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Step 1: Make 2016 Your Best Year - Use This Framework

Why do some people reach their goals while others fall short?

My friend Todd Herman found the secret.

And he shares everything inside this new video.

This is from a private event I held in New York City, and I'm giving it to Social Triggers subscribers for FREE. For a limited time. It's a long video, but worth it. Especially with 2016 right around the corner.

Watch it right now:

Step 2: "The OWW Brain" and "The WOW Brain": Two Mindsets That Create (or Destroy) Results (Free Video)

As my friend Todd Herman says, there are two types of brains: "The WOW Brain" and "The OWW Brain."

What's the difference?

* The WOW Brain is responsible for effortless achievement.

* The OWW Brain always leads to perpetual failure.

And he shares how it all works in this new video series.

Yes, this is an affiliate link, but let me tell you a little more about Todd. He doesn't blog. And while you may have never heard of him...

...for 18 years, he ran a sports science and research company. Through this company, he's helped 96 Olympians, NHL players, PGA players, self-made billionaires, Cisco executives, members of the Spanish Royal Family, and of course, entrepreneurs who want to take things to the next level.

As you just saw, I had him speak at my live event, to a room filled with online entrepreneurs, and people agreed that he was one of the best presentations at the event.

(I kind of felt insulted. I mean. WHAT ABOUT ME?!? Kidding. Sort of).

He did great.

But back to "The WOW Brain" and "The OWW Brain."

In Todd's words, "The OWW Brain is when people focus on where they are... and how far they are from their goals. This is demotivating, creates a lot of stress, and destroys performance." Whereas "The WOW Brain," focuses on constant improvement. Meaning, instead of focusing on the gap between where you are and where you want to be, you focus on the fact that you're already doing well, but you have a desire to be better.

It's a simple mindset shift. And like Todd, I believe that's what separates people who succeed (and people who fail).

The question is, how can you refocus yourself on The WOW Brain? How can you tear yourself out of The OWW Brain trap that leaves you mired in misery?


Todd put together a four part video training series. And he'll show you how to do it.

Watch it right here.