How to Create Profitable Online Courses In 2016

The market for online courses is big. And it's getting bigger. According to Forbes, the market hit 56.2 billion in 2014 - and early estimates suggest the market DOUBLED in 2015 to 107 billion.

The big question is: how can YOU create and sell an online course? And how can you do it PROFITABLY?

In this NEW FREE TRAINING SERIES, I'll walk you through how to do it... step-by-step. You'll see how to find an idea, how to turn that idea into a profitable online course, and then I'll show you how to persuade people to buy it.

"Yes, You Can Create An Online Business That Sells Online Courses"

As you heard, the demand for online courses is surging. And that gives people who are willing to show people how to do things an opportunity to start - and grow - their online business by selling online courses.

Plus, when you look around, you can see people offering online courses in multiple industries:

Dating. Business. Relationships. Personal Finance. Social skills. Software training. Social media. Marketing. Cooking. Health. Writing. Web Design. Productivity. Networking. Careers. College Admissions. Test prep. Tutoring. Coding. Music. Yoga. Fitness. Food.

And the list goes on.

The best part?

When you look at the people who create - and sell - online courses, they're often just regular people...

...They don't have a degree in "instructional design."

...They aren't certified teachers.

...They aren’t tech wizards.

...They aren’t experienced business owners.

They’re just regular people. And they’re making a living showing people how to do things.

And I'm the guy to show you how to do it.

But Don't Take My Word For It -
Here's The Truth

I’m Derek Halpern, and I’m the founder of Social Triggers, a multi-million dollar online course business and the creator of the training Seven Figure Courses.

And over the next few weeks, I’m going to show you how to start selling online courses, and how to make money doing it.

* I’ll show you how to find an idea (even if you have NO idea)

* I’ll show you how to turn that idea into a PROFITABLE ONLINE COURSE

* And then I'll show you how to find people who are willing to pay you for it.

Now I know I wasn’t the first to create a course like this...

There were plenty of people who created an online course on online courses... as their first online course.

Not me, though. I’ve created online courses about marketing, blogging, selling, social skills, and in various other industries BEFORE I created an online course on courses.


Because I wanted to PERFECT the process before I shared it. And I believe I did it.

In this FREE TRAINING SERIES, I'll show you how to start - and grow - an online business that sells online courses.

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