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I thought Periscope was DUMB—and I was WRONG (Here’s why it’s the next “big thing”)

I’m on Periscope. My handle is @DerekHalpern. You should add me, and I’ll tell you why in a second. First… I believe Periscope will change how you interact with your fans, prospects, and customers for the better… …but at first, I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world. Here’s the full story:

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Here’s Why You Need To Build An Audience TODAY

I couldn’t believe it. When I launched my first online product, I pulled in $46,398 in 10 days. It felt strange. Social Triggers was just a blog. When a friend asked me less than a year earlier, “What do you have planned for your blog,” I had responded, “Not sure. All I’m focusing on right […]

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The most important business lesson comes from two crazy brothers who built a flying machine…

When Wilbur heard about Otto Lilienthal’s death, he became obsessed. And he passed that obsession on to his brother Orville. Here’s what happened: Lilienthal, better known as “Flying Man,” worked tirelessly on gliders that would allow men to fly, but on August 9th, 1896, he crashed, fell fifty feet from the sky, and broke his […]