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These 5 little words can help you achieve anything. Here’s why…

Yes. Just 5 little words can help you achieve anything. I’ll explain… 5 years ago, I found myself unhappy at my job. It’s not that working is bad. I just didn’t like what I was doing and I needed a change. And I knew if I didn’t make a change fast, I wasn’t going to […]

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Why Entrepreneurs Go Broke

I’ve got a confession to make: I love reading about business owners who went broke… …and luckily for me there’s a new trend where business owners share their sordid story in public. Like this story about Dinnr. Or this story about a failed Yoga Teacher. You might think this is weird. Or strange. But I […]

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I Bombed My First Speaking Gig…

I bombed my first speaking engagement. I’ll never forget it, too. I was nervous. Real nervous. The morning of, I called a friend to practice my intro and they patiently listened to me do it… 47 times. “How does this sound? Wait! NO! Let me do it—” And my friend interrupted me. “Derek, it’s fine. […]