m breaking records too but the big money comes when the people that join duplicate and have the same desire I do.
That is seemingly the hardest thing to do .
It makes me wonder if I am wasting my sales talent and should go do something else.
It’s really heart breaking go be so good at something and just so under paid this far at least that’s how I’m feeling .
PS love your stuff ! You rock !!
Deborah Drummond

I have also owned my own biz for 24 years that I put on hold to work this new venture.


Blessings Deb


I’m looking to grow my business. I think I have reached a wall. I can’t seem to find the right people to partner with me and my business. Maybe there’s still something that I need to learn and take action it. Anyway, great topic Derek!


All the paperwork and legalities of having your own business overwhelms me before I even start. I need help to support the nuts and bolts of a business; I’ve only ever worked for other people.

Cam Perry

I currently do door to door sales selling vacuums. I love doing it, but I know that this business is only a launching to what I truly want to do. I have always wanted to start a scholarship fund for kids who can’t afford to go to school and set up a music academy for kids who want learn about the music business so they have a better chance for success. I have also thought about opening up my own food truck one day but I just feel stuck because nothing is happening is fast as I would like. I am only 24, but for the past year or so I have felt stuck.


Athough reasonably IT proficient I lack sufficient knowledge to efficiently run an internet based Co without input from others, which can be sporadic but needs to be constant, (for which I dont have the funding).

I find, in common with others, that I understand certain tasks but if I dont use a procedure regularly, I quickly forget how to do it.

Also, I have co-written a self help book, which we got SEO’d but it still didnt sell. I have since been told we needed to get revues.

At least I now have a bit more of a ‘can do’ attitude because for most of my life, I never thought anything I produced would be valued by others – probably stemming from low self-esteem, gained from childhood and being abandoned by a parent. I didnt realise it at the time but it does affect one. I have learned that we all have our litle hang-ups. But if you believe in yourself almost anything can be achieved.


I’m a college student, in debt, trying to make it in the world. I’ve been at the same job for over eight years and have tried to find other work that I find more enjoyable and that is somewhat better financially. It’s been a no-go. Not happening.

Since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of having my own business. In fact, it kind of runs in my family, but unfortunately, the family that could have helped have long since passed and I was too little to pass much information and know-how down to. However, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t passed on their passion and drive. It’s certainly in me, but the think that catches me is the idea that I don’t have anything special to offer. Or that it would be so hard to put a price on me and my skills.

It’s hard just to get started, but to have the confidence to back it up. Oh man. Yeah, I need help in that department!

I would love to think and really believe “I can do it too!”

Nick True

This is exactly what I needed to hear!

I’ve thought those things before in my life, and that is a mantra I try to uphold. However, I’ve been discouraged lately as I’m really getting started trying my first business. I started it 2 months ago and it’s easy to get discouraged.

This email came at the perfect time to remind me that I can do it too!

Thanks so much Derek, it’s like you knew what I needed today.


HI Derek! I’m about to start my first business, and putting all the pieces in order now. It’s a hybrid brick and mortar and online business. I’m so excited, and of course, nervous too as it’s my first business.

Thanks for all your great resources Derek!!


I have a very successful career, i am 62 years old, my seccond marriage gave me 3 young children… 6, 4 & a 3 year old… I want so much more in my life, i know i can do much more with my life business wise… I have started sevral businesses… I never took then to their completion… They just pettered out… I get bored easily… I love meeting people, making speaches, i am naturally good at everything i go into… My problem is i am scared of failure… This goes back to when i was little… That is why i never completed any of my businesses… I would work my ass off for other people and make them rich.. But for myself???? I am at a loss… I know what i want to do… MLM i am good at it… Especially in the health & wellness arena… I need your help please



Biggest frustrations?

I work at a job where I am not makings ends meat. Car was in a wreak so it isn’t safe to drive for a start up errands business or just getting to work. I want to self publish books however I get writer’s block all the time. I don’t have the money for a illustrator and honestly children’s books is what I love to write and that takes time. Plus marketing and I don’t have those skills.

Any help you can suggest?

    Frank W

    Hi MK,

    You can self publish your work utilizing Amazon.com. They have an entire platform to self publish and market your work.


Trying to grow my existing music teaching business. I have done it my whole life, but now so many lessons are out there for free that I feel I’m selling a devalued product.



I totally get what you are saying… Beleive it or not I have already worked through that issue with myself. I have acquired the ” I can do that too” mindset and I am currently working toward my goals. My biggest hangup at the moment however is learning and training myself to do the things thst I want to do. I tend to be a perfectionist and want everything to be just right, but the truth that I just need to start and build upon the knowledge and skills that I already have. It will take some time to get where I want to be, but I will continue to take one step at a time until I get there. Thank you for your help and encouragement Derek!


My first launch.

I’m working on a launch date for a new business initiative of March 1 2016. Launching is scaring me. So much to do. But I’m pretty good at working scared. The answer is to . . . break it down and do the parts.

What I fear most is doing all this work and things STILL not working.


How do you structure your plan, and how to build confidence when you’re chartering new territory? What’s the best method to create passive income?


What if I don’t live up to other people’s expectations? That’s what’s stopping me growing my business.


Hi Derek!
I’m living proof that your thought and behaviour patterns will dictate your outcomes. I have had tremendous successes and wonderful outcomes in my life, but there has always been the constant need to create nearly insurmountable challenges – just so I can prove to everyone (especially one of my parents!) that I can outlast, out work and out preform everyone. Now I’m a single mom of two young kids who has worked my tail off to finish my medical degree. I have big dreams – I want to run a sliding scale clinic that offers affordable and accessible REAL health care – mind, body, soul. I want to travel with my kids and run motivational events. I’m working every day to build my dreams – but I keep running into those same old hurdles I create – I’m exhausted at times, money, time, guilt. They are all there. I always feel like I’m just on the horizon but then – bang, one more challenge to overcome. I’m looking forward to your tools!! Thank you for all of the work you do!


I’m looking to start a business when I retire in 5 years, but I want to lay the groundwork now while I’m collecting a paycheck. My hang up is that I don’t want to jump the gun and get too far into the weeds with the project before I can launch it.


I have some half-baked ideas I would like to execute but I have a day job that exhausts me. On the other side I also need my day job because I need that stable income.


I am concerned about having the time to keep my current job to pay the bills until I can earn a living wage from something new


I’ve written a great book and want to increase sales, first and foremost. I also want to turn it into a business where I’m not only teaching young adults, but share the idea of teaching young adults to be people who can function in their adult lives.
My book is called, “Shifting to the Business of Life, A Survival Guide for Young Adults.” I’ve written it under my maiden name: Janet M. Nast, thus the website by that name. I also have an email account by that name, twitter handle, Google +, YouTube, Linked In and Facebook. I can be found, just google me. Ha!
My challenge is increasing sales. I look to you for that help.


I am looking to start my first business. Well, not even sure, at this point, if this is a business at all (although, I’ve been thinking about a lot “how” to turn this to a business). Long story short, I started a blog with one passion in mind – to simplify life (and help others do the same!). I have lot of thoughts on how to simplify mind, stuff, information, and choices. I think I have lot of good ideas, but the problem is I don’t really have a clear vision/ direction. So, my hang-up is the execution part (coming up with an interesting topic, providing concrete solution to solve others’ problems, and delivering the message to the right audience in a presentable manner). And, of course, the fear and uncertainty of not knowing my direction, is holding me back. I’m like a bi-polar! One day I’m super motivated and (as you said), I think I can do it, while other days, I feel super discouraged. Will I have a chance to survive in this saturated blogging world?


I just recently stumbled across Brian Casel and the idea of productizing service businesses so I am in the process of launching my first productized service for my video marketing company. I will take my profitable side business into a predictable scalable business.

Also building out my first email list where I will be sending out weekly video marketing tips for small business owners and sit folks out there!


Just starting a biz-actually 2 Parts: (A) Holistic Life & Wellness Coach @ LOVE YOUR LIFE: Coaching Services-
Motivating-All Elements of YOU&YOUR LIFE~Ignite YOUR Whole Unique Self~Elevate YOUR Mind, Body & Soul + Positivity & a more Vibrant, Happier, Healthier & Improved Lifestyle & (B): Consultant/Wellness Advocate/Mentor & Educator: Nature’s Blissful Rev-oil-ution –
Therapeutic Benefits & Uses of Essential Oils & Essential Oil Infused Products, Natural Products & Natural Living + Health/ Wellness/ Nutrition/Fitness


Would love to start my own business but I don’t have an idea of what I could do or the funds to start it up with if I had an idea.
I make jewelry on occasion and a couple friends have made jewelry making their own business and quit their day job. However, I don’t feel my product is unique enough to do that with. So I guess a lack of self confidence is a blocker too.


My biggest hang up is working on a project without knowing whether or not it is something people need. I have several ideas, but I want to spend my time in the most effective way.


I’ve begun a small digital marketing and design studio and the hardest part for me is finding steady clients. I get work, but it’s feast and famine. My hangups are not knowing how I can best scale what I’m doing to make things more steady.


Great post, Derek!

I feel a similar situation where I have just “gone ahead and done it” in regard to social media consulting for small businesses, but have hit a…wall(?) recently with frustration over trying to get more clients. In the past, I have relied on my own skills to “just do it” and now I feel I’m hovering in the “what do I do now?” phase. To read your post just makes me feel better to know that someone else has gone through a similar situation and they passed through it. Thanks!

Eilzabeth Gilbert

I love your magic words! I too have my own set of magic words…”I’ll figure it out.” Seems like anytime I want to learn something new, even if I know nothing about it, I can tell myself, “I’ll figure it out” and then I do.

Bill Dow

Love that, those simples 5 words should be everyone motto!! Should a great can-do attitude…


I have a great business idea although I’m struggling with how to structure it and make it profitable.


I am starting my very first business and the two hang ups I’m dealing with is funding and effective ways to gain clients.


Focus! I have a million ideas, but don’t know how to pick the winner. I need a system to evaluate ideas and refine ideas.


Grow my existing biz


Probably a lot to ask —

Niching ideas small enough to validate.
Validating an idea.
Getting pre-sales.

Would like step by step guide through each.


I live in community where most of the jobs are manufacturing. I have an idea for a business doing something I am good at and I love, but I just don’t think people in my area have the extra $ to pay for my service. I would also like to have a mentor to get me started.


Hi Derek, I am wanting to start a new photography business, at the moment I am studying for my diploma in Photography while working as a Barber. My aim is to create my photography business to well and truely support me so I can follow my dream and be a full time travel photographer. Thank you for all your excellent reading material.


Had a business (PR and Mkt) before, but it was many years ago. Started it because I had been doing it for someone else and knew “I could do it, too”. And I did! After 25 years, I answered an insistent call to ministry in which I have been gainfully employed for the past 30 years – am now retired. Want/Need to earn additional income; so, I thought I’d go back to something I used to do and enjoy – copy writing, meeting planining and seminar presentations. Your email helped me to consider that perhaps my slowness in getting started means that I am no longer really convinced “I can do that too”. Thanks! I think??? Would welcome any additional help.


I want to start my own business but don’t have anyone to back me up.


So Derek
Sine that great webinar you did on online courses you got my juices going ! Talk about triggers! I purchased your software not knowing what course I wanted to give but still wanting to follow that path….then literally 15 minutes later I had an idea that buzzed (after soul-searching for three years now)!
Only problem…no matter how I tried to access WordPress and get this on the road I found your offer too un-userfriendly. Sorry about that.
But I have to thank you for pushing me over the edge. Finally! Can’t wait for you easy streamline version to be issued I’ll be on board again!


I presold a book that I have only just started to write and It’s going to take more time than I have money. Being lost when it comes to computers leaves me with no website, email list or any other marketing in place. Where I struggle the most is with the belief part, even though I know intellectualy I can accomplish anything I want.


Hi. I’m very new to this idea and I have no idea what I want to be doing.. everything just seems so out of reach?


I love this Derek! Ive experienced this in my life as well. When you just believe something is going to happen…and it does. No self doubt…not hesitation. Just going for it.

Sidenote: I am an English major as well and Im tickled pink that you are an English major too. Eeeee.

Ok…onto my current issues. Day job takes up my prime time for energy. I have to get up early to teach and by the time my “work on my biz” time rolls around I just want to nap. How do you get your energy levels to match up with when you have time to work?

Ive incorporated a daily walk and have channged my diet which has helped significantly but maybe there is somethign else Im missing.

Sometimes I just feel like my day job is sucking the life out of me. I try to be grateful for it cause its paying my bills but other times I get hing up on how much I dislike my job. Which is funny because I used to LOVE it…until I started exploring my biz and now a whole new level of LOVE has been introduced into the mix.

Thank you for everything you do here. 🙂


Hey Derek! You da man buddy! I’m trying to get my internet marketing business going. With all these ‘shiny objects’ I’m just overwhelmed and confused. I just want to get with the right program/product, focus and do what I have to do. Thx…


Getting traffic and actually making the sale. I’m even wondering if I have the right audience. I sell a $149/yr training tool and it’s just not selling well at all. I’m not seeing huge leads. I advertise in a big magazine that had a circulation of 60k. So far 36 people have signed up for a free class and gone into my funnel. Zero sales.

Not sure if it’s my price, my product or the right audience. Clearly on 36 people signing up has been disappointing.


Hi Derek,

Love this post – right on as usual!

I’m working on growing my business right now.

By the way – I cannot tell you how helpful Zippy Courses has been! Took advice of yours from previous content and posted a mini-course to test a product idea. It’s been a great way to build my list while simultaneously getting very useful analytical feedback.

I’m thinking about launching a webinar to provide more free content and continue to grow my list – right now just dealing with a few technical hangups. I would be curious to know your thoughts on webinars?

Thanks again, I’m like kind of your biggest fan…



I’ve been a freelance copywriter for more than a decade. Now I’m starting a business to help entrepreneurs use the power of words to get more out of their businesses. I’m working on developing content now, but I get bogged down with all the little details and overwhelmed with things like making sure my autoresponder series points to the right content, etc. I feel like I spend my days trudging through all the technical stuff…it zaps my motivation.


The biggest thing stopping me is ME, my fears, my psychology, being afraid to move towards my goals and dreams- I’m comfortable where I am in the corporate world so there’s no pull or push so it’s taking a lot of effort to get myself moving!

Kevin Preston

Two big issues for me at the moment.

One | too many ideas which all seem to be linked to each other yet are all long term visions. I want to do them all but know that I need to focus. It’s just trying to decide which of my art visions to focus on first.

Two | balance. I’ve struggle with balance massively. Being able to sacrifice the fun stuff for the bigger vision. I know I can do it, I’ve proven I can and I’m currently reading books to help but at the moment, my biggest issue is I’m still too much of an all or nothing person. I know there is a place where the balance will be right, it’s just trying to find it.

Two main issues | balance and focus


Hi Derek,
I’ve been a nurse all of my adult life. I am nearing retirement age and want to do something else to generate a large retirement income. I hate to admit it,but I’m not very computer saavy. I know there are many online businesses that would work on auto pilot once they are up and running…..thing is, I don’t know how to do that! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


No one buys from me. Lost all confidence. Started with I can do this. Now my site sucks and to top it all I,m nearly 58. Bit late eh?

Kathy Shaull

I’m “well-established” in my career (sounds better than “old,” doesn’t it?). I’m burning out, but I need to pay the bills.


I can’t wait to see what the tool is tomorrow!

But in the meantime, my biggest struggle is picking my signature, standing out and being known as the “go-to” for something.

I’m an OBM and so I work with only a few clients at a time, and I’ve already got great ones, but I still want to build a mailing list (and a waiting list!) but know I’m missing the piece that will help me stand out and help me start framing programs and courses.

    Derek Halpern

    Picking your signature is a real problem for you right now? As in, how you sign your name?


      I think she may mean her USP.


Hi Derek!
Every day, I am a becoming more and more a big fan of your work. 🙂 I first learned about Zippy Courses (we’re about to launch our first one) and am now on to Yes, Engines – GREAT info and well worth the investment.

I have to say, your five little words majorly resonate with me. I am about to publish a book, “Quit [Bleeping] Around: 77 Secrets to Superachieving” and Secret #66 is “I can do it! (Whatever it is!)”

Thanks again and keep the great resources coming!

    Derek Halpern

    Sweet. And I’m glad you’re here! Do let me know how the new course works out!

J.K. Loftin

63 years old. Inertia. Just divorced, lost practically everything. Run a recording studio that cheap technology has taken away my low and mid level business while trying to recover from recession and divorce. Lost nearly everything. Want to grow or find something to live better on. I too, was an English major, and pretty good at presenting convincing propositions verbally and in print. It’s just difficult to know what new things to do and get fired up again, but I have to.

Mary Jo

I am looking to start a new type of
Business for me. I believe I can do it.
I want a big audience !


I’ve been there where I said, “I can do that too!”… and I have, and it’s paying the bills, but I want to take it to the next level.


I feel both the excitement of believing I can do that too, and, ohh, but I have no idea how. It’s both exhilarating and petrifying. I’d love more real life examples to draw strength from.

    Derek Halpern

    You’re in for a surprise.


Hey Derek,

First, I want to say that I really appreciate the work you do and what I’ve learned from you. I like your straightforward approach.

To answer your questions:
I am starting a new business. I have no subscribers yet. I’ve focused on a specific niche. I’ve spoken with a number of people about pains, hopes and desires and obstacles. I have a lot of language that articulates this information. In looking back on the transcript from your latest interview with Pat Flynn, I probably need to spend some more time with understanding what these people have tried and how they failed/how they experienced their attempts to resolve the problems. There may be things that I’ve missed but I’ve tried to follow the process you’ve outlined.

Still, I’m not sure where to go from here without making a full-on course, or writing a book that I don’t know will actually meet the need. What would be the next step I could take that would have the most impact on moving me toward creating a salable product that serves the people I’m looking to help?

Write posts about the topics to build content?
Try to build an email list? (But how without content or something to give away?)
Create a free mini course to test
Create a short read ebook to test?


Much appreciated,



I got reorganized out of my job. I’m trying to build income on coaching with an emphasis on helping Pastors get free from P0rn Addiction. My hang ups are limited funds for tools and training.

    Derek Halpern

    Is that actually a big problem? A problem they’re willing to admit?


      Yes, it is. If Christians stopped watching porn, the porn industry would become nearly bankrupt. I think that targeting would be an issue, as mist Christians aren’t willing to admit it’s a problem (it is for me; I’m not a Pastor yet).

Taylor Tuck

I can relate big time. I’m toying with the idea of starting my first online business. What made me decide? I heard of Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas and of course Derek Halpern. These guys can and have done it, why can’t I? As you will see, my website is about the book I’m writing, which is separate from the ideas I’m thinking of, but can still help people. That’s my passion and should be everyone’s passion.


Thank you Derek — talk about some mothereffing effective advice “I can do that too”


Trying to start my first. Definitely need to get that confidence to get started…


I worked my way up the corporate ladder, starting as a driver and when I was “laid off” after 19 years, my managerial job was no longer. My I Can Do That Too attitude got me there. Now I’m interested in helping people to start a blog.


I can completely relate to this post. I started my own business with a partner last January– and we are doing it! But growing the business is hard. Family, other jobs, pressures…. and it’s time that I start working there full-time so that we can keep up with growth. I would love to find support out there because THIS IS TOUGH STUFF. But completely and totally worth it.

Thanks for posting.
Seattle Voice Institute


Hi, starting my third company so i know “i can do that to” 🙂 but this is the first time I’m starting a company that target both b2b and b2c, any tipps on how to generate traffic to both of them simultaneous?


    Hey Alex,

    What are the URLs of your sites? Do you have a strategy in place in how you are going to build traffic to your site?



Hi Derek, I have a small business that has a ton of potential. I make ‘a living’ but I’m having issues with making i to the next level. One thing I struggle with is time to work on my business and the ironic thing with that statement right there is that Time is my product – go figure. Hopefully I’ll read something in the information you’re releasing tomorrow that can help me take that next step.



I am stucked with my company. I should bring in new ideas and markets but, o jave the same problems like you did (time, resposibility, idea etc)

I am looking forward for the email tomorrow.


I am actually in the process of starting my first online business. Some of my hangups were the lack of support behind me, but in the end, I didn’t care and said the same thing, I can do this.

Another hang up is money and time. I have invested in the website and a great template for the layout from Michael Hyatt. I have been getting that all formatted, and set up. Now it is time to find someone to create a logo/header and the money is getting tighter. When it comes to time, I want to have a healthy work/life balance so I can spend time with my wife and kids (very important to me). I have cut out pretty much all TV, which I haven’t really missed, and then don’t sleep much either.

I have to say though that I am super excited to get the blog launched, as the next step will be to purchase the zippy courses platform for my online courses that I will be offering.


    Hey Kevin,

    Have you ever heard of Tailor Brands (tailorbrands.com)? Its a cool site I came across and ended up using for my logo. With a promo code I spent less than $40 for it. I am in the same boat as you and needed to get a website up, logo, business cards, etc. as cheap as I could without sacrificing quality, so if you have any ideas you want to bounce off, feel free to reach out.


Mary Bartnikowski

Thank you for the article – it makes you stop and think.

I’ve had my own business since 1985. I’m an award winning photographer and author and I lead retreats on Kauai.

Learn how to take amazing photos with any camera on Kauai.
Private and fun. Guaranteed to change your life.

My current challenge is this, how to connect to the people most likely to want to be in Hawaii to do this. I have many people who do come to Kauai and experience this remarkable adventure, I’m up and running with great testimony – I know there are more who would want to do this.

Everyone who has come loves it.


    How do you market your site? Do you have aYouTube channel? I think that videos would be a perfect tool for selling what you do. If you have a Facebook page or a website as your main point of contact, point Youtube (and Pintrest, Twitter and everything else) to that.

    See that, Derek? I have no problem helping people for free, and no confidence that someone would pay for the exact same advice. Yes, “I can do that, too”! As long as it’s for free. How do you get through that mindset/barrier?


I sunk my savings into a Sales Giant certified program & it doesn’t work because there’s no back room support, no collaboration, no promotion, no additionally training UNLESS your willing to keep forking over thousands of dollars. Not anything like I was promised when I signed up. Now I don’t have the extra funds to invest in authentic programs. I’m reinventing the wheel which is what I was trying NOT to do!


So true. Tons of psychological barriers when starting something. I started a site to help shy people with their social skills. Don’t have time… I’m not an expert… Am I actually helping people? I guess my biggest hangups at the moment are 1) how to grow email list 2) how to monetize — currently have a free course 3) how to validate my content – which concepts are most helpful?

You the man, Derek. keep doing your thing.


I’m trying to get my health and fitness website going. My biggest hangups right now are twofold: extreme lack of traffic; and lack of time to work on it enough. I currently can only really get one blog post up and out per week, but I’m working on making some day-job changes to get me some more time to dedicate to it.


    Hey Tommy,

    What is the URL of your site? Do you have a strategy in place, aside from weekly blog posts? I can take a look and offer some tips.



Yup, I’d love to grow my business but, there are so many things to do running a business that take time and energy. 85% business 15% fun. I just have to outsource all the unnecessary tasks and do the things that keep the passion alive, and bring in new business.


I struggle with motivation.

I have the time to build an online business. I have an idea that I know will work, because others are already making money doing it. I know I can do it better.

The online business will dovetail nicely with my offline business and probably even help it grow.

And, yet, I cannot seem to get motivated to work. Is it fear? is it inertia? Is it being tired? I don’t know. I just cannot seem to get down to work on this project.


Kaley Shorter

Derek, I love this post! I’ve also found when I have that “I can do that too” attitude, things just come together and I figure it out. I’m currently between jobs so I’m starting up a subscription box and possibly a consulting business. My husband is really after me getting another “real” job. I’m working on that but in the meantime, using my time off to focus on these cool ideas so at least I have something going on the side. Can’t wait to see what you’re unveiling tomorrow. Caio for now!


Hi Derek !

I am currently trying to grow traffic on my blog and would love to start earning a profit for it. I am completely determined! I just feel I have no advanced knowledge on how to do this 🙁


I have a decent sized target audience and email list, but haven’t been able to identify a need from it. How can I find a true need, where people will hand me money, to solve it?


    Just ask. Period.

    Send a one line email:

    “What would you buy from me if I were smart enough to sell it to you?”



I am about to launch. What I noticed for myself and others I know is that we know the long list of things that need to be done and we get mentors to help with many of them. But what really needs to be done is the very next thing that leads directly to serving people while making money. We need to see the most direct path in the first rather than stopping at each of the trees.


    Forest, not first.


I’m looking to start my first business. My hang ups are money and time. Plus I have a creativity block to deciding what I want to do.


Great advice, I had a similar experience. I wanted to start my own business, but didn’t define exactly what kind of business it was going to be. I floundered for years. It wasn’t until I did research online, found SPECIFIC successful people and businesses who I thought I could copy, and then went to work learning the skills I needed. Now I’ve been running my own business full time for over a year. So much easier to model others and go from there!


Fear. I’ve got the idea. I know it’s a great concept. I know it will be loved. Fear creeps in and rips out my confidence, and I stop. Then I go a little. Then I stop…


Money and time – I work 3 jobs to pay of my ex husband’s debt (long story…) and don’t have the extra money to buy tools. So I’m using what time I have and doing what I can for less than $30 a month.

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