The Psychology of Your Customers

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

I will reveal the secret psychology that makes your customers buy.

And before you ask, “Does this work for coaches? Or web designers? Or how about physical products?”

The answer is YES.

Because it’s not about your product or the system you use to sell your product.

It’s about the psychology of your customer. Know what makes them tick, and you can persuade them to buy.

The best part? Do it once. Collect on it forever.

You see, there are three types of people who could visit your website.

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Why Businesses Fail

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

When you already have a product or service to sell, you only need two things to run a profitable business. You need:

1) A method for attracting new prospects

2) A scalable system for converting those prospects into profitable clients and customers

And that’s it.

Get these two things right and I believe you can reach the six figure mark. And if you master it, you could probably do more, and yes, Be The Exception.

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This is why people fail to Be The Exception

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

The bank manager told me, “When you get older, you will be an entrepreneur.”

I was in second grade. And earlier that day, I marched into the bank with about hundred bucks and tried to open a savings account. But the bank denied me. They asked me to sign on the dotted line, and I didn’t know how to write in cursive.

“How did you get all this money anyway,” the bank teller said. I told her about my newly started iced tea stand at the post office.

And I’ll never forget her response: “You should start one here at the bank corner too!”

Then, it was official. I had two iced tea stands. One at the post office, one at the bank, and I was rolling in the dough!

This might seem like a silly story about my childhood but I’m sharing it with you today for one reason:

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2015: Be The Exception

by Derek Halpern | Follow Him on Twitter Here

When I was a kid, my mom was on welfare. And my dad was in jail. And I was surrounded by other drug addicts in my family who would steal money from my mom.

Things were bad.

One time I came home from school, walked up the stairs to my bedroom, and my drug addicted uncle was drunk and passed out in MY bed.

What’s sad was, it wasn’t one time. It was several times a week. It was so common that I’d sit on the floor and play Super Nintendo while he snored away his drug-alcohol-induced coma.

And later, when I went to sleep, I’d smell the unsavory smell of alcohol on my pillowcase.

Welcome to my childhood.

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I blew her mind.

Her eyes widened. “Thank you,” she said.

Then she left.

Here’s what happened:

One day, while standing in line for a cappuccino, and reading a book, a woman walked up to me and said, “What made you start reading as a kid? Young people don’t read. I can’t even get my son to read a book about sports… and he loves to play sports.”

I laughed.

I read a lot. And I read about everything from the intricacies of high-end art, to relationship advice for women, to dry academic research, to spirituality and enlightenment.

And this amounts to 100+ books each year, 1,000s of articles, and I can tell you first hand that it has helped me succeed at almost everything I’ve ever done.

But I wasn’t always a reader.

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