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I Bombed My First Speaking Gig…

I bombed my first speaking engagement. I’ll never forget it, too. I was nervous. Real nervous. The morning of, I called a friend to practice my intro and they patiently listened to me do it… 47 times. “How does this sound? Wait! NO! Let me do it—” And my friend interrupted me. “Derek, it’s fine. […]

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What converts better: $100, $99, or $97?

I believe the subject line said it all. What converts better? $100, $99, or $97? And should you even worry about something like this?

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7 Secrets of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

Long before Steven Spielberg made E.T., his dad told him to “work his way up” to the director’s chair.1 Spielberg wisely ignored his father’s advice. He said, “The first film I do, I will be the director.” He never worked in the mailroom and never brought anyone coffee. Instead of painstakingly working his way up […]