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2016: Go All In

The other day I asked you to tell me about the projects you have planned for this year… …and as I expected, one of the BIG things people want to focus on this year is starting – and growing – their online online business. But as I kept reading response after response, I noticed something […]

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2016: How to Make Real Progress This Year

I had a conversation with a friend. It went like this: Friend: “I’m tired of my job. I need to make some moves.” Me: “What do you have planned?” Friend: “Well, I have a few side hustles… I do some consulting. I’m also working on an iphone app. And when I can, I’m actively looking […]

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This is important (and personal): Help us build a school!

Many people know me, but they don’t know my full story. When I was a kid, my mom was on welfare, my dad was in jail, and I was surrounded by other drug addicts who would steal money from my mom. Things were bad, and then they got worse.