work for free?

Ask a group of 10 people this question, and you’ll watch them break out into a heated argument.

I know because I’ve done it.

The question is, “Should you ever work for free?”

On one side, some say ABSOLUTELY.

(And in my video today, I’ll share a story about how someone started working for nothing and increased her earnings by 10x)

On the other, some say ABSOLUTELY NOT.

(Everyone has a story of getting burned)

But what’s the right answer?

I reveal it in my new Social Triggers TV video.

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Don't lie cheat or scam

The other day, shortly after I sent out an email about my new live training, people emailed me back telling me:

The link was broken for a few people.

Just my luck. It quickly worked it self out, but…

Here’s why this is hilarious:

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Big problem with big words

Using big words makes you look stupid.


Even if you use them the right way, people will think you aren’t as smart as someone who uses smaller words.

And new research from Princeton confirms it.

I go over it in this new video.

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Is persuasion manipulative

So I went skiing. As I was getting my rental skis, the guy asked me, “Do you want a helmet?”

I said “No.”

But he pressed on. And eventually he persuaded me to wear the helmet.

How? He used some proven persuasion principles and I share them all in my new video today.

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After careful consideration, I’ve decided that building an email list is one of the DUMBEST business decisions you can make.

And the world’s smartest marketers are, instead, focusing on building their Facebook page exclusively.


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