How I Quit My 9-5, Became My Own Boss, And Built A Remarkable Business

If you ever thought about becoming a coach, a consultant, or offering any kind of service online (like web design, freelance writing, and etc), this training series will show you how to get more clients every month.

Here's Exactly What To Expect
In This Series...

Hi, I'm Derek Halpern. People see me now. They read these emails. They see my videos. They see that I built a multi-million dollar online business. And they always ask, "How did you get started?"'

  1. 1. I didn't create a blog...
  2. 2. I didn't create an online course...
  3. 3. I didn't start an email list...

Can I be real? These are remarkable strategies. I taught 'em for years. BUT IT TAKES TIME!

I didn't have time. I needed to make real revenue... real fast. I needed to replace (or at least, almost replace) my 9-5 salary so I could plot my escape.

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you want to eventually quit your 9-5? Or maybe you just want to make more right now? Or maybe you want to pursue something that allows you to feel like you're making an impact in the world?


How Did I Do It?

When I asked people to take a guess, they took plenty of guesses. They said, "Savings," "Lived with your parents," and "Male Gigalo."

No. It was none of those things. But lol. Male Gigalo? Maybe next year...

I share the full story for the first time in this video.

I also show you exactly what I learned along the way so that I can help you in your journey.

So, click the button, enter your name and email, and watch the first video.