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So, I got tricked into doing Yoga. How? A simple persuasion trick that can be used to create persuasive sales messages.
Last Updated September 26th, 2017

So, I went to Asheville, North Carolina to speak at an event.

As I walked out of the airport, my Uber driver told me “12 Bones” is the best BBQ in Asheville. And it’s only open for lunch.


It was me. And my video guy. We had all our luggage. But we didn’t have a choice. The place was closing soon.

I walked into the restaurant and saw the writing on the wall.

Here’s a pic.

People wrote their names. People wrote love stories. And of course. A few male appendages.

(I was shocked. I would have expected to find one every 6 inches… you know… a wall of di**s… but there was only one or two)


I went to speak at an event and I shared a funny story about how I got tricked into doing yoga.

(The secret? Believe it or not it’s something you can use to persuade more people to buy. Anything. Products. Services. Digital Products. Books. I explain the whole thing in this short video).

Check it out.

Note: If you want to learn how to create more persuasive sales messages, I put together an online course called Sales Page that Converts. Enrollment is now open until Wednesday. Learn about it here.

Now here’s what I want…

How do you plan to use this simple persuasion trick to sell more of your products and services?

Leave a comment.

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Hey Derek, great video. After watching it, I tried tweeting an old post with a twist to the words, along the lines of “it’s not your fault that…” In 24 hours I got many more impressions and “took action” in my stats than just the normal “hey I have a new post” tweet. Thanks for you advice! It works.

My tweet read “A lot of boaters weren’t aware of this fact about an island near Clayton NY, so I wrote a post about it” [link to post]

Thanks again,



I watch and listen to your video’s daily and take away amazing information with every video. My husband was home today and he listened to a few of your video’s with me. He said, “this guy is smart”. I said yes I know. Thank you for what you give to your audience Derek we appreciate it.

What I plan to do is niche down my main subject to sell my courses/workshops to married parents, single parents, teachers, and parapros. My topic is stopping behavior issues in high-functioning Asperger and ADHD children in elementary school before they start. The techniques differ depending on the role the person play’s in the scenario which gives me several opportunities to sell to different audiences with a few tweaks to the content.


Thanks for the insightful, succinct video, Derek. I feel this principle is one I’ve known intuitively, but haven’t thought about it consciously before. I think it’s an easy one to resist when you love a thing and want more people to know about the thing. It can feel like you’re holding back from the meat of it, but ultimately, it’s for a good cause. Also, yoga’s very on-brand for Asheville, which I’m sure you know. But it was nice to see.

As a rabid fan and Asheville resident, I’m super sad I didn’t know you were going to be here! I would have loved to see you in person. It looks like you were speaking at a women’s business conference? Or a yoga business conference? Either way, very relevant to me. Is there a list of your appearances? I would hate to miss another one (and despite living here, I travel frequently). Glad you got to enjoy 12 Bones and hope to see you again in the mountains sometime!



Only women in your workshop 🙂

Eddy Baller

Tricked into yoga…I’d be a monkeys uncle. Good points about communicating with different audiences.


At last – I get it. (Lightbulb moment) Thanks, Derek.

Samantha Scruggs

This is a great idea!! And so relevant to nutrition because lots of people have problems that nutrition can solve, but if you lay out there the “plan” of what you’re going to do with them and their diet people get scared off and usually say “well I can’t do that so I won’t even try”. But once they’ve invested money in your program they’re more likely to follow through because it hurts to feel like they “wasted” the money. Interesting! I will have to try this with a launch I’ve got coming up shortly.

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