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How to Write Better Sales Copy (Use This One Tip)

A friend asked me for help. She’s a coach, and she sells a high end coaching package… But she needed help with her sales copy. I fired up her page and that’s when I saw it. A HUGE mistake. A mistake that’s so detrimental she may as well have flushed her chances of making sales […]

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Why “Before and After Pictures” Convert So Well

I know you’ve seen those “Before and After” pictures in marketing. They’re everywhere! A bald guy alone on the couch to the left. A guy with a full head of hair riding a horse on the beach on the right. A scraggly unshowered dude in a v-neck to the left. A dude who hates wearing […]

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7 Lessons I Learned Building A Million Dollar Business (After 10 Years Of Failure)

The big secret behind my success? I built a popular blog. In this free ebook I’ll show you how to get your first 5,000 subscribers Today is an important day. Why? 5 years ago was my last day in corporate America… …and 5 years later, I run a seven figure education and software business that […]