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Malcolm Gladwell did it right (And why you must IGNORE some criticism)

Someone called me an ass… …and they threatened to unsubscribe from my email list. So I beat them to the punch. “Thank you! I put you on the “BLOCKED AND BANNED” list. I wish you the best of luck.” And that’s it. Am I really the bad guy here?

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7 Tips On How To Create and Sell Online Courses (#3 Will Surprise You)

This is a long, comprehensive article about creating and selling online courses. But if you really want to take this seriously, for a limited time I’m offering this free email series. on how to do it – step by step. It’s no secret that the market for online courses is big – and it’s getting […]

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Why I Spent $25,100 On A New Blog Design

After 4 years, I finally redesigned my blog. And I spent more than $25,000 doing it. Here’s why I did it (and of course what you can learn from my experience).