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“Why are sales pages so long? Do people even read it?”

Have you ever stumbled on one of those long sales pages where you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get to the actual product? “WHY IS IT SO LONG?” “DO PEOPLE EVEN READ THIS?” A natural reaction. Especially to the untrained eye. But check this out…

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Before you write one word of a sales page, do this first…

And a failure to do it can be the difference between: I know. “CLICKBAIT MUCH?” Put down the pitchfork a sec, and let me explain.

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Ever been offered $500 for a $5000 job? Here’s why people think they can under pay you…

So, you’re a freelancer. And you take great pleasure in doing great work for your clients. But the “good” clients are few and far between. The reality is this: most people contact you and try to pay you $500 for a $5,000 job. HOW ANNOYING, RIGHT? Of course, you hope you never work with someone […]