I was in the hospital. And I was surrounded.

To my left, the nurse wrapped a tourniquet around my arm, and stuck me with an IV. The anesthesiologist peppered me with questions, another nurse covered my body in little electrodes to monitor my heart, and another nurse drew little “Xs” on my feet to monitor my pulse.


A doctor was about to enter my heart and burn something out of it with microwaves.

What happened? And why am I sharing this?

Let’s start at the beginning…

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Double Your Sales
With This Two Part Training

Part 1: How Persuasion Really Works (You’re Here)
Part 2: 4 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy (Free Ebook + Video)

Is there a secret to selling?

The answer is “YES!”

And it all boils down to one simple idea…

To demonstrate, take a look at these two famous advertisements:

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How to Deal With Bad Customers

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

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99% of people you do business with will be a pleasure to work with.

But there will always be the 1% who are absolute nightmares…

Customers who demand refunds way after your refund period. Clients who refuse to pay up and then threaten to bash your company on social media. People who will harass and attempt to manipulate you and your business into giving them what they want.

I call these people “social media terrorists,” and in this video, I share a few stories about some crazies and How I dealt with them.

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“I’m going to die on this treadmill…”

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

The Secret to Success

This might be weird, but I have a new Social Triggers TV video for you. And it’s about the secret to success.

And it all stems down to this one Will Smith quote…

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New PDF: 7 Things That Make Content Go Viral

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

Business owners want to know how to attract the right people, and blogging is the best way to do it.

But is it as easy as publishing a few blog posts every week? Is it as easy as those other people say, “Just write good content, and…”

Absolutely not. Especially not now.

You see, the secret to building a blog with a raving fan base thats ready to buy what you sell has nothing to do with how much content you create.

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