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Why does Chelsea Clinton allegedly get paid $600,000 per year while other journalists barely make ends meet?

Why can some coaches, web designers, or information marketers command premium prices while others are left scrounging for scraps?

Why can some people charge $2,500 (or more) per hour?

You can get mad, offended, and even think the world isn't fair, or you could ask yourself, "What's going on here?"

Because there's a real, legitamate, and justified reason why some people can command such premium prices...

...and when you learn it, you'll see how it's actually possible to raise your prices, without ever feeling like you're taking advantage, and people will happily pay it.

I will cover this - and more - on this all new webinar.

  • The "Secret Weapon" That Allows You To Charge Premium Prices - And Get It
  • How You Can Raise Your Prices In 30 Days - Or Less
  • The "Sticker Shock Cure:" How to Never Hear "You're Too Expensive" Again
  • How to Avoid 3 Giant Mistakes People Make When Pricing THeir PRoducts and Services
  • And moreā€¦

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