Here Are My Top Tips For Building An Influential Network

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

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Networking is a dirty word, but as most people will tell you, it’s rarely “what you know, it’s who you know.”

So if you’re looking to build an influential network, here’s what you need to know:

Thing #1

To build that network, you’ll need to know how to make introductions between your friends and colleagues the right way.

(The people who introduce get introduced).

Thing #2

You’ll need to BECOME the person people want to introduce to their friends and colleagues.

(If your friends are friends with important people, they don’t want to waste their time… even if it will help you).

Well, in today’s video and article, I’ll show you how to do thing #1 and thing #2.

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“Should I use those annoying popups?”

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

The answer is YES!

And I tell you why in my new video.

But here’s the deal:

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Freelancer Advice

Yes, I wear makeup in my videos.

There. I said it.

To get that makeup on my face I hire a makeup artist.

If you’re unfamiliar with how that industry works, long story short, makeup artists are freelancers.

And the same things that make a makeup artist successful are the same things that make ALL types of freelancers, coaches, and consultants successful.

That’s why, in my video today, I talk about two makeup artists I’ve hired. They both did their job well…

…but I hire and recommend one over the other.


Because watch this video.

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Followup Framework

You’re one connection away from tripling your business. One connection from finding your soul mate. One connection from getting a new job. Just one…

Now, sometimes you MEET that one connection. You know it’s right for you. And you know it’s right for them. But for some reason, you NEVER followup.

Networking can feel forced. Unnatural. Slimy, even.

So when I met people at events, and thought, “amazing. I better followup.” I didn’t.

Or other times I’ve traded emails with people and thought “Yea, I’ll followup. This could be good!” And I didn’t do that either.

My negative thoughts prevented me from finding that one connection that I needed to take what I’m doing to the next level.

Have you made the same mistake?

If yes, you’ll love this new video. I created a simple framework I call “The Followup Framework.” It’s a system that you can start using to ensure you followup with people. It’s easy and it takes the sleaze out of networking.

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310 haircut

So I got a $310 haircut.


But here’s the deal:

The BEST way for a business owner to increase profits is to charge a higher price for what they sell.

But people struggle with this…

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